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Daily horoscope, astro future & psychic reading w/ natal, zodiac & birth chart!
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Discover Sanctuary: the first-ever astrology app to provide an interactive birth chart and live, on-demand personalized readings, and daily horoscopes with real professional astrologers, psychics, and tarot card readers.

Only Sanctuary allows you to choose your own expert astrologers, psychics and tarot readers, forming personal connections between you and the reader.


Get psychic readings, tarot card meanings, and personalized daily horoscopes from a real astrologer, tarot card readers, psychics and empaths. Plus a daily tarot pull and monthly horoscopes.

“…currently the only astrology app that provides the option of engaging in a live consultation with an actual astrologer (not an algorithm or a bot) any time, night or day, every single day of the year” — New York Magazine

“Uber for astrological readings…” — The New York Times

“With Sanctuary, whenever you have a question, you can message it to a pro and get a straightforward answer within minutes. It’s basically like having your own on-demand astrologer” — Well + Good

“…designed to be the Talkspace for astrology…..little cosmic snacks, like the horoscope-inspired “power emoji” and interpretations of the news circumscribed by the stars.” — WIRED


Get detailed information on your astrological placements and planetary profile.


*Psychic Reading / Clairvoyant Live Chat: Get a personalized reading based on your energy and chat live with a Sanctuary psychic.

*Personalized Your Psychic Reading: View profiles of Sanctuary’s 50+ professional readers—including bios, photos, areas of expertise and more! Select the reader best fit for your individual needs.

*Tarot Card Readings: Get a personalized reading based on your tarot cards and chat live with a Sanctuary tarot reader. Pull a daily card, accompanied by a special message for your day.

*Daily Horoscope: Free daily horoscope for all twelve zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

*Astrology Live Chat: Get a personalized reading based on your natal chart and chat live with a Sanctuary astrologer.

*Monthly Horoscope: Free monthly horoscope for all twelve zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

*Content Library: Access a free library of educational astrology content and guides.

*Something special on your birthday!

*Starry-Eyed News: Get a daily dose of astrology in pop culture, history, and more.

*Get your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign.

All users can now pay per minute to gain access to our astrologer, tarot, and psychic readings.

*Your per-minute reading grants you access to live-chat with Sanctuary astrologers, psychics, and tarot readers.


Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Issues? We’ll get it fixed at [email protected]

By using Sanctuary, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:


Mercury retrograde can't stop us - we're making it easier to personalize the app and keep you in the loop on changes.


40 comentarios en "Sanctuary Astrology & Psychic 2022"

  1. I love this app! The new monthly horoscope is my favorite part! You get a breakdown of how different aspects that month will affect you. The guides are really descriptive and break down things that help to understand your chart better. The daily horoscopes are a fun read, and more times than not, bring on a bit of introspection… who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?! I really am digging this app! Thanks for the continued effort put into it. Keep up the awesome work, Sanctuary!

  2. I really enjoy the Sanctuary app and their podcast “Horoscope Today” on Spotify. The only troubles I’ve had with the app is not being able to log in after changing my password through the proper channels, but I haven’t had that issue in months. I enjoy how insightful this app can be and that it tries to help users understand astrology and their birth charts as best as it can. Some of it still goes right over my head, though.

  3. It’s amazing, but I don’t have access to my house explanations and stuff, while my iOS friend does, which kinda sucks. It just says “Coming Soon”, but it’s been a while since I saw it and probably longer before that, yet it’s already been on the other device for a long time. also, the app has started to crash when i open if from notifications

  4. I love this app when I look at it on my friends Iphone. But the access I have on my android phone is absolutely pitiful in comparison. I had the app maybe 18 months ago and just re-download last month after discovering the Spotify podcast (which I love). The update still isn’t here. I really really want to like this app, and I really wish it had the same functionality on Android phones. I am not a techy person at all but with so so many apps that cross platforms, I don’t understand the hang up.

  5. I haven’t had it installed long, but the information is presented in the profoundly annoying message and then pressing “go on” concept that’s gotten popular on apps so it takes longer than usual to get the information you’re asking for. It sort of makes sense for the daily horoscope part, but for every other part it’s just annoying. I’d really rather just be able to read stuff in a normal format. The frequent “quirky” gifs also get on my nerves, honestly, but maybe I’m the odd one out here.

  6. I really enjoy this app overall. It has a very simple but cute minimalistic look and feel to it. The Guides and the Profile view sections are some of my favorite because of their easy to understand explanations and the layout of it all. As for the reading I’ve never purchased one but I do wish that there were different options for the time lengths of the readings offered and it’d be nice to be able to get more information about the readings offered before having to purchase it.

  7. I dig this app, the UI is good, the messages are short and concise, it even has a section that teaches you what the terminology, etc. means. They’ve been working on the “chart” feature for a while now tho. Overall, great app. Also there is a companion podcast “[your sign] Today” on the parcast network. It’s on Spotify, only certain signs are on Google’s podcast app for some reason 🙄

  8. Edit: Getting better, still get too many push notifications that don’t lead to new info. Even after I’ve read my daily sun and rising. Okay, I’ve had it for a while now I’m still waiting for the chart capabilities to come online. And it kind of annoys me the push notifications don’t lead to the same message within the app.

  9. One of the more accurate, and fun, astrology apps out there! I subscribe to or use a few different sources but this one has become my favorite over the past few months. It’s always on point for me and the text-message format keeps it fun and engaging! I’ve already got a few friends to use it and they also say its been accurate for them. Definitely recommend!

  10. Chris dice:

    It’s astrology, which I’m still on the fence about, but unlike most astrology apps that delete after a week or two of rolling my eyes at this one kinda makes me think there might be something to the whole thing as more often than not it appears to be on to something. The power emoji feature, of all things used to trip me out as some of the more specific ones would at times be super relevant for that day, and i would like to see that feature return. Example; the day I lost my keys, it was a 🔑.

  11. Ok so, I like the app, it shows your placements and how they correlate to you. It also has mini guides on your placements. BUT I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE ACCURACY! I swear, there were big things happening around the time it said it was, I had took a day just to lay around and checked the app in the evening AND IT SAID IT WOULD BE A LAZY DAY!! I do like it though, you can also use it to help structure plans, days and weeks.

  12. I would like to use this app, but I can’t even get in. I entered my email to set up an account. I was sent multiple emails with a link to confirm my email. I tried every link, but the links pulled up a “this site cannot be reached.” I even tried a different email, but it happened again. Hope this bug gets fixed soon, this app came highly recommended by a friend.

  13. A W dice:

    Very easy to understand for a novice like myself. I love the chart breakdowns for zodiac, planets etc. I haven’t found any other app that will show your chart AND have those breakdowns in one app. I love how the guides tab is coded! It walks you through step by step and doesn’t throw a bunch of nonsensical verbiage at you all at once.

  14. So, I was able to get on the app once. I loved and planned on going in it more often since astrology fascinates me. Today (I got the app yesterday), I went to go look at my daily reading and it crashed. I tried reopening it several times, but it crashed each time. I was really sad, because the app is so well formatted and really easy to use. Please try to get this fixed!

  15. I love the interface. It’s a dynamic way to explore your chart + no ads! I bought a reading and it proved to be helpful and affirming during a time of struggle. I am excited to see the features that are ~coming soon~ a few things that could be cool: more in depth daily insight of where things are so you can learn to interpret for yourself; compatibility/ a way to pull up your friends’ horoscopes. Ive learned a lot using this app. Great job! ☆

  16. Kind of annoying honestly. Every section that has information is set up like a text conversation so it give you a tiny bit of information and then you have to keep prompting it to show you more. Looks like they have good information, its just presented in an annoying way. Aesthetically pleasing but annoying to use.

  17. Really great app for a daily horoscope! Easy to engage with and fun to be able to click through for more juicy bits. The Guides section is phenomenal for learning about astrology. I’m very much looking forward to the Houses and Chart expansions they’re working on. Currently both categories just say Coming Soon. The only reason I’ve given four stars and not five is because of this feeling of incompleteness. Although I appreciate both the transparency and having something to look forward to!

  18. . dice:

    needs an account before you can see anything. the guide is set-up in a way where it makes it seem like you’re having a conversation, but it’s really just extraordinarily annoying to have to keep tapping the stock responses of “go on” and “tell me more” as it just spits out one sentence at a time. I immediately deleted my account and uninstalled the app, that’s how horrible it was.

  19. I enjoy the tips I get from sanctuary and they can be so spot on its crazy! I really like how you can learn more about the houses and positions and planets easily and bring in more personal meaning as well.

  20. I genuinely enjoy this app. It is informative with the chart functions and even if the dailies are not always on point, the advice within is solid.

  21. I really enjoy this app, I’m on Android and I’m pretty sure I can see all the features. I like that it gives you both a circular map and a text breakdown of where everything is and what it means. Overall I am pleased and have recommended to a bunch of friends interested in astrology ☺️✨

  22. 🤍✨I love this app! The horoscopes are clear and really explain what’s happening with the planets and how it relates to me. I love how it includes my sun sign and rising sign. I have been using this app for about a year now and I’ve never had any ads pop up except advertising their own products and that only happens once every 2-3 days. I’ll never have to look for my horoscope anywhere else. I’ve learned alot by using this app! 😍🥰

  23. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but I live this app. It explains what each house represents on the beth chart and guess into depth about you. Can’t wait to try a reading to see how that service is. 🙂 Definitely will be recommending this to my friends.

  24. Charged 40 quid for a reading that ended before it started. Even the reader was wasting time saying there were technical difficulties, said he’s giving me extra time and the chat window closed. Absolute sham don’t waste your time. And please give me my money back.

  25. TitianX dice:

    I love this app for daily horoscopes and learning more about my natal chart, i appreciate that it factors in our sun AND rising signs! but sometimes the push for readings and consultations is a bit much.

  26. username dice:

    So I appreciate the services Sanctuary provides, no issues there– it’s a good casual daily horoscope+/gen. astrology app. Not super in depth, but it’s useful as a light resource if you’re really into astrology But for the past three months I’ve gotten nothing but romance prompts. It’s incessant!! Like I’m genuinely considering deleting the app at this point lmao. Switch it up, y’all

  27. A good astrology app with interesting functions. Unfortunately the android version runs into problems quite frequently. First with delayed releases on android and now with functions glitching. An unfortunate blemish on an otherwise enjoyable app.

  28. I love this app! And it’s so incredibly accurate. It helps me set my intentions for each day and offers guidance with the relationships in my life. I couldn’t recommend downloading it any more!

  29. I discovered this App from Spotify and I loved their content, so I thought I’d explore the app. I want to like it, but it does not allow me to sign in using my email. I have an Android so I’m not sure if others have this issue as well? Anywho, waiting on an update in hopes that I can check out more of their features 🤞

  30. They recently updated to have an interactive chart with explanations of everything. Really impressed with all of it. I never understood how to read chart and now I have more of an understanding than ever before. Bravo!

  31. Its a cool app, but deleting because they are too busy promoting/showing ads instead of letting me enjoy the astrology. Use The Pattern for ad free astrology

  32. Pretty generic reading!! The daily horoscopes are very generic compared to other apps and I don’t find them insightful at all.

  33. I like that it teaches about how to interpret astrology and it gives me a helpful guide to navigate each days energies based on astrological energies.

  34. No more trouble….Had to uninstall & reinstall to get houses and chart updated. Since then, it’s been good to look at the energy for the day. I constantly review my house to see how I’m personal affected.

  35. I really enjoy this app and absolutely recommend it! It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner (there’s a guide WITHIN the app!), if you are familiar with the study, or just want to have fun/learn more about astrology.

  36. Love love love this app 💕 so much so I often share various aspects of it on my social media profiles & groups, a well deserved 5☆+++++ in my opinion. What you offer for free is truly outstanding considering that other apps who offer a lot less (and I have tried & tested alot) charge you for that type of expertise. The Birth chart section is absolutely amazing 👏 Well done to the creators for taking the time and offering this to your audience 🙏💕

  37. Finally the wait is over!!! For the longest time I thought the full chart was never going to be made available to android. Now I can finally get more info on my chart and better understand myself! Nice layout, very insightful, and I love this app even more now!

  38. Left a review about all birth chart capabilities being taken away after over a year of waiting to have full access to features. They have since updated the android version to have all the capabilities and it’s really expertly done.

  39. It didn’t let me make an account with my email on my Android and so I made one on my sister’s phone instead. It doesn’t let me log in, the button isn’t even clickable. It wants me to sign up using Facebook, but I don’t want this app tied to my Facebook.

  40. Definitely a great astrology app! Free important in-depth information regarding your chart explained in a simple way. However, where there’s western there’s eastern—it would be nice to have vedic astrology be an available option for those of us who use sidereal astrology instead of western. No technical problems.

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