eero home wifi system MODDED 2022

eero is the world’s first home wifi system. Finally, wifi that works.
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The eero app allows you to easily set up and manage your eero wifi system (sold separately).

The world’s first home wifi system, eero blankets your home in fast, reliable wifi. eero stays new and gets better with frequent software updates, improving performance, while also bringing new features and security improvements. It’s simple to setup and easy to manage. With a network that expands as far as you need, you’ll finally be able to stream, work, and play, from every corner of your home — and from the backyard, too.

eero features:
– Setup in under 10 minutes
– Automatic updates with new features, performance improvements, and the latest security standards
– View and manage your network from anywhere
– Easily and securely share your network with guests
– Schedule or pause internet access to manage screen time
– Block devices from using your network
– eero Secure – a subscription service that includes advanced security, additional parental controls, and VIP access to our team of wifi experts

We want to hear your feedback. For any feature requests or thoughts on how we can improve, reach out at [email protected].

By using this app, you agree to eero’s Terms of Service ( and Privacy Policy ( .


- View when the app is operating in local mode
- UI polish and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "eero home wifi system MODDED 2022"

  1. No way to change the settings from PC? No documents or nowhere it mentioned how to change settings from a computer. If you don’t have a phone or you just lost a phone, then need to go to buy a new phone to change the settings? Why extra trouble? In addition, the available settings are extremely limited. No option exists to limit speed for a device (s). As everything from toys to appliances get connected to the internet, a low priority device should not be able to consume all bandwidth.

  2. BJ E dice:

    Keep losing WiFi signals and literally confuse the connected devices. I turned off the Client Steering, hoping my TV stays connected to one of the 2 frequencies, but that wasn’t the case. It is switching back and forth between the 2 and losing WiFi. Eero developers are missing out on the great functionalities of a real router. Eero’s app lacks many key features and does not function correctly. Best to do your homework before committing to Eero 6. I do not recommend this product.

  3. Leland dice:

    Difficult setup. Took 4 times for the dumb thing to finally connect to the internet, with the same cable and everything. I just had to keep rebooting the device until it decided to work randomly. I plug in the second mesh transponder and nothing. It’s blinking blue. I press add on the app and no option or indication on how to add another wireless router. Ok… Back to Amazon you go. Next time test your products before release. I’m not going to troubleshoot to get a plug and play device working.

  4. I bought a set of 4 and it works like a charm. No dead spots and incredibly fast WI Fi. I won’t give it 5 stars because if the main router has a software update, or if there’s an IP or power outage, I have to manually reboot the main hub for everything to work right. Using the app to troubleshoot the scenario is a waste of time. This bug needs to be fixed or my eero will be replaced by the another comparable mesh system.

  5. Oh my, this device has been a lifesaver for me. First, it immediately stopped my WiFi from cutting out every 5 minutes. Now, I have started using the Eero ad blocker and playing Words With Friends plays like a dream, ad free unless I want one for coins, and it has made Wordscapes run smoothly again – no more crashes and slow-downs are reduced to a minimum. Many thanks.

  6. App worked well for two years up until a couple weeks ago. I’m not able to get in to the network through my phone anymore. Very frustrating. Especially frustrating knowing some programmer somewhere coded an update and guaranteed regression testing was complete when nothing was really done. I believe it’s an Android programmer’s fault, but either way I need the problem resolved.

  7. Where to start? Auto detect of new devices never worked, I had to enter serial numbers every time (upwards of a dozen just because I had to keep restarting the whole process). App has no menus or buttons, just a status screen that links to more status screens, so you can’t see all connected devices or created networks, just the last one you set up. Once setup and ethernet removed, no connection. App won’t let you contact support unless the app detects a problem. Returning product.

  8. Galaxy s21 This app does nothing besides attempt to set up eero devices. It would not find any of the 3 automatically, but managed to find them when I entered the serial numbers. Unfortunately, even after adding each device manually (all devices have solid white lights) I still cannot get away from the setup screen. Only instructions concerning management of devices via the app in your help section describe iOS devices. Far as I’m concerned, your devices, app, and customer service is trash

  9. What a absolutely terrible idea to use bluetooth for installation when there is not other reason for blue tooth to be used other than somw random decision. Why would you not develop this to use a Mobile or WiFi connection for set up? The pairing is BROKEN and so the app is basically worthless if you are unable to set up anything. This is just my experience and i am sure this is not the same for everyone, but the bluetooth aspect is just totally confusing to me when the mesh systems are standard

  10. Edited once set up. I have an Samsung S21 and the only thing this app does is search for the eero. It hasn’t connected and I don’t have an option to enter a serial number. I have rebooted multiple times both the router and the modem. I’ve uninstalled this app and reinstalled this app and nothing seems to work. I tried everything and it just wouldn’t work with my Android. I had to use my son’s iphone to get the network setup. Once it was setup and running the app started working on my Android.

  11. I’ve been an eero customer for over 4 years now, and it feels like the service they’ve been providing has gotten worse since I joined in October of 2018. Initially my eero 5 pros were rock-solid, and the app ran smoothly. I didn’t like having “premium” features locked behind a paywall, but it was only $3 monthly. Now that tier is gone, and there’s only $10 monthly and $100 annual plans. The app is buggy, lags, and needs frequent reboots. Don’t get me started on their “new” pro 6 routers.

  12. App is utterly useless. It says you are connected to the internet even when it isn’t. It’s not until you try to run a speed test that you might see it say it can’t connect. But then you go back to the main dashboard, and it claims everything is connected and online. What a joke. Also, when you try to use the app to restart the eero units, it always has an error. You have to run around and unplug each one manually. It’s been like this over 2 years, so don’t expect it to get fixed.

  13. Loved eero until this announcement about only one subscription. I was already on the fence about paying for a subscription for features that others offer for free. Now they’re only switching to only one subscription for “simplicity”. The previous one was simple enough. I will be buying a wired router that offers these features for a one-time price.

  14. Stuck on looking for devices for eternity (1+ hours now). A 6+ 3-pack Black Friday purchase gone wrong. Looks like no engineers test their code and their QA team is non-existent. Tried multiple resets/power cycles. Sigh. Had to use iPhone version… Which is a so much nicer experience. Then I tried to edit settings back on Android…hot garbage. I can’t get it to save and reboot after saving. Had to go back to iPhone and guess what, it worked just fine. I got lucky since SO had an iPhone.

  15. This app makes setting up a mesh network a breeze. I bought one Eero+ to test compatability and performance. It excelled so I bought two more. It’s effortless to everything from setup, statistics monitoring, adding new devices, even viewing the password is smoother. This sounds dumb but some apps make this a pain to uncover. I’m very pleased with this app enabling me to do all that with ease. It’s a strong showing by an Amazon company showing their own brilliance.

  16. Eero, another one of Amazon’s subsidiaries, they make Wi-Fi routers of which I have had the chance to use and continue to use the one from shentel telecommunications, which is the eero 6. This app works fabulously with the Wi-Fi router. Now if I could just figure out how to bring back the original settings that shentel had set it up with I’ll be all right. If any one of the of the customer support agents or developers of the software for these to contact me.

  17. Not for someone wanting a SECURE custom setup. Other systems like TP-links Deco and Netgear are more sophisticated and allow for better custom setups. As far as security? There is none. Eero employees have complete and constant access to your entire network and metadata, and who knows what else. Call tech support, and you will see they can jump right on to your router and see everything without you first granting permission or creating a temporary tech support password for them to use.

  18. We tried the eero pro 6e system with hopes it would fix our wifi dead spots. It did not. It was actually significantly worse and the whole 6e thing does not work well because you have to have wpa3 on which will prevent some older devices from connecting. Eero is not capable of making a separate 6ghz network and then having your 2.4 and 5ghz on a separate network. We switched to tp link deco 6e ax5300 mesh system and wow what a difference. It corrects all the flaws in this eero system.

  19. Eero is a great way to keep track of all devices on your account, how much each device uses and it gives you updates on your wifi speed, performance, monthly usage and lengthens your wifi reach, so you can be sure the whole house gets uninterrupted service. My only probablem is when you want to troubleshoot connectivity or wifi down, it doesnt help because it works off your wifi. No wifi no help! Outside of that, its great little device to have.

  20. Not worth it. Have to reconnect to wifi when moving from one room to another as it won’t switch eeros like it is supposed to and we have 3 in our home. Definitely did not extend the range of my wifi throughout the house. Cannot even walk into my garage any longer without being disconnected from wifi, before using these I didn’t have any issue. Absolutely no coverage outside of my house. A complete waste of time to set them up. Going with Google mesh instead.

  21. This app is a real life saver. I never get bumped off my network. I can micromanage it. I can keep my kids safe without being all in their business ( I’m sure they appreciate THAT). Only thing, I can’t seem to pick which one I want to have my devices connect to. They pick it and That’s it! Theirs don’t always make the best sense to me. Other than that 5🌟

  22. Chip Pop dice:

    Great app for easy network monitoring but it could use some small improvements. For one, if I just removed a device from my network, why can’t I just delete it from the UI? Instead I have to wait until a few days and it will drop from the device list. As for the eero pro’s I have, with the gig wired backbone between them, I have some of the fastest and most reliable network coverage. They were a little sketchy at first with the band steering, but the recent updates sorted that out.

  23. Can you please fix the long-standing bug, where the detail screen for each Eero device always shows “wirelress” as the connection type, even if it’s wired. The home screen shows the correct status, so this surely must be simple to fix. It is particularly annoying and confusing to see the inconsistent status when you’re first setting up a network. Had I not Googled the problem and discovered this was a long-standing bug, I would have continued to be confused and frustrated. How is it possible to know the correct status otherwise? I would hope the Eero team could pay more attention to simple fixes like this which materially affect the experience of their customers as the source of considerable frustration.

  24. The app is easy to use and straight forward, providing all standard features that the bulk of users would need. The Eero 6 Pro (2 nodes) that I’m using was also easy to setup and has been stable, running several months with no need to touch settings. I would like a browser interface made available for when I need it; but otherwise, no issues for me. I would caution power users to look elsewhere, as the app lacks some features that group of users may want.

  25. By far one of the worst mesh network systems I’ve used so far. If you move between rooms and end up connecting to a different node, WiFi stops working. You have to disconnect and reconnect. If that doesn’t help, restart your device. If that doesn’t work either, just restart the entire system. Finally, it’ll connect. Setup is a breeze; no doubt about that. However, everything after that is downhill. Sudden disconnections from the network and an overall iffyness to the reliability of the network.

  26. The app was a big help while installing an eero Pro & 2 beacons about a week ago. The setup instructions were easy to follow; I had everything setup in 20 minutes. The performance of the mesh network versus my old single wireless router has been astonishing. The app helps with tracking what’s on my network, it monitors the connection speed, and I can create profiles of each type of device on the network. I’m not sure what the security feature is doing. Overall I’m very pleased.

  27. My issue is mostly hardware related. Every day the situation gets worse. I have to restart the routers several times daily. Mobile devices can’t stay connected going from a room to the next. The app was working better while I had the paid subscription. Since I have not been paying, the app doesn’t keep up with the connected devices and is unable to do simple thinks like disconnect a device from the network. Basically don’t throw away your money with eero.

  28. The mesh network itself works great so far. My issue is with the app. It has all these capabilities yet i have no clue what it’s actually doing. Please give option to see when malware is scanned to know what is actually picked up, for blocked content, i want to know the details of all this stuff. It’s kinda a big deal. And give web interface access to the configuration. Doing it through the app only is annoying.

  29. **Edit 9/11/2021** They finally fixed it! Thank you! Works pretty well and looks good but has 2 big issues that need to be fixed. When you go into the connection properties on your access point it does not report wired or wireless backhaul correctly. This works correctly on iOS so this is just another example of Android being left as a second class citizen. Why can’t we add port ranges to port forwarding?!

  30. Like the eero system itself, when it’s working, it works well but that isn’t often. The app is very slow and has lots of bugs. It also is a major battery drain. It reports device status incorrectly. Assigning nicknames to devices takes multiple attempts. I’d like to be able to completely remove devices from the device list rather than have them still listed by when they most recently connected. I’d also like to be able to assign devices to a particular node. Looking forward to updates for this.

  31. The system itself works well with good coverage and small hardware. Where it really fails is in only offering an Android / iOS app to control it – no PC version – which requires you to use your Android or Apple device to control all aspects of it. Some prefer to utilize their laptops/PCs to control their devices which makes the eero a very unattractive option for home networking. Even though every other aspect of the device (size, connectivity, range, interface, etc) is exceptional I cannot recommend this product based upon the limited access options.

  32. Rob Wade dice:

    Horrible. Nothing in this app works right. You can’t even get to the setup you need. Forces you to set up your entire network (which is impossible to do) every time you try to use it so you can’t even add a device. Finally it let me enter the serial number of device. Found it and said it was setting it up then just stayed on registering device forever. Tried it over several times. Same result. Very frustrating and device STILL not installed. I guess I’ll just send the device back.

  33. UGH! It gets in your way at every turn. Anyone interested in using custom security features WILL be frustrated. It attempts to force you to opt into a trial of their ‘secure’ bundle which does nothing but extorts you into paying high prices for their “partners”. Rather than give you a choice, you can only be secure if you opt into THEIR service, which is expensive. They should consider folks who already have purchased their own secure products beforehand. Going to return it.

  34. The app used to be pretty descent controlled well, very user friendly pretty accurate. A few updates ago, it has become very unresponsive and does some randoms things. If possible, in a future update I would like to be able to pick which devices connect to particular eero boosters, devices seem to cluster to one or just don’t connect to the nearest one, and I think that’s just because the devices connect to whichever eero comes online first. You can work with it like an on and off puzzle game.

  35. I was having constant connectivity problems with my ISPs modem but could not remove the modem since we also have a phone line connected to it. After some months of reviewing different products, I settled on the Eero 6 Pro as a choice for our medium sized house. It was easy to set up — even with the ISP modem in the mix — although changing all the connected devices I have in our home proved to be a two full day process (mostly because Google and some vendors does not make changing easy.) I found the app to be somewhat limiting — though that may be because I have extensive experience in the computer field — and I find the reporting, even with eero secure, to be VERY minimal. In particular, it was difficult to add a couple of devices that would not connect when both 2.4 and 5 GHz were in use. Also, the Beta items are still a really Beta! However, speeds were GREATLY improved thanks to the 5 GHz band. In addition, the ISPs modem was failing badly with 23+ devices on the network. I was having to reboot the modem almost daily. Now, I have great coverage throughout the house and I have had to reset the ISP modem only one time in three weeks (and I’m not sure that wasn’t really a Spectrum problem.) I wish the app had a few more features, was better organized, and had better reporting for intrusions, viruses and questionable websites. It would be helpful to know what things are actually trying to get in, not just how many tried! I would still easily recommend this system to anyone! P.S. WPA3 needs more work!

  36. Never had issues with my system. Never had bad experience from tech support. Never once thought “maybe I should go back to something different”. I’m seeing a lot of reviews that are saying how bad this app / system is. I disagree with all of the ones I’ve seen. Most of them are feature requests (they will be added eventually), “bugs” (which I either never experienced/something VERY rare), or how bad Secure+ is (I find it VERY useful and worth it… you get 3 other FREE subscriptions with it..).

  37. Why change an app that worked? The app was so easy to follow before the update. In addition, devices that are off the network show up as connected to eero. For example, I deleted and unplugged an Amazon plug and it comes up as connected. The previous app showed the total connected devices with icons that matched the device such as speakers, light bulbs, gaming and so on. It would be nice to bring back the previous interface.

  38. Requiring a phone and app to setup a router is stupid. I get it, it’s to make it easier for non-tech oriented people, but removing basic functionality from devices isn’t really what I would consider the best compromise. Having the option is nice, but not as a requirement. The router is part of my ISP package. If it weren’t free (which surprised me), I certainly wouldn’t use it. But hey, I guess free vs $150 – $200 is enough to make me have additional bloatware on my phone.

  39. Not bad, but lacks a couple of things. Where is the Smart Queue Management option I see talk of when I research on the internet? With slow internet, something like this is a must, yet the option isn’t there when I go to Eero Labs. There needs to be an option to display every device using bandwidth as one list, along with the amount of bandwidth currently being used. It’s cumbersome to have to click through 15 devices to check bandwidth usage individually. Fix these two issues and get 5 stars.

  40. It is user friendly…somewhat. To experienced users of router configuration, this app is lacking, to new people it may be a bit misleading. It like most apps, is lacking some easily implemented key features. Why try to simplify a process if other aspects are made unmanageable. That in itself makes the entirety of app less useful, and just more of a headache.

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