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Powered by RIDE COMMAND. Explore 1,000,000 miles of off-road and snow trails!
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Own your adventure with greater confidence and peace of mind, putting you in the driver seat with access to vehicle and riding details at your fingertips. Information you need when you need it to more easily tackle powersports ownership. Download now and plan your first trip!

My Garage:
View your vehicle service history
Stay on top of your maintenance schedules and receive reminders
Easily schedule your RideReady service appointments

Rides & Community:
Plan your ultimate ride using snap to trail routing and on/offline maps
Navigate during your ride with Group Ride, waypoints, and tracking
Relive and share your ride with 3D flyover of your tracked ride

Shopping & Support:
Find your gear & accessories to elevate your ride
Easily get your questions answered at the Help Center

Unleash the full power by connecting to your in-vehicle display powered by RIDE COMMAND, or upgrade to RIDE COMMAND+ for next level remote vehicle connectivity and control.

RIDE COMMAND® is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc.

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. Recommend running with power source.
**Group Ride functionality requires cellular connectivity. If cellular signal is lost, RIDE COMMAND will show the last known location of riders in your group until signal is established again.


-Group Ride+: Use your RIDE COMMAND+ device to join a Group Ride! Configure groups on the app or Ride Command website, let your Plug-in do the rest.
-Ride Tracking+: Never forget to track your ride again! The RIDE COMMAND+ Plug-in will now track your rides and complete automatically. Once the ride is complete, receive a notification and check out your post ride report.
-Internationalization: Experience the Polaris app in 18 languages! Tap on "Languages & input" in device settings to enable.


40 comentarios en "Polaris® MODDED"

  1. c7wc dice:

    Mostly good app for snowmobile trails in northern Wisconsin. Some trails are poorly marked on the app, and it can get annoying(they’re only marked maybe on the far west side of a 20 mile trail, so you have to zoom out then zoom back in to find where it’s marked on the map). Hard to explain, but the fix would be to have the trail name or number along the whole trail, so it’s easy to determine. Track ride is great, and the way photos are incorporated into the 3d flyover by location is awesome

  2. Really excellent app, I use it all the time and I’m quite happy with it. I wish it had more lake, town and road names though. Maybe it could somehow communicate with Google Maps? Can be used if you don’t have service you just have to be sure and not to X out of it. Make sure to set the app to be always on and manually close it when you’re done. The playback & share features are really nice also.

  3. The waypoints are a good feature but the purpose in having them is to plot a course, save it and use it when ever you want to. You should also allow users to name the course and include a reverse course feature to navigate back home. I use an app for my boat that offers these options and it is amazing. If you have to charge for an upgraded, then do it…people will pay for it. You need to add this feature otherwise the waypoints don’t serve much purpose. Thanks.

  4. The app seemed to work fine, tracked my first ride with it, seemed to go well. As soon as I added photos, the app started crashing any time I try to open the ride. I can’t find any way to even get back in to remove the photos, though I’m not sure that’s even an option. I think my only option at this point is to delete the entire ride. Really disappointed, should have a way to remove photos, or load separately so it doesn’t crash the app.

  5. Useful for tracking rides and seeing where gas/food/lodging stops are (they not all of them are shown). The ride planning feature is super useful, if you can get it to work. Anything over 75 miles and you really have to fight with the app to actually get it to snap to the trails, most times it will show a “route” that is a straight line as the crow flies, many times resulting in just giving up on using that feature. App can also be super laggy and buggy. Potential to be great but not there yet

  6. Could be 5 stars. Seriously the app is great and I highly recommend it for all snowmobile riders. I love being able to track my rides, bring up restaurants and gas stations, make notes. It’s a really good app. However some of the club trails are not well marked, and no matter what I’ve tried, this app does not override screen timeout. As a GPS it should have that ability. Also would be great to be able to add rides that are out of production (ie 91 indy sp)

  7. The current edition lost all my info. It lost the info on vehicles and my service records. When I went into the app, in the map function the orientation was always wrong. No matter how I turned it, it kept turning so everything was sideways. When I would turn it so I could view it in portrait or landscape it would shift again. Between losing all my info and service records… The map deal has rendered this app worthless! Now the cherry 🍒 on top is the app won’t even open to my profile. GARBAGE!

  8. Great features, maps, video replay, track your buddies etc… it will absolutely destroy your battery life though. Be fully charged before using this app. It’s also helpful to carry an external battery if you plan on using it for a long ride. Too bad there’s no way to enter a vehicle without a VIN number or bluetooth. I like to use this app for mountain biking and being able to simply type the name of whatever you’re riding would be nice in case there’s no motor involved that day.

  9. I love the concept of this app but the execution is lacking. Polaris needs to focus on the basics before trying to add functionality. Any time I have tried to use this for more than an hour the app freezes or runs into some other glitches. Tracked rides sometimes won’t come up. when tracking a ride I often can’t see where I am because the app has froze. The app doesn’t keep my screen on so it turns off after my phones default timeout. overall this concept is amazing but the execution is horrible!

  10. When you view any of your saved rides there is a ‘details’ window that opens. This window nearly takes up the top half of my phone screen which limits actually viewing your ride map. I contacted polaris and they said there’s no way to remove the box. If you close the box it closes your m as p as well. This app is great if they would enable the box to be closed. Searching for another app.

  11. I used this app for an entire weekend of riding and I will tell you that it works amazing. Tracked every ride flawlessly, I added waypoints and named them also. I downloaded the area on wifi at home to use offline and it was there when we showed up. Pressed track ride and off we went. Easy to use and the best part is it’s free lol. I am completely satisfied with this app. I couldn’t get it to pull up the satellite image of the area I downloaded that’s the reason for 4 stars.

  12. We used this app first in Arkansas then all over Colorado and Utah. On-line or off-line it worked perfectly. There are some major trails out west that do not show up, but that’s to be expected. We were in very remote places so I had this going plus two back-up GPS units. I never needed to look at the GPS units!

  13. Gerry Cox dice:

    I’ve been using this app for local rides, and have been satisfied with it; even more so, ever since it’s been offering the flyover views. It’s great that it incorporates photos taken along the way. The tilt and pan features make for a great customized view of the surrounding terrain.

  14. So far this is the best trail app I’ve used. Very accurate. Eats battery. FYI do not use data saver while tracking ride or it will not be accurate. It will give you straight lines between usage . Love the snow depth option and it’s great to see the actual topography in the 3D flyover feature. Great job, love it.

  15. Great for planning rides but in the latest Android is not tracking rises properly when running in the background. I get straight lines to each point I turn in my phone and open the app. I don’t think it’s requesting the right permission for location

  16. 5 stars if I had the ability to add a custom vehicle. I ride a 1994 Sentinel riding mower conversion with a 27hp Briggs and Stratton v-twin and trust me it’s a beast! It would be great if I had the option to add it correctly in this app. Love the flyover feature.

  17. So far so good. Haven’t tried this app on the trails yet but the maps seem pretty comprehensive and haven’t run into any bugs or crashes that I had in previous versions.

  18. I have been using the Polaris app on my phone,laptop and ultimately on my 2022 Polaris XCR to lead me through trails unknown to me. It has never steered me wrong. I have used it to trail thousands on miles now and my groups are always impressed with my leading abilities but I tell them its Polaris Ride Command that got us there. The more I use Ride Command, the more I trail to new places. This App is a game changer for trail sledding! Thank you for making it user friendly! Connie Lester

  19. Does not import correctly. Very difficult to use. Doesn’t work well even when it’s working Ingenious concept that fails miserably in implementation.

  20. Hot garbage in a nice looking package. Says turn on location services. They’re on. Says app is already loaded on this tablet. It’s not. Can’t use ride command online or off. Over it. Just gonna shell out for A leadnav puck and be done with the Google app trash. Ride command has never done anything more that show a nice looking map with zero functionality.

  21. Great app for navigation however during each update you have to reload all your saved maps for offline navigation. Not cool considering you may not beware that it’s been updated then you go to the trail and find out that your map isn’t there any longer! ❌❌❌❌🏧❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ 11/4/22 UPDATE ❌🙈🙈 WENT OUT IN THE OCALA NATIONAL FOREST TODAY AND COULDN’T USE THE DAMN APP ON MY SAMSUNG TAB! WOULDN’T EVEN PULL UP THE MAP!! TWO WEEKS AGO I COULDN’T GET IT TO TRACK, THIS UPDATE SUCKS!!!!

  22. Snap to track doesn’t work, really the only reason I got this was to plan trips and it’s worthless for that.

  23. Works great on my phone so I tried it on a tablet but it keeps saying I need to allow location (which I have). Not sure what’s going on. Location works good enough for Google maps but not this one. So much for wanting a bigger screen.

  24. Inaccurate and barely tracks rides. 100 miles later app still shows 0 miles.

  25. App is a great idea but still needs some improvements. On note8 it seems to have problem working on LTE and finding GPS at times. It froze on me bunch of times when tracked, fortunately somehow remembered path so it’s saved. It would be great being able to assemble tracks as I have 2 separate pieces since it froze on me. One suggestion is to enable option to color code trails as there are different levels of difficulty. Overall I’ll keep using it as it works for me

  26. maps are very detailed on the paved roads, but the trails ..meh. The maps in the rzr are so so, and hit and miss. Meaning very detailed in one area, come around a bend or something and it’s really vague. Lakes are no longer blue , the same color as the ground. Overall it’s ok. Needs some work

  27. For a free app its great. Property lines are pretty close. Not much for actually trails, but that may be just because ny sucks

  28. Kevin A. dice:

    Great for tracking and seeing where trails are. As long as you have cell phone service.

  29. Horrible app. Lags, can’t track rides without freezing up, being already logged into my account, can’t join group rides without logging in button doesn’t do anything (not sure why I’d have to log in a second time), lost all my maintenance records on both machines going back several years even though description says their update fixed this… It didn’t, I actually ended up losing a of them. Horrible app I don’t even know why I keep it loaded. Only positive, offline maps work without service.

  30. Works great if you have good cellular data coverage. Fine I suppose if you are signed in, lose data and stay offline. However, if you’re in a fringe area, you know, trail riding in the mountains where data coverage is spotty, you’ll get signed out then my luck, never be back in data / unable to sign back in when I need to start tracking a new ride. Oh well. Definitely has potential but please test on actual rides in spotty coverage areas where your customers use the app.

  31. If I move the map around, then push the button in the bottom of the lower left hand corner to re center the map over my location, I receive a message that says “Turn location services on to give Ride Command access to your location”. My location services are turned on and my permissions are set properly. It will not re center over my location. Offline / downloaded maps don’t show township roads unless they have been designated as an atv route.

  32. j s dice:

    Great app, I just wish there was a way to keep track of friends in my group when we ride where there isn’t any cell service.

  33. Would be great if it worked all the time. Tracking feature sometimes stops tracking in the middle of a ride. Restarting the app sometimes requires you to log back in (but if you’re out riding, probably don’t have cell service). Group ride works somewhat, but requires data coverage.

  34. This app is very glitchy. Works one time then wont the next. Just got back from a trip and wouldn’t let me track ride. Then when it finally started tracking would randomly cancel my ride tracking. Then it finally loged me out complete and was not able to use it for rest of the trip. 5 other guys on the trip all have this app and none of them could get it to work consistantly. If you can get it to work its awesome. Have had for 3 year . Group ride has never worked.

  35. last year I had no problem with the app and it saved my ass quite a few times. This year, the trails wouldn’t show up till over a month after the trails opened. furthermore, if the trail was rerouted, the app still showed the old route which is sketchy when youre already lost.

  36. After loading the update, I can’t see the group riders on the map.

  37. Awesome app would recommend to anyone. Fantastic accuracy. Love the sharing aspect of it also.

  38. Worked great for me. Offline maps are very helpful as data signal is spotty out on the trails. I’d just like to know where the offline maps ive downloaded are stored on my phone. Ive checked intenal and SD card download files but theyre not there. Just want to make sure theyre downloading to my SD card, not internal storage.

  39. This weekend I had to use a different app due to the map lines issues. Missed this app. I now have seen you folks updated, yes easier to see trail now,, but why have all those static dotted trails all over? The razors can run all the dirt roads anyhow, why the heck mark all those fire roads,, those roads are not labeled in real life, your old map lines were accurate,,, I’m letting you know all the dotted line clutter is a waste.

  40. **Edit for new riding season: App still does not keep phone awake. Very annoying. New “Property Info” only worked for a few minutes. Dropped to 2 stars until app keeps phone awake** Enjoying the app for our first ride today. Our Ranger doesn’t have the electronics to go with it, but the app by itself was great. 1 star off because the app running while tracking ride didn’t keep phone from shutting the screen off. Had to keep turning phone back on and wait for app to restart.

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