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Plan, shop & earn points that save your wallet. Now that’s a Winn Win!
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The Winn-Dixie app is here to help you score Winns for Your Wallet!

Buying groceries without rewards or coupons is fine. That’s how our grandparents did it and they turned out alright. But if you have an app that can help you earn points toward free groceries just for shopping…why shop anywhere else?

We are empowering our shoppers and all you need is your mobile device. It’s true, we’re making grocery shopping even easier both at home and in our stores. Skip the hassle of dealing with any other grocery app, they are hard to navigate and don’t even compare. The proof is right there on your receipt!

It’s time to add the best mobile grocery application to your home screen. Not convinced? Here are some great reasons to download our grocery app!

We’re placing Deal of the Week, our weekly ad and even customized deals for you based on your shopping history directly at your fingertips. Score even bigger on your favorite products with these personalized offers.

We’ve also got all those coupons you’re looking for featured on the Savings tab. There’s even a Coupon filter included to make your experience even easier. Did we mention the BOGO’s? Oh yeah, we’ve got plenty! Check out the Weekly Ad for your specific store and add your favorite BOGO offer to your shopping list! It’s a Buy One Get One frenzy!

You can also scan products with the barcode scanner in the store to easily discover extra deals & savings!

When your all done shopping, easily swipe up the Wallet feature from the bottom to view all your clipped coupons and how much each coupon has saved you! Scan your app with the cashier and checkout knowing you’re a true winner!

Your road to rewards is now even easier! Our app stores your rewards card, so you can easily scan it on every grocery trip. You can also track your points in the app and decide when to spend them on future grocery purchases!

Tap on the BOOSTERS tab in the navigation bar to reveal bonus challenges that maximize your rewards experience. Score BIG by activating a Booster or Mystery Bonus and watching your rewards points climb sky high.

We’re making your next shopping trip hassle-free by bringing back the highly anticipated Shopping List feature. You can create multiple lists, search for items, and share with your friends!

Downloading our app makes you eligible for special offers like Free Items and exclusive Mystery Bonuses. You could be multiplying your points when you shop or bringing home a Free Item! Watch out for notifications from us, they could lead to exclusive savings that grow your savings to the max.

We look forward to seeing you on your next grocery trip!

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We’ve made some small improvements around the app for consistency and performance.


40 comentarios en "Winn-Dixie MODDED 2022"

  1. Que J. dice:

    I thought it was my device but after reading other reviews I realize the app is the problem. Extremely slow loading constant error messages. I’m afraid to do any online shopping for fear of not getting the correct items. If you download the app it automatically sets a default so you no longer get in store receipts. They told me in the store I can change the setting, however, I don’t see where to change it. I believe I will uninstall the app and look at a printed sale ad. If I continue WD.

  2. What a nightmare! First, the app (or the account, at any rate) doesn’t sync across devices, and doesn’t seem to want to save your cart, especially if you switch stores. If you want to shop, you have to switch over to the browser, which signs you out of the app and you need a verification code each and every time you want to log in again. Location services don’t work, so, only two US stores are listed for pickup. So many issues. Just infuriating. Had to uninstall just for my mental health. Aargh.

  3. It is a great app when it eventually works. It is extremely slow loading. I don’t know if that is an app or a backend server issue, but many times it won’t load my account in the entire time I’m standing in the checkout line. As a result I have missed being able to activate my points multipliers on several occasions lately. Even opening the app on my good wifi at home it takes forever to load and usually says I have zero points when it finally does load. Then I have to wait for it to refresh.

  4. L Miller dice:

    “An error has occurred” Get this a lot when trying to add items to shopping list in the past two versions. App takes forever to load & is very laggy when doing anything with list or coupons, frequent spinning wheel that freezes it up. That could be my older Samsung phone, but an app that’s used by a wide demographic should be Low-CPU as possible. It’s a cool app but it seems to always be one step forward & one step backwards w/ development & I only use it now to activate multipliers & coupons.

  5. It’s generally a pretty nice app design, when it works right. The app crashes very often. It’s slow to process any function like accessing grocery list, coupons, etc. I also don’t think customers get enough reward points or benefits for the amount of money spent, especially considering how much prices have gone up.

  6. Hlinfl dice:

    This app sux. Never works. I too, have to wait forever to add an item to my list, then- more than not, “an error has occurred” and can’t add the item… soo many bad reviews like this, and yet nothing has been changed…I guess SE Grocers just doesn’t care about retaining customers by creating ease of shopping. My Publix app works amazingly- ALL the TIME! Get it together SE Grocers and fix your app! It’s absolutely USELESS. Haven’t enough customers spoken out?

  7. Super slow and buggy…even if the app doesn’t crash, it is slooooowww to load…it’s like watching paint peel. The shopping list function (when it works) is particularly frustrating. Deleting or removing items takes forever. It’s a dang shame because, if it worked at a faster pace and eliminated the bugs (and lived up to its potential), it would be a really useful tool. I will continue to have hope…but only because the nearest grocery to my home is a Winn Dixie.

  8. I’d give it zero stars if I could. This app blows. It works when it wants to. I’ll go for months without issues (aside from it taking forever to load) and then out of the blue, it shows I have $0 points even though I have many when I check online. I love the mystery bonus and multiplier but you can’t use them if the app doesn’t work. You’d think in this day and age, Winn Dixie could find a tech savvy individual to make this app work consistently without issue. More frustrating than it’s worth.

  9. Joe Pare dice:

    App was slow start, but they stayed on it, raising the bar, every update was better than the last. I had low expectations, but it’s faster, better organized, what I would expect from a grocery app. Now I use it every time with no bugs or misleading freezes. Better than a Publix app and minimal notifications, just when there are expirations. UPDATE 1-22 It Forgot who I am. UPDATE 11-22 Really want to add very positive new stuff and tips, but refuses to update, and cuts me off. Their loss.

  10. This App is horrible!! If I could give it a zero I would. This is the 3rd time I have installed this app at different times. Tried a few months ago for the second time and a day ago, and it still doesn’t work! It keeps giving me errors when filling it out, and it shouldn’t. I have everything filled out right and still want do right. This will be my last attempt trying to get on the App, because it want work! Winn Dixie you all need to do something to fix it or do away with it!!!

  11. Absolutely horrible! I spend at least 9.5 mins out of every 10 simply waiting on it to load, that is when it doesn’t freeze up or crash. Then half the time i try to add something to my list, I get an error msg and it doesn’t add. I finally closed it and decided to go to Publix for my shopping today when I refreshed the home screen (unintentionally, I was swiping down) and ALL my bonus points disappeared! THAT pissed me off . . . straw that broke the camel’s back and all.

  12. App does not work!! For optimal performance, the developers really need to fix the bugs and update the system. I have been losing rewards due to the inability to use the app. I recently received a 25x points and can only use it through the app which continues to freeze, and crash every time I try to open the app. I have sent feedback reports several times already!! Off to Walmart I go!!

  13. It’s pretty difficult to use and navigate, and it’s kind of confusing. To search for stuff in the store, you have to go to your lists, click on one of your lists, press a “plus” button to add things, THEN search. Frankly, Wal-Mart has a better app than this. The homescreen is the easiest thing to understand, and it’s still a little confusing. The app could be quite a bit more navigable. It feels like they just programmed the most basic app they possibly could to save money on an app dev.

  14. Used to have a shopping list with the ability to check off items and it no longer has that. Also had the ability to easily see the coupons I clipped while looking at coupons and now that is a separate process. Also would like to see aisle of the products. Also would like the ability to search for an item. Also would like to see the price of the item. The back button closes the app. It should point to the prior menu. This app is very slow to load and slow to navigate when it laods.

  15. It’s hit and miss with the app, more miss than hit, though. The shopping list is buggy and slow. There’s always an error of some sort when trying to load the weekly ad or when trying add things to the shopping list. Most of the time my points never show or things I have deleted from my list reappear and then disappear again. It’s weird and frustrating. So much room for improvement for the user experience if any of the developers read these reviews and take them seriously.

  16. The good. I was able to use my points, something I haven’t been able to do until now. Convenient at checkout since I didn’t have to touch as much The bad. I still have to touch their displays and debit machine to finalize a purchase. All my payments are done through phone. Why can’t I use that instead of touching their displays? there is no pricing on items you select for your grocery are useful, I’d like to see prices of all items. downloaded to do a price check. Didn’t work.

  17. If it ain’t broken… update it until it is broken… that seems to be the developer’s motive. The app used to work. Yeah, it could be slow and cumbersome, but now, the new app just opens to splash screen or black screen. I have to force close and wipe cache or reinstall and re-register to make the app work. it doesn’t matter whether it’s on 4G or Wi-Fi, the app is still as graceful and cumbersome as a 700-pound ballerina.

  18. Never works! 😫 I thought I would give this app another chance since I’ll be shopping at WD bc they don’t require masks. However I guess I’ll just have to shop blind, as this iteration is even worse than the previous one. They need to take a close look at Publix’s app. You can make a list from the ads, clip digital coupons, add other items to your list, and it’s all organized by aisle for you. WAY better than WD app!!!

  19. App needs improvement. Both front end and back end. I’ve always favored shopping at Winn-Dixie over other’s. Roughly 15 years. How we shop and browse for sales has adapted along side technology. As digital presentation changed, where I prefer to shop has changed as well. The shift from paper ads to smartphone based sales ads has exponentially improved my ability to shop smarter, stay organized, save time and money. This app is slow/laggy. Layout is inefficient. Open Publix app. Follow example.

  20. Kimberly dice:

    This is the worst app. I just deleted it AGAIN. It runs slowly, if at all. I can barely even select a single option, whether it be to check my rewards or coupons, and the app crashes and shuts down by itself. I’ve dealt with this for months, sending technical reports/feedback whenever prompted. It just isn’t worth it to shop at Winn Dixie anymore anyway. This store has become way too expensive, even compared to Publix in many cases.

  21. The update is pretty bad. It has killed anything user-friendly from the original app. The update app makes you login every other time, it’s difficult to toggle between options, and it’s also harder to find what you’ve marked for a list vs. what you’ve clipped for coupons. Can’t easily switch between current week sales ad and next week sales ad, as well as between list or image view. I’ll keep using it but only because I have no other choice (small town).

  22. I was excited to get this app because Winn-Dixie is the grocery store of choice, but when I put my phone number in and then verify it with the code, it force closes and makes me do the process all over again. I havent been able to open the actual app yet beyond the sign in stage. I have tried restarting ny phone and going through the process multiple times. I will change my review when the issue is fixed.

  23. The only thing this app is really useful for is keeping track of your points and rewards. It has other functions too, like shopping lists, buy again, etc. But it’s so slow and janky, and it basically renders the entire app useless, save for the points. I know apps like this usually get made and are never updated, so they just suck. But still, I’d like some functionality if it’s gonna take up space on my phone.

  24. What I would like to get out of this app the most is a fast working list maker. I would love to be able to add what I want in less than 30 seconds rather then a minute or so per item. I would also like to delete just as quickly. Intend to shop less if I have to go back and forth and often forget things because after the stressful experience I just want to go home. App also doesn’t work on my home WiFi, just thought it was the store.

  25. I like the features and coupons and savings, great concept but the app crashes and freezes constantly. Can’t keep it open and running longer than 15 seconds at a time if I’m lucky. Makes it virtually impossible to view your available coupons while shopping at the store and I can never scan my mystery bonuses because when you try to open them it just crashes immediately. Terrible functioning app, it would be amazing if they could fix this huge problem.

  26. It’s a perfectly cromulent grocery store app, but my goodness is it slow. It was slow in the old days but the redesign has somehow made it even more glacially slow. And this is on a modern higher end phone, too. I do like that they have added easy access to the rewards barcode, and the ability to scan a barcode to add a coupon or get info on a product.

  27. With every update this app becomes less and less useful. Now I can’t clip items to my ‘wallet’ from the circular and I have to go through a list that consists of the same type of items but doesn’t include important things such a meats, beverages, deli specials, etc. that are on sale. As a busy Mom I depended on my ‘list’ to help me remember what I needed to purchase. I am so very disappointed in the lack of ease and features this app has compared to what it used to and other grocery store apps.

  28. Neverending errors! I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S10 and it takes 2 minutes just to open the app. For me, the list feature doesn’t work, the coupons won’t clip about half the time, and today the circular has quit opening. I tried Un/reinstalling, no change. Despite these errors, i keep trying because it would be very useful. I would recommend this app if only it functioned as intended. Please help!

  29. Absolutely terrible! This so called update is the worst ever. The older app was perfect. It was easy to navigate and get all the info you wanted in a touch of a button on one screen. To sign in you have to change your original phone number if it was a landline. Not everyone lives on cells. Bring back the old app it worked great.

  30. This update is awful. I can’t sign in under a shared account – every time I try, the app sends a validation code … to my husband’s phone!! That does me no good!! I want to sign in on my phone with our shared acct #. I can continue to get points by scanning my card, but I have ZERO information on my shopping list, coupons, etc. when I go to the store. It’s infuriating!

  31. Lots of potential, interface needs help. Trying to check off items in shopping list is impossible. Double tap, hold, nothing worked. Finally did a slide and picked remove, as only thing that did work. Great with adding to list from ads, but husband yelling at me in store to give up, not a selling point. Who uses a radio button for a list to check off to start with? That’s what a CHECKBOX is for! And leave me logged in. Standing in line to check out, not the time to need a code emailed to me.

  32. I use to love this place, it was my go to grocery store, and I loved the rewards program. Although, my points keep getting stolen. The first time was someone in CT, second time was TX, and the last time was two transactions, back to back, in FL. One was for $44, second was $27, and the 3rd was $21. I still havent seen a reimbursement for the 3rd. I’ve put pins on the account, but nothing. This is so frustrating. Guess its Wal-Mart moving forward.

  33. They just updated the app and it is terrible. there are only three catagories to search the flyer and they are useless. I tried to search food and pet food. women’s sanitary pads and other non-food items were included. you used to be able to search categories likr meat, deli, dairy etc. Also I put items in my wallet (used to be list) but when I looked in my wallet nothing was there, not even a selection for the groceries.

  34. ken c dice:

    This app is pretty buggy, and sooo slow. Trying to look at the weekly ad is comical… it’s just one giant image that you have to zoom in and out of. Anything that you do, from clicking on an item, adding or subtracting from your shopping list, or looking at your account takes ages. Seriously – count to 10 – for every….. single….. thing….. you….. click. I hope Winn-Dixie can get this app more user friendly because right now it makes the shopping experience pretty frustrating.

  35. It’s just somewhat functional. Sometimes digital coupons advertised in store and in the local ad aren’t available in the app. There’s NO search functionality, weekly ads often don’t appear at all, so if there’s a particular item you’re looking for… just scroll and hope for the best. Worse, no one seems interested in making this app any better.

  36. Mary King dice:

    I’m not impressed with the app. I’ve had trouble trying to get it to work for months, and I am so frustrated. Even store employees have weighed in on trying to solve the issue, but nothing seems to work. I’m running Android 6.0. Today, I updated my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the WD app again, and the app still doesn’t work right. It takes too long to load, and when it DOES load, the page just sits there. I tap savings (or another link) and wait. After about 30 seconds, the app stops working and closes. Looks like I’ll miss out on the 22x mystery bonus.

  37. Disappointed. Got a free item because of my birthday month. Tried to create an account on the app and it froze… very disapponted. Uninstalled… UPDATE: I was able to install the app and used it for over a year and then it froze recently. I uninstalled it, hoping to reinstall it and have tried several time to reinstall. But, Ive now given up and have chosen to wait for the sales ads to come to my mailbox.

  38. Bonus points great but when activated, they don’t work I’ve had to call customer service twice this week to get my points added on which still aren’t showing up. $76 in points just not showing up and it’s frustrating especially when I did my shopping strategically to get these rewards. Very frustrating. Not happy at all. Please fix this issue!!

  39. Joe Bruno dice:

    Have tried to open the app for several days on multiple occasions each day with no success. Called company said problem would be cleared up weeks ago but doesn’t look like it. Have had problems in the past but this is the worst. Horrible. Winn Dixe sucks. Will continue to shop there but will be losing out on digital coupons and can’t keep track of available points and rewards.

  40. I just downloaded the app for the first time as a coupon app. The grocery list feature that people are saying they are missing sounds cool, but I have no idea whether it would make the app take a lot more space. Cool idea though. If the developers are looking for feedback, when I click on a the scizor icon to clip a coupon often I accidently click on the link instead. My natural response was to click further to the right. I finally realized it was possible to click too far to the right.

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