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Sniffspot is the #1 app to rent safe and private dog parks. Bring pure joy to your dog’s face by letting them run free without a worry in a Sniffspot dog park.

With thousands of dog parks across the US and around the world, Sniffspot makes off leash play easy for dog guardians and their canine companions. Sniffspot dog parks are hosted by locals on private land enabling easy access to all kinds of locations – fenced dog parks, indoor dog parks, dog water parks, dog beaches, small dog parks, hiking trails for dogs, yards and backyards, dog fields, dog agility parks and more.

The reason people are flocking to Sniffspot is that cities were not built for dogs. But now people are moving to the city and adopting dogs – the pandemic has exacerbated this trend. It’s hard to be a dog in the city, with loud noises, cars flying by and concrete everywhere. Dog parks are crowded and dangerous. And it shows in dog health – over 50% of dogs are obese, dog depression is on the rise and the majority of dogs have behavioral issues. Dogs were designed for a time before cities when they ran free in the wild all day. Sniffspot gives dogs a whiff of the old times when they were free.

Existing off leash options for dog owners in cities can be lacking to say the least. Even if someone is lucky enough to have a public dog park, there is no control over which dogs are there or enforcement of clean up requirements. And cities are already rife with owners letting dogs off leash in public parks that can cause a nuisance and be a danger for the dogs themselves. Many dog owners resort to visiting dog parks early in the morning or going to unused tennis courts. With Sniffspot people can take their dog to a beautiful location that is only available for them and let their dog just be a dog.

Sniffspot is loved by our users – 95% of visits receive a perfect 5 star rating.


Safe, private dog parks to help you minimize distractions or triggers and maximize time with your dog. All rentals are private with 30 minute buffers between bookings.


Exploration and activities you can’t get anywhere else; wear your dog out for days.


Socialize your pup in a controlled, private dog park – it’s great exercise, it’s safe and it’s fun for you and your dog.


You can browse dog parks, including photos and reviews from verified guests, select a time, book and pay through the app. You can easily message and manage your reservations. We provide customer service 7 days a week.


You can earn side income through sharing your land or yard with dogs. Hosts are earning up to and more than $2,000 per month. Sniffspot provides $2M insurance. Download the app and go to the host section to learn more.


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- Update host review page in real time
- Update spot detail pricing section
- Add fencing and distractions tips
- Add bottom nav on search page
- Add memberships badges and banners


40 comentarios en "Sniffspot 2022"

  1. Super cool app that allows people to find awesome new, stimulating places to take their dogs. Great for people who have reactive dogs, or dogs that are older and don’t want to play rough. We love taking the dogs to new places to keep them stimulated by letting them explore a new area. The app runs smoothly and I haven’t had any technical issues. Great idea!

  2. I was really excited about this app, because I live in an apartment and can’t take my dogs to the dog park. However, I reached out to several listings and they either did not respond or were no longer on the app for whatever reason (despite still being listed as available.) It was very disheartening. The app navigation is a bit rudimentary, and I also didn’t like that they took payment up front, considering most of the hosts have to accept your request and several didn’t get back to me.

  3. The 5 star reviews in here are for the service offered (which I agree is wonderful) and not the app functionality. I’ve used it twice now and the app is honestly what could stop me from using the service. It keeps opening blank pages and I have to close and reopen it. I can’t seem to access my reviews of either the visit or theirs of me. I can’t upload any photos to my profile or reviews and the last sniffspot owner and I tried to communicate and the app didn’t send it.

  4. Excellent experience after a few months of use. Listings always make clear what you’re getting, and filters make it easy to find certain necessities like fully fenced yards. You can search all over the states, too, which rescued us on a 15-hour drive by giving us a place to stop and let the dog run for a couple hours.

  5. This app is a great idea and our first experience using it was awesome. Its perfect for our energetic dog that doesnt have regular yard access, but is uncomfortable in our citys crowded, unpredictable dog parks. Just booked our second trip!

  6. I love this app!! It was recommended by my friend who is a local trainer. I’ve never heard of renting a spot for your pup to Safely run & play. So cool & I can’t wait to start exploring & get Carlos out & about! 🐕🐶🐕‍🦺🦮

  7. Briggs loved playing at this dog park. He had so much room to run and explore. It is beautifully maintained. Thank you so much for providing this safe place for him. We will definitely be back soon!

  8. A SH dice:

    A long awaited for app for dog lovers! Nothing but good things to say!

  9. Brilliant app idea guys! The dev work here is rock solid too. I really hope this takes off because the road trips with my dogs finding a safe space to stretch our legs is definitely the most stressful part of a trip for me.

  10. amazing spaces to exercise & play with your dog’s. App makes booking a cinch and we love it!

  11. This is the most brilliant idea and I love it. I live in an apartment and getting my dogs backyard time is essential – Sniffspot makes it so easy!

  12. The app does not allow you to login with gmail. It gave me a error message. So I had to create an account, no big deal. Well, it’s not possible to send a message to a host. It gives me an error saying to try again later. I have uninstalled and installed without success. The app is also slow. It takes a long time to scroll through the search results. I’ve tried on different phones but the result is the same. I’m excited to try this app but it’s hard if you have questions for the host.

  13. Why does it always alert me of new spots outside my area? My area is in my alerts.🤨

  14. Mila I dice:

    Great concept, the app works for the most part. Reason for 3 stars is that the app allows booking of appointments which start in a matter of minutes but don’t let you cancel or modify if you’re two hours or less until the appointment.

  15. Just updated and glitches are still there. I cannot reserve a spot because I fill it all out but when I click on Book Now absolutely nothing happens and I get no confirmation email. I also try to favorite a place so I don’t have to search it and the app shuts down. Might as well just make friends with the few people I’ve been to and pay them cash since I can’t use the app.

  16. If you have a reactive dog, this app is incredible! Highly recommend!

  17. This is just the best idea ever. Owning a house is no longer a realistic goal, let alone a house with a yard. Thankfully, this service allows our pups to not suffer for it.

  18. I’ve only used it once, but it was a huge success. I found the perfect place to take my two ill-mannered dogs within 20 minutes of where I live. The fees are super reasonable and the filters are useful. I hope more people host places. It’s a great service for those of us who can’t use a regular dog park or just don’t currently have the space to exercise our dogs.

  19. I love the whole idea and the app. For those of us apartment dwellers and reactive dog owners, having a place our dogs can recreate is wonderful. The most difficult part is finding participating providers nearby. I’m hoping more people will hear of the app and decide to join up.

  20. Cara C dice:

    Worked great the first time downloading it. Now it wont show me anything on the app..and filters are set to limits that wont even allow yards to be shown. Great idea but the app is useless at this point.

  21. This app has allowed us to take our reactive dog on all sorts of adventures and without worrying about dogs in the area: swimming in rivers + hiking in forests and mountains. It’s so easy to find and book spots, would recommend!!

  22. Nick C. dice:

    Worked great the first day. Since then I can’t get any yard to show up at all. The filters even sometimes show the max amount set to $1 at random. On my laptop I get normal results

  23. Sniffspot is a great resource to find fun new places for your dogs to run free!

  24. Really get idea and app for people like for unique spots. They are very responsive to feedback and continue to make it more user-friendly.

  25. it’s amazing something like this exists. so perfect for my dog

  26. Paid for service. App went down and havent been able to log back in to get booked location details and when I got in to reach out to host the contact host link did not work either. There is no contact us for this kind of situation and will reach out to my bank to let them know what happened.

  27. Not user friendly and very annoying app layout. I am a host (only) and I can’t switch my profile unless I go into messages. And then I can see my upcoming bookings. And I can’t see my reviews in the app unless I look at my profile as a guest.

  28. Easy to use. Very nicely done.

  29. This app is dangerous. Promise of safety with no real way of backing that up. I had high hopes for what this promised but after one use, I will never use this app again, it’s not worth potentially putting my dogs at risk. please be wary of your dogs safety off leash even when promised to have private, fenced-in, space reserved. edit – response to editors remarks – I was not 25 minutes early to the spot, I’m not sure why the person is saying this, it is not true. I was overly communicative.

  30. Teresa M dice:

    Always too much fun. A dog’s playland for sure. Water, toys are always available. Tess has learned to appreciate the pen area to try hide her treasures.Terrific yard for retrieving and training. the hosts are very kind.

  31. Cecile M dice:

    Won’t let me book a spot. App keeps glitching, which is too bad. Seems like a great concept.

  32. As a host, the sniffspot app is really useful for me when I’m on the go. Super important when I’m making sure my listing is up to date for my wonderful guests!

  33. Dog parks not your thing? Re-active dog? Looking for the perfect place for your pup to sniff, run , play or explore? This is the app for you! Wide variety of all types of spots. It’s a must have for dog owners. 🐕

  34. Just downloaded the app and it’s very easy to use… I found a spot on Whidbey Island where I live and I plan to take my golden retriever there for a good run and possibly a dip in the pond.

  35. I’ve had good experiences with this app. Have 2 very reactive dogs, so it’s good to know theres places to take them where they’ll be safe.

  36. Closes every time I clock to browse spots. First time using this, it was recommended by our trainer but I can’t even try it out.

  37. great company, app can be glitchy and slow to load but they are working on it and responsive to reporting of app issues.

  38. I have a reactive dog plus a high energy dog. Sniffspot let’s me find areas they can burn off energy and keep the reactive one feeling safe. Love it!

  39. Dee Gee dice:

    Great app and mostly great places. I wish we could filter by amenities!

  40. Good concept but does not work if you have multiple dogs. It would cost me $100 an hour to run all my dogs of multiple sizes. Would work great if you just had a couple dogs. Spots are to far away. Not enough people joining.

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