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Improve your health by tracking your mood & emotions.
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✅ Want to smile more when using your mobile?
✅ Worried about your mental health when using your phone?
✅ Unsure how content overload, excessive social media usage affect your emotions?

Switch on Mindfully to understand your emotions and focus while using your phone!

Digital wellbeing means more than just being productive or spending less time on your phone. Unlike other digital wellbeing or productivity apps, Mindfully allows you to understand the quality of time spent to focus more on activities or apps that make you happy and less on unhealthy ones.

With Mindfully you will:
🙂 track your smiles
🧘 raise awareness about your emotions
✅ detect apps that make you happy
⛔ detect apps that make you unhappy
🔍 understand your focus better

Mindfully is completely free, all app features are available without in-app purchase or subscription.

📊 track your smiles throughout the day
⚖ discover how other apps affect your mood
📽 check how YouTube videos make you happiest
🔔 receive wellbeing advices to become more healthy

Continuously rolling-out innovative new features related to emotional intelligence, attention detection. Stay with Mindfully and receive regular updates upon the release of additional unique app functionalities. Upcoming versions will include:
⭐ More regular, more diverse, more inspiring wellbeing Challenges! YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram… for which app would you like to get your emotion insights?
⭐ YouTube happiest video top list
⭐ Emotion detector daily timeline
⭐ Mood tracking
⭐ Rich, personalized wellbeing advices

Mindfully runs in the background and uses your mobile phone camera to safely detect attention and emotion levels as you experience digital content from other apps.
– You will not be recorded
– No one will see you
– Your identity remains unknown
– You can pause the app anytime

Mindfully has one of the most stringent privacy policies on the Internet. It only measures a mathematical representation of your expressions (zeros and ones) when you provide consent. No images, videos are recorded, no ‘facial recognition’ activity is carried out.

The solution origins from Realeyes Emotional Intelligence, whose mission is to make technology more human. We support development of Mindfully by sharing anonymous, aggregate attention trends with popular app partners so they can make better products for users.

Mindfully requires multiple device permissions to enable app features.
– Front-facing camera permission is required to conduct facial measurement. Without the permission, the app cannot be used because no wellbeing insights can be generated.
– App data usage permission is required to link emotion data to device, app usage times. Without the permission, the app cannot be used because no app-level insights can be generated.
– Accessibility permission can be optionally provided to unlock YouTube insights. Mindfully uses the permission to understand which YouTube content you consumed and link the content to emotion data for insights. Accessibility services are not used for other purposes.

Your permissions can be simply revoked any time if you change your mind.

We love hearing from users and getting their feedback! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions how to improve the app, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Download Mindfully and improve your digital wellbeing. Increase focus. Decrease anxiety. Smile more!


Monitor your emotions across weeks & months to understand your mood trends. We appreciate your feedback about this BETA feature!

If you encounter any issue, please let us know at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Mindfully: Mood Tracking MODDED"

  1. Madame dice:

    So far the app has been great but I have a few suggestions. The app doesn’t track my face when I turn my device horizontally. Vertically, the app does fine. I’d also like to add that I’d like for the feature to edit our facial monitoring. For ex., if I naturally look grumpy, that will affect the results of the tracking and think I frequently have negative emotions. On the bright side though, the app monitors well vertically and offline. Still a 5/5 app though, I’d recommend this to my friends.

  2. It’s very interesting and did work while i was using it. The concept is awesome and i hope to see more from these guys, BUT… this app fried my battery. It says it’s “easy” on battery usage. I’d highly beg to differ. It took my phone from a full charge to 8 percent in around 4 and half hours, a full charge of my phone, under all day heavy use, can easily get me from the start to the end of my day and still have around 10 percent or so without a single charge[ 8+hours]. It’s NOT easy on battery.

  3. W W dice:

    So far I am enjoying this app and the ways in which I can track my usage. However, I wish I could categorized the apps I use, or at least move certain apps into the categorizes they have. For example, I have a messenger app that is automatically categorized as “uncategorized”, but I can’t move it into the “communications” category

  4. This is awesome. I always thought I was not smiling a lot but with this I see different and I can see which apps. Make a different to my mind. Adding the calendar would be great. I wish the app. could respond to a few of my other Google stuff like maps would be great. Y’all are awesome keep up the good work and thank you for all the hard work y’all put into this app. It is amazing. 😍

  5. I could not respond to the creators response of my comment, so I am doing this. Yes, it would be amazing if you made that update. It would be easier to tell which apps I use most! (P.S : this is a response, yes! It would be very helpful, and with the smiles, that sounds fun!)

  6. It’s unbelievably accurate and amazing how it shows me my emotions that way I can work on myself and attitude. It helps me a lot. Thank you!

  7. Just love this…having mental health issues….I like tracking my mood to make sure I’m stable…. Thank you

  8. X X dice:

    Why do they need access to my camera? Looks like I need to cover my phone camera at all times now.

  9. [Android] search digital in the setting [iOS] open the setting app tap the cellular data section [what happened if I do that?] each app you have will be listed and the amounts of data you use and how many months days in a week you spend on it you welcome

  10. Huge battery drainer even after switching the settings around to use the best battery saving option. Does not work if you are holding your phone horizontal. Does not work for people who have naturally frowning neutral expression. Would only register my time on YouTube and a few other apps I only opened for for a minute or two, yet it never registered my 4+ hours daily on my browser. I double check permissions on both apps and nothing can explain it. Great concept, poor execution.

  11. Abel 5256 dice:

    I like what this app dose but when I got the app my phone has been geting hot and the life on my phone was going down more but over all a good app if you want to see how what you see on your phone dose to you. 👍

  12. Bear dice:

    It’s a fine app, it monitors your facial expressions through the front camera. Worked surprisingly well but because the app uses the camera, i couldn’t use my flash to illuminate things which was frustrating but you can turn the facial monitoring off at least. It keeps track of the apps you use and tells you which ones have a negative impact on your emotional health. Hopefully it’ll help me stay off of applications that negatively impact me on a daily basis

  13. This is a wonderful idea and it was fun to use until it slowed my phone way down and made it very hot. I had trouble doing my usual work so I naturally couldn’t use it effectively. Maybe it could be a little more lighter weight or something?

  14. Drains your battery like crazy. My full phone battery usually lasts 7-8 hours with my normal usage and with this app installed, during a normal day with minimal usage, my full phone battery lasted under 2 hours. The rest of the app is alright, not super useful but it’s interesting to look at.

  15. dead zero dice:

    It was just inaccurate. edit: I enabled the camera and went on with my day as normal. I was on YouTube music (sad ik) and I was just vibing to music and ig the app thought I looked upset? I’m not sure why I initially rated it so low but that and when I was crying and scrolling through tik tok it said I had been happy. Otherwise it was sort of accurate? Idk, technology isn’t always perfect, and again I’m dissapointed in myself for rating it so harshly-

  16. I just got this app yesterday! It’s working pretty good and I haven’t seen a bug or anything like that yet. Definitely gonna keep this app!

  17. Well I would say app is not 5 stars worthy but I would say it’s Allright and yeah I think it’s cool but I don’t strongly recommend it but only a little.

  18. I just like it it’s a nice thing to have on my phone, it’s fun to use, and it helps me be happy on my phone. 😁👍😀😃😄😁😆😉😍🤩🥳🙂😋😛😝😜🤪😇😊☺️😌

  19. It said I smiled 37 times. I had this app for a total of 5 minutes, checked the ratings and uninstalled. It fries your battery, makes you allow complete access to your information and camera, and is inaccurate even after that. Would give 0 stars if I could.

  20. Really good app it monitors your emotions through your camera I checked the privacy policy and they do not sell that information which is great and also very easy to use very straightforward sometimes it takes a little bit to load

  21. Why would I need an app to tell me when I smile when I use my phone? And who smiles while looking at their phone??? I don’t just smile to myself like a creep all day. So useless. ALSOOO it made my phone use up battery super fast and my phone stayed hot all day.

  22. It didn’t really work, I know for a fact I have smiled but it showed I smiled not once during the week, and all my emotions for the apps were neutral the whole time.

  23. I was on my post office app for not even a minute then got out. The app is telling me all my apps are negative except for this app and Google play. And it says I’ve smiled “happy” 17 times yesterday.. like umm how? I came home and downloaded at 7 then plugged in my phone for the night and got on another. Who was it detecting smiling? And it told me I was on my phone over 5 hours yesterday.. so is it spying on me anyways? I just don’t recamend this it said I was on my phone 5+ hrs when I WAs not

  24. I don’t like how it watches me but I like the idea of what their trying to do

  25. Exciting app! Looking forward to getting some more features to discover how my apps influence my emotional wellbeing. It would be great to have Challenges on a daily basis though.

  26. An amazing app but as soon as I open it started to make my phone lag and I am running 5G. It happens when I open up the app but the most useful part for me would have to be to show which apps I smile app and which one I do not and how much time I spend on my phone

  27. I like the premise of the app and everything and I would really love to use it if it didn’t consume so much of my battery. The entire time I was on my phone, this app was half of the battery usage the entire time. I don’t think I can continue to use this app if it keeps draining my battery like this in the future.

  28. I hope this app is helpful

  29. Leaves an icon/permanent notification that it’s watching you

  30. Why do I have to give full access to my device? Is it possible to skip that because I don’t feel comfortable giving the app full access

  31. Rae Cleve dice:

    It’s helps me understand what makes me happy wether it’s with friends or watching others on social media.

  32. Less time used up read it and survey month to use hello I’m at 1219 east Verm

  33. This app is spying on you!When I first got it I was exited but then as a joke I gave the camera the middle finger then my screen went dark& i couldn’t do anything I powered it off then on, it worked after so I decided it was a internet glitch.a few minutes later I got a email,it said nothing but”I think you shouldn’t do that🔪😁” It said that exactly and so I tried to cover my camera.another email came saying the exact same thing then I got a email saying get ready.after that I hear a knock

  34. Really good app tracking, and even very well with not lagging up while on the backround

  35. It says I smiles 101 times normally.. that’s inaccurate.. I don’t smile that much in 10 minutes of use..

  36. It drains my battery to much

  37. So I guess it’s working so far won’t be my final decision or opinion

  38. Drains battery very quickly. Otherwise good

  39. ilana o dice:

    Scary and doesn’t work

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