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Beat the heat! Swimply gives you access to some of the best pools in your city!

Who is Swimply for?

Swimply is for anyone who wants to rent and enjoy a pool by the hour. Whether you’re looking to get a few laps in, chill with friends, or trying to get some quality time with your family (and even the pup if allowed by the Host) by the pool – you can do it all with Swimply.

Launch the app, set your preferences and book a pool all from your iPhone! Chat with your Host prior or during your booking to get answers to any of your questions.

Can I become a Host with the app?

Yes, Swimply allows you to list your pool, set your rules, price, and availability all within the app. We also have a Host dedicated support team to assist you in being the best Swimply Host you can be.

Pool costs piling up?

Share your pool when it isn’t in use and turn your depreciating asset into an earnings engine.

Your pool, your rules. Set rules, availability, pricing and choose which bookings to accept.

In just 3 minutes you can join the thousands of Swimply hosts earning an effortless income

Host care support available to assist with all your pool sharing matters. We are open everyday of the year.”


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40 comentarios en "Swimply – Hourly Private Pools FULL"

  1. Yumi Cos dice:

    awesome pools. minus one star for the hassle it takes to contact anyone at swimply. There are not available to chat even though there is that option and takes a while for them to respond. no contact #. app also can be super slow when I’m trying to type. If I am in the middle of a review and go to another page or answer the phone it erases everything instead of me being able to come back where I left off. Needs more options and to be user friendly. Can’t see original post details once booked.

  2. I think this is a really cool app, but the searching can be improved. I should be able to filter what distance I want to travel… Why am I seeing places over 20 miles away? Also, I would love to be able to sort based on total price of the amenities selected. Like, if I want a heated pool, I should be able to sort based on pool cost + heating, especially since each pool’s prices vary so greatly!

  3. It’s working ok for first booking, but lacks a lot of features and easier UI. For instance I had a customer change from a party of 8 to 6…which entitled them to a refund of 20$ (2 people for 2 hours)…I could find no way to do this in the app so gave them cash. This is fine if I am home…if I am away it means we would need to meet outside of the reservation time. Photo upload on the app is awkward. Shows the ability to zoom in or out, but just snaps back to the default view which is wrong

  4. The app is an amazing idea I love that I can book pools for private use at a reasonable price. But the app itself isn’t very intuitive. My recent bookings have disappeared and I’m not able to search for pools since accidentally clicking “add my own pool”. I’ve had to use the browser site in lieu of the app to fix these bugs. Also having to select a time to use the pool before searching is a pain. I’d like to be able to search for the pool, then see it’s availability as well.

  5. On a really hot day, after being stuck inside I took my two littles for a swim at someone’s backyard. Their instructions after you book are easy to follow! And the experience was really fun and special even though we only got two hours. They added mist sprinklers and free floaties to play with in a pool all to ourselves. It was great. The Host was easy to chat with on app. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to cool down at a pool, for a good price!

  6. J M dice:

    Ok I already posted a review prior to attending my reservation. My experience was excellent. Out host was kind, courteous and accomodating. The home was beautiful inside and out. Only complaint is the website and app. The website crashes so frequently I downloaded the app but even the app can glitch. Lots of options for my area at all different price ranges and accessories. This app is a genius idea. The Airbnb or pool rentals.

  7. Y G dice:

    Great concept. Me and my friends were initially excited to use it. However bad issues, needs overhaul. 1, no notification if reservation went through. 2, logged me out multiple times each attempt to message owner. 3, owner says reserved certain hours for me, but those hours display as reserved by someone else….etc. Ruined a weekend relying on the app. Maybe should’ve done it well in advance. Don’t rely on doing this on the road/same day or even extending the reserv on spot. Nightmare.

  8. I registered my pool to rent. I am not able to get into the app from my phone. It keeps saying my email is not valid. I can only get in to the app from a computer. So if I’m out or away from my computer and someone requests to book I can’t respond. I’ve sent swimply over 10 messages asking for help or to fix the problem. They took a week to respond and all they said when they did respond is are you still having this problem? No help at all, very unprofessional. 3 weeks and still no help!

  9. Denise K. dice:

    This app is a godsend for those like myself that have an apartment and a small backyard. My dog loves going to these houses and enjoy swimming with my friends. I wish this app expands and more areas to select since it is not available yet in some places like Sedona, AZ etc. Overall tho A+ but I wish they had a text box to host while booking and 30 minute selections and places where you can easily leave a review for the host and renters…it is so hard to find. Love it tho!

  10. Concept is great, search function in the app leaves a lot to be desired. I put in my search parameters and got a list of dozens of options, but when I go to book them nearly all of them are not available at the date and time I searched for.

  11. Jen Vest dice:

    You put in your date range and the app brings up pools unavailable for that date range… Which you don’t know until you go through a bunch of steps to book. Pool owners let inquiries expire and don’t get back to you. Coupon codes don’t work or have expiration dates not listed on the promo (looking at you, first swim promo), and when you contact customer service, they won’t reimburse you a new promo to replace the one that you didn’t know was going to expire. Also, *valid* codes don’t work.

  12. So yes, there are some speed bumps in the app feature. But this is a new company and they are totally working out the kinks. Not only that but their customer service is amazing. It may take a little longer to get back to you. Only because there is an actual person in new york figuring out your problem. I have now booked 60 pools and I am having an amazing summer. Best idea ever!

  13. HEATHER B dice:

    We’ve used the app, but could definitely use upgrades.. the search function would be awesome, if there were a map view! Also, the payment methods accepted aren’t very friendly. They need to offer more options (Google Pay, etc.).

  14. Echoing other people’s experience, the service itself is AWESOME but the app’s performance is insanely bad. If they can fix the technical issues that will help a lot

  15. N Rey dice:

    Could be better if added more filter. I would like to filter out all above ground pools…and pools with cleaning fees. I would also like to dismiss listing I didn’t like and never see them again. Having to comb thru the list from the beginning sucks even more so when you repeatedly see the same listing.

  16. This is app is terrible and needs to be revamped. Although the concept is nice the actual booking is full of mistakes and is extremely frustrating and time consuming with little way of customer servic3

  17. The idea is really cool but the app is very glitch prone and the scheduling booking tool is very hard to understand. also it doesn’t sync with your personal calendar so it’s easy to make booking mistakes.

  18. Dolly Key dice:

    Beautiful pool and pool house to get changed in. The water was just the perfect temperature. The area is in a nice secluded spot. It’s a wonderful place for a few friends or a lot of people. We will definitely visit again!! The hosts are great!!

  19. Gloria dice:

    Can’t remove payment method off of my account. I should have that option to remove it once my account was paid. Now it just sits on my account. I would rather add my info as i use it. Not happy with this at all!!!

  20. App does not work well. Filters do not filter preferences. Very frustrating user experience. Chat feature with hosts does not work well.

  21. Invitation system is not working, and the time slots are broken up in late afternoon, early evening (?), Viewing of photos gets stuck and you have to completely log out. Love this company so far.

  22. Just joined. So far very frustrating. The age verification is very antiquated, I stopped and had to lie…. Got tired of tapping the years down. Also, when I log in… LA? Really? Catch up to where I am… And pets in a salt water pool? Why would anyone do that? There’s no way to leave reviews for the bad people on the app.

  23. Glad it exists, but just has a lot of flaws. Not very clear at all, not performing well. I get wrong messages. Can be improved tremendously.

  24. Great App, user friendly, and great customer service that responds quickly! Our first swim was so easy to book, I definitely recommend using this app!

  25. cam s dice:

    Your app search criteria is terrible you put in the search perimeters it comes up available then when you select book now it’s not available very annoying.

  26. App does not allow you to contact host to see if pool is near stay. Why should I book first if it is miles away?? Guess I will not be using this.

  27. We rented a pool in Bristol TN for 118.00 and it was dirty not been cleaned for us also around the pool was dirty leaves and a massive amount of ants. Don’t recommend this place to anyone..

  28. Love this app and this service! Such a smart idea. Easy to book and have had great booking experiences so far.

  29. The app isn’t perfect, it’s still new, but the service itself has been awesome so far. We love renting pools in our area, it’s been a great experience!

  30. I wish you could just search by map and didn’t have to search city by city. Hopefully they can update it like this, then I’d use it more.

  31. App is a bit buggy. if a guest has reviews from host, you can’t see them unless your on a computer. app is also slow at responding and getting messages

  32. The idea is great. I use it often. But the app itself is missing a lot of things. 1 you can’t see the reviews hosts leave for you. 2 you can’t ask questions before you request booking.

  33. Super cool idea. But if I’m too broke to have a pool or a backyard which a cheap blow up pool than I can’t be spending minimum 60 bucks plus gas for one hour at a pool. So. Yeah.

  34. booked a pool for the weekend but was told by the owner it was unavailable for the time listed. I still got charged the service fee. how do you charge a fee or not provide a refund when the service is not provided?

  35. Searches do not produce valid results. The results include pools that do not meet your search criteria. Example, you enter a date, time, and # of guests. The results include pools that are not available on that date and in the range of times.

  36. Nawfal I dice:

    Total disrespect to Canadian users… Offering US and AU options/currency. Tried it, overpriced.. deleting it! Thanks for nothing

  37. Host here. Not like Air BnB, no live customer or host support. Have to text for support. App is glitchy, will tell host payment did not go through while guest has already updated payment. Payout takes a week to appear.

  38. Speaking from the owner point of view, there should be more options for live customer support. On weekends none of the agents respond to text messages or calls. The payments view delayed and does not update or reflect earnings.

  39. we have booked this pool 5 times now and have enjoyed it every time. great pool and great host.

  40. Interesting app. Interesting idea. It’s like airbnb but for swimming pools. Pretty cool!

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