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The official Philips Hue app to control every Hue product in your home.
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The official Philips Hue app is the most comprehensive way to organise, control and customise your Philips Hue smart lights and accessories.  
Looking for the Hue Bluetooth app? You can now use this app to control your Philips Hue smart Bluetooth lights!*  

Organise your smart lights your way 
Whether you use just a few bulbs or have completely outfitted your home in Philips Hue, you can organise your smart lights with ease. Group your lights into Rooms or Zones – your entire downstairs floor or all the lights in the living room, for example – that mirror the physical rooms in your home. 

Easily control your lights – from anywhere 
Adjust your lights’ brightness, temperature and colour and control multiple lights across Rooms or Zones all from the Hue app – and it doesn’t matter where you are. You can use the app to control your lights wherever you have an Internet connection.   

Extraordinary light experiences  
Created by professional lighting designers, scenes transform your room in an instant. Create a unique atmosphere with the Honolulu scene, the vibrant colours of Soho and more. Browse the Hue scene gallery and tap a scene to set it – or create your own based on a photo or your favourite colour palette. 

Light recipes for your daily routines 
Use the four light recipes designed by lighting experts to support your wellbeing throughout the day. Start the day with the cool daylight of Energise to give you a morning boost, followed by the brighter Concentrate setting to help you get things done. The Read light recipe gives you the perfect shade of light in which to read your favourite book, while the dimmed golden glow of Relax helps you wind down.  

Personalise with automations 
Make your smart lights work around your daily routine. Whether you want your lights to gently wake you up in the morning or greet you when you get home, setting up customisable automations in the Hue app is effortless – and fun!

Sync your smart lights
Make your lights flash, dance, dim, brighten, and change color in sync with your screen or sound! Use the Sync tab to sync your lights with the Philips Hue Play HDMI sync box or Spotify.

Hands-free voice control 
Use Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your smart lights with just your voice. Simple voice commands let you turn lights on and off, dim and brighten or even change colours without you ever lifting a finger. 

Create widgets for quick control
Control your smart lights even faster by creating widgets on your home screen. Turn lights on or off, adjust brightness and temperature or set scenes – all without even opening the app. 

Find out more about the official Philips Hue app: 

*Some features in this app require a Hue Bridge. 


You can now search “energy saving” in the Hue scene gallery to see our most energy efficient scenes! Try it out to set the mood — and save some energy.


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  1. Sal Pena dice:

    Horrible UI. The clickable area for buttons is so tiny you have to repeatedly tap for it to register. Labs has a “Done” button that discards whatever changes you’ve made if you don’t realize that you have to scroll down to look for the “save” button. This app has been awful for years.

  2. This was a 5-star app and it’s still pretty good, but what happened to being able to change the color of all of the lights in a room at once? There used to be the color wheel that would do this, but now it seems I first have to click on a single light before being able to access the color wheel. This seems like a regression in the functionality of the app. Please fix 🙂

  3. The old app was better, it was easier to use and always able to discover new lights. It takes me hours to get lucky enough to add one new light. Even if I use the Serial Numbers, the new lights just blank. Since I have 4 hubs and close to 150 lights; I think I have some experience in adding lights. Get ready for a lot of headaches folks when adding new lights.

  4. It’s ok. It provides some basic functionality to get you up and running with your lights. For those looking for more granular control to include shifting colors at certain times with various brightness levels, it immediately becomes tedious. There is a Hue Labs, but these are even less intuitive, and as best I can tell, not created by users. There are minor annoyances, like a slider for brightness levels without the ability to just type in a value. No ability to copy/paste settings, etc

  5. D W dice:

    Old app was a solid 4. New app blows. Slow. Doesn’t connect. Overly complicated and clunky. A dozen clicks to do something that used to take 1 or 2. Making sliders go to the edge of the screen on devices that have swipe from the side gestures is an idiotic design choice. Widgets are useless and lost most functionality. Last review was deleted so reposting.

  6. App has up and down history. Last year, update made widgets unusable. That was fixed several weeks later. All was good until an update one month ago which caused: a) widget buttons need to be tapped 3 times 1st – does nothing 2nd- to turn ‘off’ (even though it’s not on) 3rd – to actually turn on. b) my home theater remote no longer controls the lights. One button press would turn lights off and equipment on. Now, I can only use the hue app to control lighting. This is getting frustrating!

  7. The upgraded version of the app is location aware like the previous version, except this time, it’s NOT WORKING… And they call it an upgrade! That’s total garbage, frustrating and a waste of money! Stay away from the pricey Philips Hue Products and get yourself the cheapest system you can find. I set up a custom color to power on the gradient light strip attached to the TV… That custom color worked for a solid week… Now when it powers on it does its own thing and goes to a default color!!!

  8. It took me a little while to warm up to the updated app design, mostly because I found the new visuals uncharacteristic of Android apps, as well as excessive side-scrolling, but I will say working with the assortment of “default” scenes is improved (can try without saving; no bloat) and I like how automations are set up. However: the app can be sluggish. Widgets are completely unreliable, even on wifi. Strongly dislike how my remote must always have 5 scenes, no more, no less.

  9. curtis b dice:

    So fast to load and precision control. Unrivaled smart lighting interface (the lights are pretty decent too.) Edit: I’ve taken away all stars. I got a new phone and the app will not let me just log in. I can’t reach the hue bridge button and I’m not trying to set up the bridge, just connect to my account that worked fine on my old phone. Why do I need to find the bridge and the button? Why not just let me log in? Very stupid.

  10. Don’t waste your time. Hue used to be the best but they broke the entire system for no reason. Widgets are broken. The app signs you out whenever it feels like, and both autofill and Google sign-in don’t work. Update: geofencing is completely non-functional now, even though it originally worked fine. Widgets take multiple taps to actually do anything and even then they’re very slow.

  11. Prefer the old widget style. The new widgets take up more space on the screen, are harder and clunkier to create, and i have the press the icon 3 times to get it to work. The old widgets allowed me to customize the icon on the screen and now they all look the same. Takes longer to find the right button.

  12. Broken features as of the most recent update make for a truly annoyed customer. The location based Coming Home feature worked flawlessly for years and as of the past week, simply doesn’t work anymore. Checked all the settings, permissions, etc – everything is set as it should be. Cleared the cache, etc – nothing. For how expensive the Hue ecosystem is, basic features such as this should simply work.

  13. Nathan H dice:

    Very disappointed in the latest update. It’s supposed to let me have two bridges on one account. I’m also missing some new scenes that were supposed to be available in latest version. This is on fully updated pixel 6 pro. Please fix!! 🙏 Edit – finally got the second bridge set up but now realizing I can’t control all of my lights at once. I use scenes in zones that alter the lighting in the whole house – inside and out w one click of the scene. I lose because I’m a great Hue customer???

  14. Steep learning curve, not well designed. Every setting should be in one place for a room or bulb but it isn’t. When going to a room/bulb you can only select a static color. Want to set a schedule? Different location. Want to set a dynamic color changing scene? Different location, and only some can be customized while others can’t. Want to see what colors are actually in a built in dynamic scene? Can’t do it. Want to schedule a dynamic scene? You can’t do that at all. Needs a fresh revamp..

  15. You know what’s great about this app? You never know when you’ll be able to turn on or off your lights! I thought I liked sleeping with the lights off, but with the help of the new Philips Hue app, I’ve discovered that endlessly trying to make that happen just isn’t worth it. A pillow over my face blocks out all light. Thanks Philips! Update… The light to the right of my bed turned off! The light to the left is still unresponsive, but this is surely an acceptable compromise. Thanks Philips!

  16. Power Loss Recovery…..horrible. There used to be an easy way to keep lights last known setting when power goes out but with this setting my entire house comes on. Waking the whole family at night and had the entire house on all day when we weren’t home. Please revert back to the old setting and verbiage. I want the lights that were off at the time the power went out to stay off. I don’t want to download another app, the one from the manufacturer should work just fine. But it doesn’t.

  17. Mostly good app. Would love to see way more themes, and the ability to create your own. App is somewhat unintuitive but get easier over time. Lacks some features (like programming your own rotating sequence of colors, adjusting brightness of a scene while it plays, modifying flame color, creating custom scenes, etc) that other apps with much less expensive equipment has. Happy for the progress, but excited for the future of the app.

  18. E S dice:

    Thanks for updating the app with the ability to sync music to the lights. Can you please not tie it to Spotify? I don’t use it and would prefer to use my own music provider. Also, when you add a scene and there is a play button so that it constantly changes, I am pretty sure before I could modify the brightness. So for example I could press play and then make it brighter or dimmer. But now after I press play if I mess w/how bright it is it stops it. So I am stuck to the predetermined brightness

  19. After using this version for a while, I have a couple of user experience issues I think should be considered, but I’ll just do one for this review update 😉 The brightness slider is nice but, wow, it is almost impossible to get an accurate liftoff and set multiple lights to the same value. My finger always moves just enough to make the value +/- 1 or 2 percentage points from what I want. The “pill” that shows the current value should be tappable and go to an OS picker as an alternative.

  20. Ryan S dice:

    Claims to link with Alexa, but am unable due to error “We were unable to link Hue at this time. Please try again later.” Been trying for almost a week now. Also, app does not feature “quick color” settings, instead just offering color swatches to set. It’s nice to have options but when you’re trying to sync colors, it gets frustrating having to be that precise.

  21. Amar P dice:

    Love being able to change our house’s exterior ambiance based on the season or our favorite teams or anything! The app is pretty powerful and actually very consistent and reliable. It would be nice to share scenes with others (holidays, sports). The only thing I really don’t like is that you are not able to remotely control more than one hub at a time. I have hubs at my work and at home and at my parents house, but the app doesn’t let me control all of them at the same time.

  22. Fix the widgets! I want one tap to turn off the lights before bed. Since the last update, the widget does nothing. Then I have to launch the app and wait for it to load, then find the right switch. It’s just a little bit of frustration I don’t need when I’m trying to wind down for the night. Wish the app had a Simple Mode – I only care about light or dark, warm or cool, not elaborate artisanal colorscapes.

  23. I like my hue bulbs but I can hardly stand the app. It lags a lot. Awhile back there was a big update and ever since then I’ve had issues creating simple routines. I think the Automations page is overly complicated. I miss having the scene options on a single page vs having to add them to a favorites page from a library before I can use them. The lights also will revert to a completely different setting before beginning to fade. This means at night they auto shift from dim and comfy to bright.

  24. Wiggets stopped working which is pretty frustrating for ease of use. It’s not a very intuitive app and it’s frustrating you have to continually create and save scenes to an individual room vs using across the house. I like how some new scenes allow for the colors to cycle and change automatically but would like to have the option to create myself . I love the lights but the software could be wayyyy better

  25. Honestly the sliders and switches are too small. But the bars are huge and colored pretty. But I need to dial in on the slider and buttons to actually use it and it’s tedious. What if the big colored bars were the sliders instead? And switches bigger? I don’t need to edit my scenes more often than I need to change dimming level and the light switch

  26. The app is stable and pretty easy to use. There are many options to choose from. Only issue is with using a zone with HDMI SYNC BOX, I have been unable to sync more lights to the entertainment zone, after removing the new lights from the original zone they were in. I called hue support and still have not been able to find a way to make it work. Will update if I can resolve. UPDATE: just changed phones, it was really easy to recover all settings, back to normal in no time.

  27. The app itself is great and does everything you’d expect it to do, it’s normally a 4- or 5-star experience. However the mid-February 2022 update broke the widget functionality which I’d come to use quite frequently to control my lights without opening the app. It’s disappointing that a fix hasn’t been pushed.

  28. Reveiw was deleted, so i’ll use this opportunity to reiterate that the redesign is highkey trash and less useful than the original. They murdered the most useful aspect of it, the widget bar with customizable buttons, only to change them to single use buttons youd have to fill a whole screen with just to get the same functionality the bar had. These lights are super expensive so kneecapping the whole app just to change the look is unacceptable and I doubt I will ever purchase hue lights again.

  29. The app refuses to operate and allow any control of my lights whenever Phillips decides that there is a crucial update. This is nonsense: I do not exist to serve this technology. This has happened more than once, and another time will drive me away from the hue system entirely. I neither need nor want the excess features, and I would be quite happy without an internet. connected device at all.

  30. While the app is nice and performs well; it even has extravagant themes and a “Lab”. The problem is that it lacks a few basic feature sets you’d expect from any smart light. There is no native sleep timer, and no way to adjust the rate/speed at which the light dims on or off. Lowering the rating because I saw a table lamp for 5USD that had a dimming sleep timer. This is honestly becoming unacceptable that an ecosystem that can run 100’s of USD, lacks basic functionality that a $5 lamp has.

  31. I have downgraded the app to one star due to the ongoing failures they have responding to their failure to fix log in problems for out of home control. It used to work. Now it doesn’t and they have locked me out of my account and no amount of password resets allow me to get it unlocked….and there is no phone number or contact info to get help. Support counts! Lack of support counts too! It’s a decent product when in home but a huge failure for out of home control.

  32. App stopped controlling my lights. Trying uninstall and reinstall. I can still control the lights through the Samsung SmartThings app. Uninstall and reinstall didn’t work. Turning on/off the light or adjusting brightness manually doesn’t work. However changing scenes works. Definitely something wrong with their update, especially since it works fine from SmartThings.

  33. Rick NSD dice:

    Works well…when it works and it often doesn’t work. Routines randomly stop working, or work one day but not the next. Support (which is just a list of FAQ – no live support) says ‘delete and redo the routine’ but that didn’t help. Worked well the first couple of years, now I never know if the lights will be on or not. When I replace it, it won’t be with another Hue device.

  34. This app has been turning into junk. Unable to select custom colors in automation since update. I previously had a timer for a plain red light to turn on in key areas so I could wake and prepare for work without disturbing the rest of the household. Now I only have a series of pre-selected color/reading/daylight tones that don’t work for me at all. I just want my special ops lights back. Also, Hue Labs is worthless and the lame HTTP integration is awful Just embed it into the program natively.

  35. Latest update (4.14.0) broke the linking with Alexa. After fighting for hours last night trying to figure out why I couldn’t re-link with the Hue skill, I gave up and went to bed. Ended up reverting back to 4.13.0, and was able to link Alexa with the Hue skill again on the first try (had just tried again before uninstalling 4.14.0, and it failed). This needs to be fixed! For now, I have turned off auto updates for the Hue app.

  36. Terrible now, laggy, can’t find lights.buttons are difficult to press, open random other options because the design is horrible. Used to work flawlessly. Layout is really bad, can’t adjust all the lighting from one view. A total UX nightmare. If this is what we should come to expect from a Philips product I may never buy another.

  37. Okay so now the location services do not work. And may I ask why? So basically now we have to use either Alexa or Google home the controlled lights. The native app does not work the way it should. This makes no sense to me. Considering you just updated the app and now certain things don’t work. Usually when an app is updated it should fix problems, not create problems.

  38. Expensive, but I’m in love!! I really like the options i have for different lighting, I got the button and now I want more! Really wish I had stocked up on more of this back at Christmas time!! Got it as a gift for my wife and she may be plotting to redo the entire house with and around these lights. The only drawback is the price, wish they had bigger bundles!!

  39. Everything works great except the app that is supposed to let you sync lights with PC. There is a charge for this app and all it does is give you screenshot of set up. It will absolutely n byn not let you do anything at all, useless app and a ripoff. I linked spotify, hue app, and Alexis together and everything works great. I haven’t purchased sync box for tv yet so can’t comment on that. But I love the lights.

  40. Mike Loux dice:

    Widgets suddenly stopped working for me today (was fine yesterday). I tap a widget, the Hue app registers a notification, and then…nothing. Gotta go into the app to turn on my living room lights. Not exactly a hardship, but defeats the purpose of widgets. Noticed there was an updated TOS doc, which I approved. That didn’t fix anything (would have been pretty wack if it had, but working is better than not working, so I would have put up with it). Wonder what else broke?

  41. Abhorrent User Experience. Setting up Hue devices, especially Sync, is a nightmare, plain and simple. You can initiate the same connection a dozen times, not changing anything, and it’ll finally work on the 12th attempt. When it works, it’s great, but the setup makes me want to send it all back. Turning it off last night made it all crash and I’m having to reset my entire system. So incredibly aggravating.

  42. The app appears to be completely useless. As far as I can tell, permissions are appropriately set, but the app cannot find Bluetooth Philips Hue bulbs. No matter how many times I turn them off and back on, unscrew them and screw them back in (the only guidance I seem to be able to find in app or elsewhere), it doesn’t matter. I can’t even make it past the initial setup of the app without having at least one device, so I don’t have the option to add bulbs manually via serial number.

  43. The hue ecosystem is an absolute nightmare. There is no way to have multiple Bridges for multiple homes or offices on the same account. There’s no way to control across accounts. Logging in as finicky off and doesn’t work. While the product quality is excellent. They’re many competitors that have a more integrated ecosystem that just simply is easier and works better for a whole lot less

  44. Love the integration but one hugely annoying thing kills me: the toggle button at the end of a light or group should NOT be attached over the slider. When I want to turn off a light or group, sometimes I “miss” causing either the slider to register all the way up, or worse the light group opening and having to go back and try again. The toggle should be a solid button, separate from the slider so no matter where you tap that area, it toggles the light instead of opening the group!!! Thanks!

  45. Scott S dice:

    This was a decent app but they have made the interface much more cumbersome to use. For example, the feature I use the most is the My Scenes screen. At the most basic level, your scenes are on two rows that now scroll horizontally. There’s no sense of organization and (whether it’s by name, user created vs default, etc.) so if you have a lot of scenes set up it’s annoying trying to find the one you want. Widget creation is completely broken now. It loops through the process but never finishes.

  46. Often, when multiple lights are on, and I change the illumination level on one light, it will automatically lower the light level on other lights I have on. It’s not allowing me to only adjust the level for that individual light in isolation. Quite frustrating, as this seems like fundamental operation of the lights that shouldn’t be malfunctioning. (mix of color lights and regular). Also, the app is sooo slow to connect when I open it. I’m regularly standing there waiting for 20 to 30 seconds.

  47. Routines work unreliably. This ia a great technology and light bulbs are cool, but the “wake up” and “go to sleep” routines are very unreliable. I have both configured and on, but even if the evening routine worked, I wake up in the darkness to find out all of them are off (there were no electricity changes). The app should check it and ensure it works as configured.

  48. The widget functionality has broken. I just tried to create a new 1×1 widget, and went through the whole process up until you pick the scene you want. When you choose a scene, any scene, the process restarts, never creating a widget. You can’t successfully get past the scene selection step. Please fix!

  49. Jisue Kim dice:

    Tap settings > lights > light bulb you want to edit > light behaviour at power on (default) > custom (choose color and brightness). You can only choose brightness, not color. The choose color feature is completely missing. It is also missing in create custom scene. How hard is it to automate the lights to gradually turn on with blue tone, switch to golden tone after 6pm, and then gradually turn off after 10pm?

  50. Update: good lights, horrible app. No changes after update, still a junk app. Widgets are still trash. Who ever is making these updates and think they are good needs to be fired. I have to have individual buttons for each light. A few updates back. I could turns two lights off or just dim two lights with one button. Now it’s one button per light for each function I want. Instead of simplifying the app they need to work on the idot making these updates.

  51. The “coming home” automation stopped working after switching to a new phone. Signed into the same account, deleted everything, rebuilt and re-paired everything, and it still no longer works. Also something is turning my lights off at 1am every day but there’s no indication on the app what is causing it. Already disabled “hunches” in Alexa.

  52. Jenny G dice:

    I bought 2 bulbs to use with Google. I was able to connect them and they were working fine. Following the software update, neither were working. I tried reinstalling one, but then the Phillips app refused to connect with Google without my purchasing a hue bridge. I’ve made repeated attempts to connect it but Philips won’t accept the connection. Luckily, I kept the connection for the other bulb and Google regained its ability to operate it. After waiting months, still no bug fixes from Philips!

  53. Drew P dice:

    More of a product review and a simple one: Mixed experience The app keeps getting better but it still feels limited. Overall, it’s probably the best one to control the bulbs though. I’ve had 5 bulbs (was 6 but one got damaged) for a few years now. The bridge is worth it too. I don’t like having Bluetooth on so that eliminates the need. If only mine hadn’t been taken when I was away from home!

  54. The good: It offers a high degree of lighting control and it’s easy to set up. The bad: 1. My vision gets blurry when using phones so I prefer to use a web interface. The offering for this appears to be Hue Sync. Well, I installed this program but I can’t use it because it says I don’t have any “Areas” set up. To make it worse, it doesn’t give me the option to create one (also, there’s no button to quit the application #sigh).Lots more to say but no room here.

  55. I loved my hue lights until the most recent update. I have a sunrise automation set up and it is not turning my lights on. I have tried turning the automation off and on, deleting the automation and creating it again, and deleting the app and reinstalling it. The last 2 changes the automation worked the next morning but then no morning after that. It is super frustrating because I have come to depend on this to help wake me up at 4:45 in the morning. This was one of the reason for getting these

  56. Could you add hex code colors and a dropper tool for PNGs? Basically upload an image to the hue app to use it as a color pallette. I’d also love to have hex codes for colors, and the ability to make a cluster of smart bulbs in a light tree alternate between flashing on (or off) on beats when in music mode. Like a club! 🙂 Edit: also, I’d love light switches to have the ability to carve exceptions out for things like grow lights. Holding the power off button turns things off, even smartplugs.

  57. Nice (albeit expensive hardware.). The software, however, is unreliable, bungled, and worse than useless. Poor to non-existent integration with Google home. Phillips’ own app stays linked to the light for max 36 hours. Initial (or, more accurately needs-to-be-repeated multiple times a week) setup is buggy. Customer support is worthless. Disgusted with having to deal with Hue.

  58. el nina dice:

    The app was all right, but after last update there is no way to log in – the app now requires a new set up, which won’t work for me because the product is located on my property overseas and I have no way to repeat the physical set up remotely. So, right now the whole thing is useless to me. There was no warning associated with the update that I would lose the settings and login, otherwise I wouldn’t update this app. I am extremely unhappy about that.

  59. Extremely difficult to use. No way to specify transition time. Nothing in this app makes sense. Also, every time they update literally anything, something else breaks – usually the “out of home” connection. Why on earth do I have to log in every time you update… Stupid product… Won’t be using for anything else in my life.

  60. At first, I loved this app. It’s cool and convenient and easy to get the lighing that you want. BUT the app is extremely finicky and unstable especially for the cost of the products. This app loses connection to the bridge, lights, and remote on a regular basis. The worst part yet is that half of the times it does this, it deletes all of my saved lighting scenes. As a Twitch streamer who relies heavily on their lighting, this fatal flaw is sadly causing me to reconsider my options.

  61. Seems like the app is missing features, like Automations? My version of the app, the most current/updated one, only has Routines, which seems to be an old feature. Maybe this requires Hue Bridge? But if that’s the case, there is absolutely no indication anywhere in the app or the support info. FAQs simply say “navigate to the Automations tab” which I don’t even have. Would appreciate a lot more clarity on what I should and should not expect from this app.

  62. Jermy dice:

    One thing, when browsing the gallery it would be super nice to tap a new scene and not get a large pop up which covers the scenes I want to click on. instead I want to see the rest of the scenes so I can keep tapping one to the next without delay. How? top area can be scenes and bottom area can contain the details and buttons that currently exist in the pop up. Otherwise this is a very very good app, and I like it a lot.

  63. I have been trying for over an hour to add one outdoor sensor to no avail. The sensor shows that it has be captured but the app searches indefinitely. I waited 20 mins for it to timeout and it never did and never successfully added the sensor even after I restated. I never expected this type of complexity from such an expensive device ecosystem. I’m not sure why there is no manual serial number entry for accessories. BTW, I never got the sensor installed and now it’s an expensive paper weight

  64. Lately I’ve had a lot of issues with this app. I have 2 Bluetooth Phillips Hue bulbs that should work just fine but don’t half of the time. The repeatably say “Failed to connect” and there’s no fix for it. I used to have them on my Hue Hub but since I moved and had to use Bluetooth only it’s been a huge struggle. I’ve relinked both bulbs multiple times and it’s getting extremely frustrating and annoying. Don’t think I’ll ever purchase any Phillips Hue Bluetooth product.

  65. Chris M dice:

    If you utilize Alexa or Google home, or really any external accounts you will be unable to use them to control any Hue lights thanks to the latest update. I had exclusively Hue lights as they were the best and most reliable – I will be switching to another brand. I frequently need to run to my Hue hub to physically press the home button to do basic things like log in. The ui I’d a nightmare, and the basic integration I’d come to rely on is completely gone.

  66. Wakeup routine no longer works. The whole point of me getting these was to help me wake up in the morning, but now 9 out of 10 times it just turns the lights on to the lowest setting and then never increases the brightness. It USED to work, which means this is a bug the developers are refusing to prioritize.

  67. Paul Han dice:

    Can’t compare this to any other smart light alternative because I’ve only ever used Hue. Setting it up was a bit of a process. There is currently a live bug that is disconnecting Hue accounts and Amazon/Alexa accounts. The bug only exists for mobile, so it works if you connect the accounts via a computer browser. So far the app and the Alexa integration are working smoothly. To make life easier, choose names for your bulbs/scenes that are short and have distinct sounds.

  68. Since the last update the app refuses to sync with alexa. I keep getting an error that says try again later. I use it for voice command and that is the whole reason I bought your product. It seems from reading the recent reviews that I am not the only person having issues with this update. I’m hoping it is fixed soon.

  69. Unable to change Wireless networks. If you decide to move or update your wireless SSID, there is no easy way to do this. Spoke with tech support, both through email and a phone call with no help. Went through all their steps from uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Factory reset the bridge to no avail. Something with in the app is storing your original SSID and won’t allow you to modify or change.

  70. 8/2021 Ever since the last update, the quality of life in the app went south, how do you even combine all the lights at once? how do you do custom color instead of looking at all the presets that Ive never used, who made the vote to change the GUI? the old one was faster, easier to use and never gave me a problem. Simplicity, thats all. 8/2022 A year later, App is still bad, i have to be a surgeon to turn on and off desired rooms and color management is really really bad, presets are annoying.

  71. Broken, I’ll improve the ratings when it’s fixed. For some reason it thinks i live on the east coast. When i try to add my phone as a device or allow the app to view my location on g-maps, the app breaks. Even when i think it’s figured it out successfully the very next day the lights turn on and off 2 hours a head of schedule.

  72. Good product but app could be better. When opening the app, it takes up to 20 seconds to connect before you can turn on/off the lights. This is too long and annoying. The app used to work quickly but something changed a few months ago. Using the Google home app is faster but I don’t like the interface as much as the Hue app

  73. Its awesome, most of the time. The hue lights are excellent. The ability to control them with the phone, their longevity, all the cool programs, the automation, the light range and dimmability. All of that is awesome. The app, is not awesome. Its acceptable. When it works it works great,. When it doesn’t work, you’ll spend 20 minutes trying to get it to connect to the bridge, after which you’ll be inclined to assess your life choices for buying fancy Bluetooth bulbs.

  74. As of the latest update, I can no longer recommend this app. Especially to people with disabilities! My husband has limited hand function and this new “carousel” layout for scenes is far more difficult than seeing all the scenes in one screen, which is what we had before. The only way to have that now is to individually set up single-function widget buttons on the home screen – and “Last on state” doesn’t work at all. This “upgrade” is a total downgrade!

  75. Lots of options for customizing your lighting setup! Unfortunately, not as easily usable as I’d like. I personally like to set dimmable lights to different levels to add depth to the room and highlight different areas. This can be done, but requires adjusting individual lights, which is a pain. At the super high price per bulb, I’d expect the app to easily accommodate this.

  76. 1) Too Slow. Running Hue in the flagship Android phone, Pixel 2, it still takes 3 seconds just to load the app!!! That is a long time wait to be able to turn off the lights. 2) No feedback in app. I hate having to rate an app I don’t like just to be able to leave feedback. 3) It’s easy to turn lights on and off and to change colors and brightness with the app, but setting up schedules and sensors seems way more complicated than it should be.

  77. I really liked the app prior to the latest update. The widgets have been completely changed and has lost almost all functionality. The amount of time to turn on or off a light has dramatically increased and you aren’t able to toggle on / off the light using the same icon, each function needs its own icon. If we could get back to more than a 1×1 widget layout and bring back being able to toggle the light on AND off using the same icon I would be thrilled. Such a great function.

  78. Six months since the UI update and I STILL find myself lost and struggling to do certain things that used to be quick and easy to do in the old app. THIS IS A MESS!! For example, if you want to change the color of all the lights in one room/zone, how do you do that? There’s no obvious way. You’ll have to tap around until you stumble upon how to do it, like I did. SO UNINTUITIVE! And IDK why y’all think a side-scrolling list on phone screens that are long vertically was a good idea… FIX. THIS.

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