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Connect your washer, air conditioner, TV, and other appliances to the ThinQ app.
Get away from the busy routine and enjoy a relaxing home life with smart ThinQ. ☕

■ Get immediate notifications
The ThinQ app will keep you informed with all notifications you need so that your laundry will not smell musty or your pizza in the oven will not get overcooked. ThinQ will periodically diagnose the state of your products by itself.

■ Control your home from anywhere
You can check the indoor temperature of your house and turn on your air conditioner even while you are out. You can also remotely run your washer from outside and proceed with the drying process right after coming back home.

■ TV remote control in my smartphone
Change TV channels and adjust the sounds with the ThinQ app. You can enjoy your mobile content in your smartphone gallery on a TV screen. You can also use the Magic Remote feature with your app.
※ The availability of products and services may vary depending on the models you own or the region/country you reside in.

■ ThinQ will automatically access the current state of your products
Get the state of your products smartly assessed in detail. Smart Diagnosis will catch problems and help you troubleshoot them.

The LG ThinQ app supports Android OS 7.0 and higher versions.
If you are using an Android OS version older than 7.0, we recommend that you contact the smartphone manufacturer to upgrade the OS.

The accessibility API is used only to transmit the signal that users input to the TV remote control to the smartphone when using the ‘View Phone Screen on TV’s Larger Screen’ function in the LG ThinQ app. We do not collect or use your information except for the minimum information necessary to operate your smartphone.

* Access Permissions

To provide service, optional access permissions are required as shown below. Even if you do not allow optional access permissions, you can still use the basic functions of the service.

[Optional Access Permissions]
• Calls/Contacts
– To contact the LG Service Center

• Location
– To find and connect to nearby Wi-Fi when registering the product.
– To set and save the home location in Manage Home
– To search for and use information about current locations, such as weather.
– To check your current location in the “Routines” function.

• Nearby devices
– To find and connect to nearby Bluetooth devices when adding a product to the app.

• Camera
– To take a profile picture
– To share a home or account scanned from a QR code.
– To add products recognized by QR codes.
– To take and attach photos in “1:1 Inquiry.”
– To record and store purchase receipts when registering additional information about the product.

• Files and media
– To attach and set my profile picture in Photos.
– To take and attach photos in “1:1 Inquiry.”
– To record and store purchase receipts when registering additional information about the product.

• Microphone
– To check product status via Smart Diagnosis


Bug fixes and performance improvements made.


40 comentarios en "LG ThinQ MOD"

  1. Ever since the last update, the app won’t load up right away to turn on the tv I have linked up to the app. It’s very useful with turning it on/off, but currently, it’s irritating to have to wait for it to load. I waited once for 30 minutes, and it wouldn’t do anything. Still loading. So i closed the app and then reopened it. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Didn’t matter. So, I have resorted to open the app, close the app, open the app, close the app until it finally works.

  2. I don’t usually take the time to review apps, but this one is an exception. Imagine an app that demands you stop using a VPN to use it, even when the app operates outside of the VPN. Imagine an app that, whenever you lose Internet connection for an added device (like the power going out), needs to be deleted from the app and reconfigured from scratch. Imagine an app that can’t tell when a device is connected, even when the device itself is and can. In short, this app is a colossal trash heap.

  3. It’s an interesting app because it’s trying to build some online ecosystem for all of lg sevices, including streaming video! (Weird). High marks for being able to edit the apps default display to remove these weird extras. However, there is no way to report bugs in-app so i guess they don’t want to hear what’s broken? The app will not load the online user manual for my oven. It stalls at selecting language. Annoyed i must come here to report it where nothing will happen.

  4. Connection wasn’t too difficult but does require a few tries. When it’s working, it works pretty smoothly. The problem, however, is that the app is pretty much useless for TVs because the TV needs to be on already for the app to connect. In other words, you’ll still need your regular remote to turn on the TV in order to use this app. So as it is now, I wouldn’t bother downloading it (for TVs). On a side note, the app also requires a lot of permissions including location, camera, and contacts.

  5. Arc Riley dice:

    Annoying and poorly connected! I just bought a new washer/dryer and connected it to the app. 5 times since I’ve continued to receive notifications throughout the day with a helpful hit for how to connect new devices, which I already obviously know because I already have connected devices. Super annoying. In addition while it does have connectivity to Google Home, it is a basically worthless connection because all it really has the ability to turn the device off. I’m really not impressed.

  6. When it works it’s okay, but 9/10 times can’t power the tv on because phone won’t connect to the tv. I can control the tv with cec at all times without issue. The network stack is just garbage and relies on multicast that doesn’t work unless you turned the TV off with the app. If you used a remote it won’t work until the tv turns on again. Effectively it’s useless.

  7. The more I use this app the worst it gets. No matter the settings you cannot turn on the TV. It’s very difficult to turn on and off closed captioning. You have to left swipe and right swipe just to get to different basic functions of the remote. Seriously I have to left swipe four times just to find the pause button and then I have to exit out of the remote option to change streaming apps.

  8. Z Taylor dice:

    It is promising, but could be so much more. The energy usage graph needs actual numbers and details per cycle. We also should be able to program our own settings, for example: ultra low heat, eco mode, using the humidity sensor. Also we should be able to see the humidity sensor and be able to restart the dryer from the app. Thanks

  9. Everything works pretty good except for the one thing I want this for. Mirror Casting. I did get the app to do it. It mirror’s my screen perfectly. The problem is when I use Chrome the video plays but I get no sound. The only way to get sound from video playing in Chrome is to use the volume buttons on the phone. Which the App completely DISABLES…It doesn’t do that for any other App or video on your phone. Both phone and LG remote volume work at the same time. CHROME HAS NO SOUND…WHY?

  10. When the app updates itself, it makes you accept the new service terms before it will send alerts that the washer or dryer is done. The problem is that it doesn’t tell you that, the notifications just don’t work until you go into the app. They have updated them twice in the last month. A decent app, but it’s made inconvenient by corporate decisions.

  11. The only thing this really does for me is tell me when the oven has finished preheating or other timers. Continually spams me with reminders to clean the oven and dishwasher. The creepy usage reports now supposedly run through the app instead of being emailed, but the app doesn’t support the usage reports. I don’t want to give up the timer notifications, but having the spyware constantly watching tries to tip the scale to ‘not worth it’.

  12. Wouldn’t need an app for a remote if they actually put a pause & play on the physical remote. Instead, you have a center button that is used for ten different functions. The app logs you out when you disconnect from wifi for some reason- then the verification code they send you doesn’t do anything when you type it in…? (Only good for 3 minutes…)

  13. I no longer get push notifications when the timer goes off on my oven. It used to work. Push notifications were not showing on TV, needed to go back in to account to relog in. Still no timer though. Remote start on oven is a little clunky, since you need to enable remote start every time you use it. Might as well just use delay start. App may be more aggravation than it’s worth.

  14. Raven D dice:

    I recently started to use the app to run my schedule instead of the wall controller. I dont leave my units on when I’m not home so they’re set to turn off at a certain time. First the bedroom hvac would stay on past the schedule then I’ll have to manually turn it off. Now the living room is doing the same thing. The weird thing is, it turned off than turned right back on. So now I have a schedule overlapping to make sure it turns off otherwise I’m going to have to reprogram the wall controller.

  15. CB Kay dice:

    I’m no techy but I’m not completely incompetent, either. There is no visible QR code to scan which makes you wonder why it’s a step in getting the washer and dryer on the app. The model and serial number are on stickers on the side so you have to pull the appliances out to see them. Taking a picture of the label only results in a blurry picture. So frustrating.

  16. Please, for the love of God, allow the app to use our phone’s keyboard. This functionality has existed for a decade now, but LG has decided that the most efficient way of inputting text into a TV is to use a D-pad and type characters in by navigating across the screen. It’s cool that you have a one-in-all app, sure, but now I have to download a whole separate app because you couldn’t think to give me the ability to use my phone’s keyboard as a way to input text… Give phone keyboard for input

  17. Tom Chism dice:

    This app wants to do everything, so does it poorly. I just want to be able to control my washer from my phone, pick the settings I want, and throw in an extra rinse from time to time. Only if I press the button on the device itself can I control it with the app, which is required each and every load. Even remote pausing is blocked off if don’t push the stupid button on the washer each and every time. The app then limits me to only standard washes, can’t even add an extra rinse. I want better!

  18. ***Update*** I came back to update my rating. Apparently, it was user error, as I had to enable a setting on the TV in order to connect it to my phone. So far, no other issues with app. I can’t seem to get this app to connect to my TV. The pin appears on my screen to enter into the app field, so they’re communicating, however it simply times out repeatedly stating there is an error. Very frustrating when I know I’m doing all the right things.

  19. E Olson dice:

    I love both of my LG OLED TVs, but this app needs to go back to the drawing board. 95% of the time it says my TVs are disconnected (they aren’t) and the other 5% of the time I can only turn on one of the TVs with the app, but no other remote control features are available (including the off button). This app seriously needs to go back to the developers, especially since LG TVs are so brilliant.

  20. The options for the washer/dryer seem to have been designed by people who don’t do laundry. There are so many cycles I can download, except I can’t change most of the settings on any of them. Where is the manual option that I get to set the features I want and name it myself? The option for the TV remote is convenient except anytime and update pops up the option disappears before I can click in the app remote what I want to do. The software works, but it needs UI/UX help.

  21. Works well but not feature rich. I purchased two window AC units that are smart enabled specifically to use them with the Alexa household. The basic on/off and set temperature commands work very well. But I can’t change modes via voice (like from Cool to Energy Saver) and can’t change the fan speed. Adding devices to my home network and Alexa skills was incredibly easy so what’s there in the app does work well. There just needs to be a fuller experience for “smart” appliances.

  22. The remote start feature is overly simplified – only certain settings are available to be changed from the app. Importantly, for my combo washer/dryer, the drying function is not available. Also, the unit cannot be turned on remotely (only started remotely). I’ve found the app to be fairly useless except for downloading cycles to the machine. Another thing that bugs me is that the notifications have typos in them. (It’s spelled ‘deodorize.’)

  23. Eriq Cook dice:

    Miss the previous app for controlling TV. Interface requires more steps to access settings, etc. But MOST IMPORTANTLY the red pointer on the TV is WAY to fast/sensitive now, while in the previous app, the pointer moved very smooth. And there are no options anywhere within the app or TV settings to adjust the pointer speed. Highly frustrating.

  24. twiz ٜ dice:

    Switching between fan and any other mode sets the target temp to either minimum (60, leaving it always on) or maximum (86, meaning its often off). Despite being advertised as a such, it does not work with Alexa beyond basic on/off, so you can’t change modes. Previously required permission to make calls to use, which should be unacceptable from a privacy stand point. This app is pretty terrible.

  25. Ok so if I could give them negative stars I would. It feels like 5 year olds are running the programming. Now my window AC units automatically set to 64 when I set in cool mode and set fan speed to high. I don’t need my preferences to be changed. I would like for everything to stay as I set it. I’m so annoyed at having to take 5 steps to make one change. I’m getting ready to delete this app and just use the controls on unit or hookup a WEMO device to turn on/off AC. I’m so over this useless app.

  26. I love that this app can, in theory, notify me when my washer is done. However it doesn’t seem to do so anymore. It has to be open to get the notification. I’ve even tried disabled battery saving features. The “Cycles used” screen is always missing cycles. Often, the cycle selection or options indicated in the app don’t match what I actually selected. Neither does the time remaining. Can’t see model number information in the app. Clearly lacks QA and thorough testing.

  27. I’m sorry, but as much as I want to experience the app, I simply just can’t. I really love my LG C2 tv but it can NEVER connect to the app. It just never ever finds it no matter how much I try to search for it. It just won’t connect. Yes it is also connected to the same wifi network as my android phone. This app needs a whole rework or something. I have no idea why it just never finds my LG C2 tv

  28. DeWitt dice:

    Voice commands do not work with this TV, even through its own app. The app also won’t communicate with Google Home aside from renaming the TV. I’ve seen no name Amazon products with apps that work better. No matter how many times I “successfully” set my TV up with Google assistant, it never works. Then next time it’s like it never happened. Using the remote control feature of the app also takes about 3 minutes to connect every time you open the app.

  29. Tv is awesome but the app is not worth the memory on your phone. I repeated adding my tv 7 times on my android before it connect. As soon as I close the app and opened it, the tv was there but you can’t use any of the functions. Next time I opened it it was no longer connect and I have not been able to get it connected since. My iPhone well the tv won’t even pull up nor will it find it manually. This is a whole waste of time. This app should be completely deleted.

  30. Phil M dice:

    Worthless. It only connects to the TV if the TV is just turned on. Meaning if I come home from work and the tv’s on, I have to turn it off and back on, force stop the app in settings, open it back up, and hope it connects to the TV. Don’t lose your remote. Seems the software team at LG have a big bowl of stupid for breakfast every day.

  31. BOOOOOOOO!!! The app version that I originally installed worked so much better than this one! Now, it takes forever just to open the damn thing, and it may not work. I tried going back to the previous version, but then Google Play keeps hassling me to update it!! GRRRRRRRRR!!! Perfect example of fixing something that really did not need to be fixed. 😠

  32. I was forced to reinstall the app today. Trying to control my AC away from home using the app, it just give some a blank white screen when I try to open up the AC controls. I could turn it on and off from the main screen, and adjust the temperature, but nothing more. It was pretty frustrating, but hopefully this was a one time fluke.

  33. Idk what updates you did but casting my phone screen to the TV used to be cool and easy now it’s a miserable experience I’m not gonna use. And I try to watch an MP4 format movie downloaded on to a USB and put in my TV and it can’t understand it it says an hour and a half movie is 30 seconds and if you pause it it restarts and your can’t even fast forward to the spot you were at cause the TV thinks it’s 30 seconds long. “Ready for” sucks. Bring back regular mirroring.

  34. This app takes a little bit to start working, but does well if you just want a remote. If you use the TV sound to phone mode, it absolutely sucks and is spotty at best! That’s one of the main reasons I downloaded it. I will keep it, but only use if one of my kids lose my remote! Search for better In my opinion because I’m doing the same, till I find better, I guess I’ll keep it unfortunately!

  35. Easy enough to manage my window air conditioner that’s only used for about 5 months out of the year. The app notifies me when the filter needs replacing. I only turn the AC unit off, pull out the filter, and clean and dry it before replacing it. Since I’m already in front of the unit I press the Temp up and down arrows to reset the filter but that can be done within the app. The offers within the app for other products are way out of my price range but look like great products.

  36. Edit 2/17/22: They somehow made it even worse! Now there is no way to set sleep mode from the app. EDIT: 2 years later now. Still no improvement! EDIT: IT HAS NOW BEEN NEARLY A YEAR AND THE SCHEDULING FEATURE STILL DOES NOT WORK! Air conditioner scheduling feature is a joke. No ability to set schedules by weekday/time or even set temperature. Only allows setting the unit to turn on or off after a set whole number of hours. Unnecessarily blocks rooted phones from using.

  37. The app is not registering that the TV is ON. The app stats it’s OFF, leaving me unable to utilize the app because it will just load forever and return to OFF. When the TV is clearly ON. I have to use the remote each time. The app was only useable the first day. Was looking forward to it working especially with a toddler always hiding the remote when he manages to get a hold of it.

  38. Emma M dice:

    I love that there is a smart a/c and LG ThinQ makes it possible to control it and set an automation schedule as well. I used one of the prefilled automations and my ac followed ît exactly. I would have given 5 stars but There are no instructions on how to get to auto (I found it by chance the first time. Now I can’t find it again) I think each smart item should have a menu with all the functions that comes with it. the manual doesn’t tell how to setup automation on my new smart airconditioner

  39. Garbage app. Doesn’t connect to TV despite trying 10 times. Just random failure messages. Does LG even test this garbage? Update: What a lazy response by LG. They just have me read their basic FAQs on how to connect. Obviously I’m way past that. The app connects about 10% of the time on my iPhone but on my Android phone it will add 1 out of the 3 TVs. I wish I could give this zero stars

  40. Abomination. All I wanted was a long, sensor, ultra-low sleeping bag setting, so I thought I’d download a custom cycle with this app. Which makes you create an [ad tracking] account to show food ads. It *requires* location permission to add a device, where GPS has no relevance. All to [harvest data] control an appliance, because the dryer’s buttons are mostly locked out. And then their tiny list of cycles has no custom mode anyway. A masterwork in anti-user engineering and software design.

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