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Do you want more time to do what matters to you? Is your to-do list starting to feel like a to-don’t list? If so, just task!

Taskrabbit is the easy way to find skilled and trusted local Taskers for everything from furniture assembly and mounting to moving and cleaning. 

o Tell us what you need help with
o Get an instant list of qualified Taskers
o Select a Tasker based on pricing, reviews, and your schedule
o Chat, pay, tip, and review all through one platform 5. Save your favorites to book again and again

o Book service in minutes
o Get transparent pricing
o Access trusted local Taskers
o Chat with Taskers in the app
o Make secure payments
o Get peace of mind with our Happiness Pledge
o Contact support through email, chat, and phone
o Taskers have helped our customers save 4.3M hours over 10 years

POPULAR TASKS Let Taskers tackle your to-do list so you can spend time doing what you love
o Furniture Assembly: IKEA furniture, desk, dresser, bed, bookshelf, couch, chair, table, patio furniture
o Mounting & Installation: TV, shelf, cabinet, ceiling fan, lights, smart home, doorbell, air conditioner, curtains, blinds, pictures, photo frames, wallpaper, home theater
o Moving: packing, unpacking, heavy lifting, junk removal, appliance removal, mattress pick-up
o Cleaning: Home, office, gutter, patio, hot tub
o Handyman: Home repairs, maintenance, painting, plumbing, electrical, drywall, carpentry, fence, deck restoration
o Yardwork: Gardening, weed removal, lawn mowing, landscaping, tree trimming

Delivery, grocery shopping, drop-offs, shipping, personal assistant, errands, baby proofing, wait in line, organization, interior design, office administration, data entry, research, event planning

Reach out to us at support.taskrabbit.com

Learn more at taskrabbit.com/become-a-tasker


Found bugs. Fixed bugs. Not like you care. We know you only love us for our features.


40 comentarios en "Taskrabbit – Handyman, Errands MOD"

  1. Having the same issues some other reviewers have talked about. The service is great. My first booking went well. I liked it so much I figured I’d use it again. I’ve been trying to book my second booking for two hours. Each time I go to pay, it won’t provide the payment option or hourly rate. Uninstalling doesn’t help and neither does restarting the phone, app, or readding the payment method. So disappointed because it could be so helpful.

  2. Crashes constantly. I can’t use it at all now. Updating app and software does no good. I’ve restarted several times and factory reset. My wifi is very strong. App doesn’t work on my wifi or when i have strong 5g connection. It doesn’t even open. Immediate crash on icon press. I have a new pixel 6 running the latest app version and Android software. I don’t have issues with any other apps on my device.

  3. A b dice:

    Used the app for cleaning. Pretty bad experience . Following are the frustrations: 1) the time you specify in your request can be overridden by tasker. Which means you have to go back and forth with each tasker. I have a feeling this is because tasker doesnt get to pick working slots for each task. 2) after the booking the tasker can start adding random constraints like “i have a new minimum hours”. 3) when you get the bill, it has this steep fee 4) reasons for cancel are presumptive and ads fee

  4. Installed yesterday to use for the first time and the app is constantly freezing and crashing. End up needing to use a computer to communicate with a tasker, which is a big problem. I would never trust using this app for anything where I expected to be out of the house between booking the task and it actually starting.

  5. I’ve had pleasant experiences with the taskers I’ve hired on the app, who have been professional and easy to work with. However, the app itself is very glitchy and could use improvement. The chat feature constantly freezes, forcing you to close and reopen the app every time you attempt to have a conversation with a tasker. There’s a basic set of tasks that appear on the home screen and you don’t have the ability to search for more specialized tasks (even if people list them on their profiles).

  6. Great app but the navigation is not super easy. After I booked a task I realized they had the same address for both jobs and I couldn’t change it. I had to cancel my task to re-write it and then the person I had hired stopped showing. Also you named task address for both options, which is confusing and that’s why I added the same address twice. A great UX person can fix this easily. Other than that, app is great

  7. Oct 10 update: Things got worse. I kept trying to work with support and they were not listening to what was happening. This app is very buggy and I do not recommend. I closed my account. Don’t bother. Horrible experience, especially if you move. It keeps defaulting to my old state even though I’ve changed it a bunch. It makes me enter my new address several times and never saves. I’d give negative stars if I could. Quality has gone down immensely and I’m a long time user.

  8. My first experience with taskrabbit was a very last minute request for help moving. We had one person respond, it was his first experience too. He was awesome and we were very grateful for his excellent help. Now we’re moving again, and our first helper is now an “Elite” mover and he popped up first on recommendations. Very smooth flow, fast and straightforward.

  9. I am able to choose who I want to complete the task based on their bio and ratings. The taskers are able to set their own rates. If a job needs to be done right I can elect to pay a little more for some one with better reviews and more experience, or I can find the cheapest person for an easy job. The best application for finding one time, or continuous help!

  10. Does not download quickly or correctly on pixel. Never seen such a buggy app. Not sure if it is only me who experiences this but when I download the app it doesn’t show up in my collection of apps. I can access it by going to the Play store and hitting open but otherwise can’t. So many features don’t exist on the mobile site so we are stuck with this app. Fix it. Thx.

  11. As a service their ppl are pretty great, overall. The app itself has never been so hot. But it’s been functional, until the most recent update… which won’t allow my keyboard to pop up… forcing me to type messages via the website. I’m uninstalling until it’s fixed. More generally, you guys give us coupon codes to use, but make it difficult to find a way to actually use them after our first booking. I don’t like feeling the bait and switch. That’s about it.

  12. Katrina C dice:

    The app is fine sometimes. At times I can’t see what I’m typing or the schedule won’t be visible so those are issues. But the taskers are flakes in some areas and that’s pretty important. I had great experiences in NYC, but late cancelations without conversations in both DC and Denver that left me in bad situations. They should monitor and limit taskers based on certain behaviors. I won’t be relying on TaskRabbit in the future.

  13. Sterling dice:

    Never actually picked up any task on here. I do like the easy to use set up. Also the idea and concept of where this is and could potentially go is phenomenal. Like so many others I’m excited to see what the next new app or wave is. Keep improving and innovating so we all may benefit.

  14. my first experience was a wonderful one. the app was easy to use with the tasker being the one to finish the deal in the app. A great great experience Update: I agree with the reviewer about the no shows. I had a take that postponed for 2 days. The second day was my birthday. I told him I was waiting dor his arrival before starting my day. He gave me a time, then did a no show and no call.

  15. I truly hate this app. What seems like a good concept is poorly executed. I’ve only successfully booked once. Every other time I’ve tried to book a service the tasker does not confirm or cancels at the last minute. There’s no communication or follow through. Imagine waiting for an uber that cancels at the last minute… that’s what waiting around for someone to accept your task feels like. Do not recommend. Update** I am fairly convinced this app is a scam. Reviews are fake. You can’t book.

  16. Terrible. So many things are bad, hard to know where to start. Message received that the worker is not available and then message received from the worker asking if you are interested. Messages do not come through to text or email. Messages do not carry over to all devices i.e. Computer and cell phone.. Your charge card info is sitting out there waiting for the app to communicate, But if you change devices you lose previous chat information.

  17. I used them twice so far only but the person showed up, on time. It was a small but high intensity task involving 3 flights of skinny stairs in the hot Texas sun. I did not need a moving company, just one guy to just get it done. Well worth it. The app makes me feel in touch with the resource and allows me to schedule the task without prepayment. It also sort of holds them more accountable due to ratings, which is really missing in the handyman/mover/helper field.

  18. If you are in need of moving help, this is the way to go! After getting quotes for hundreds of dollars for moving companies, regardless of size or type of move, we looked to TaskRabbit and were super pleased. The app is super easy to use and navigate. As a first time user, I appreciated how quickly and conveniently you could find services.

  19. I’m sure this is a useful platform if you’re in a taskrabbit area. Unfortunately, I live in Los Angeles and theres no option to be a task rabbit in this location. My reccomendation to the developers would be to expand the task area options all over the map and make it easier to switch between interfaces to become a tasker in any location throughout the U.S.

  20. If I could give it zero stars I would. I booked 4 “taskers” to help box up our apt for a move. 3 of the 4 cancelled, one less than 2 hours from start time. I canceled the last one because it didn’t make sense to have just one. So my wife and I were left to do the planned work of 6 people – on Fathers Day! What a horrible company Taskrabbit is. Totally unreliable. Do not make the mistake of counting on this service like I did. Will obviously never use this app again.

  21. First time I used TaskRabbit was amazing, (2 years ago). The tasker was professional and did top-notch work. Ever since then, I cannot get anyone to actually accept my tasks. You select a time that the tasker supposedly has available and then get an email (sometimes more than 12 hours later) saying that they are unavailable. Rinse and repeat, again, and again, and again, and again. Imagine if you called an Uber and were standing outside waiting, then got a message saying your driver is unavailable and you should choose a new one. But then that driver turned out to be unavailable too. And so does the next driver. That’s what TaskRabbit is like…. How they’re making money, I have no idea. Since I can never, ever get anyone to accept my tasks in the last two years (and they aren’t small tasks that wouldn’t pay) and I always end up doing the things myself, I actually deleted my account. Useless waste of time.

  22. Attempted to sign up as service provider. I applied months ago. ID verification email was hard to find in spam folder. When I was able to get to it, the IDology page froze and locked me out. Emails for help were ignored several times. When I called, was told my account would have to be cancelled, that I needed to reapply, and my card would be refunded. I informed the agent I no longer had this card, she hung up on me. If you want $25 that bad, keep it! *App will you tell you what to charge, and that your rates are too high, even if you have a professional license that your state requires for some trades.

  23. Making an appointment is a nightmare. You have to wait indefinite amount of time for the tasker to confirm the appointment. All good and out of sudden your tasker cancels the appointment a night before or an hour before. Happened to me twice. The chat support doesn’t entertain you either if you having this issue. They are for emergencies, god knows what kind of request they entertain on chat. Complaining via email is ao time consuming that you would rather clean up your house.

  24. If the Tasker cancels at the last minute, your options replace them comes in at ten times the price you had agreed to with the person who just cancelled. And there is no opportunity to report the as a no show/last minutes cancellation. Not even a survey to ask about my experience being cancelled on help moving twenty minutes before the move. Never will I use this app again. Run fast, run far. J

  25. app is fine. the service sucks. taskers took up to an hour to respond only to cancel. Multiple cancellations by taskers, each taking forever to cancel. Wasted hours trying to get confirmation for a single task. Supposed to make things easier, instead it was a big hassle and ended up handling the task myself rather than wait for another cancellation.

  26. I’ve used this app several times. I love it’s convenience. My only criticism is that it would be nice to be able to reply to my Tasker via text when I’m sent a text. The app sends you a text but then you have to reply in the app or the website. It’s rather inconvenient that way. Other than that it’s a good app with a great service.

  27. App doesn’t work and u need to go a browser… For example, when u select a task and select your payment method, the app usually doesn’t load properly and then the button to continue with th booking is greyd out… Also when you search for some task (e.g. photography) the app doesn’t load and you can never complete the search. Browser works fine, just the app that doesn’t work properly…

  28. Don’t Bother! You can’t get a straight answer, only automatic messages. Trying to work with them is a nightmare. Trying to get confirmed and get a correct email is horrid. Even their support email doesn’t work! Bounces back! The chat function just gets you sent off in another direction without any response. I don’t think they even speak English, or understand what I needed help with.

  29. The app is very badly designed and it’s slow too. It’s difficult to find anything on it. Even finding how to chat with the current tasker isn’t straightforward. I’ve changed my address several times in the app but it still defaults to my old address.

  30. There isn’t a separate app for people who are being hired. We have to use the internet. Even then the wedsite confuses me for someone who is looking for a tasker. I just finished the application, but it wouldn’t let me finish the tasks I am able to do, there was no back button and information kept disappearing. I was able to leave the first page without my photo, but not get back to filling out my tasks I can do.

  31. Raji R dice:

    Task rabbit app pre and post pandemic are significantly different – negatively. Despite the investment and partnership with IKEA the app has deteriorated in performance, friction-full experience. Tried to book a follow-up assembly service from ikea and let me say it was frustrating! Email from task doesn’t open a relevant page on the app – you have to do it on the web! Address bar accepts an incorrect default, likely confusing for the tasker arriving, with any manual updates rejected. FingersXX!

  32. Mel Smith dice:

    First task booking went smoothly. For the second task, the app repeatedly told me try again later. (Actual issue is that tasker is not accepting jobs.) On third try I got to check out and it told me to select payment method, which I did. App did not show payment method selected or show hourly rate. Had to redo on website. Now I’m getting push notifications for messages but the notification doesn’t take me to the message. Service is good, app is not.

  33. I’ve successfully used this app for years. But, now, it doesn’t work as in won’t even open. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted my phone, updated my OS, uninstalled, reinstalled and NOTHING works. There’s a glitch somewhere. Not my job to figure out. So frustrating.

  34. “For privacy reasons, you won’t be able to contact a Tasker before booking a task.” Very stupid and pointless. It’s just a hoop to jump through. The app has a chat function, what privacy are you protecting? Easier to block someone on an app than on a phone.

  35. S Cope dice:

    The app is a little finicky when you try to pick a time for a Tasker, it keeps going taking you back to another time.. I’m not sure what that’s about and they don’t explain it to you.. I don’t know if it means the person is unavailable or what but it was annoying..

  36. I have used TaskRabbit in New York and Miami. other than a few cancellations, it’s been very good. Just remember the hourly rate is NOT what your my think you are paying. There is a service charge added which makes the actual amount of you pay substantially more per hour.

  37. Horrible customer service on both sides. I can never get a response by call, and all of their texting representatives obviously dont speak english and are translating using google and misunderstand what the problem is and 9 times out of 10 make it worse. It took me around a month to figure out I had been banned from working on the app, and its been almost a month and a half for me to get an email about why. It’s really not that difficult to set up communication I recommend being a customer here

  38. Task Rabbit tacks on about 1/3 of the cost of the project in surprise additional fees. You don’t know this until you agree to hire someone to do the job. Also, the app does not allow you to see prices of taskers before you enter a million details for the task. You can’t decide if you can afford help unless you spend an hour describing the task even though you pick the category for the help you need. You can’t just see the prices for the taskers. Really dumb idea from a consumer perspective.

  39. Just downloaded the app! & have signed up, but when I tap “Become a tasker” it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried to uninstall the app & re installing it, also tried logging out & logging back in, as well as turning off my phone & turning it back on. But it just doesn’t work

  40. Self dice:

    I like that the app is user friendly. I needed to ask a question and was able to chat right away with a representative and the Tasker. I appreciated having the option of selecting from various taskers.

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