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Samsung Pay got even better. Meet Samsung Wallet!

Samsung Pay is now part of Samsung Wallet. With Wallet, you get the features and benefits of Samsung Pay, plus Samsung Pass, digital home and car keys, digital asset management, and more.

All this comes in a simplified in-app experience, so you’ll get more and find it with ease. Just swipe up to launch Samsung Wallet with Quick Access.

Payment Transactions
Carry your popular credit, debit, gift and membership cards on your phone. To check out, just tap, pay, and go. Get additional savings at top merchants with Cash Back Awards.

Digital Keys
Add your eligible keys to Samsung Wallet so that you have a spare set right in your phone.
Unlock your home, your car, and even start your car remotely.

Digital Asset Management
Check your crypto balances and the current crypto currency prices through our linked exchange partners.

Boarding Pass
Add your boarding pass from select airlines to Samsung Wallet and quickly access it with just a swipe.

*You may be prompted for additional updates to complete Samsung Wallet setup on your device.

*Samsung Wallet is compatible with select Samsung devices. Availability of features may vary by device model, carrier, firmware version and country/region.

*Screens are simulated; deals featured are for illustrative use only.

*Only compatible with select Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards from participating banks and qualifying Samsung devices. Check with your bank/issuer to ensure that your card is compatible; and check the Samsung Pay Support page for additional compatibility information regarding devices, carriers and cards.

*The functions, features, and compatible applications available with Samsung Pass may vary according to the partner’s policy. The data stored inside the Samsung Pass app is safeguarded by Samsung Knox to prevent any leakage of valuable information.

*Digital keys are available for select SmartThings-compatible smart door locks and automobiles including BMW 1-8 Series, X5-X7,and iX models, launched after July, 2020, Kia Niro, and Hyundai Palisade, Genesis GV60, and G90. Exact feature availability may vary by model and is subject to change.

*Digital asset management for supported exchanges only.

*Timing and availability of features and services described may vary by model and are subject to change.


40 comentarios en "Samsung Wallet (Samsung Pay) MODDED"

  1. E B dice:

    Mid point rating based on previous versus current. I loved this app. I used it everywhere, and I mean everywhere, I could. It was so easy and great! But I accidentally switched to Google wallet, and it deleted my cards off of this, and the update happened, and now I can’t re-add the cards. So I guess I’m stuck with Google, which doesn’t even connect to the little card slide pass/shortcut under the Home icon. Total shame. If/when they fix, I hope to re-add but for now, no go.

  2. Great way to pay. Make sure you set up the gesture to swipe up from the bottom (while screen is off). This will go directly to Pay with your preferred credit card. Edit 9/22/22. App is broken now. I couldn’t pay with added cards. Fingerprint verification wouldn’t pop up and the PIN option wouldn’t bring up the keyboard for entry. I’ve tried reinstalling and now it can’t reach servers to enter cards.

  3. Derek dice:

    Samsung’s Way Or The Highway – I use to love the app until I recently updated it and now it won’t let me even go into the app unless I set it as my default contactless payment method. Not even to adjust settings or add/remove/edit card information. So if you just want to get into the app for a minute you have to go through the process of making it the default contactless payment method and then switching back to the original contactless payment method. It has been having issues adding cards too

  4. The app is pretty cool and convenient. Really comes in handy and easy to use. My issue comes with the points. I’ve have been using the app consistently for 2 years and have never even came close to winning any of the “chance to win” I understand it’s a game of chance but when the spinner lands on the same color every time, in the same spot it seems suspicious. Also some of the prizes I feel are way to high. Very hard to gain 100k points when you max out at 40 points per transaction. Seems very unrealistic for the average customer

  5. I enjoyed using this app and it can be quite handy at times. However, with the reduction in points per transaction and how quickly those points expire, you can’t really redeem for anything before the points expire. In addition, the selection of rewards aren’t that great anymore. If there ever was a problem, there’s no one to help you with it. Sometimes, I wouldn’t get credit for the transactions I made though you can clearly see those transactions on the app.

  6. Prior to the update, the card would appear in portrait. Now it appears in landscape even if you hold your phone in portrait orientation. I prefer for the car to emanate in portrait mode when the phone is being held in portrait orientation. The pin must be pressed deliberately and slowly. It takes to much time and allows mistake after mistake while waiting in line with other customers behind. Although pulling out your phone to make payments is a convenient tool, it can be and awkwud feeling when it does not work seamlessly.

  7. I just started using it and so far it is great. All your credit information and purchases are secured. Can’t wait to start collecting Samsung Pay Rewards, and you get so many discounts on items for having it, and I can’t wait to see what other rewards and discounts you get for using Samsung Pay. If you don’t have a credit app setup on your cellphone. This is one to look at, because it makes purchases faster at checkout when you can do it with just your cellphone.

  8. Reward Points Expire Too Soon!!!… When I first started using this app last year I was very happy with it. I had built up a good amount of points. Then, suddenly they started expiring. Which doesnt allow you to save up enough to exchange for good items. I had not checked the app in a while. So suddenly I log in and half of my points are gone. Samsung Pay doesnt even notify you about the points expiring.

  9. Extraordinary that I can pay using even non smart-compatible registers. I keep all of my member ship cards at the touch of a finger print, which is astonishing to me, especially with the gestures I can use to open it right away. First time I used it, I ran into issues. But if you just set it right on the reader it works perfectly, in my Experience

  10. The app is wonderful. The ability to use my phone at 99% of all credit card machines (not just NFC) is really great. I can’t tell you how many times someone told me “we don’t do pay by phone” and I say “trust me it will work”. The look of disbelief when it works is priceless!! So you may be wondering why only 4 stars? Well I am just finding out that points eventually expire even if you are using it daily (which I am). The point price for items is so high with expiring points I can’t get!

  11. Not as happy now that they’ve discontinued the gift card option for redeeming points. It’s still easy to use and most locations accept it. I like the security of not using my actual card. But I really hate the points redemption now. I’ve tried the Instant Win multiple times. I mean a LOT. Spinner always lands in the same spot. Every. Single. Time. Frustrated because it seems like it’s rigged. Mostly just disappointed because I had a lot of points and wanted to redeem for a gift card.

  12. when it works it’s awesome! but it has some quirks. when it works it’s exciting! but when it doesn’t it’s frustrating A lot of times you’ll get a payment successful message but the vendor will say that the payment didn’t go through so you never sure if you’re being charged twice. I’m sure some of the errors have to do with equipment issues but I don’t know who supplies equipment so I don’t know where the blame lies

  13. The app is okay. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate and find exactly what I am looking for. My real complaint is about the reward system itself, specifically the cash back system. It takes way too long to actually credit your account. I shop with iBotta and they credit my account in like a few hours or at worst a few days, with Samsung, you literally have to wait months. I have over 45 dollars pending, but have no idea when I will actually receive it. It definitely dissuades me from using it.

  14. Works quickly and efficiently. It has rarely failed me in the past, and has yet to do so. It has the visual confirmation and user friendliness of knowing when a card is being used with verification that Google Pay sort of lacks in (because you can literally pull up your card from the bottom of your screen when you want to use it quickly without fumbling for a physical wallet).

  15. Even though I’ve disabled this app several times, it spontaneously tries to open at random times, even when I’m not even using my device, and when it does it crashes and continuously vibrates and completely drains my battery very quickly if I don’t notice it. When this happens I can’t even close the app, it just reopens. Unfortunately, I can’t remove the app from my device because it’s Samsung firmware. Technical support has been completely unhelpful. Could this be a security risk? I can’t tell.

  16. I use this everywhere, including international travel. I enjoy the purchase features, for small gifts for a friend helping me out. And to purchases for myself. It’s a great option for paying for stuff. I take advantage of the promotional sales, and cash back as well. I would say it works 9.5 out of 10 times I use it. the other .5 is from their register not setup correctly. I encourage everyone to use this app, and it’s features all the time. At bare minimum, it’s a backup form of payment.

  17. I’m typically happy with the app. Take it out & pay. It works. It is frustrating when I take it out, and have to stop and agree to modified legal terms before paying. It should have asked when it did the update, not when I’m trying to get through a line. Today when I went to pay, it covered my screen with a popup for some unrelated coupon than I had no interest in. Then when I closed the popup, it took me out of the pay screen. Expect to hold up the line at random inconvenient times.

  18. This was my preferred method to pay with everything, mainly because of the reward points and the ability to redeem for various gift cards. However, seems they’ve removed all gift cards I was saving for. The only options to redeem your points now is for a huge priced ticket item which is nearly impossible due to the fact that the points expire after a year. Wasn’t very reliable to begin with. Bye Samsung pay, I’ll stick with my plastic going forward, better rewards that are actually attainable and don’t expire.

  19. I love this app. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it has never failed me. Rewards are great, and the more you use the app the higher your point increase, and it’s all free with basically no ads. You basically just upgrade your debit card into a cash back rewards credit card. Not to mention you can upload gift cards and credit cards into your wallet too. Incredibly convenient, secure, and easy to use, you can start leaving your wallet at home if you want. Fingerprint protected!

  20. this program would not finish the setup after installing. after trying a couple of times I was able to get it to complete the setup and I added my cards. then I turned off fingerprint reading and the app quit working. I called Samsung and we tried many things and reinstalled the app 20 times and never worked again. I have been waiting a long time for there high level tech support to contact me but they won’t. Terrible app! Terrible support!

  21. This app now works extremely well in almost all situations. I have to use a PIN code because my fingerprints are never recognized (too wrinkly, I guess), so it’s an extra step. Occasionally it doesn’t work on older terminals, but that’s getting rarer and rarer. And there are still some cashiers who ask to see “the card,” but I just tell them there isn’t one. (“What are you, new?”) Overall, the app is very convenient, and seems quite stable.

  22. Works for the most part. Certain locations have issues with tap to pay but that’s more of an issue in the United States lagging behind in technology rather than the app itself. One issue that’s quite annoying is how certain things like the advertised cash back shopping fails to work, at least on my Galaxy S9+. Repeated attempts to shop at a linked store come back with a “server not found” error. Searching for solutions recommend things as extreme as a full phone reboot.

  23. Easy to use, very convenient. Can add multiple cards for payment options. A lot more stores are now accepting samsung pay. Changes the buying experience. I think the “chance to win” feature is rigged, the wheel ALWAYS lands on the SAME exact spot. Just a way to make you use up your points, and possibly force you to buy more. I simply use the app for the ease of paying and nothing more.

  24. Carly H dice:

    It constantly bugs out the phone, making it impossible to do anything. It’s horrible!! I don’t touch it, & it’ll randomly start itself, then make noises like when typing + quick screen flashes that interrupt whatever you’re doing. Only way to solve is by force stopping the app, but it can’t be disabled, so it always happens again. Hoping this stays removed!!! Ugh!

  25. The app works ok, but there are a lot of annoying features. When I open it, it often shows the home screen with a lot of sponsored stuff. This creates a delay right at the point of sale. I orginally used this app instead of my credit cards all the time because of the points before I learned they expire quickly even with regular use. I stopped using out for a full year because of this. All this said, it does work fairly well once you turn off all the notifications in settings.

  26. The best part of this app is not only does it work at most terminals, but it also rewards you for using it. A pro tip to remember is to keep holding the phone near the terminal to make sure it processes. Some POS seem to be slower than others and holding it in the vicinity longer prevents any read errors from occurring. Anywhere you need to insert your card you unfortunately will not be able to use it. It works great everywhere else though. Fast, convenient, and rewarding.

  27. What an app! The backward compatibility with older terminals meant that I could phase out a physical wallet with confidence. Loved using it till some time ago, when it became a battery hog. My phone ended up running for only half the time it used to, and it is fairly new (Galaxy S8+) Anyways, had to disable it, and of course my battery drain is back to being normal. Hope Samsung is able to address the problem quickly, and have users like me (there are a plenty) back to using the app.

  28. Really need to add more cards, and more intuitive navigation to membership cards from the favorite cards list. I wish I could have my Chase Business Ink and Target Red card, as well as others. Not sure whether the holdup is due to the card issuer or Samsung, but wish they could get it worked out. From the favorites cards list, you can’t see the back of membership cards which is frustrating. The only way is to exit back out to the main menu, select Wallet, select Memberships, select the card, then select Back. Why? Why not from the favorites selection, select the card and swipe it in order to flip it over to the backside? Seems much more intuitive to me.

  29. I like the convenience of the app. The only thing that I suggest is maybe adding more banks. I live in Lincoln ,NE, U.S. and some banks here aren’t listed as compatible with the app. If it wasn’t for this shortcoming, I would use this app always. Maybe an idea (to stand out from all other apps that are similar) would be to make this a fully fledged virtual wallet; able to hold insurance information or the ability to upload any other important documents that one usually holds in a wallet/ purse. That way everything a person needs can be accessed easily in one, secure, virtual place. Eliminate the need for a person to carry around phyisical items and build on the convince of an already convenient technology. Just some input from a Computer Engineer.

  30. Samsung Pay is super convenient and easy to use! On my Galaxy Note 9 there’s a tab on the bottom of my home screen, so I can literally pay with a swipe to open my virtual wallet, and a fingerprint to authorize my payment and secure my account. I’ve also noticed that it works where Apple and Google pay aren’t supported. I think it must have something to do with magnetization rather than using a wifi system, but I’m unsure. I’m more than satisfied with the app!!!

  31. Katie B. dice:

    App continues to appear at the bottom of my phone screen (including my lock screen) even when the app does not have the permissions or settings. This is aggravating, as I need to swipe up in order to put in my pin to sign into my phone, but swiping up starts up this app instead. Allow me to turn this function off, please, and make the app unobtrusive when I don’t want it. It’s to the point where I would disable the app–if the phone even allowed me to do that. But it doesn’t. Very poor design.

  32. Generally I never have to carry any of my credit or debit cards, which is nice for security purposes. Works well with pretty much any credit card machine, even old ones. I think the reactions from clerks are still awesome, they flip out. I like how you can also have your membership cards on there as well. The rewards points are just an added bonus, and I’ve gotten several items just from rewards points. Great app, great technology.

  33. Super easy to use. just a note, if you factory reset your phone you’re going to need to reactivate your card for the app at least that’s been my experience. The only issue I had was calling my bank to activate my card for the app, which was quick and simple before but now, I’m assuming because of the pandemic, the banks are busy dn I couldn’t get in touch with a rep. Definitely not the app’s problem though.

  34. Offers so many cash back offers and a great wallet to carry payment methods and customer loyalty/rewards cards. My biggest complaint is the ability to use your cash back rewards. They need to give us a way to transfer it off that card or issue a legit credit account number for use online. Otherwise, in my experience thus far, it is basically useless.

  35. Not worth it unless you spend obscene amounts of money. The “rewards” cost a ridiculous amount. I realized this early on, but took the long-term view, thinking that eventually I’d earn enough to get a reward. Yet I never seemed to get above 2000 points. Turns out that not only do rewards require exorbitant points, but points also expire – unless you spend thousands of $ a month through the app, you won’t get a thing. Privacy invasion with nothing in return.

  36. Tim Eby dice:

    Nuisance. The app repeatedly opens without prompt (when phone is on lock screen, not even in use), opens a task bar at the bottom of my screen that I cannot get rid of unless I force stop the app in my settings, and it will not let me remove the app from my phone. Dozens of times this has happened. I do not use it. Yet several times a week it forces a task bar on me and makes me fix it. If your app is going to cause persistent issues, then AT LEAST allow me to remove it from my phone! please!

  37. I’ve been using Samsung Pay for 1.5 years, but I’m looking for an alternative now. The rewards are mostly useless, and recently they’ve removed cheaper items from rewards store. I have Platinum level almost all the time, and I’m making a few purchases a day with the app, but there’s no chance I can save enough points for anything useful. And the points are expiring 😤! The last drop was the S10 ad over the payment screen when I was standing at checkout, trying to pay. That’s annoying 😡

  38. Update – My payment methods only work about half the time and so far I haven’t managed to get a single one of my membership/benefits cards to scan at any retailer. Not one. I’m glad I didn’t uninstall Stocard. Next up… Google Pay. ********************* I’ve only had it in for a few days, and it’s my first payment app for mobile, but so far I’m not terribly impressed. I had to move all my membership cards out of stocard to this app, but the app won’t let you input your own card front picture, it doesn’t accept the same sized pics as what I already had in stocard so I had to take pics of the backs again, verifying my payment options has been a bit of a nightmare that in the case of my bank required I physically go into the bank to get it straightened out (although paypal was the best experience), and the only place to put gift cards that you own is in membership cards. I haven’t had a chance to see if you can actually pay for anything with something in the membership card slot, but I’m guessing probably not. Also, the ONLY thing this app does is swipe the card. Everything else is exactly the same as swiping your card on the machine. You still have to tell it credit or debit, you still have to accept the charges, you still have to sign for charges, etc. So if you prefer to swipe to open the phone, then enter your pin or your thumbprint or your irises, then swipe to open the app, then swipe to select the card, all so you can set your phone against the card reader rather than swipe the card, then it makes perfect sense to use. *eye roll* Finally, the app is about marketing to you and not about making it easy to use. On every freaking screen there is 20 things I have no interest in and I can’t close them to get them out of my sight. I HAVE to scroll through them to get to what I want to use. I wouldn’t mind if I could minimize that long list of rewards offers from places I don’t shop, or if I can tell the app to get rid of the cash back awards and gift card store and samsung rewards and featured deal sections. That wouldn’t leave anything on the home screen but my personal stuff, which would be just about perfect. As it is, it’s just another way to let spammers at you.

  39. I love the app in concept..but it is impossible to use to pay. Whole foods it works 25% of the time. chili’s it never works. and other places are a solid 70% success. I realize that it is likely an issue on the part of the card reader system, but having to always have cash or my credit card on my quick trips, because I will probably need them, totally negates the usefulness of this app

  40. Used to be great. It used to be non intrusive and very convenient…then they decided to include ads. First there was a major bug that would massively reduce battery life, which took them over a month to fix. Now whenever opening the app to make payments, we get a full screen ad that must be dismissed before being able to pay. Looks like I’m going to have to go back to Google Pay :/. The only reason to use this app anymore is for the magnetic strip emulator.

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