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Bring real change to your life with the easiest goal-setting app. Set your goals automatically and customize based on your interests. Build powerful, life-changing habits and improve your productivity! Plan for the long term.

Goal setting is made simple and beautiful with Dreamfora.

No distractions, no ads.


1. Long-term Planning Made Quick and Easy!
⚡ No more stress planning! Dreamfora allows you to set goals with just a tap of a button!
🚀 Discover your passions. Find a dream you’d like to achieve and get started with our plans.
🧠 Utilize achievement plans, guidelines, tips, and resources brought to you by experts.

2. Make Your Journey More Productive and Pleasant
✔ Use daily reminders to stay on top of your workload!
📈 Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly progress in a way that is easy to understand.
⭐ Embark on a beautiful journey of personal growth with Dreamfora’s comforting user interface.

3. Find Your Daily Motivation and Inspiration
💜 More than 1000 handpicked quotes to make each day your masterpiece.
✅ Focus on your daily routine and keep track of today’s habits and tasks.

4. Join the community of 700,000+ happy Dreamfora users
🌈 Encourage and be encouraged by users with similar dreams and aspirations.
🏆 Invest one second a day and applaud the accomplishments of your peers.

Hundreds of goal achievement plans across 8 categories (updated regularly):

Go from dreaming to doing! Start planning with Dreamfora.


Tell us about your experience with Dreamfora! We’re always open to feedback and suggestions on how to make Dreamfora the best app it can be. Let us know what you think at: https://dreamfora-v2.nolt.io

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- Added new dream plans
- Fixed bugs and improved overall performance


40 comentarios en "Dreamfora: Daily Goal Setting FULL"

  1. It’s a good app, very good for setting and accomplishing goals. Very customizable and easy to use. The only problems I have are that if you set the habits in the order you want to do them, it mixes them up. Also, if you click at the bottom “achieve dream” instead of starting the dream it finishes it. Then if you click “achieved dream” it unachieves the dream. Very well-made app besides that, and I will definitely continue using it in the upcoming future. (No ads btw)

  2. This is the best app ive tried for keeping up with my goals and dreams, it keeps me on track and encourages me to try new things, also the “achieved this dream” click is so satisfying once you actually finish what you’re working on. However, the apps been very slow recently and there were times it would freeze + i would have to wait before trying again, i hope this is something that can be fixed. – Update: on May 2022 deleted the app because the freezing became too debilitating for me to use.

  3. Almost good, but kind of frustrating. You can reorder your goals on the Dream page…but then on Today they’re still in whatever the original order they were in. What’s the point of letting people reorder them if the main place you’re going to log goals doesn’t go in that order? 🙁 if there was at least a time of day framework so you could set morning/afternoon/night that wouldn’t be such a big deal but as is it’s very difficult to keep track of what I need to do.

  4. Jen G. dice:

    This app is easily one of the best I’ve installed, but there could be more… When I’m in the TODAY tab, I’m not able to rearrange the dreams I took on, but I can in the DREAM tab. Additionally, it would be wonderful if you guys could implement a feature that reinforces certain habits/tasks not just by day, but also by customizable hours, if that makes sense. I want to hold myself to checking off intervals, not a single checkmark for a task that is repeated x times in a day. 🤗

  5. Dreamfora is a great and easy to use app, the best free and ad-free app I’ve seen for managing long term goals (called dreams in the app). There are some features that could be added to make it a bit nicer, such as a graphical progress meter. This is a product that would be worth spending money on, but I hope they continue to offer a free version with at least the app’s current functionality if they decide to start charging money.

  6. Good customizability. Two stars for the fact that I have to check off my daily tasks several times before it actually keeps them checked off. Note: the app only saves after a certain amount of seconds, so if you made changes and close it before then you get to repeat yourself. Results in days streak being reset because if you check things off before bed and close it, it doesn’t save. Have had to go back and recheck several days worth of tasks. Recommendation to the developer: decrease save time.

  7. The interface is very visually aesthetic and easy to use enough. This app is perfect for people who are beginning to set habits and goals. However, this app does not incorporate the ability to set long term goals by adding more milestones or tasks and thus is not good for anyone looking for a serious long-term planner.

  8. I have only just gotten started, but it’s a beautiful app in my preferred aesthetic that has a wonderful concept of helping your dreams – both small and big come true. It helps you get started with some common dreams we have. It doesn’t seem to pressure you with too many specific steps either. And, at the very least, just having a list of what you want to achieve that’s in line with your true goals is an incredibly helpful reminder in your daily life so that you’ll be more likely to achieve them

  9. I have had this going on 3 days and not only is it free (no in-app purchases) and editable but I love the use of colors and easy-to-use formatting. I feel accomplished (I deal with depression and anxiety and it’s difficult to get stuff done) and it helps remind me to do human things :D. It also has premade options for goals that may inspire you. Honestly, I am 100% thankful for this app and I hope people are willing to try it. Thank you for creating this app♥️♥️

  10. I love the concept, and it’s very aestheticlly pleasing. However, the app didn’t save much that I did. I added my goals, and those saved. I noticed that some of my habits weren’t showing up, so I thought I’d try to delete the goals and re-add them, to see if that would fix it. It did for a bit, but when I closed and reopened the app, all of the goals were still there. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if I’m doing something wrong though.

  11. __ dice:

    Loving the app so far, one small issue, though. I cannot seem to exit the habit creation tab. It doesn’t go away when a habit is created and the only thing I can do to get out of it is to close the app and open it again, but this deletes all my progress as well. Please look into this as it is rather frustrating not being able to create your own dreams.

  12. Dio- chu dice:

    Simple yet helpful app. I love the calm vibes the background gives. And though it takes a bit to load when you open it, its a pretty decent app. Good for people who are beggining to manage their time. Its very easy to use and I love that. Edit: By the looks of it, the creators seem commited to improve this app. Their service is helpful and they provide plenty of feedback. Which is good as you dont see that much often nowadays. Keep it up!

  13. Well structured and designed app. Not just in the sense of Android development, but also the science behind habits and goals. A person needs to be reminded of why he has to do a certain task/habit: in Dreamfora, that would be the bigger dream! So each time I am unmotivated to apply a certain habit or get a task done, I see the dream it belongs to and get motivated again. Great job!

  14. I love the system of this app except one thing: none of my goals for the day are saved correctly! Every day I check off what I’ve accomplished, but guaranteed, it’ll show I’ve done nothing previous for the following day. Very upsetting! My app is fully updated so I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m worried I’ll have to uninstall because of how confusing it’s been to keep track of my progress

  15. Hats off this is one of the best goal setting apps: Its a lot aesthetic, easy to use, no annoying ads and not to mention, free to use. However, this app has flaws, of course. For one thing, I can’t set more than three goals. Now, I understand you don’t want the audience to get overwhelmed, but what if we want to set more habits after we have mastered the others? And when you have mastered the habits, you click ‘achieve the dream’ and that’s it. There is no incentive for me to continuing.

  16. Dreamfora is an amazing app,to just discover and learn to do something you have been meaning to do. The app itself is great,I love the animations and they have goals in almost every category. I recommend downloading the app if you just don’t know where to start on a goal or you really want to achieve something 😉😀🤗💙

  17. this is perhaps the best app to track your progress in achieving your desired dream(s). I love the design so much. But I would like to suggest for this app to have a monthly calendar look where you can select to see if that day is too crowded with habits/ tasks, so that i can adjust and balance it easily. hoping you’ll consider this idea xx

  18. I really love this app! It’s phenomenal! The interface is modern and aesthetic, yet still easy to use. But, it really bothers me that I’m only allowed to add three pre-made routines. Could we have more capacity for pre-made routines? I really want to start another one, but it won’t let me 🙁

  19. I only downloaded this app really recently but so far I’ve just been a little confused 😅 The app seems great, has a good layout and graphics I’m just not sure how to use it and what kind of stuff is, for example, meant to go in the tasks section of a dream. Maybe a beginners tutorial for it would be great! 😊

  20. A flippen awesome app! However, can you PRETTY PLEASE allow that one can add more than 3 dreams at a time (the ‘pre-made’ dreams, not ones I create myself.) There are so many dreams that I would like to do at once and to then have all those dreams in my Today list to tick off, will make this app perfect! It’s so much more pleasing to the eye than just a to-do list on my note app, so I actually WANT TO open your app just for the experience. Please, I would love to add as many dreams as I want. X

  21. It’s easy to use and their ads are not annoying compared to other apps, however there are lot’s of bugs. I suggest you arrange the habits according to their time, increase the number of habits you can set, add some time limit in doing every habits and put up a time on what you have to do for today. I like that you can add different dreams every category. The notes are my favorite part. Overall, this app is nice and really helpful for my daily routine.

  22. A great app that’s FREE, with many premade great goals that cover lot of topics but with 2 big flaws… 1)We can only save 3 premade goals and 40 limited habits?? Come on pls remove this limit. There are so many great goals that you guys made and just saving 3-40 is not enough. 2) The feature that if we are done habituated to a goal, then we finish it and it is gone.. :'( You guys need to make it a permanent daily tracker for all goals and also please add unlimited creating and saving of habits

  23. Dude it’s been 2 days and i can see this app is going to help me for a long time. One thing I would like to remark is the feature to add only 3 goals at a time, I want to say don’t ever change this!! And keep it like this! People (Me actually) will add a lot of goals and won’t be able to keep up with what they wanna do. This app taught me to not carry a load of junk thinking if I get the time I will do more but end up creating a lot of stress and so that’s a lifechanging lesson for me, Thank you

  24. Great App! The only downside is that the app is slow to navigate and very slow to start. I especially like that I don’t need to sign up for yet another account. If you guys add a donations spot that would be cool! I’d like to pay something for your work

  25. the easiest way to see how a dream can become real with a few easy habit and tasks, however, I still haven’t found how to track habits done every day. but I do recommend this app for the ones who need an extra push

  26. Installed recently. Interesting overall with a very cute interface. Would really like to see the following: 1. Habit reminders segmented by day. This will help customize as per weekday/weekend routine. 2. Tasks linked to specific Habits. Progress tracking per habit gives great fulfilment + sense of control. 3. Saved drafts of Dreams. I added Habits with descriptions + Tasks and all was lost after I closed the app.

  27. “Awesome”. Never thought I would follow a routine, but here I am now following a few daily ones. The UI is awesome, reminders work, most importantly it tracks your progress. And how can I forget the daily quotes.

  28. I fell in love with the app at first sight! he’s amazing is everything I’ve ever looked for in a habits app! mainly for the design which is very promising. The only caveat is that I am Brazilian and I would like more people and friends to use the app, but for that it is appropriate that it is translated into Portuguese-Brazil!

  29. An amazing goal setting app that is motivating and fun to use! The clean interface and overall functionality of this app has helped me achieve more than double the goals before I started using Dreamfora. I highly recommend using this wonderful free app.

  30. Amazing + beautiful apps. Please add some statistics so we can analyze the habit. I believe we should maintain a good habit forever. Not just some project that after its done, than we stop doing it.

  31. rebecca dice:

    Very well organized and user-friendly. Pretty flexible, too, you can edit habit “programs” to fit your needs to a degree.

  32. I’m new to the app, so, I took time to make myself be familiar with the features -and so far I get the hang of it. Vaguely, it’s a nice app. I’ll update my feedback once I get immersed in the experience of using the app. Nice aesthetics and unique feature content so far 👌

  33. the interface is very neat and attractive. does not seem to have a paywall for good features. can still improve on alarms/reminders. habits and tasks should be sorted according to time. better if they add a timer for time based habits. should be able to set a habit that can be done in different times in a day like for brushing teeth or drinking water or at least be able to set repeated alerts (hourly, daily, weekly, etc)

  34. I really like the app. Great job! Although, wouldn’t it be better if we could follow people? I mean, I can see who has clapped me and by clicking on their name, it takes me to their account and I can see their feed as well but I would like it better if I could make friends there and get motivated by seeing them working hard to achieve their dream.

  35. I have only been using this app for a week but I absolutely love it! Such creative ideas and useful advice, and no annoying ‘available only if you pay us’ stuff. I’d like to give a special shoutout to the creators for this great idea!

  36. I really love this app, but I have an issue uploading images to my dream banner. Firt of all, I have an Android device buyed this year, but the app chashes, and then I have to close the app and start again whiteout the image. Is there any workaround for this? Thanks 👍

  37. It is a great app. Beautiful UI and with many features. Would be great if it had widgets for the habits and the option to enable reminders for tasks and habits more than once a day, because it’s really easy to forget things, even with a motivational message in the beginning of the day and one at night. But is a great app that could be even better!!!

  38. I love the lay-out and how it is set up. The template goals are very handy and give a perfect idea how to use the app. The visual is amazing. I am not giving 5 stars because I have trouble opening the app. Whenever I open it, my screens goes white. After clicking on the back button a few times I am able to get in. This makes me anxious about losing all my input 😬

  39. When you really love an app, and suddenly they change it completely to a totally new app you never wanted 🙁 The milestones are gone, so that’s hours of planning I had done erased. A feed is now available… full of people I don’t know and didn’t sign up to connect with. I enjoyed setting up dreams and tasks in the old app, it was just for me, not to show off my progress to the whole world! The old interface was great too, no idea why they changed it. Guess I’m back to pen and paper.

  40. ツWill dice:

    Good! This is such a good planner for your life! I really love it! But sometimes it can glitching and lagging. Sometimes buttons can’t be pressed and I have to re-enter to the app to fix it. Task and habit list don’t scroll smoothly. It make me annoy a bit, however app is so good. I will be looking forward to updates. I believe that app is going be the best among his competitors. So I wish It would have a dark theme, be more smoothly, and have more wallpapers.

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