Michaels Stores MODDED 2022


Creativity and savings for kids, beginners and experts in arts and crafts
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Made by you™

You make us more than just glitter and googly eyes. More than yarn, paper, canvas or clay. You— the Makers— make us matter. You make us Michaels. We’re made by you.


Shop thru the app to get what you need.
Locate the closest Michaels store.
Find items in the store using the new Voice Search, a major time-saver!
Check the availability and prices for products wherever you are.
Save your favorite project ideas and products to a shopping list.


See the weekly ad (woo-hoo, savings!) and get coupons for your local store.
Check out faster by scanning your coupons in the app.


Access hundreds of project ideas and everything you need to make them.
Browse upcoming events like Kids Club®, fun-for-the-family MAKE breaks and more. 


Sign up in the app for Michaels Rewards, our free perks program! Members get exclusive offers, receipt-free returns, event invites, early sales alerts and more.

Michaels is the largest arts and crafts retailer in North America, with stores across 49 states and Canada. We’re here for the makers, providing inspiration and crafting supplies across the following product categories: 

Art Supplies

Baking & Party

Beads & Jewelry


Crafts & Hobbies
Custom Framing

Floral & Décor 

General Crafts

Kids’ Toys & Activities

Knitting & Crochet

Scrapbooking & Papercraft

Sewing & Fabric
Tech + DIY
Teacher Supplies


More enhancements and bug fixes in our app!


40 comentarios en "Michaels Stores MODDED 2022"

  1. App or ZFold? I thought the Michael’s app was just not formatted for my phone, but after reading reviews, it’s more likely the app. Items are way large on my screen so I cant see everything all at onetime, like the picutre of the item, the price, the drescription. Then, I can’t see the buttons to add items to my cart or I can only see the very top of the button. Whatever updates were made, perhaps it might be a good idea to go back to the drawing board and rethink this.

  2. Jess dice:

    I hate this new update. I used to be able to search embroidery floss colors easily by typing in the color number, and it would come right up. Now it just comes up as a color group and you have to hunt around for that number. The font is also pretty small, hard to read, so it must not be compared with large font phone settings. Coupons are hard to find as well, it only shows clearance item categories, no coupons

  3. App updated and now can’t find barcode scanner at all! Asked an associate and they had no idea where it is. Lame! 11/04/22 Not that great. Takes a long time to load after searching, when there are a lot of results. Each page takes a long time to load. Can’t zoom on photos to see details. Barcode scanner is hit or miss, mostly miss. Frustrating!

  4. The app works fine, but they removed the “weekly ad” section from the home screen, which highlighted the current featured deals. I get that the company wants to make money and that discounts cut into profits, but as a creative, I’m not exactly loaded, and sometimes the only way I can afford things is with discounts. Making it harder to find those is incredibly frustrating.

  5. The app was better to me before the upgrade. They took away the scan feature which allowed you to scan items in store to know the price. Idk if it was just me but the upgrade also knocked everything off my favorites list! Shopping within the app has changed as well, when looking at something if you hit the back button it takes you ALL that way back to the beginning where you choose a category vs just taking you back one step to the category you were looking at. Not a fan of the upgrade.

  6. J N dice:

    New update is a mess! It keeps changing my current store to Dallas, Texas when I live in Tampa, FL and I have set it to my store twice now. It doesn’t show coupons to scan anymore and most of the pictures of the items are of a blank image showing Michael’s logo. Half the time it will show the image if you keep clicking but it’s defaulted to the logo on just about everything.

  7. This update is awful. If I could go back to the old one I would. Terrible to navigate. Took the bar away frome the bottom so you can’t get to your rewards and coupons easy. I had to try and specify “my store” and it still won’t take it after multiple tries. Please fix this app or roll it back to the old one now.

  8. I loved this app for ordering online. I don’t know what happened, but it crashes constantly for the past week. I have uninstalled, signed out, changed my password and reset my phone. Can you please get the programming team to fix it? WOW! The app has been upgraded and is cleaner and easier to use! Your developers rock!!!!

  9. LegitSi dice:

    New update is awful. It’s removed many options. Can no longer search for yarn by weight, only size. Unhelpful! They don’t offer contact by email, only phone. And the call service is hit or miss. The chat option is extremely limited and basically useless. Customer service has declined immensely. This app is so frustrating, I won’t use it. Michael’s has really been disappointing me lately.

  10. Your latest update made the app harder to navigate, for instance, clicking on ‘coupons’ doesn’t actually show any coupons. I don’t want to see what ‘popular clearance’ there is, that’s not a coupon. I’m already in line to check out and I don’t want to have to click through even MORE useless menus.

  11. I used to love using this app, but the last year has been trying at best! More times than not, when I try to view the weekly ad, whole categories don’t load. Just a blank screen with no further attempt to load. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, rebooted, even waited until I was in the store on THEIR WiFi to pull these categories up… Still no changes. Same problem with trying to pull up rewards. I have better luck loading on the website, than the app

  12. A little frustrating, Ex: In attempting to change a delivery option it kept bringing up the bottom menu bar on the item page. I ended up changing to delivery in the cart. It also tended to load/react slowly despite my Internet connection being fast and stable, which resulted in extra clicks to fix item quantities prior to checkout. But hey, at least it let me log in and didn’t continually empty my cart like the website. Functional, although it could be a smoother experience.

  13. I have had to change my password SEVERAL times. Then, when I reset, the email never comes through until a few days later. Sometimes I don’t realize how close my rewards are to expiring. And at times they have while I’m waiting for my password email. The other thing is that when I try to open the app to search an item or click on something on the app, I get an error code. I’ve Uninstalled & reinstalled, but still the same problems. I’ve even called customer support.

  14. I used to love this app (originally rated it 5 stars) but it is completely unusable now. I don’t know what changed, but it is now glitchy and often completely unresponsive. It suddenly leaves what you are on and sends you to your cart or back to the main menu without any input whatsoever. It won’t even let me access my information in order to change my address or add a single item to my cart. I really hope they fix this soon, because I no longer live near a Michael’s store.

  15. I love Michaels. But the app is sometimes very frustrating for me. It will take forever to load, sometimes it doesn’t load at all. It takes almost 2 hours to place an online order. It works fine when I go to the actual store, but my online ordering experiences have been frustrating. This happens on the website as well. It needs to be tweaked a little bit. Otherwise, love the store, love the stock, love the people, and love the discounts!

  16. This app is terrible. It’s hard to navigate and full of glitches; if you close it more than once it empties your cart, it doesn’t show updated quantities of items until you try to checkout, and instead of giving you categories to browse you have to search for specific items since the categories just brings you to a map of the store. I tried to reset my password to get the points for my order three times, and it never sent me an email. Next time I’ll just go to the store.

  17. I used the Michaels app today for the first time to purchase a poster frame for the “Beatles On The Rooftop” performance. Prior to using this app, I used a browser. Honestly, I found this app to be rather slow and clunky. It seemed to take a long time for the pages to load. I did purchase one item today and after clicking the purchase button to buy, nothing would happen. This went on for way too long before the purchase finalized. It seemed as if everything froze.

  18. The app is good to fair. It tends to buffer a lot while using it, occasionally it doesn’t find barcodes when scanned. (Ex. Closeouts and Clearance) Also, there isn’t an option to zoom in when trying to see the product’s detail. Michaels does offer Wi-Fi to their guests, which is helpful and a nice service.

  19. Ash W dice:

    App is still constantly glitchy and crashes or freezes. I can’t buy anything or even try to look at items. They really need to invest in a quality app because they just miss out on tons of business and it makes the Michael’s brand look bad. These days people are extremely busy and buying online is a required option for stores to offer. If you don’t have an app that works, you are just shooting yourself in the foot.

  20. App is real glitchy, can’t use back button, seriously super frustrating when there are limited quantity of wanted items to purchase and by the time you enter your info….boom “one or more items are unavailable/out of stock at this store”!!!! I had to change my cart at least 10 times to finally be able to get items I could use (though I wanted others more)…it’s just quicker and better to use the website…at least it’s quicker and less frustrating!

  21. Very hard to use. The app keeps jumping back and forth between pages as if I’m in a bad area however I have excellent wifi where I live. I put all my card info in and it didn’t save it so I had to enter it like 5 times total. It didn’t save my new address either. Very hard to use this app. It took 30 minutes to order one item

  22. Torin dice:

    I would give the store 5 stars, but this is by far the worst store app I’ve ever used. It’s glitchy, menus stutter, inputs aren’t always registered. Everything about it is slow. Some screens fail to load. I open the cart and sometimes get a bare, unreadable html webpage. After experimenting a little more, I’ve realized the app isn’t entirely at fault, so I added a star. This app is a wrapper for their mobile site, and their mobile site is absolute garbage.

  23. I love Michael’s and their products, but their app always has problems. It rarely loads when opens, takes minutes to switch between pages and you have to play tag with the keyboard to type anything. It took me over 45 minutes to place an order. I have refrained from ordering in the past, and will again in the future because of this.

  24. It’s very frustrating, the app crashes when I try to go to the coupon section. Whenever I get a Michael’s email it says that I have a voucher available but when I go into my account, on the app or on a web page it says that I have no vouchers available. It definitely needs more work, it’s still pretty buggy. I have uninstalled and reinstalled so it’s not that

  25. Very well organized but super laggy. Not my internet or phone either. Other apps run fine, I restarted my device and cleared memory even. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app after I tried wiping the cache. Maybe too many items but the app as well as the web site are frustratingly slow. Especially when your shopping for lots of small priced items and want a close up Pic of each one individually. Not the best experience but like I said, Very well organized.

  26. This app is so frustrating. The back button rarely works, even the one on my phone doesn’t work. When I’m shopping I would like to look more closely at an item, however, when I do that I have to start my search all over again, filters and all. I could scream. I’m disabled and it is very difficult for me to get to the stores. Some app developers are asleep at the switch here. Uggghhh!!!

  27. The app is mostly annoying. The weekly ad doesn’t show the flyer, just categories so you have to go into each individual one. It crashes all the time or brings you back to the home page if you hit back in the middle of a search. The search bar is constantly closing the keyboard and clearing the text before you’re done, so trying to type in a search is frustrating.

  28. Rissa Dux dice:

    App does not work. Downloaded recently because I thought it would make accessing rewards and coupons easier. Boy was I wrong! I get the “Sorry! Something went wrong!” error constantly. I just opened the app from a notification and that error popped up repeatedly, it was like 8 errors stacked on top of each other. I tried to go to “home” but it did the same. It loaded after a few minutes and I tried to shop but the error came back. Then it froze. Finally just closed it and gave up.

  29. Scott dice:

    Not user friendly (Android). The app itself could be very useful. I love the ability to use coupons and the rewards program. The ability to see what items are in store at select location could be really useful also. Could be. The app itself is extremely slow, and very difficult to navigate. I haven’t a clue if it’s any different for apple phones or products, but for an Android it’s absolutely not. The app/page crashes. Trying to use coupons in store is a nightmare, as is buying through the app.

  30. Very slow to load anything, even on WiFi. Often lags, or freezes, or crashes, or just plain won’t load something with a “Something went wrong” message. Also has an annoying “Thank you for shopping at [specific location]!” pop-up that covers everything when the app launches… Which is another thing to wait for and has to be closed manually. I keep a screenshot of any coupons I can get to load and use that at checkout instead of the app, to avoid having to wait for it to start up in-store.

  31. For the most part, the app is intuitive and easy to navigate. I took away one star, though, for how slow it can be. When trying to check out, one has to wait as the keyboard reloads each time a line is selected to fill in. First world problems, I know, just being honest! Otherwise, it’s an incredibly handy app!

  32. Sheri E. dice:

    This is the most annoying “in your business” app, I have ever used. It does everything it can to gain access to your phone. Don’t fall for their tatics! You can continue to look, order, scan barcodes, etc., without giving it access. I would have canceled the app if it were not for the savings it provides. It is easy to use once you bypass their info stealing road blocks. I only use this app when absolutely necessary because it makes me so angry when it keeps telling me they need various access.

  33. Ny Tiv dice:

    Updated review. Was able to log in now, but cannot search for items, it just says web error everytime. Good thing about it is it doesn’t require to you to log in to use it or get coupons. Frustrating app to use if you are trying to buy something online and pick up in store. App is slow and freezes. Customer service chat is slow and freezes, sometimes the whole chat is completely blank and need to start over.

  34. Not perfect, and it’s a little laggy but it’s at least functional. You can’t easily edit which store to pick up from or access favorites, but till much better than the mobile or desktop sites. I don’t know if Michaels designed their website unusable on purpose, but the app is actually a better alternative then using Michaels website. It’s a trend I hope doesn’t catch on. I’m not a fan of apps for every store in existence, but this has become a necessity to shop at Michaels.

  35. I was a regular online shopper for so long. Enjoyed the great deals and getting my 8 year old granddaughter excited about painting and crafting. BUT NOW …. my app does not work at all!!! I get notices of specials and can’t order. I even downloaded it to another device, and I still get error messages. UPDATE: That was too easy! One complaint, all is fixed! I’m a happy Michael’s online shopper again. Maybe too much! I already got $20 in vouchers. I cant stop shopping! Thank you!

  36. Hope dice:

    It won’t let me use it at all. When I open it, it pops up 3 error messages saying something went wrong, and then a prompt for me to either update the app or exit, but the app is up to date. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing it, but nothing changed. I’m sad cause now I can’t see my deals or access them which I wanted to do since I’m about to be at a location now 😥

  37. C C dice:

    Have had issues with each order while ordering from the app and same say delivery. The app would be best with better follow through on deliveries. There is an obvious disconnect with customer service as well. I tried store pick up as delivery never works and the order took a phone call to the store to get it moving. This was after 9 hours of waiting! Too bad this has potential.

  38. I’ve had better experiences in the past on this app! Something is screwed up, that’s all I can say! It took me 4 hours on 1 day and 5 hours the next day to finally get my order put through and it was only $140 so it wasn’t a super huge order that would have taken that long. Part of it was that I changed the default address but it continued to put my order through for the OLD address, which wasn’t to work! I lost track of how many times I had to re-enter all the data after the tenth!! Ridiculous

  39. I’m old; I hate change. This update is horrible. It won’t update at all on my tablet. Updated on my phone.. ugh! I can’t find anything, it doesn’t remember me so I’ll need to change my password. Too many reviews are having problem changing theirs. And when I tried to look for something, oh my goodness the pictures are so small. I’ll admit it was a little annoying with 24 to a page and changing pages, but gee! You could at least see the item! Back to Joann’s and Hobby Lobby for a while.

  40. The app loads slow or not all. Especially when in the store to pull up the app for shopping or discounts at checkout. Then there is the issue with emailing me for my opinion on my purchases. I always give positive feedback and photos and a few times you stated back it didn’t meet your standards. Well, if that’s the case, don’t ask me anymore. All my art is G rated, fun and Creativity is an art that is teachable.

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