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Enjoy on-demand cooking classes, trusted recipes, and so much more.
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Get the kitchen help you need to be a more confident cook all at your fingertips with Food Network Kitchen. When you sign up for a free account, you can stream on-demand cooking classes with Food Network stars, award-winning restaurant chefs, best-selling cookbook authors, culinary experts – and even some surprise celebrity guests! Search more than 80,000 trusted recipes for every cuisine and occasion imaginable, save your favorites in one place to access later, order ingredients delivered to your door when it’s time to cook, and more. Download now and create your free account to make cooking fun again!

Brush up on basics or master a new technique. Get inspired to try something new for dinner and know your next holiday meal or party will be a hit with the power of Food Network in your hand. Choose from thousands of recipes, tips, and classes taught by your favorite Food Network stars, award-winning chefs, and cookbook authors.

With more than 80,000 trusted recipes, you’ll never be without a dish to cook. Save your favorites and access them across multiple devices at any time, no matter where you are — from the kitchen to the living room to the grocery store and beyond.

Our meal planning tool makes it easy to find and build a meal plan that works for your household. Use what you already have in your fridge or get easy substitutions to save a trip to the store. You’ll find shortcuts, make-ahead tips, nutritional information, and more.

Found something you want to make? Quickly add the ingredients from your favorite recipes to your shopping list; our tool will group and sort your ingredients by aisle. Take that list into the store, or have all the ingredients delivered to your door from a variety of retailers with the tap of a button.

Download now and sign up for your free account to get started.

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Bug fixes and usability improvements, happy cooking!


40 comentarios en "Food Network Kitchen MODDED 2022"

  1. love this app! works better then any other “meal planning” app I’ve tried a lot! it can make you a grocery list for you which is exactly which is so helpful for me! the recipes are just way better then the apps that focus on just meal planning having way more options and ratings. the import recipe from the web is also fast and easy, letting me add more recipes from other websites in under a minute. blows all other meal planning apps out of the water.

  2. Donna dice:

    I’ve had this app from the start and I love all the features. But the search function is the worst ever. It has recently gotten worse in that easily 75-80% say “hmm we can’t find that” or “we’re having problems with our server”. When I actually do get recipes, it shows all other versions before the one requested, even with the chef’s name. Food Network please fix this!! Also, a number of recipes don’t show the correct ingredients or amounts from the show. Very frustrating!

  3. Cory Cook dice:

    This app has the absolute best recipes, hands down. I’ve tried just about every recipe app on the play store. There is one issue that’s preventing a 5 start rating and that it’s this: when you select a recipe from your list of recipes, then back out of that recipe, it sends you back to the top of your list, no matter how far down in the list that recipe was. So you now have to scroll all the way back down to find where you were looking in the first place. SUPER AGGRAVATING.

  4. After the recent-most update the app no longer functioned. Kept getting an “error” message. Took the advice you offered another reviewer and cleared the cache… and data. Sure, that worked, but unfortunately, it also wiped out all of my saved Boards. That said, the ability to + or – the “Yield” amounts would be a nice feature.

  5. There are many problems with this app related to functionality. The inability to quickly scroll side to side is very frustrating. The inability to select a suggested recipe in the search bar makes one believe something has gone wrong with their phone. The fact that the search results can include recipes that have nothing to do what was search seems useless. I really enjoy food network it is the primary channel in our house and I would love to see the app improve.

  6. Always a fan of Food Network, however I was really hoping that with this paid version they would have incorporated two important features: 1. a menu planner where you can save your meals for the week by day instead of hunting them down in the Saves. 2. A shopping list that you can use if you don’t want to use instacart. I am disappointed that I still have to use two different apps for this purpose.

  7. Love the app and easy to look up recipes. I like being able to watch older shows from my favorite chefs. The three things i don’t like is you cannot watch on computer. On fire tv you can’t just get back to the start menu after watching a live show. You have to click back button a lot. If you miss a class it should available in library and i find it is not. I love content but they still need to work out some things. I think it is unbelievable you can’t watch on computer.

  8. I like this app a lot. My only issue is that if I go into a long list like say Top 50 Chicken (just random example) and then either click on a recipe and back out or click on the save ribbon it then scrolls me all the way back up to the start of the list, no matter how far in I was and that’s frustrating. Otherwise I really like this app. I’ve contacted support and will update my review if the problem gets solved.

  9. I just downloaded the new app. I had been a user of the original app for years and had been very happy. I just tried to find a show I had been watching and was VERY frustrated when I went to “all shows” and there are only about 10 different shows listed. PLEASE, PLEASE, add ALL of your wonderful shows so it is easier for me to access!!

  10. Great app with one fatal flaw, no way to print the recipes! Since I like printed recipes (to avoid screen timeouts), having to type them myself is a big annoyance. So many food bloggers have that option! It also won’t allow me to select and copy text to paste and print, and recipes are too long to fit into a screen shot! What a drag, as I enjoy foodnetwork recipes. I’m rating smartphone app as I use it 95% more than my computer where I didn’t try it yet, but not happy with deficit in app.

  11. Has potential and useful tools, but when I use just a couple filters, the results are incredibly slim. I don’t know if it’s because people aren’t categorizing the meals or what, but I can’t spend too much time peeking at each recipes ingredients. “Healthy” is also a vague category. It would be nice to see categories for people with varying health issues, like N/A fatty liver disease and more.

  12. Update: Yes, this is really annoying now. Kudos for limiting how they disrupt the recipes, but I may as well just browse all of the cooking sites now since they’re all full of ads too. I don’t need the app. Original: Not fond of the new ad model for everyone. I would prefer to still be able to pay to not see ads. I’ll give it a shot, but will likely end up uninstalling soon. (Yes, I really hate ads.)

  13. Broken again! Update: issue corrected 7/30. Like the recipes, and find the app fairly easy to use. REALLY dislike that I can’t share the recipes from within that app, nor can I copy/paste them. I’ve had to resort to taking screen shots! For whatever reason, when I click the share icon arrow, I get an error saying, “There was an error when creating the sharing link.” I have been using the app for several months and have NEVER been able to share a recipe easily. Hence, 3 stars rather than 4 or 5!

  14. Used to be fantastic, absolutely hate the new update. Keeps notifying me of great sounding recipes, but they aren’t there when you click on the notifications. And it now feels like a money grab, pushing premium content. Edited to add: I have turned the notifications off completely now. Only point to premium content. Too many free apps with great recipes and ideas out there. Here I come, Tasty!

  15. Incomplete information on organizing recipe saves. Requested help, no response to date. 10/27/19 Thanks for your response. I have no problem clicking on the ‘save’ bookmark in upper right corner of a recipe, however, in doing so, an option does not appear to organize recipe in ‘my boards’. Never had a problem with this in the old app version. 10/27/19 I just downloaded an update to the app and this problem has been solved. Thank you for taking the time to help.

  16. The previous version of this app was so much better. I used to enjoy the daily recipe notifications but now they’re only for the classes which you have to pay to get. I can’t even just get into the app without it trying to shove a subscription down my throat. It may be free but their sales tactics are very annoying. Plus it’s organized in such a way that makes navigation very difficult. Then they use generic responses for bad reviews saying I should be happy because it’s free. All Recipes it is!

  17. I LOVE the app but the search function doesn’t work and hasn’t worked for months. When I tap on search it shuts the app down and I can’t search for anything. I’ve closed the app and reopened it, I have uninstalled and re-installed it, logged out and logged back all numerous times and nothing seems to fix this. 1/2 of the recipes are showing up white so I can’t even see what the recipe in that square is unless I tap on it. I’m getting really frustrated by it and might just delete it completely.

  18. Nice, organized, easy to search for recipes. Nice for new discoveries, but a google search is just as easy to find a recipe. I would never pay for an app, and if I am going to watch a cooking class, I would want to watch on a bigger screen than my phone. What I am really looking for is an app that has a menu planning feature, which this does not.

  19. This app has never failed me. I’ve used the FNK app for the last 6 years, accumulating a recipe book with hundreds of delicious recipes! This latest update took a minute to figure out, especially clearing the grocery list, but it’s so handy to pick a recipe and add all the ingredients to the list and quickly cross out the items you already have (or just delete). It has made weekly meal planning a breeze!

  20. This new app is horrible. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! There is no navigation anywhere to get to a Home screen, couldn’t find any link to all my saved recipes? The graphics are way to big making it very difficult to read stuff because you are constantly scrolling. This was app 101 malpractice. The app does not seemed to be mobile optimized…I may have to delete the app…it’s no longer usable. I have never written an app review, ever, but this is so bad I was compelled to write this review.

  21. Noticed today that the app can now cast to Chromecast devices! This is a welcome change. There seems to be a bug however, the cast will pause if my phone’s screen turns off or if the app loses focus (like when answering a text). The idea of draining my phone battery to cast isn’t a great one, I hope they find a fix.

  22. AWESOME!!! I don’t know why others have had problems, but I just downloaded, installed, and played my first “class.” I LOVE IT!!! I’ve already enabled skill on Alexa Show, so I am ready to go!!! There are not a ton of classes from “celebrity chefs” at this time, but I am sure Food Network will be adding more and more of those! You have a 3-month free trial for the “subscription,” so what do you have to lose? If you don’t like it, cancel before your free-time runs out. I’ll be renewing for sure!

  23. The app allows you to look up recipes and save them into categories. It also alerts you to live classes, if you want to join. Everyday it sends me a recipe suggestion, I can click on the notification and go into the app or dismiss the notification in my homescreen pulldown menu. Just not a fan of the price of the subscription.

  24. Just constructive feedback for developers because I want to love this app: I like the easy access to recipes, but the layout of the recipes isn’t user friendly to me, maybe I’m odd; I use boards to save recipes, but the things I save disappear and I have to search again and try to remember what I saved, so that’s useless; and why can’t I print a recipe? I don’t trust myself with my phone in the kitchen so I want a paper copy. Rework some of these things and the rating will certainly improve! 🙂

  25. Love this app! My husband is able to add the meals he wants for dinner, I then check the shopping list to see what is needed and check off what we already have. He gets the list of items that he picks up on his way home from work! Meal planning and the ability to add the shopping list to share saves a ton of time! Add the fact that the recipes are there in your meal plan and you can watch how to make the meal is awesome! I think this app would be great for the beginning cook and seasoned!

  26. Really great app, I have saved tons of recipes and I’m able to organize in themes, I really love that ability. The thing that I’d love to see added is the ability to use the app on my laptop! I would really enjoy watching recipe tutorials on the computer screen, it would save a little eye strain, :). Thank you, I didn’t realize I could watch on the web, I will check it out.

  27. Absolutely terrible!! For one thing, why does it want permission to read my contacts? And another, my phone was experiencing weird things. Mostly the screen brightness! One moment it’s turned up all the way to the next, it would be turned down. When I put 2+2 together and realised this was the last app I had installed. Needles to say, I uninstalled it and I haven’t encountered any more weird stuff going on with my phone. So, as far as this review goes, if I could give it a zero, I would…

  28. Disappointing experience with this new app. I was incredibly excited. It’s not compatible to chromecast. I can’t watch it on the big screen. The “live” videos are always on encore. I have yet to catch a real live video. Furthermore I’ve noticed the recipes are way too simple. Grilled cheese! Really. C’mon. The app should have options for advanced homecooks. Navigation with swiping right is not as comfortable as navigation scrolling up. Think “ig” navigation please. I want to like app!

  29. App used to be great. It was helpful, functional, and easy to use and navigate. Now its only use is to get money out if its users. They show you almost only their”premium content”that can only be unlocked by annual subscription, your saved recipes are hidden deep with in the app and are no longer just one tap away. It’s a money scheme now. Its not good enough for you to pay for their channel through your they want more money to access the content on their app. Tasty will be my go to now.

  30. Initially, I thought the application was delightful. It had so many terrific recipes to try. Then I found out that when you print them out, part of the last step is not included. So you basically have to have your phone available at all times…dough covered hands & all. I have not saved any, so I don’t know whether the entire recipe is saved or not..

  31. Everything a cook should every want or need from novice to expert! The recipes are easy to follow and it’s so easy to find recipes of your favorite chefs!!! It’s easy to create a place to save all their recipes. The videos are even more exceptional. I love my Gordon Ramsey and Bobby Flay! Have made some amazing recipes from the both among the other greats that are here.

  32. The dietary preferences don’t seem to matter. I put in that I’m allergic to shellfish and dairy and the first suggestions are shrimp scampi and enchiladas smothered in cheese. It seems like there is enough information in the original post. I put the dietary restrictions in as part of the settings a long time ago and one of the top things “recommended for me” today is mozzarella sticks. The app is up to date.

  33. So disappointed in this app. I can download the app on my phone and TV but the premium subscription will not work. I keep getting error messages. We’ve tried several times, and contacted customer support through Amazon but the issue was not resolved. Luckily I was able to cancel the subscription the same day. Bummed because there were many shows we wanted to watch.

  34. J Barrena dice:

    Food Network app – though it used to be almost perfect, their monetization mods have diminished its usability as a go-to reference. The user interface is now overly cluttered. I still use it on occasion but generally it’s now a third or fourth choice, as there are far friendly websites to research recipes, techniques, etc.

  35. I’ve tried a lot of free and free-to-try meal planning/cooking applications. This is the only one I’ve actually paid for, because I thought it was worth it. The software is stable, easy to use, it has some great recipes, and I love the find-by-ingredient function. It’s not perfect (I would love more control over the meal plan function; that would make a five-star review 😉 ), but it’s damn close.

  36. Paul Bly dice:

    I have had the premium subscription for a couple of years and worked fine, but once I upgraded my phone I lost access to my subscription. I have even tried to repurchase a subscription and it informs me I am already a member, but have not gained access to my membership. It’s too bad because I love the app, if I can’t get this fixed I’ll cancel my subscription.

  37. I always find a good recipe to try and I love the added classes they have now. I learned how to make macarons! There are a few glitches with recipes that disappear from the right side of the screen when I’m on a particular chef, but if I touch the blank spot on the screen the recipe pops up. The reviews on each recipe are essential to recipe success because people will tell you how their’s failed, so you won’t make the same mistakes.

  38. I love the recipes! After I installed this app my phone ringtone kept changing every time me phone rebooted over a couple weeks.. I couldn’t figure out what had changed and as soon as I uninstalled the food Network application my ringtone no longer changes when my phone reboots. Sounds like you guys got a bug you need to fix, please. I have uninstalled the app and will only look at it from a website until this is corrected.

  39. Great Variety of recipes! I’ve made so many delicious dinners for my family and the Bourbon infused desserts are my favorite! I simply wish there was an option to list the ingredients I have in my pantry and for the app to tell me what I can make. I haven’t upgraded to the Premium Membership with the classes and what-have-you, they may offer that feature! I’m just referring to the options I have in the free app.

  40. The app has shopping list for your conveniences. However, it does not allow to delete a recipe if you mistakenly add two recipes to your list. For that reason, I take off one star. Revised: Add more details The feature “clear the list” allows me to clear everything on my list. But I only need to clear the recipe B added by mistake and keep the recipe A on my list. Currently, I can’t do that. I have to clear the whole thing. It might take time to find and re-add the recipe back. Great app.

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