Gosund – include NiteBird MODDED 2022


Control Gosund and NiteBird devices more conveniently, making the home smarter
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Easily build smart life in the cloud(include Gosund and NiteBird devices)
• Remote control of household appliances, peace of mind, power saving, open whenever you want
• Can add multiple appliances at the same time, one APP controls all smart devices
• Support for voice control smart devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home
• Intelligent linkage, automatically run smart devices based on your location temperature, location, and time
• One-click sharing device for family and friends, the whole family can easily enjoy smart life
• Receive notifications to get real-time information on your home
• Quickly connect to the network, no need to wait, enjoy the speed experienceT


• Fix bugs


40 comentarios en "Gosund – include NiteBird MODDED 2022"

  1. Tom Jones dice:

    This is a very simple app to use, and it controls the GoSund fixtures well. It also works with Alexa, I’m not sure if it worked with other voice operated apps. It is easy to add and delete fixtures from the app. It’s not as intuitive as to how to group them together, but with a little trying you’re able to easily group things together. You can set routines so that, for example, a series of lights come on at dusk and come off in the morning. It’s an effective set of products and app. Strong Buy!

  2. I’ve been using Gosund Bluetooth plugs for 2 or 3 years and am very happy with them. I’ve had no problems with them at all. The instructions for setup are easy to understand, as is the setup itself. I am planning to buy more Bluetooth plugs. They will without question, be from Gosund. My only criticism is that I wish the plug strips they sell came with USB-C ports and not just USB.

  3. Gary Y dice:

    I’m very satisfied with the ability to be able to set automations, however, I have had some issues with how the software functions and the inability to go back and change settings once automations have been set up. I have sent an email an for support. No response. I cashed but no answer. I am now trying to connect Alexa to Gosund, however, it continues to give me an error regarding the password. I have tried to change it but gosund will not let me click done to change it.

  4. I have changed my review on this product since my 1st review. Both things have been addressed. Ads have decreased and after this must recent update my Samsung phone no longer gives me a notification that this app is running in the background. Thanks! I will continue to use this product & recommend! ADS! They reduced them a bit but still annoying to see them constantly. At least I’m not forced with a full screen ad as soon as I open the app. Anymore. CANNOT stop the app without a forcestop.

  5. Color changing lightbulbs are just awesome! I have an Alexa that I hooked the lightbulbs up to so it does an even more amazing job of setting the lighting mood, while only having to use my voice. Only drawback is sometimes the lightbulbs don’t change to the color that I told Alexa to change it to. Other than that, the lightbulbs are amazing. Good investment. Will definitely be purchasing more in the near future.

  6. I absolutely hate the updated look and function.. I hate that the big power button on each outlet’s function page has been replaced with an outlet icon that doesn’t even match my US outlets; the big power button made more sense. And I hate that the timer feature has been replaced with a countdown that is not nearly as user friendly as the timer was, it’s way too easy to scroll passed a specific hour or minute.

  7. Using smart outlets for lamps currently. Works as expected! Easy set up and programming. It would be great if I could set a vacation mode that might randomize lights on/off pattern. But I can manually adjust any lamps if needed. Was able to share app and light settings with son so he can control, too. Very happy with purchase and bought 2 more.

  8. I already bought several of your products… but the constant ads are insuring I won’t buy any more. You aren’t concerned about the customer experience and it shows. Not only do I have to close ads every time I open the app to access features….my notification bar is forever notifying me that this app is running in the background. No other app is doing this. A force stop is the only thing that works, temporarily. Stop with the greed and taking my phone over!

  9. HORRIBLE. Every time I install any products. The app starts to go into a never ending circle. Which I then have to uninstall the app, and reinstall it to make it work, again. Right now…I have done this close to 6 times. So, I have maybe 5 lightbulbs left, and right now I am looking for something else. It is NOT the ADS. You hit on a block and the screen goes blank and then a circle goes around and around. I have to uninstall it, and reinstall it, again. To get to back to a normal page.(9)

  10. Works really well in my kitchen. One key feature that’s missing is ***the ability to save custom color creations for future recall. The app doesn’t even give you the RGB values. It also stays in my notifications and I have to force stop to get it to completely close. But it’s fun, and I like the music and mic reactions.

  11. Nob Odii dice:

    Horrible. The app is really a store with ads packed almost everyplace. Wanna use more random one bulb in a room and control them on one easy screen…nope, each bulb has to be set one by one. Has a widget that looks like it would be perfect to use…but it doesn’t work either. Bulbs are great tho but the user experience is so horrible they’re already back in the box and being sent back. I’ll gladly find a different brand that actually has an app and not a storefront posing as one

  12. They did away with the ads. The app crashes constantly. I have to go to settings, then apps, then to Gosund then click on “force stop” and confirm I want to force stop to force stop the app EVERY TIME I open the app. As a previous reviewer stated, the screen goes blank (white) and a circle goes round and round forever. It is getting really old (Samsung Galaxy A53).

  13. Max Herr dice:

    About 2-1/2 years ago, I installed a Gosund Smart Switch in my master bedroom and it quickly and easily paired with the App. It worked perfectly all this time until this morning when I went to manually turn on the lights and … darkness prevailed. I could turn the lights on and off with the App, but had to replace the switch. I had purchased a 4-pack and still had 3 available. 10 minutes to swap out the switches and 2 minutes to pair it with the App. Don’t know why the switch failed so soon.

  14. Simon Tam dice:

    While the app does what it is supposed to (control outlets, schedule/automate, etc.), the overall experience is very frustrating because it is constantly bombarding you with huge ads and the app cannot be closed unless you force stop it through Android settings. It’s probably best to just connect with Google Home, Alexa, or another smart device app so you can avoid using this one so all

  15. The app was functioning perfectly fine for over a year, until recently. Now, every time I open it, it keeps running until I go into the settings to force it to stop. Idk what y’all did, but it’s aggravating. I uninstalled the app from my phone & only left it on my tablet because I’m afraid to keep forcing stop so much on a device I need as much as my phone, but then I can’t control my gosund devices when I’m away. It’s not helpful.

  16. Half good, half bad. While the app isn’t bad, the home screen is clogged with pictures and just… Stuff. My biggest complain is, once you get your item connected, just pray to whatever is holy for you that it doesn’t get reset , deleted or you don’t lose power. Reconnecting your device is haillllllllllllll. No joke, it took me close to ten tries to reconnect after a power outage. Recently the lamp was resent on accident and I still can’t reconnect. It’s been 3 days of constant trying. Good luck

  17. The app is great! It’s almost perfect, even helping me connect to smart devices that wouldnt connect to their own app. I only have one problem, but its a big one for the automation routines. When I go to set my location, it opens to a blank page with a Google logo, and will not load the actual map. I’ve tried a few different methods to remedy the situation myself (no luck). I would REALLY like to give this app 5 stars, and will amend my review, if, and when, I can work it out with support.

  18. The recent fix helped with the app in finding my location. That is helpful. The app still doesn’t change to scene when I set up automation. It always reverts back to white lights. Not very smart. Still, I am able to have lights turn on and off in different parts of the house at different times at different levels if brightness. We had a power outage the other night and some of my smart devices have dumbed up by not running on schedule. Not sure but I think I may have to redo their automation.

  19. It does what it’s supposed to do, once you figure it out. But there is a whole lot of room for improvement. It looks like it was thrown together quickly, focusing on function rather than form or ease of use. The widget can be made a LOT better looking, have more options for colors and icons (custom would be nice), and an easy way to rearrange the buttons is sorely lacking. The option to make more scenes is needed. Text placement throughout could use a bit of work, like moving whole words to a new line rather than splitting a word down the middle. The UI isn’t all that intuitive, and some general prettying up would also help.

  20. Great devices ruined by terrible software. A myriad of problems. When you open the app, it sits for a moment before loading shortcuts and weather. Why do I need to see weather in a light and plug app? This promotes clicking on the wrong thing. Another issue is you can’t customize the layout of the app. We frequently hit the wrong lamp because even if you select a room, if you leave and come back, it returns to all devices. They are supposed to make life easier, not more complicated.

  21. I don’t know what all the bad reviews are about, the app is super easy to use and it connected to my phone and wifi with no problem. I made sure to use the 2.4G band and typed the name of the wifi exactly as it appears including caps. I’m not even close to my router! My one complaint is that you can’t set the timer in the app to turn off the plug with your Google Assistant, but I think that’s more a problem with Google!

  22. I wish I could return this “smart” plug but I can’t; I waited too long to install it. I can’t get the app to connect. No, there’s nothing wrong with my Wi-Fi connection; it sits there, blinking in blue. I’ve tried to reset/unplug it, uninstall/reinstall the app, make faces at it – nothing works. I read the directions for adjusting the router and, I’m fairly computer literate, it almost takes a computer engineering degree to understand those instructions! I’m done; it’s going to the thrift store!

  23. Corey dice:

    All of a sudden the “Gorgeous” scene I programmed 8 or 9 months ago just quit working, along with the other 3 programmable scenes. The other color settings, including “Music”, still work, don’t yet know if the “Schedule” feature still works. 8-8-22 at some point in the last 6 weeks it did start working again. Totally random, nothing I did, it probably kicked in within the first week or so. Whatever, it’s all good

  24. DeWitt dice:

    They changed their app since the last time I had to deal with it. I was moving everything to a new network, but their devices have no controls over network in the app, only to test it.. so I had to remove them all to reconnect. And now they won’t connect at all. No real problems before aside from slow setup times. But now setup doesn’t seem to work at all, auto or manual, following all instructions.

  25. CJ G dice:

    I recommend manually setting it up, auto set up didn’t work for the Nite Bird bulbs. But the process was simple. Also, it may save a time to create your “Home” and the rooms. This way you can link the bulbs at the end of the install process, it saves a few steps later on. I love the variety of options that come with the app from the colors, to the auto mood environment settings, to the scheduling, to the fact that I don’t need to move to control them. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  26. Dave W. dice:

    Once you have the device installed properly, this app is easy to install and configure and it looks cool and works great! (Tip: Make sure you don’t have a VPN active on your phone while configuring the switch because that may prevent the device from connecting to your home network). It’s easy to turn on and operate the dimmer from the app. I’ve also setup my Echo Dot so that Alexa can operate it with voice commands and it also works with Google Assistant. This is my first smart switch so I’m looking forward to trying some more Gosund switches and plugs to automate devices in my home. You can add many more devices to this app.

  27. The switches work well and you can set up automation easily. So, why 2 stars? Every time I open the app, instead of being able to quickly easily turn my hardware on and off, I’m forced to wait for a full-screen ad to load and then close (or accidentally click on) it. I’m happy to learn about your discounts! I’m extremely unhappy for them to forcibly delay my ability to use your product! Edit: The ads now take even longer to load and are harder to dismiss. What a garbage marketing department.

  28. All devices have gone offline several times and had to be reinstalled. Now I find the user interface changed. I get little boxes for each device; now only part of the devices’ names are visible. There was no reason to do that even if underlying programming needed fixing. I don’t care if someone thought it looked better. Screwing with the interface screws with users who have to deal with this constantly. Change developers’ car dashboards and handling–see how they like it.

  29. Like others here I noticed that app recently crashes when I attempt to go inside the details of smart plugs to change their timers. I found that this happens for devices that are not associated with a room in the house — once you do so (via “room management”) the application worked again and I was able to re-set the timer schedules for the plugs. Hope this helps some of you!

  30. Buggy and poorly designed. No instructions! Can’t delete an unused room. Can’t assign more than one device to a room. Server errors requiring frequent reboots. And ‘works with Alexa?’ Yeah, good luck with that. May or may not work. When it stops working, set aside some time because you’ll have to delete and re-do everything. Can’t wait to replace this junk!

  31. Best app for controlling your wireless devices, easy to set up, configure and easy to use. Can you add a notification feature for devices left on “ON” position for length of time I can set for? Like a reminder to turn it off? I left one of my wall switches connected to a fan and forgot that it was on for 3hrs. I know I can use your timer feature but this might be easier option on certain devices. Thanks!

  32. So far, the app can be a bit clunky to learn. We got it for the smart bulbs. I have no complaints with how the lights function, however, it will not find the home location even if permissions are fully enabled. This needs a fix. As it stands, anything I want to automate by my location is unavailable. I see a lot of other people are having this same problem.

  33. Switches used to be connected to the network all the time. Now they’re getting offline over and over while the rest of the house has no connection issues whatsoever. Until I connect the cell phone to the same WiFi network and use the app, the switches don’t pick up network anymore. I can understand for the cell phone and app to be on the same network for initial setup but it shouldn’t be a requirement after initial setup since I could be away from home and still want to use the lights.

  34. Review Addendum – added after several months usage. I still rate the app a 5. I run my Wi-Fi at only 20% pwr, yet have no connection problems; despite some devices being over 70′ away. Wish you could reorder the positions of the various devices on the app’s screen. Once I’m sure I’ve got all the entries inputted (about now), I plan to reset all the devices, entering them in such an order as to produce the final order I want. Mentioned in the earlier review – wish I could set the default background to something softer than bright white. Wish Groups could have Home Screen icons added. Wish you could Group the Smart wall switches. Original review – Been using the app, now, for several months. Delayed posting, as several reviews mentioned difficulties/unreliability with/of the app. At first, I thought they might have something. But… every time (frequently, at first) that I thought the app was messing up… it actually turned out to be my fault. Like forgetting/leaving my phone in Airport mode (my most common screw-up). It also took me a bit to get the Scheduling function down. I kept forgetting to set the proper AM/PM settings; or, set an On schedule, w/o setting an Off schedule. Since having figured all that out… I’ve found the app 100% reliable. No Wi-Fi issues, at all. As far as the app’s usability, there is one nit-pik of note – the bright white background is very annoying when all the lights are off, or dim. I also had great difficulty, initially, setting Groups; because I couldn’t find the Group setting function, after having initially stumbling onto it, early-on. Turns out, you hit the little icon to Name the item (or Group) being controlled, and, whalla, its halfway down the page. Once I had the memory established, no more difficulty. I also had little use for the Schedule function – initially. Once I started making Groups, though, I soon found the timer function invaluable. Feature-wise, the app is rich. I only wish I could set the background color to something softer. I also noted that the blue under the Color function for Gosund lamps puts out some UV. I positioned a couple of (Grouped) lamps to function as mosquito ‘magnets’. Not as good as a purpose-built unit with a fan & CO2 output, but keeps them away from my bdrm; so… functionally useful, nonetheless. All told, a very good app. I also tried the SmartHome app, that several reviewers were so adamantly recommending as superior; but could never establish Wi-Fi link-up. Beyond that, the various screens seemed the same as in the Gosund app. Same problem with the EufyHome app. It could find/identify my newly-bought/arrived Eufy Robovac, but couldn’t link to Wi-Fi (and, thus, the vac). Due to that, also useless controlling other things (screens also look identical/similar to SmartHome and Gosund apps). As time continues to pass, I rather expect that I’ll continue to find additional functionality in the app useful to my particular case. Again… good app – highly reccomended!

  35. The ads are intolerable. In order to turn on lights in my own home I am forced to see the company’s ads?? Shouldn’t buying the product be enough? Don’t bother turning ads off. They reappear after about a week. Go with another brand. The reply to my message indicates a need to email customer service. So I have to send an email to get ads removed? It keeps getting better. Why isn’t this just an option on the app? BUY A DIFFERENT BRAND!!! There are many better options. Gosund is terrible.

  36. Gil Galey dice:

    Works well, but I have two requests: one, dark theme for the app. Two, multiple bulbs actively listening in music mode simultaneously. You can use the app to put multiple bulbs in the mode at once however I have not found a way to have more than one actively sensing music yet. I have upgraded my review to five stars, as after a very responsive customer service I was informed on how to control multiple devices in music mode. This is a wonderful setup and I am happy to have it!

  37. sonny dice:

    I love the product but… As of recently the wireless wi-fi ports and outlets will randomly turn on and off and it’s happening with all four of my wireless socket parts. The worst part is I’m not notified when the devices are on or off so when I’m at work I’m unaware that my devices are turned on until I get home or when I am using those devices they will randomly cut off for no reason. Is there a fix???

  38. I LIKE: – ability to create groups and scenarios. – ability to add a custom pic to devices. – idea of auto scenarios but havent used yet. I DON’T LIKE: – can’t use a custom pic for a scenario. – can’t use a custom pic for a device group (this was very very frustrating!) – can’t change device display order (despite ability to change scenario display order). It’s a good start and can be great with easy tweaks!

  39. Kevin dice:

    It was great for the price when I bought. However, recently they have started showing ads every time I open the app which is really gets in the way and ruins the experience. Classic sucker move. I am considering other apps or even plug. I don’t want to be irritated every time I want to turn something on / off.

  40. This is a great product. The instructions are very easy to read & understand setting up the products are very simple with no hassles. The app. works great along with the features they’ve added. There is a timer & an on/off timing schedule they both are very useful. All in all I highly recommend purchasing the Gosund products along with using the free app. that goes with them.

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