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Start using your digital membership card from day one by downloading AARP Now. As a member, you can access your digital card anytime from the My AARP tab and join/renew with a tap. The app also gives you access to relevant news stories, local events and nearby member benefits, including limited time member offers.

Make the most of your membership by downloading AARP Now today!

Get instant access to your digital membership card, join AARP, or renew in seconds. Plus, manage your account, wherever you are.

Catch up on the latest news in just a few minutes; the AARP Now App features daily stories written with you and your mobile lifestyle in mind.

Explore hundreds of nearby events, from career workshops and movie showings to kid-friendly events, and quickly register for them right from the app.

Search for benefits and discounts in your neighborhood. Offers are added monthly.

Set push notification reminders for upcoming events or when deals you’ve saved are nearby. Reminders can easily be managed in settings.

Get more from the app with the AARP Rewards program, now part of AARP Now! Earn Rewards points for downloading AARP Now and sync your favorite fitness tracker to Rewards in the app to get even more points for steps, swimming, and cycling.

Not a problem. Non-members can still use the app and learn more about how AARP is protecting and improving the lives of the 50 plus.

If there are AARP services or information you are unable to find in the app, we encourage you to visit on your mobile phone to access them on the go!


• We've made improvements to enhance the security of your AARP account.
• We've improved access to AARP contact information & Help in My Account.
• We've addressed a few known issues for a smoother experience in AARP Now.


40 comentarios en "AARP Now 2022"

  1. Michael S dice:

    CONSTANT problems with actually earning points. Constantly getting the error message “Sorry, no points this time. We are experiencing longer than expected delays in your points awarding. Please check yout transaction history in a couple of minutes.” This started about 6 months ago. I have uninstalled/reinstalled. So annoying that this is a reoccurring thing cause I know, from looking at my balance, I’m not getting most those points. I used to be in the 300k, and building. Now I’m barely at 150k.

  2. Tom T. dice:

    All of a sudden I am getting way too many notifications/alerts from the App. I did not change any settings, so apparently they were changed when an update occurred. I am going to set up blocking of all notifications and most likely will not be renewing my membership when it expires. Too many notifications and emails!

  3. Trish B dice:

    Medicore at best. There should be better ways to find things in my area. Asked to search for restaurants in my county and gives them for 100’s of miles away. Don’t think so. Also, insane that when you hit Learn More it takes you online and you need to enter password again. I use apps so I don’t have to constantly enter passwords as they are all different.

  4. Won’t accept my email. Baffles me that there are apps and web sites that still don’t allow email addresses with special characters, a hyphen in my case. Also, when I hit the registration button, I can see the “check for a valid email address” message, then the app locks up. I have to kill the app to get out. This app is not ready for prime time.

  5. Downloaded the app. It told me I was entering the incorrect password. I definately was not! Retried several times. Uninstalled the app! As most other reviewers have said…PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS! One can’t even get past the log in. I’ll come back and try again in the future. No one has time to keep playing to get into an app. It’s sole purpose is for on the go, quick access. This problem has dated back for many months.

  6. I’m an AARP member, pay dues and make donations and still have to watch ads to get to some places, like doing puzzles, etc., to earn points. This frustration is exacerbated by having to click through so many screens to get there. Then, after all that effort, the options to redeem rewards is pathetic. Most reward opportunities are just to get into a drawing for something. And for the few options to use a extremely high number of points for a $5 reward, the merchants are few and not popular.

  7. The screen when you choose a trip, room, or flight; locks out and keeps closing out, Finally, does not give the option to return to fix or change or add anything or even save. please fix it give an option to save the work you done and a return without starting all over. wecstill log us out 5 time and we started all over again. please fix it more easy friendly to purchase trips. Thanks!

  8. Jack Curl dice:

    Don’t know much about app, don’t really use it. I just wanted it for the bar code in case there’s a discount I can use. But with that comes a barrage of notifications (five yesterday, three so far today). Basically notifications are all or nothing — can’t get just offer notifications without getting all the other notifications. This is exactly why I didn’t want the app, and it’s why I will not renew my membership. Not related to the app, but AARP-related physical mail accounts for approximately half of the mail I now get. But it’s all INUNDATION, far too much to at all be considered helpful.

  9. No SD card and ads ads ads The app is actually decent with some nice features… allows you to browse discounts and such easily. Much like the website, the graphics are garish and over the top IN YOUR FACE for almost everything. The most annoying thing is they don’t allow moving the app to your SD card. Presumably that’s done so they can blanket you with every kind of push notification. Annoying and uninstalled because my local phone storage is full enough and this app doesn’t make the cut.

  10. Luci Arel dice:

    Yikes! Applying for a life policy through the app, and I need my membership number. It would be great if it would have carried over and populated, but okay. Since I don’t have my physical card handy, I had to back out of the almost complete application to look it up. Then, on my second try, when I looked up my bank info for billing, the AARP app lost the application process! Lastly, there’s no chat or feedback option in the app! We’re not all dinosaurs.

  11. 9/30/21 The app was finally working and I got Goggle Fit to sync my walking with your app. But on 9/28/21 I walked over 6000 steps and it never got logged. I checked and both apps are set up to read and sync together. 7/11/20 The app still has bugs. It is NOT fixed. Everyday it freezes . I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Can’t you fix this??? I have the latest updated version because I keep having to uninstall it and reinstall it. FIX IT!!!!

  12. App freezes at start up screen. And all I see is red. Can we please fix this. I have some things I would like to enroll in on the app. Was working fine until the update. Thanks. Hello, me again. You got the freeze at startup screen resolve, thank you. But now I go to the renew screen and it freezes on the loading screen. One more repair please 🙂

  13. The mobile app is clumsy and slow. Navigating to anything useful takes hours! The chat function is even slower and mostly leads to solicitations. AARP advertising must take a disproportionate amount of subscription dollars. Notifications are excessive and constant and the only option is to disable them completely. Ridiculous.

  14. It is kind of annoying when I click on a notification on my tablet and I have to pick it up and rotate it. It would be nice if the app would re-orient to landscape mode. Not everybody does everything on their phone. Most Android apps already do that.

  15. Garbage app. To change anything requires a password. Fine. Once you enter the password you can’t hit enter or anything else to proceed. The app is stuck and won’t go any further. You can’t exit the app either shut it down. Nuked this complete waste of time and effort.

  16. have had so many problems with accessing and using my account. I even changed login several times hoping that would help. No luck. Last resort was to email for assistance, no reply. keep getting emails, texts for offers that I can’t take advantage of.

  17. sw carter dice:

    Updating membership: I visited your site to print out a new membership card and while there, my goal was to update the number of cards needed. I wanted to delete my deceased husband’s name. There are no options to update the number of cards or request only one card. Now, if I missed that option, please let me know. I don’t need two cards. Thanks

  18. Silas U dice:

    This app is extremely easy to navigate. It literally shows you what to do one step at a time. You don’t need to a computer wizard to use it. The advertisement are very educative and informative. Very highly recommended.

  19. Terrible App because it’s not interactive. There is no place to ask a question or get help about your subscription. You would have to go online to their website for that. Save the space on your phone and don’t bother downloading.

  20. Love the site, informative topics pop up. Though would like to either save or share an article, instead of having to go to website if I don’t need to. I do use the full site at least every couple of weeks.

  21. dreadful site, constantly failing to.load and rewards piece is a horror show. under maintenance constantly but never fixed, sorry we need more time upon completion of videos, just rubbish.

  22. Amazing membership and rewards you can actually redeem points for and get points playing there games and doing daily articles and much more plus you save so much money with prescription drugs and well on everything!!!! Yes everything HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! THANKS A.A.R.P. LOVE ALL UR APPS !!!

  23. AARP is a waste of time and money and is about to cost me my job with 10+ spam calls I am now getting a day. My phone is ringing at work all day long. I set my account to not share my information. On top of it all when I try to access my settings in the app it won’t go past enter your password screen. I am shocked at the poor customer service and overall experience with AARP. AARP is a huge SCAM!!!!

  24. tim ttt dice:

    average. news is same as mainstream news. discounts don’t always work. games are entertaining. rewards points don’t accumulate easily on mobile device..there are always glitches…

  25. my main concern is the amount of contacts and emails I receive from AARP. I get sometimes 5 to 6 a day. Is this necessary? Second suggestion would be providing a link to further info. There is no point to have a 300 word essay on many topics some of which aren’t interesting to all or aren’t needed immediately. Just my 2 cents worth. SLB

  26. I love the articles about senior friendly people places and things. They really help to adjust to my new normals. I can feel comfortable and confident when I know that I am not alone.

  27. I rejoined & paid, then I was asked to verify something & couldn’t get back to the correct screen. So they started over including another pay up. Nope. I’m done & they’d better refund my $$

  28. Good overall, but could really use a search function (and if that already exists it needs to be prominent on the home screen).

  29. Opens some stories in a browser page that requires you to log in again. Also keeps a button asking me to renew even though my subscription is good for two more years.

  30. That AARP Minute was helpful in summarizing quickly what types of food to focus on, and tips for what types of places night be good for solo travel.

  31. The app has recently gotten better. when I first got the app, i could not go on the app without it messing up. It is much better now. it is still hard to follow at times, but I can see the improvement

  32. M. Turner dice:

    I have been a Member of AARP since 1991 thru 5 major hurricanes 3 major flooding and a Pandemic and I have never been able to get assistance with lodging or anything when membership was needed. Unless u have plenty money to go on world cruises, etc. 1 off here & there will be your bonus for membership. why I stayed as a member so long because they fight for seniors when politicians openly suggest Death is Always an Option 4 Seniors2improve economy.

  33. Bon Val dice:

    A great resource for health, finances, tips, saving money on purchases, vacationing, and so much more! I find the website to be invaluable!

  34. This is a great app. It is useful and I have already found lifelong and NYL Life Insurance on it and I like the rewards although the rewards need to be a little better.

  35. for the most part, they bring me highly educational and informative content. I’m learning a lot at 60 that will serve me well into retirement. you can’t beat it for a credible information resource

  36. This app is very helpful and isn’t complicated to use or understand! Thank you so much AARP!! You guys did a great job making benefits easy to access! ~Everyone Needs This!

  37. A AARP Member I am thrilled to pass this account to anyone over 50. They were there for me countless times in time of car trouble on the road, they were there for discounts at hotels, discounts at restaurants and many many many more.

  38. SL Smith dice:

    Great reward system/savings, fantastic information center on things like Social Security/Medicare, fun games, and interesting articles. Highly recommend joining.

  39. I’ve tried multiple times to log into this app & it will not log me in. All it does it think… I’ve used other devices & the same thing. This isn’t a good start as a new member!!

  40. App wouldn’t let me log in. I tried changing the password, but it kept telling me it couldn’t verify the code that it sent me (twice)

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