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Kasa Smart is your portal to your TP-LINK Smart Home.
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** Kasa Smart is currently only compatible with TP-LINK Smart Plug HS100/110/107 KP200/400/EP10, Smart Plug Mini HS103/105 KP105, Smart Switch HS200/210/220, Smart Power Strip HS300/303, Smart Bulb LB100/110/120/130/200/230, KL50/60/110/120/130, IP Camera KC100/105/110/115/120/200/300/310/400/410S/420WS, Smart Router SR20, and Range Extender RE270/370/350K **

Kasa Smart lets you add, configure, monitor, and control your connected TP-LINK Smart Home devices from anywhere in the world. You can schedule your appliances to turn on or off according to your schedule, or set them to Away Mode to deter would-be burglars. And that’s just the beginning. Purchase a TP-LINK Smart Home device and download the app to get started today.

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We've made a great upgrade in this version to bring you a better, smarter experience.
1. Home Page
· Supported Room and Home management
· Updated how your devices are displayed
· Set a scene with one tap
· Added display of Next Event 
2.  Smart Actions
· Provided more personalized and flexible Triggers and Actions
· Added 7 new Featured Smart Actions
3. New Me Tab
· Moved original sidebar to a new Me tab for easier access and configuration
Update to enjoy now!


40 comentarios en "Kasa Smart MODDED 2022"

  1. AJ dice:

    Like many have described, the latest update is a disaster. It is so slow to load all of my devices to the point where I’m thinking of getting rid of my whole system and finding a different smart lighting system. When I enter the app, it can literally take up to 20 seconds to load. The power icons turn like the Apple wheel of death and you can’t do a thing. Prior to this, the app worked beautifully. I especially liked the fact I could turn the lights on or off for my cats while working nights.

  2. Keith Hay dice:

    At some point in the last week or so this app was changed. They probably called it an “update”, but the menu and icons have all changed and it takes about three times longer for the icons to function than it did. The individual power icons spin around like they’re buffering, apparently searching for my devices whenever I open the app. Otherwise, the app has been working fine for years, it operates easily and properly along with Alexa and doesn’t interfere with anything. Not happy with the update

  3. Update disables the previous app icon! Tried to switch light on and told app doesn’t exist. Had to hunt around for it in the dark and struggle to get it back on the phone screen where it’s supposed to be. Never ever had this happen before. Really poor software design that does this. Trying to use it now, what a nightmare! Takes forever to load and keeps losing my plugs (I only have 3 in total), so am forced to crawl on hands and knees to remove and re-insert them thus defeating the whole purpose

  4. Updated October 2022: 2 stars Latest update broke things: can no longer open the full app by clicking on the widget heading (which is how I used to open the app multiple times a day). When opening the app, it waits to refresh a connection with all devices, so you have to wait a few seconds each time – very inconvenient. I’d continue, but I’m at the character limit. Original review, July 2019: 5 stars Very useful, responsive app. I love being able to set schedules and setup “scenes” so easily.

  5. Updated App Sucks. I’ve been using Kasa for years and never had issues with the app. Sure it could have a few more features, but it was easy to navigate and had strong performance. The updated app is terrible. The whole app consistently fails to load, my devices take forever (10-20 seconds) to register as available, and the update deleted all of my previous scenes on the widget view.

  6. Very limited smart actions allowing only 3 to be active at a time. Not useful for home automation. Updates occasionally cause failures and unexpected changes to schedules. Good for scheduling lights and outlets. Good if you don’t want to get up to turn things on and off. Need to be able to use 10 or more smart actions at a time to be useful.

  7. Mark W. dice:

    They finally fixed the update bug. Now in app with new update. Sadly, and this is not exaggeration or hyperbole, this is one of the worse updates I have ever seen. They don’t even allow the user the ability to open the app to a page of their choice, like just cameras or etc. Always opens app by default with the entire list of equipment. Then, if you’re on the Camera page and tap on the video… it won’t open up the page showing recent activity on the camera without tapping manage. Many things.

  8. Latest version drops offline support. Trash. App worked great until the latest version. When online all features worked, and if your internet was down you could still control the devices in an offline mode allowing you to turn them on and off with local wi-fi. The latest version of the software complete breaks this functionality. Now the app no longer allows you to log in if you do not have internet. So there is no way at all to control the kasa smart plugs. Large step backwards.

  9. What is happening with this app? It worked so well. Then there was an update October 2022 and the app has serious delays and every one of my lights says “new” in yellow highlighter. I’ve clicked around trying to find out if I can fix the operation delay and to get rid of the “new” stickers but I can’t. The app worked very well before, hoping the programmer will fix this asap!

  10. It was working beautifully until last update. Now it has issues connecting to my camera, retrieving past events, and everything is a lot more troublesome to find. Even pulling up the camera to view it now takes much longer..(when it pulls up and doesn’t give errors) The flow of the app is now more complicated than it needs to be. Very disappointing considering how much I rely on these cameras. Pretty disappointing and super frustrating!

  11. Ryan Shaw dice:

    Love the app redesign, but there’s now a significant delay in my being able to turn on or off my plugs. I used to be able to switch things instantly upon opening the app, now it takes a few seconds to “load” all of my plugs and allow me to make changes. This doesn’t happen through Google Home, so it’s definitely an issue in the app.

  12. Steve Koch dice:

    Oct 2022: New app design is terrible. Incredibly slow to access devices. Don’t know why they decided to go and break something that worked well. Old review: Literally the best IoT device experience I’ve ever had. I setup a smart switch and smart bulb in just a few minutes using the app! Managing everything is incredibly easy and intuitive. I will definitely be buying more of their stuff because it just works so well!

  13. Maya Wyatt dice:

    This app was really nice and helpful for a while, but since the new update my switches take forever to load. The layout is also unattractive compared to the simple design of the older version. I use this to be able to quickly access my lights so idk why it needs to be a more complicated home page than just the switches. It’s not the kind of app people can just choose to delete because it sucks now either. People’s homes and lights depend on this, so please listen to your customer base!

  14. ZERO dice:

    Update results in switches taking a long time to go. Before it was near instant. Now it leaves you pressing multiple times trying to turn the lights on or off. Also lights that are on do not show as on unless you refresh the item. It is as if this update was released with no testing or released knowing of all these issues and going oh well it is just people’s homes. Either one is pretty bad.

  15. 100% of my devices are light and plug switches. Installation was easy and they work very well. Current issue is new app update which takes at least 30 seconds to load when it took only 10 seconds before. I do like the new add room feature but not if it slows down the app response time every time I open the app. Since I see many people reporting problems with Cam devices, staying away from that for now.

  16. The update is more complicated than it used to be. The old version was much simpler and all I needed for my 2 smart swtiches. It took me a bit to get ot setup like I used to have it. These are for outside lights and I tweak the time based on daylight throughout the year. Sunrise and sunset don’t work as I like to add or subtract 15 minutes from the times.

  17. Karen C dice:

    I have been using kasa products for a long time and bought more to wire the rest of my house. If this “improved” version of the software is what we should expect moving forward, I will likely change systems. Latest update is makes everything SUUUUPER slow. App opening, propagation of the list of devices (the worst part) as well as commencement of requested action. The update SOUNDED like it would be nice. No matter what features it adds, if it makes the software slower, it’s no bueno.

  18. Garbage since latest update, takes over 20 second to connect to devices every time you open the app, have to stare at screen while waiting instead of just hitting the button and having the light turn on after it connects. It now no longer tells me which devices are on either unless I stare at the app for over a minute, and even then it is often wrong. It wasn’t broke, why did you try to fix something that wasn’t broke and broke it even more. Don’t purchase devices that use this app.

  19. Tim Reeb dice:

    The app works alright but it has some quirks. Doesn’t always allow continuous streaming. Or at least continuous streaming doesn’t always work. And occasionally I lose devices and have to completely reset them to get them back. Add in no dark mode and no tablet mode, or at least no landscape layout, and I have to take off a couple stars.

  20. Mark Lyle dice:

    The new update added zero functionality and added about 20 seconds wait after opening the app before I can turn a device on or off. Developers need to figure out what happened and fix this. Literally the only thing people use this app for is opening it and turning a switch on or off. It used to be almost instant, now you have to watch for 20 seconds as an hourglass spins around before you can do anything. I estimate this will waste 20 hours of my life each year watching the app load.

  21. Mike Bayer dice:

    October update sucks! Home screen syncs much slower than last version, in fact you have to do a refresh swipe & wait for a real-time display to see what is actually on or off. Plus most aggravating is the removal of next scheduled time under EACH device, now it’s two clicks into each device to view the schedule when before was a mere glance at the home screen displayed EVERYTHING. Update is disappointing, you messed up a good app! Give us back the last version, was much better!!!

  22. Adam Kurtz dice:

    This app was great. I could open it and turn on/off any light/camera in about 5 seconds. Since the last update, all my lights need to load before I can turn the on/off. Takes between 10 and 20 seconds for this each time you open the app. Very frustrating because it seems the only updates to the app were cosmetic.

  23. Josh dice:

    This new update is *significantly* worse from a performance standpoint. I have 5 smart plugs (not a lot) and high speed internet. I’ve timed how long it takes from when I tap the app icon to open it until the on/off icons finally stop loading and are usable, and it averages 13 seconds. It used to take between 3-5. If a product manager, UX designer or developer is reading this review, please flag this up the chain. Don’t make users wait that long to do the one thing your app is supposed to do.

  24. October update looked like it would be a good refresh to the app, but seems to have taken several steps back instead of forward. It now takes several seconds after opening the app to control lights and switches because ever item has to refresh status, before it was almost instantaneous. Camera tab doesn’t seem to open cameras without clicking a small manage button. New rooms feature doesn’t save. Update needs fixes.

  25. Widget doesn’t launch the camera directly as it used to, it launches the Kasa app then slowly polls devices then switches to the camera widget. Polling devices is very slow now, camera controlling is very slow also. Installed devices continue to show a label as NEW. So far I see no worthy improvements in the app and it doesn’t function as well as it once did. If I didn’t have a sizeable investment in tplink plugs and lights I would move to a different brand. Very disappointed in this change.

  26. The app “updated” this week and now takes too long to load to be able to control the lights. The previous version worked great, 5 stars. I primarily use this in the middle of the night when my baby needs to eat or my toddler needs a diaper change. I don’t have time to wait while every connected light loads. Very disappointed in the forced update and changes.

  27. Spot Camera and switches work great. App is great too! Update: The new software update (3.0.2) is horrible! Won’t work at all on my wife’s phone (S22)…says it needs an update, then won’t let her update it. Now she can’t open/use the app anymore. I was able to install the update on my phone, but the new app is ridiculously slow! We have several Kasa cameras and light switches. We were happy with them and the old app for the last couple years. Bring back the old app!!

  28. Wayne Bird dice:

    Update 10/22: The update took the app rating from 5 stars to 1 star. Read the other reviews for the problems the update created. Added ability to add another home, but no way to move a device from one home to another one. What poor execution of a possibly good feature. Original post: I have the outdoor smart plugs and love them! The app has all the settings to program them in a number of different ways.

  29. This app and technology has worked flawlessly for years however with the new app update the reliability and quality of the connection is unreliable, slow and overall frustrating. I don’t know what you guys changed with the technology but I wish you would roll back the update because your product just isn’t working well anymore.

  30. Latest update completely broke the app. It takes at least 5 seconds for the app to load and able to be used, and the widgets no longer work so you don’t even have that option. I’ve had these bulbs for several years and they never improve. Every change just causes more lag and problems. I’m going with Phillips next. Tp-links are cheaper, but not worth this hassle

  31. L D dice:

    Smh…yet another “upgrade” that isn’t…new app when launched takes MUCH longer than the previous to connect with my smart plugs to be able to turn things off and on. You open the app and then wait and wait. This is a major downgrade, not an upgrade. Still no 1×1 widget to simply turn off and on a single device. Get the basics right please.

  32. Worked great until they required an account to use the light switch. I don’t need to be able to turn my light on anywhere. Just when I am outside my house to see my keys!! And at that point I am close enough to use my wifi. I was going to buy another switch because I liked this so much, but I guess I should do more research on open source compatible hardware.

  33. Mike E dice:

    Awful recent update. Don’t do it, it stinks. It used to be a clean app that was easy to see exactly what’s on and off. The current version is slow, suddenly not connecting to many of the items that worked just fine before, and is a cluttered mess. I’m going to find the old version because this one is awful.

  34. The September 30th update is awful. Everything was finally working great after I broke down and started paying for cloud recording. The cameras with the local sd cards had to be formatted every time they got close to running out of space. They never overwrote the prior recordings as advertised. Now, this new update frustrates me. Takes three to four times longer to open and be able to operate my lights and cameras. Not cool. Fix it please!

  35. Updating my review from 5 to 3 stars due to the most recent update causing it to take over an entire minute for my 4 devices go load in the app before I can use them. Fix your software please. Using this in conjunction with Alexa smart devices as our baby monitor and it’s incredible. 2 way talk. Hi definition video. Wide angle to see the whole room, and can still zoom into the crib and see excellent detail. Night vision is excellent as well.

  36. Kevin dice:

    You now have wait for your devices to load when you open the app. For me….its at least 10 seconds. This is just horrible. Precious version, this was not a thing. You open the app, and good to go. Like it should be. Will wait a week to see if this is fixed, then transition over to Wyze smart plugs.

  37. Great way to control the lights when we are getting home and managing our kids. However, since this most recent update, the app does not function. I am unable to open it to control the different outlets we set up. I have good wi-fi signal, tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app, as well as restarting my phone and doing the whole uninstall/reinstall – still unable to get the app to function and let me use it.

  38. Video doorbell is worthless since app update. Like other reviewers have stated here, I can no longer view recordings, only the live video. And sometimes, even when the app notifies me that there was a person/motion detected (it doesn’t always work), sometimes it doesn’t show up for 5 minutes or more. My wifi is strong and consistent, so that’s not the problem. It’s ridiculous that the hardware works just fine but the app is a bust. Will be returning the product.

  39. Huy Pham dice:

    New version 3.0 update is worse. It’s slower, taking 5 times longer to respond. The icons look uglier, making it harder to recognize, whereas the older 2.0 version used outline drawings of the icon which is more simple to recognize. There are also new features that add complication. Thankfully, with Android, you can find the old version of the app and reinstall it. Now I’m back using the 2.0 version and it’s running way better (version is best). Also, all of my scenes were deleted.

  40. Super easy to set up and use straight out of the box. Simple app interface, love the flexibility. Love that you can schedule the same device twice per day (for example, one time for sunset, and another at pre-dawn for awakening.) Great products and great app! This is a GREAT product and I’m sorry I waited so long to jump into the world of WiFi gadgets.

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