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The JennAir® app allows you to easily interact with your connected appliances.
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Master your domain in a digital ecosystem that defies limitations, harnessing the power of connected appliances and smart home devices, all from the JennAir® app.

Intuitive Home Feed
Curated JennAir content and access to control your appliance

Culinary Center
Tailored precisely to your preferences with step-by-step recipes, my creations, kitchen timers and more

Assisted Cooking
Follow step-by-step instructions and send settings to your appliance for great results

Real-Time Notifications
Receive alerts to your mobile device for cooking cycles, timers, recipes, and more

Smart Home Integration
Use voice commands with an Alexa-enabled device or the Google Assistant

Remote Control
Connect to WiFi for real-time status updates and control your appliance from anywhere

On-Demand Experts
Connect with the JennAir Epicenter by phone to tap into the brilliant minds of experts who know JennAir® appliances inside and out.

Appliance Settings
Easily navigate to your connected appliance for true control

Appliance must be set to remote enable for remote control capabilities. Features subject to change. Compatible, connected appliance required. Details and privacy info at Amazon Alexa and Google Home features available in US only.

CA residents – Do Not Sell My Personal Information:


This JennAir® app release includes minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "JennAir MODDED 2022"

  1. The app takes too long to load, it doesn’t update quickly so I get a message that my cooling mode was changed 10 minutes after I have turned off the oven. It isn’t my internet as I have no issues with other apps or wifi devices. I use Alexa as a timer because it is easier. Love the oven, not a fan of the app.

  2. Incredibly poor experience trying to connect the range. Instructions are vague in places. Can’t find the wifi, but everything else in the house can. Only reason we want the app is to see if we can turn off the gawdawful tones. The world has enough noise.

  3. This app is awful. I have never experienced such a clunky P2P wifi setup. It works rarely at best, and will almost guranteed hang and fail in ideal conditions, so while I have no idea what is happening in the black box, I can assume this code is very poorly written/ rushed. For an app where a single supported appliance can cost way more then the software engineers time to do this app right, there is no excuse. I have only been able to sucessfully connect 1 of 4 appliances so far 30mins in.

  4. Has anyone actually been able to get the WiFi feature on their Pro JennAir (Rise) range to work? I’ve been through countless hours on the phone with JennAir, bought a new router at their request, had every part that interacts with the WiFi replaced by a service technician. Then finally just had a completely new range installed under warranty… Still. Does. Not. Work. I’m convinced at this point that the problem was never hardware, that it’s just the crappiest software on Earth. $5500 later…

  5. The app works but seems far more marketing driven than useful. No instructions or help menu. Can’t figure how the temp probe works which was the thing I was most excited to have in an app. There are areas where the text exceeds the area thay allowed for it so you simply can’t read it. You kind of have to guess at stuff in this extremely basic app.

  6. The bad news — The directions to connect the oven to WiFi and the app didn’t work. The good news — Plenty of other reviews let me know that I need to call 1-800-jenn-air. More bad news — Jenn Air is currently closed and I have to set this up later😐 Update, I’m on the phone with Jenn Air customer service. The sevice rep is very nice but is having trouble getting ahold of her technical support. 30 minutes have passed and she said their tech team has been really busy. Probably because of the app

  7. Ten tries and I can’t get wifi to pair dishwasher since wifi light stops flashing randomly (2x, etc) and pressing wifi button every few seconds dozens of times. Can’t cancel default clean mode. QR SAID location on appliances is inconsistent (Jenn Aire) 11th try dishwasher worked. Stove worked first time. Other appliances aren’t listed, I guess they don’t support wifi, but door/temp alarm is most critical in kitchen. 44 years of software experience. Don’t give this software to grandpa. Cutshrt

  8. This app has not allowed me to “Master your(my) domain in a digital ecosystem that defies limitations.” And it definitely has not revealed the “visceral features and distinctive designs” I was promised. I downloaded this app as a final attempt to get my column freezer working. The manual is useless, the UI on the appliance is awful, and the support site it terrible. As expected, this app could not connect to my network. What a joke. For the price of these appliances this should be easier. I really miss Bosch/Thermador appliances right now.

  9. We successfully got the app to work upon receiving the new 36 inch gas range in May 2021. It worked well for a year, and even connected it to Google Home assistant. But now, the app has failed. Unable to connect to the range via the app. Not sure if a new update caused it, but no way to get it to work. Disappointing considering it is the only UI I have for the range.

  10. I’ve spent hours trying to get my new range to connect. It times out every time when it says it’s “provisioning”. I’ve submitted a bug report, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be fixed any time soon. When buying this appliance, don’t count on this feature.

  11. I had to give this app all my personal information just to try and connect my fridge to wifi. An hour later my hands are freezing from continuously pressing and holding buttons but still no WiFi. Feels like an elaborate trick for data collection and nothing else.

  12. I’m no different to everyone else that’s having issues with this poor app. After about 5 hours I’ve managed to connect my freezer and a dishwasher. Fridge and range, forget it. The experience isn’t any better on Android or iOS. Even using a laptop to see the connections is useless. Definitely not my connection that has issues. My home has an almost perfect network.

  13. Not kept up to date. My appliances are not listed on the selections. Very disappointing!!!

  14. Recently the only complaint I have is that I can’t set the probe above 185°. After smoking a brisket I like to wrap and finish in the oven. I’m looking for an internal temp of 200° F. I can’t use the probe feature because of this. I have to use an external probe.

  15. Try to add a cook time and it’s throwing an error. Badly design as the touch screen interface on the oven itself.

  16. Turned the entire network off except my phone, did the Hotspot thing. Had the dishwasher connected. It’s on my phones Hotspot then fails. Fails everyTIME. then I have to reload everything again to fail again. Update I even went out and bought a 2.4ghz router. The oven is shown as a network but app freezes every time. Dishwasher ran out of f’s to give I guess it gave up. my kids have devices that can connect to my mesh network Please stop making junk

  17. App needs some work..for both android and iPhones… It seems that the 2020 ranges can’t connect at the initial setup to add the appliance. Recent duel fuel range (JDRP430HM00) can’t connect with the app upon setup. The app just suspends at the SAID details page and stalls. Range network is visible on Android and iPhone phones, but app has difficulties connecting and communicating with range. An app update to include 2020 appliances would help…

  18. S F dice:

    Terrible user interface to connect to the appliance initially. It is an ABSOLUTE embarrassment for an appliance of this price point. The connection process is COMPLETELY FLAWED. IF YOU CAN NOT CONNECT TO THE APPLIANCE, THE APP IS USELESS… So this is a completely useless app. Thanks for nothing, and thanks for wasting my time.

  19. It’s basically impossible to set up anything that uses a QR code through android. You have to use someone else’s iPhone. Either way, it won’t let you add the appliances to your Google Home app. Why is the connecting process different on the iPhone? Is it really that hard to fix it?

  20. The lastest update added recipes as the focus, but I don’t care about recipes. It also both has less functionality for the appliance itself, and I can only see temperatures in Celsius now. I can’t find any way to change back to Fahrenheit.

  21. Jeff L dice:

    Horrible app, why even offer the technology if it doesn’t work!. Whent through the setup procedure and the app won’t connect. I seen the appliance is listed on my network and it even showes that it downloaded 36.1mb of data. Still can’t connect the app to the appliance.

  22. I don’t really understand the point of requiring you to set up an account to connect this app to a dishwasher. Seems a bit nefarious to me. Tried to use this app with my dishwasher. It would not connect to the wifi and the instructions were pretty unclear on how to do this.

  23. Need to call customer service to register the appliances to the account. The apps will not connect/register the appliance after scanning the SAID despite it’s being connected to 2.4Ghz router, it kept showing registration failure messages. Thanks to Whirlpool/JennAir rep. they manage to link the appliance to the account. Logging out and signing in back in the apps then shows the appliance connected in the App. Hope there’s no future problems with the appliance connectivity.

  24. Unable to connect Walloven to JennAir server. Oven indicates I’m only connected to the router but that’s not exactly correct. I dont know how many times I had to reconnect to my router to the oven. The oven just keeps disconnecting from the router.

  25. This app has been downgraded from the original app. I used to be able to see all the tools in the version prior to this. When using the probe, I would like to see what my current temp is at on my cook. All it shows me is the temp I’m cooking at. Well that is just useless. I know what I set it at. There is nothing useful in this app anymore. Put the tool options back in the app. I would also like to be on my ride home and preheat my oven. That would be very useful to have.

  26. As others have said, something recently changed and now the app does not connect. Shows that it cannot connect with the servers. This applies whether my phone is on 2.4 or 5. At oven, connection is fine.

  27. Bad app since the last update. Reports wildly incorrect temperatures for both refrigerator and freezer. I’ve spoken multiple times with telephone support and no change. Time to fix the app!

  28. Skip dice:

    The app no longer works, I have had issues with all the jennair appliances in the kitchen. Dishwasher rack broke, refrigerator iced up, microwave control panel turns on intermittently, oven had control panel replacement, cook top was wired incorrectly from the factory. For a “high end appliance ” these are terrible.

  29. Tom B dice:

    It is very difficult to connect appliances, have been unable dishwasher to connect. Range is connected but app can rarely get reconnected. If you’re going to do wifi, do it right.

  30. Paul K dice:

    Bought multiple appliances and my ice maker in the fridge stopped working a week after the fridge was installed. Have attempted multiple times to login into my Jenn Air account only to be told that I am using an incorrect password…not true. Any attempts to reset the password via the app or desktop version goes into a dark hole and no verification email is sent. I am told via client support that it will take upwards of 12 weeks to get a new ice maker. So glad I spent the money to buy “High End”

  31. JennAir fixed the glitch where my oven was not connected to their server (only my local router) and it worked for a few weeks. Now its back to the same error. Only connected to my router and not connected to JennAir. Error message tells me to register my oven which I’ve done (several times) – dear JennAir please fix (Again)?

  32. App does not work! Unable to pair brand new appliances after hours of trying!!!!

  33. After the latest update, the app is not functioning anymore. It’s never able to connect to the Whirlpool server and asks to check Internet connection even though all other apps work fine.

  34. The app is simply garbage. Almost unuseable. Seriously, this is why app development should not be sent offshore. Shame on you Whirlpool.

  35. Doesn’t work. Refrigerator is added to Wi-Fi network without problem (confirmed on router). Enter SAID and MACID correctly, and App always responds with Device is not Available. Most links on JennAir website broken.

  36. Absolutely unusable. I have 25 years IT networking experience, and this is the single worst app I have ever seen. Which is too bad, because otherwise the stove is awesome. Oh, the utter cluelessness of JennAir and Whirlpool when the ask you to report the issue AFTER YOU LOG IN when the problem is that you can’t connect to the app in the first place. I’m sure some manager is reporting all is well to his director because they’re not getting any negative comments from app users. Morons.

  37. For a high end appliance, you would hope that the app would provide more…including integrations into other things other than echo devices. Please allow for additional integration into other smart systems.

  38. App is useless and rarely updated and is constantly crashing. It is just a way for Jenn Air to say they are a leader in technology driven Appliances. Don’t waste your time with this App.

  39. Time and again the manufacturer has mentioned here that they don’t accept anything less than perfection. Well, they have created a perfectly worthless app and/ or line of appliances. My dishwasher just wouldn’t connect. It’s hopeless.

  40. this the second update I’m downloading every time I waste an hour and it’s very frustrating don’t make yourself look good and tell me too call your stupid customer support, I’m quite savvy when it comes to electronics. for the first I upgrade to jenn air to basically find out that all appliances are not really better i tried most of them … if you have a good customer service send someone here to fix it next house it’s not gonna be jenn air

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