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Free Habit Tracker app by HabitYou. Add unlimited habits for free, set reminders, mark habits, track streaks, earn medals. Your daily journal, bullet points and day planner. Create to-do list for your activity tracker. HabitYou helps you meet life goals.

HabitYou Habit Tracker and Journal helps to
* Learn Good Habits: Start healthy habit of self-care, self improvement, and productivity
* Break Bad Habits: Quit bad habit which affects your mental health, mindfulness, and self-esteem

Life Goal Tracker for
* Health and Fitness: Habit Tracker to improve your physical health. Quit smoking tracker, Quit alcohol to do, Weight Loss tracker, Exercise planner, Drink water reminders, Diet journal bullet points
* Mindfulness and Care: Calm habit tracker to help you in mindfulness, self care. Yoga tracker, 5 minute Meditation to do list, Better Sleep tracker, Think positive affirmations, Write gratitude journal
* Hobbies and Interests: Free Habit Tracker and Journal for learning hobbies. Activity tracker to improve productivity.
* Social and Relationships Goal tracker: Your journey to self care and happiness. Add notes to personal diary.
* Chores and Home: Increase productivity by tracking daily chores in free habit tracker app. Shopping To-do list, Family task planner and activity tracker.
* Career and Education: Build habits for success by staying organized at work. Learn new work skill, Work goal to-do list, Schedule Planner, projects task planner, Work Goal Tracker

Activity Tracker and schedule planner with reminders
* Fixed Weekdays Habit tracker: Planner for specific days of the week. Add notes and to do list to journal and stay on track.
* Flexible Days Habit tracker: Activity Tracker for flexible days in a week or month. Create To-Do list and set reminders to meet life goals.

HabitYou has productivity tools for healthy habit tracking and life goal planner
* Habit Tracker: Track unlimited habits for free and create your goal tracker
* Journal: Create an independent private diary log for productivity, self-care and meeting life goals
* Notes: Add images and notes to your everyday habit tracker, and create a beautiful journal bullet points
* To Do List: Create a checklist activity tracker. Organise your schedule with simple to-do list
* Daily schedule planner: Plan your day with task planner and habits in a weekly planner and activity tracker
* Daily Count and time spent: Track daily value for everyday healthy habits and see progress in graph.
* Set unlimited reminders for all your tasks and habits

Get productivity insights for habits to-do list and life goal tracker
* Streaks: Current streak, longest streak for your self-care habits.
* Habit Graphs: Progress for tracking productivity and goal setting
* Life Goal Dashboard: Unified view of habit tracker and life goal tracker
* Auto-created journal: Notes, to do list of habits and tasks gets added to journal bullet points
* Habit Monthly spread in calendar view and daily journal style for activity tracker

HabitYou will help you to be happy, stay calm, strengthen relationships, boost self-esteem, life goal setting, get career success. It helps to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, negativity, fear. Just create tasks in to-do list and track progress in self-care journal.

Free tier of Habit Tracker app and Planner allows to create unlimited habits and journal notes. Users can join HabitYou Club by paying monthly or yearly subscription.

HabitYou paid members can:-
1. View older journal notes
2. Create unlimited journal bullet points and diary
3. Mark habit older than 2 days in habit tracker
4. Backup habit tracker and journal data to Google drive
5. Star mark notes, to do list,
6. First access to upcoming features like: Group habit tracker, Day planner with todo list etc,

Privacy https://habityou.com/privacy-policy/
Terms https://habityou.com/terms-of-service/

Mail us on [email protected]


* Launching Learn section. Learn how to build great habits and get motivated from daily inspiration stories and quotes.
* Journals: Create unlimited journals with Notes, ToDo, Links, Story for your Diary, Work, Travel Plan, Project, Hobby
* Star your Journal posts
* Plan your Life Goals with Habit Tracker and Bullet Journal
For any queries please mail to [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou 2022"

  1. I really like the simplicity of the tracker- you can set a daily reminder to take care of remaining tasks, and set individual reminders for all tasks. You can keep track of reps (walking laps, glasses of water, etc.). I just wish there was a way to rearrange the habits. ETA: I’m glad to hear that the app will add this function soon! I’ll update the rating and review once it’s added.

  2. Great way to develop good habits and eliminate the bad. Watch your days accumulate and you will feel motivated to continue! My only issue with it is that if you forget to click something as done, for example, I forgot to click “completed” for my evening gratitude journal before I fell asleep and the next day, I could no longer mark it as completed. Which kind of irritated me since I had done the habit. But, a small price to pay to get yourself going to a life of better habits! Highly recommend!

  3. Simply perfect! I was always looking for an app like this! It is easy to customize – you can make simple habits to tick off, or go with more details, notes or todo lists. It’s totally up to you 🙂 I really enjoy that I can store all my habit-related notes in one place. I think there is still some work to make the app more visually appealing, but given that it is really the first app that meets all my needs, I am not going to be picky about visual and giving it 5 stars 😉

  4. This is one of the best habit tracker I’ve used so far. The interface is attractive, it’s pretty robust and I like that I can set up individual reminders for each habit EDIT– Man, the customer service for this app is phenomenal. Team is responsive to feedback and reached out to me to help me with my issues. Regular and fast updates keep the app running pretty smoothly and it seems like they’re always adding features. I stand by saying this is THE BEST habit app.

  5. Lex S dice:

    I love this app. I have ADHD and struggle with juggling/remembering repeating tasks. A lot of other time/task apps are too complicated for what I need, but this one’s perfect. I set a reminder for daily, weekly, Tue/Fri, etc. tasks and there it is. Notifications + checklist format is exactly what I need, and the streaks help a lot too by giving tasks a video game style element. Thank you dev(s)!

  6. I’ve tested 11 habit tracking apps and this is one of the best ones. You can set up a goal/habit with a counter (such as glasses of water) and it’ll give you multiple reminders to drink water. You can schedule when it reminds you to do things and create good (or break bad) habits. I gave it 4 stars for the price…$45 per year (or $75 lifetime) is steep when there are other good apps for less money. Otherwise, I’d give it 5 stars. This one does have the journal capability and 8 out of the 11 apps I’ve tested, do not have this feature. My new Fitbit does some of the things this app offers so I’ll no longer be needing Habit You. Thank you for the opportunity to test your app.

  7. Easy to use and simple layout Edit after some time with it: The developers interaction/responses is definitely what keeps me using this app. I cant wait to see how I use it now and how it developes over time. I like the general customizability. Once you get to exploring you find lots of things to elaborate on within your habit (graphs, pictures, notes, subtasks). I also came in here to ask for widgets on the home screen, pressed submit, and then saw the update TO INCLUDE WIDGETS! SO COOL!

  8. Great looking app only thing keeping it from being my go-to habit tracker at the moment is the lack of widgets that you can place on the home screen. It would be great to be able to mark habits as complete/failed without having to open the app. Otherwise thanks for making the great app 🙂 haven’t found many that cover negative habits and positive ones 🙂

  9. TastyDoge dice:

    This app lets me add as many habits as I want to without paying, which is the only thing I was looking for out of the ordinary. The only thing I don’t like is that, when I check off a habit, it opens the journal automatically. Since I don’t intend to use the journal much at all, it’s a bit annoying to have to close it every time. Other than that, this app is fantastic in my opinion! I love how it lets you sort habits into categories, lets you put them in any order you want, and much more:)

  10. I like that you can add notes to tasks and organize them by lots of different categories. The only thing that confuses me is the difference between “missing” a habit and “skipping” a habit. The first “breaks your habit streak” and the latter “leaves streak unchanged” but if you purposely skip a habit shouldn’t that break your streak as well??

  11. Was appreciative of the app for several weeks, but on some days the app refused to open and a message ‘do not close the app, we are trying to improve the app experience’ was displayed and I wasn’t allowed to use the app. I have tried to uninstall the app on several occasions, just to restart the streak but somehow the previous data remains unchanged. I hope there can be a way to remedy this. I was almost thinking of getting the subscription to avoid this problem, but unsure how effective it is.

  12. Finally, I don’t have to keep everything in my head and on paper and on a calendar. I can set my app to help me develop good habits, and to remind me to stay on course with ridding myself of bad ones. I can keep myself positive and productive and organized at home and at work. LOVING MY PEACE OF MIND.

  13. I reached out via email because it isn’t everything I wanted, my phone storage is full, and I paid for lifetime upfront based on reviews and short timeframe for discount mentioned in reviews. I wish I hadn’t because it isn’t really what I am looking for. Can you please issue a full refund? I personally don’t like all the extra steps to mark complete and won’t get the value out of this. You are offering others free trial of up to 3 weeks in below responses but I haven’t received a response.

  14. Love that there are unlimited habits for free and love that I can add subtasks BUT I wish the subtasks could be automatically added to every time the habit is scheduled, and I also wish I could see my description of the habit when I click on it. So far that’s all I’d change

  15. So far I I really like it. It helps me remember to do and be motivated for tasks in a different way than I’m used to (like planners) It was easy to use and helped get things done…..

  16. I really enjoy this app, its been quite helpful. My only issue is that I have multiple habits with long streaks and the medals won’t register. Other than that, I’m glad I have this app to help me improve myself daily.

  17. Becky F dice:

    I’m in the testing process, and I noticed that there’s no way to undo if you accidentally set it to “miss” (which resets your streak) and then fix the streak if you end up completing it later. A feature like that would be a bonus for those who hit the wrong button, and others. One of my habits ended up that way, and its minor, but now it says 0 when I think it should be 2, so it confuses my brain. 😅 It’s a thought to build on, and if that feature does get added, this app gets a 5-star rating

  18. Hello, guys! Very nice app, very nice designed.i have downloaded a bunch of other habit apps and this is the best so far. I was wondering is there an option to set multiple notifications for one habit – for example, if I want to drink 8 glasses of water is there an option that I set an alarm for every single intake (8am, 10am, 12am…). That way I can track my improvement easily. Otherwise, I forget how many glasses I took. Everything else is just fine. Keep going. Have a nice day

  19. L E dice:

    Enjoying the app so far, just made the switch from another habit app that wasn’t as flexible. More control over what colours each goal is would be nice. I’m not super interested in any of the premium features especially at that price point. Just one annoying thing in the flexible scheduling of a habit: it gives the example of “read five books a year” as a goal but there is no “year” option for the schedule. So you can’t actually set that goal, but instead have to do X amount of books per month

  20. Andrea dice:

    I like the look of this app and appreciate the unlimited habits I can set up. However I am not getting any notifications per the rinders I’ve set, the app takes extremely long to open, I’ve been using it since Saturday and I haven’t been getting notifications. Also is there a setting to set alarms as reminders? I really don’t want to change apps, can these issues be fixed? Thank you for the speedy feedback, I will look into it and send an email.

  21. What a great app! I love it! The only two reasons I rated it four stars are those: 1). I would like to be able to enter past results even if the habit was created later on 2). Please please please add one more option (alongside these: success, fail, skip) called “irrelevant” or some similar functionality allowing to configure mutually exclusive habits. For example: calories plank and fasting day. “skip” option assumes that one should have done it but didn’t while “irrelevant” is more clear.

  22. Lisa S dice:

    Has good and bad points making it… okay. Good – customising habits and reminders works well and you get lots of functionality. This is better than any free habit tracker I’ve tried previously. Bad – multiple steps just to mark a single habit. No function for routines. No stats other than streak – miss just one, the count starts over – very demoralising. CONSTANTLY annoying you to leave a review. Finally, I always like supporting devs – but subscription price tag is too high in my opinion.

  23. icarus dice:

    looks very powerful habit tracker & I love it but the menu & design have so much unnecessary details, making it hard to use. some options should be moved to the settings! &… what’s the point of mentioning the app name on top of the first page! there should be an option to choose start day of the week + archiving completed habits & journals with a beautiful achievement & journal review. app needs a redesign. the price is very high too, better if it had an one time purchase option.

  24. Perfect for a new parent! It’s nice to see how long it has actually been since I took a moment to shower and has helped me not neglect the pets!

  25. Great app, surprised with how much you get for free! I used to keep a habit tracker in my journal, but I definitely wasn’t plotting graphs at the end of the week… now I can quickly glance at my progress over time without having to set anything else up. 10/10 would recommend to a friend!

  26. Wow, I’m very impressed with the functionality, simplicity and potential for this app. I’m very new but hopeful. This was beautifully built.

  27. Leigha C dice:

    So far so good. I am thi king of getting the yearly for 3.99…. not sure tho. But I luv the concept. I think it’s a great way to make orself accountable in one way ☺️

  28. Interesting concept but misses the mark. Couple of major issues required me to delete the app after 24 hours; unable to mark completions for any days in the past; if you want to do a task 5/7 days, there’s no easy way to track what day it was done on (or if you even selected off today); can not look back more than 3 days on entries (unless you pay monthly subscription).

  29. Cat G dice:

    Enjoy the app so far just starting to set up my habits. Few features missing that I would like to see but otherwise seems like it will be helpful in what I need. I like the sort by Life Goals (categories) but can not rearrange within it just shows order habit added. Also wish you could edit/add Life Goals (categories). Tried to purchase the premium to test at the promotional year rate it showed in app but total show at purchase was full price which was alot higher so didn’t buy.

  30. First day using and is good so far. Room for improvement for sure but i like that it has image/ icons as i dont want to see just writing on my to do list. I wish there was a list of icons i could choose from rather than having to find a preset goal that has an icon and then having to edit it from there.

  31. If you simply want to track habits and keep a visual of how many days, this is fine. If you want to add notes to your tracked habits, this is fine. If you want to read those notes again miss than a day or two later, pay a yearly fee. There are other features that you get with the paid version…none of which were useful to me and I’m not paying just to be able to go back and read what I’ve written or check what my sugar was last Saturday.

  32. Really love this! Great interface, and really easy to use! I got this to track how long i go without social media, but the brilliant suggestions section gave me ideas for things I didn’t even know I wanted to start/stop, so now I have about 8 habits I’m forming/stopping 😅 I also really value that unlike a lot of similar apps, you don’t have to pay a subscription to put in more than a certain number of habits. Would give higher than 5 stars if I could.

  33. I love the app. So many options, the widgets are great idea. Specially that I can add a photo or a note per day. The only fix is that there is no option to fast mark a habit as done, everytime I have to press 3 clicks just to mark it done. I wish if there is fast way like long press to mark done

  34. Bait and switch. Literally. They allow you to create habits which is cool but then you can’t leave comments, you can’t go back more than three day to change the status. The app looks good but there’s limitation after limitation – all with one goal of making you pay for premium. Like I said. Bait and switch. Don’t buy into it.

  35. Tannu dice:

    I didn’t have ideas for the habits to track but this app helped me with it and very easy to use.

  36. Off of first glance ill give this a 5 star because it offers way more value than the other habit trackers for sure and great interface. The only thing i could nit pick about would be that u cant rearrange the habits in your own way lol. There are a few sorting options but you should be able to just rearrange how youd like. edit: alsocan u make it so that u can fill in circles from previous days? I kno its supposed to help us but i would rather not have my stats missed just i clicked them late

  37. panos gr dice:

    Liked the idea of widgets within the tasks but most felt out of place and the range wasn’t huge. The app is going places but I really hated that I couldn’t see any notes from over 3 days ago.

  38. This app was exactly what I was looking for to complement my paper planning and journaling. It would be nice to be able to customise the category headings, though. That’s just a minor issue, it works great and is clear and intuitive to use.

  39. I really enjoy this app! I just downloaded it so I’m still new but it’s very easy to use and the free version has a lot of features. I like the journal part and the notifications. The only thing I would change is the multiple notifications a day so I can be notified every time I need to drink water. Overall I really like this app! Thanks!

  40. Honestly a super amazing, easy to use, habit tracker! I just really wish it had a widget or sticky notifications!!! One, the other, or both really make making and breaking habits easier because of constant reminder or an inability to just casually swipe away reminders.

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