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Handy is the easiest way to book trusted home cleaners and handymen.
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Handy is the easy way to get anything and everything done with the tap of your thumb. Find trusted cleaners, skilled plumbers and electricians, reliable painters, and other professionals for every job. Covering over 30 cities across the globe, Handy is reinventing the way people get work done around the home.

When you use Handy, you’ll be able to track the location of your pro, manage your booking details, communicate with your pro, rate and tip after each booking, and more mobile-only features. Try doing all of that with the phone number for the house cleaner you got from your neighbor’s cousin.

Why is Handy better than finding contractors on your own?
Every single pro is insured, background checked, and experienced, so you have nothing to worry about.
Plentiful availability, so you can book a pro for the very next day, every day, from early inthe morning until late at night.
Our customer experience team is at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we ensure your happiness with a money-back guarantee.

Let a professional from Handy take care of home cleaning, office cleaning, hanging pictures and shelves, home theater setup, A/C installation, moving help, interior painting, hanging window treatments, replacing knobs and locks, fixing drains, replacing faucets and toilets, installing garbage disposals, installing light fixtures and fans, replacing outlets and switches, and almost anything else you can think of!

California Pre-Collection Notice: https://www.handy.com/privacy#section5a


40 comentarios en "Handy – Book home services MODDED 2022"

  1. I set an appointment to have a “Pro” come out THREE times. The first time Handy supposedly double booked the Pro and I was left waiting. But at least the Pro finally called. The 2nd and 3rd time (for the same job) nobody bothered to call or show at all. At least Handy was gracious enough to give me a $10 discount for my inconvenience 🤣. This was a huge waste of time and energy!

  2. Very handy… no pun intended, but the app lets you know if your professional is running behind, etc. It keeps you up-to-date with details about your booking and gives you a life line to speak to the company if you need to – and they are always very responsive and professional. It’s a good experience overall, and the help I’ve received with things around the house has been great.

  3. Worst experience ever. After spending 45 minutes on chat just trying to find out what is covered in a move-in cleaning, I was transferred to four different people, one of which disconnected initially, and I still don’t have the detail that I need. One web option lists it at $688 for the service the other listed as $244. Why is it so hard to find out what’s covered with your services? Why would anyone pay for something if they don’t know what they’re getting? This is absolutely insane!

  4. I’ve been using Handy for a few years now and the professionals are hit or miss. The quality seems to be going downhill, I used to love coming home to my place feeling that it was noticeably clean, but I’ve changed professionals a few times now because no one is doing a good job. Counter tops look untouched and floors visibly unclean. No idea what they’re doing for 3 hours. The app is well designed, but there’s a bug – I get texts saying to check the app for unread messages but I can’t see them

  5. Not an open scam but it is. When you first select your plan, it feels like going for a yearly plan would just save you money because each service is relatively cheap. But once you do that, there’s no going back except if you’re ready to pay $99! I felt trapped. I agree they must’ve specified this condition somewhere but it was not too obvious when I first created my plan. Also, rescheduling is useless. It keeps asking me to select a different time. Very unhappy.

  6. Eva Moore dice:

    Unreliable at best. After a rocky start with a one-time cleaning that was charged 2x and rescheduled by Handy at the last minute…I can honestly say this service is lackluster. Both the app, communication channels with cleaners, and the cleaning service itself leaves much to be desired. I am constantly being cancelled on, rescheduled, no-shows gallore. I will, without a shadow of a doubt, not renew my subscription once it expires. I cannot wait to find a reliable cleaning service.

  7. Poorly designed app and poor service. I’ve tried to get my house cleaned four times without success. Twice Handy has canceled at the last minute, once the cleaner never showed up, and one time the cleaner came and left without cleaning. I emailed customer service (there’s no phone number) and they offered me a $20 coupon. Since this is a review of the app, it’s worth noting the poorly designed messaging functionality. It’s the only way you can communicate with your cleaners.

  8. I’ve had terrible experience with Handy. My 1st booking itself, they changed the pros multiple times, eventually to be stood up at the last minute. I rescheduled the booking and the second time as well, the pros changed a couple of times and the one who was supposed to come didnt turn up. While their customer service responded (after 2 hours!!)with extra credits and opportunities to reschedule without charges as it was their fault, I was left scrambling for a cleaner at the last minute.

  9. I wish I could give it less then a one star review. If you cancel a cleaning they charge you the cost of the cleaning. The kicker is though you can’t use that credit towards your next scheduled cleaning you must schedule a one time cleaning. But in order to do that you need to cancel your scheduled cleaning which just adds more credits to your account. You can try to reschedule your appointment but every time I have tried Handy ignores my times and books it for 2-3 hours before I scheduled it. Causing me to miss an appointment or two and I get to pay for it thanks to Handy’s incompetency. Handy is terrible at reminding you of upcoming services. Some times I didn’t even receive a notification of an upcoming appointment. Their ‘pros’ are not very good. I’ve only been happy with one that I have gotten. The rest either show up late or only stay for an hour. Overall extremely less then enthused with their service.

  10. When the pros show up this app is so amazing! When they don’t you get charged anyway. The app sometimes automatically reschedules your appointment for a random time without consulting you at all. The pros sometimes can’t figure out where I live. The pros sometimes randomly don’t show up. I love the idea. I really want this to work.

  11. Handy is a hit or miss service. Customer service is great and they’ll help out however they can. It took forever to get matched with a professional and the pro did a so-so job. If you plan on having monthly or weekly services and you’re okay rescheduling and having people cancel on you it can definitely be good. Important thing to remember is that if you cancel a plan before completion it is a 99$ cancellation fee.

  12. Service is hit or miss. Sometimes the pros are good, and most times not so much. Also the way they bill you is very suspicious. After your term is over with, ie 6 months, they automatically keep you in without your knowledge. For this time, they only notify you of the booking the day of, so If you cancel the service then, they charge the full amount as a cancellation fee. Really shady business practices. I would not recommend them to anyone.

  13. the app itself works fine, but dont sign up unless you realize you will be locked into an annoying contract. I hate Handy because I booked not realizing (and trust me, it’s not obvious) I would be locked into a contract. Now I’m forced to try to keep up with rescheduling every single booking. Also the reminders for bookings never come in on time, but if you reschedule a booking when there is less than 24 hours for your booking, you are forced to pay a $15 fee. I would not recommend this service.

  14. George B dice:

    They will offer you a convenient subscription for i.e. cleaning, with the ability to choose the cleaning person. Once you’ve subscribed, they will change the person you have selected to some random person without notifying you. You can select someone else again, but they will change your selection without notifying you. You can play this game every day for weeks. If you want out of this game because there is no way to get anyone but their random selection, they will promptly charge you $99 irrev

  15. For the past 4 bookings, I tried to book reliable cleaners, but everytime my appointment gets rebooked with someone new, even when the provider had their calendar open and accepted the booking. There is no notification when the person changes so it always comes as a surprise. The quality of the cleaning is also very uneven because everytime its a new person. I’m only continuing because I’m locked in for a year by a promo, but will definitely be switching after.

  16. Have been a customer for about 2 years. The experience has been a roller coaster. When the Pro actually shows up, the experience is typically good. The problem lies with the inconsistency with pros showing up and the horrid customer service experience. Multiple no shows. Customer service is unreachable via phone and have to deal with issues via email. Reps are always apologetic, but just do the same “fix” by giving a small discount for NEXT booking which keeps you invested. Terrible experience.

  17. The app does not reschedule appointments properly. It will reschedule you at the wrong week, hours off of your scheduled time. The app only reminds you of appointments once you’re outside the cancellable period. This is likely intentional, as when combined with above, forces you to pay for service you did not want. You will have a difficult time with customer service. They do not have a phone line- everything must be done through written tickets which is extremely frustrating to deal with trying to resolve the issues I mentioned above. The people who actually does the cleaning are extremely nice and professional. However it’s clear Handy is cutting corners on customer support for issues arising from their app or website. Then they just toss their website at you and tell you to read their website carefully next time. There’s also no reason to force me to download their app for basic features like rescheduling a service. I should be able to do that on the website. I would recommend you to use the service to find good professional service, and then cut the middle man out.

  18. Really horrible experience! My very first booking the “professional” didn’t show up after trying to contact them multiple times only to have Handy cancel the appointment and reschedule for when I was already going to be moved out of the apartment. It seemed like their customer service was just a bunch of robots. They issued me a refund and now I’m stuck fronting the cost of materials and time that I did not have. Very unprofessional and I will not be recommending this service to anyone!

  19. MB dice:

    Automatically assigned a builder in connection with this app via Walmart. Never wanted to go through it but I had no choice so I installed. It’s a miserable app, and the process for rescheduling is difficult if you never initially made an account with them on your own prior to ordering off Walmart.They also want a credit card on file. For someone who never wanted to use the app, seems a bit ridiculous. Avoid it if you can.

  20. First review I’ve ever left for an app. The cleaning was great, but apparently they’ve started entering customers into plans that cost $99 to cancel. This means that if you sign up for a cleaning and then decided to cancel future cleanings, they will charge you a $99 cancellation fee. In other words, there are no more on demand appointments.

  21. Update: Nothing in the app works. Constant error messages when trying to do anything. So far the customer service representatives have been incompetent and unhelpful. I’m going to need to find a different service. Previous (still true): Messaging un the app is not functional and so it’s impossible to see messages from pros or to respond even though I get notifications.

  22. Mel Ruiz dice:

    Awful experience. I had 3 bookings 2 were cancel, 1 one that showed up came for 45 minutes late and spent the entire time talking over the phone. She complaint the entired time, she didn’t have supplies, the quality of the job was trash (I have pictures). She brought 2 other people that were not vetted. I haven’t had a single good experience with them and I have been working with them for a month. The service is very unreliable.

  23. The cleaning services are VERY unreliable. DO NOT GET THE SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE DISCOUNTED PRICE ITS NOT WORTH IT FOR THE HEADACHES. I’ve had multiple bookings where the assigned pro canceled at the last minute and one time it was literally cancelled one minute before the scheduled time. Customer service says sorry, here’s $10 off your next booking or it happens we can’t do anything. Even though they’ve failed to uphold their side of the contract, I cannot cancel the subscription without penalty.

  24. The website says you can add extras to your cleaning (oven etc) via the app. The app doesn’t do that at all. Handy itself is horrible and I would never recommend. I booked for the first time a MOVE OUT CLEANING. About 1 hr before the cleaning was supposed to start I was sent a text that no one would be coming and they rescheduled me well after my final move out date. Will never use again!

  25. The idea is great and if you find a great pro, then you’re set. Finding a great pro, however, is the issue. Quality isn’t standardized. If you reschedule with too little notice, you’ll be assessed a late fee– which is fair. But they will change your professional with no notice and give you no discount for it, which is not so fair. And that makes a difference if the random pro they assign you isn’t as good– which has been my experience for months.

  26. I am a pro who gives exceptional service to my customers. As a pro, I feel this is not a very good app. I’ve had customers cancel or reschedule while at job and handy won’t adequately compensate me for this inconvenience. I am highly rated through the app yet I receive the short end. There should be much better communication!! I would never try and contact anyone unless absolutely necessary, yet I’ve received calls and texts by your associates wanting to book me or for me to accept an assignment

  27. My cleaning pros have ranged from good to excellent. There have been times (twice in June and three times in July) when handy could not find a pro to fulfill my service request, even with two weeks advance notice. Then handy deflects responsibility, claiming “a last-minute pro call off ” when they had no one assigned to me in the first place. I like the idea of the app, but the company is unreliable. It’s most inconvenient for me to get all ready for a housecleaning, then have it rescheduled.

  28. Good in theory but awful customer service. Cleaning people consistently do not show up with no notice. I had 3 consistent no shows and only received a $10 credit in addition your credit card is charged even if no one shows up, resulting in a week long process to get refunded. No customer service line to call either, only via email whenever it is convenient for them to respond.

  29. For one, the app itself sucks. It sends me messages from my pro, doesn’t even have a mechanism for me to respond back via text, and then the messages aren’t even in my app inbox. The company sucks too. They treat their pros poorly. It’s sometimes like pulling teeth to get anything scheduled. Usually “last minute cancellation,” in my exp, means they never had a pro scheduled for you in the first place. The pros themselves are hit-and-miss, but I found a good one I will hire independently.

  30. The app does not communicate to the cleaning professional what is supposed to be included in the service. They don’t see what we book, only the details about the home. Everyone that I have talked to says their professional comes in and asks them what services they want. We want the services we booked! Please communicate with the professionals…especially when you are charging us extra for certain things.

  31. Had a worst experience ever, I subscribed to 6 months plan. When susbscring it doesn’t show/talk about cancellation charges. When I am unsatisfied with the service it is asking to pay $99 and contacting customer service didn’t help in any way. Please be mindful of cancellation charges before you subscribe/use it. If you don’t like the service you will be asked to pay hefty amounts to cancel it

  32. I used to like handy when I used to get the pro I wanted or at the very least someone from my list of past folks. Now I dont find out who’s coming until the couple of days before and its always someone random who does a random job and I have to spend time helping them find the house. I cant even cancel by the time I find out it’s someone random because they’ll charge me. im in the market for a new app because of the decline and inconsistency in service over the past year or so.

  33. It keeps asking for a picture and I’ve already uploaded many times before. As I’m busy trying to close it, the job I was trying to get gets taken in the mean time. Also when you’re out on the job and can’t find a location or the customer isn’t answering, there’s no phone number to call for assistance. There isn’t any way top rate the homeowners either, even though they can rate you. So I had someone who’s toilet was a war zone and there’s no warning how nasty people are or that they don’t tip

  34. 1st pro sent left after 10 minutes, no explanation. 2nd pro didn’t clean inside oven even though I’d paid $20 extra for this service. I I asked for, was given, a refund of the $20. After these two failures, I cancelled my account, was hit with a $99 cancelation fee, which they agreed to waive. In brief: the customer care was good, but the actual service did not live up to expectations.

  35. Mick Tate dice:

    The first time I used the app, it was great. As of recently, the service has been abysmal. I have multiple things around my house that need to be looked at (roof, air conditioner, water, etc). And there have already been 4 reschedulings and one cancelation by whoever originally took the job. I could really use the help, but I guess I’m never gonna get it.

  36. App crashes when you try to contact customer support. There is no phone number or chat, the only way to contact them is by email, and they sometimes take a while to respond. Cleaning professionals are inconsistent in quality, often are late without notice or apology. For a while the app would send a reminder two days before a booking giving you enough time to reschedule without penalty, but then switched to only sending a reminder an hour before so you could not change it. Shady & not worth it.

  37. Booked a cleaning 1 week prior to scheduled date. 30 minutes before arrival time they canceled. (I took the day off work to meet the person that would clean my house weekely). Can’t cancel the service or they keep my money I’ve already paid for services they didn’t show up to do plus a additional $99 for canceling account. Waste of time and money. Rip offs!!!!!

  38. Huge variability between the ‘professionals!’. If you get someone you don’t like, schedule with a highly rated professional. My favorite thing is being able to easily reschedule according to my needs, though sometimes that means working with someone new. But it’s good enough and convenient for me!

  39. The very first visit was terrific, after that it was a train wreck. Canceled appointments by them and then trying to charge me a cancellation fee. Being charged for the service 3 to 4 days before the appointment then not keeping the same, taking almost 2 weeks to have my payment refunded. I canceled the entire service, but that wasn’t the end two weeks later a cleaning person shows up at my door AND then they wanted me to rate her. To say the least DON’T sign up with them.

  40. Customer service is very unresponsive! There’s no number to call and 95% of emails are ignored. I would not recommend! Very dissatisfied customer! The pros can also cancel on you at any time they choose. It’s even worse that you have to pay a $99 fee to cancel due to their poor customer service, maybe that’s why they treat you so poorly…….

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