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Smart Life. Smart Living
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Tuya Smart. Smart life, smart living
• Remotely control home appliances from anywhere
• Add and control multiple devices at once with one App
• Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home
• Interworking of multiple smart devices. Devices automatically start/stop working based on temperature, location and time.
• Easily share devices among family members
• Receive real-time alerts to ensure safety
• Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart App to devices

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[Repair & Optimization]

- Solved known issues


40 comentarios en "Tuya Smart MOD 2022"

  1. Greg B dice:

    FAILED TO CONNECT. CLICK TO RETRY. It works, but NEEDS improvement. Video playback should be more finely adjustable. As it stands, barely bumping the timer moves it 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds which would actually be useful. And the sensitivity for motion alarms is way too sensitive on the least sensitive setting. Make it so that the time scroller can be moved in shorter increments and it’ll be a much better app.

  2. Grant dice:

    I ordered a pack of 6 Bluetooth lightbulbs that use this app. While I can control each one fine individually, this app also has a “tap-to-run” feature that allows you to accomplish multiple functions (e.g. turn on two lights) with one button. However, a glitch in the app results in only the very last task in the tap-to-run being executed; the first, second, and so on tasks are ignored and not executed. This defeats the entire purpose of this feature and is very frustrating.

  3. I use this app for my robot Vac. Everything was fine until a few days ago when the app said that there is a new update. The problem is the update doesn’t download – and I’ve tried THREE TIMES!! It just keeps saying “checking for updates”. You can’t use the app because it won’t let you use it without the update THAT WON’T UPDATE. PLUS, if you go to the “scenes” page, there’s a pop-up suggestion that you can’t click out of and it makes the app freeze. So, basically, the app is completely useless.

  4. Kat Finan dice:

    I use this app with the 2 cameras I have. The cloud storage IS ALWAYS messed up. Right now it won’t play back anything even though it shows 2 weeks worth of videos. If a camera gets disconnected, you have to completely reset it. I’ve spoken with support and it has taken weeks for them to fix the issue only for the same issue to occur again. I have SD cards coming and will drop the cloud service, but if this doesn’t work. I’ll toss these cameras and go with a better one.

  5. I bought the dual band wifi camera because some single bands have had issue with mesh networks. This app and camera were a breeze to set up. I liked it so much I bought a second. It literally took me one minute to connect to my wifi, and one minute to format the 128GB micro sd card. I now have cameras on front and back porches. Amazing features for the price – PTZ, two-way audio, LED lights and IR sensors. The App has smart configurations. Very happy at this time.

  6. CC RAVEN dice:

    This app is very glitchy. 1. Sometimes it is not able to make an encrypted channel and retry won’t help. Have to close out/forcestop and try again. 2. After a live video is showing it will then freeze and have to close/forcestop again. 3. Switching from one camera to another the live video won’t load and only shows black screen. Closeout/forcestop again. 4. This app needs major updates the slowness and glitchy actions of this app is rendering the cameras useless. Forget about 2 cameras

  7. Karoline S dice:

    We bought our 3 cameras, 2 hooked up. Unable to use all the functions. Cannot enable notifications. Cannot change motion sensitivity, unable to see anything from the backyard camera due to a huge glare coming from the light fixture glass. The camera out front is great no glare at all. I don’t understand the difference between them. Love these cameras but the app sucks. Can’t use or set up like they should be to work as they are supposed to.

  8. pretty fun and awesome.and helpful so far. we’ve been using it almost a week and have all but forgotten about feeding the cat. I’m leaving the review about a week into using the smart feeder for a young cat and we have it set on different food portions for different times of day, we’ve set it to feed around the time the kids will be in the kitchen so it can be a fun activity and also hassle free. fun. I got 2 of these used from the nextdoor app for $10 each!

  9. Since the last update, Volcano finally fix the issue with programming the smart bulb. It finally changes colors again after losing the ability for several weeks. After contacting Volcano and sending them required information, they never responded. Because of the way this entire issue was handled I’m giving this 3 stars. Update: now it’s gone again. Two stars. ⭐⭐

  10. very nice set up. controls many devices. There are a lot of nice features like timed on/off, different colors, color scenes, and much more. The only drawback is I have to reconnect an item (light bulb or smart power strip) from time to time. Worth downloading.

  11. ychung C dice:

    Local weather forecast initially accurate (rain) but then later updated to a wrong forecast (cloudy). Same error happened on many incidence with the forecast changing from right to wrong. And there were discrepancy of 1 degree between the temperature data on tuya app and the device (Roaprobe W1 weather forecast)it is connected to. Shouldnt they be identical. Also app doesnt have the option to refresh the forecast data.

  12. The app is a bit buggy on tablets and not a clean experience. Also, not all devices can have scene controls for some reason, despite being able to have scene controls individually. Other than that, great pairing to google home app and quick touch and voice activation for lights and outlets.

  13. We just bought 2 of these. 1 for the front and 1 for the back. Had lots of trouble to getting either one up running. So called for technical support. Had us up and going on the backdoor with in minutes. Seemed ok so tried to set up the other one with my wife’s phone. Would not set up after several times with no luck. So then check the one we had set up and then it would not work. Then noticed it went off line. Tried numerous times to get back on line and would come back up that was yesterday.

  14. Beth Ann dice:

    Good app after it was fixed. However would suggest having a feature to regulate the speed of playback from cloud storage. It goes too fast and no way to slow it down. This problem is not fixed. I have contacted the manufacturer, and the app people. Noone will fix the fast motion. Cannot regulate the movement. Not happy. Also app keeps crashing. Either connecting or busy. Also network error. Nothing wrong with my network.

  15. VADY 6 dice:

    Keeps losing connection with device. Always have to reset it. If it gets stuck, it can’t just resume cleaning. You have to reset the wifi connection. Also, the map management function does not work well. It doesn’t keep the same map. It always resets and doesn’t use your saved map. Very frustrating!

  16. I bought this hoping to be able to use it regularly but when someone actually pushes the button to ring the doorbell it will never load on my phone, so I can never see who’s at the doorbell. By the time it actually does load it has timed out and closes out the screen. If you do not pay for cloud service or put in a memory card, you have no record of anything. Junkie foreign thing never wants to load or work. Very frustrating. My network is stable and my signal is strong.

  17. it’s constantly breaking, and setup is a nightmare. Update: Now on top of everything, it needs “precise location” access to find a WiFi signal? Tuya, your app was already terrible. Becoming spyware doesn’t make you better. Reply to Tuya: it’s not Bluetooth, it didn’t do it before, and it’s the app itself blocking it if the settings are right. Don’t pretend you’re innocent.

  18. This item is a recent purchase for me. The description says its easy to install is not correct at all. It is not stated that each step needs to happen in rapid succession for it to work. And to put in the wifi password each time you try is not an easy task. And which QR code are we using. The one from the app??? This is a frustrating experience for a non tech savvy user.

  19. I purchased a SOUJAMAO window/door sensor. It told me to download the TUYA app. I was able to get it connected pretty easily and started getting alerts from the app. I just wanted to use it to detect if a door was left open after hours, you are supposed to be able to do this but the app is terrible. In fact it is telling me I have no devices even though I keep getting the alerts. I will try to uninstall/reinstall but a few tutorials would be nice.

  20. imran dice:

    Camera keeps rebooting, goes offline. Always needs to read QR code which it does not read. And there is no other way to setup the camera. Very troublesome poor quality camera. When it goes offline you have to be next to it to Add Device again and since it will not read QR code then it’s a dead end. When it worked it had very poor performance Did not detect motions when a person walks by but adds motions detected when nothing took place. Honestly a Junk camera. Am using 7 other brands much BETTR

  21. Got this for some color changing bulbs. Immediately noticed that I have to manually adjust each bulb individually. Was hoping that “scenes” would allow me to adjust multiple at once, which it kind of does but you have to pre program actions, and you don’t have all the same options as controlling each light (can set mode to “Color” but no options for hue). Also noticed that I need to leave the lights on basically (can’t use the switch) or the pairing gets lost.

  22. I am not sure where the fault is. I have one pet feeder and one solar power security camera. The camera goes offline and requires a fresh setup easy once a month. Could be my router. Other than that the app has been working properly. They do offer a cloud service to keep your video for you to view later if you need it.

  23. its ok, i have the LED lights to this and i was hoping on the app u could make custom colors instead of making it white if u try and make a lighter color, besides that, it also disconnects the microphone after a couple mins so if you listening to music it could disconnect but its not thst big of a problem u just need to turn the microphone back on and its ok… it could be better :/ (but the LED lights are perfect its just the app 😀 )

  24. The plugs and app work great for the most part, but if I lose internet service or power, the outlets will no longer work with my Google Assistant until I re-set up everything. They will work through the app just fine, but my assistant will tell me it’s unavailable. This only happens when power goes out (or internet, which is very rare) so it’s not terrible but in the winter it’s a pain. Not sure if it’s a fix that needs to be addressed on your end or Google’s

  25. This app is great for my lights. There are a few settings that have strange number ranges like 1000 vs 100 but maybe it’s to give you more control for fine tuning. They just don’t explain the few features it has that are a bit harder to use. It would be nice if they had tips or explanations with all the features and automations. I was able to figure most out by trial and error. But can’t beat it for its basic functionality.

  26. I gave the app 3 stars because the Motion Tracking leaves much to be desired. After the camera has tracked a moving object such as a passing car, the camera often times moves to a position that renders the camera useless. It would be a great feature if once the camera is in position, the use could press a button labeled ‘Home’ so that the position is set and saved. If the camera has moved and there is no motion for 90 seconds, then the camera would automatically move back to the home position.

  27. Sharon dice:

    After records the camera stops at weird angles and does not go back to its original position you have to manually change the camera position back. Also during playback the bar where it tells the time for each incident you cannot see it cuz it’s black that needs to be fixed because if you need to turn in footage to the police you can’t see. Apparently some functions you don’t have access to till there’s an actual recording to change features. Like the basic functions key that kind of thing.

  28. Great app with one exception. The outdoor temperature in the Environment section regularly fails to automatically sync with the reading in the “Cozy Home” section on the main screen. You are apparently able to manually update the Cozy Home temperature (by pulling down the screen and releasing), but that does not work either when the app does not auto sync it. I’m hoping the developer will troubleshoot this problem and finally get it to work reliably.

  29. Only works 50%. Scheduling on and off times works great. However, despite setting up a lighting schedule to run with the misting schedule, lighting doesn’t respond. I have it start misting at 6:15am, with NO LIGHT. Light turns on everytime mist turns on, and wakes me up. (It’s bright!!!) I must have my phone handy to turn off the light, so I can sleep longer. 🙁 If you’re going to offer light control and scheduling, please make sure it works properly!!!

  30. So this app is very functional and good. I use it for the garage door controller. The two stars is for a very specific use case. There is a major issue with how the app behaves in the event of no network connection. Rather than displaying “unknown” or “network error” the app’s logic defaults to showing “open”. This is very frightening to see. Without network, you cant check the logs to see if this is true. I know this now, but if this can be fixed my 2 would change to 5.

  31. Terrible! There’s no way to set the sensitivity on the motion detection because there is No Motion Detection setting even though the FAQ and the brief manual says there is. The alert goes off constantly but there’s no video to see or no way to adjust it, along with freezing if you change it from night vision to color. You have to restart it to get it to work. And this is the second camera!!!

  32. It would be nice to have, for 5 stars, a dark theme Update: It seems the scenes are working again, Tuya fixing this issue pretty quick. Therefore I’m bumping the rating from 1 to 4 stars. – Previous review: Suddenly automation and scenes stopped working after almost one year without incidents. All devices are online and can be turned on/off individually, but not in automation/scenes. What’s the purpose of automation if I need to turn them on/off manually?

  33. This allowed me to set up and use my new Smart Bulbs , supports a wide variety of smart devices and integrates with Google Assistant. It would be nice if, when setting up scheduled events and tap-to-runs if we were able to select the exact color and brightness of bulbs instead of just off, on, color (last color the bulb was set to,) or White. Also the color selection should be revised to a single screen rather than the current four screens.

  34. I hate that this app lacks a remember me option, I don’t want to request a password or code every time! The design and functionality of this app is identical to Jinvoo Smart, devices Wi-Fi plugs work on both. Hopefully, the plugs will work for more than one week (Until re-setup) due to the new router. It is also concerning about this app request GPS, but has no reason to need it.

  35. I too experienced a failure after the last update. I was able to recover by performing a factory reset on all my devices and adding them back to the app. I had to recreate all of my schedules and customizations, but everything worked perfectly afterwards including Alexa integration. A configuration backup in the app would have been helpful.

  36. Never worked. App has some of the worst error messages which don’t make any sense. Even after figuring out finally and creating the family network, the devices didn’t get paired. During the installation, the app shows that the device is connected but fails to complete the process and errors out. Worst app, worst device. Returning all 4 smart plugs I bought

  37. It’s not the greatest app, but it works for turning on and off my lights at home and away from home. It does this part really well. The smart scenes and scheduled timers should ALWAYS stay static to *how they were created*, but can save any changes you make at any time to that smart scene even when you’re no longer in smart scenes, making them almost totally useless unless you go fix them again. Widgets can’t find my lights. It works for basic features really well, but other functions are incomplete.

  38. Update a 1.5 years later: After a bunch of google searching, I finally discovered that you CAN use your custom remotes with Google Home by using the Tap-to-Run functionality of the app and the “Activate” command. Adding stars for that. Garbage app, like most apps for controlling a device. Won’t work with Alexa or Google. Can’t customize the UI layout of a DIY remote. Can’t create custom voice commands, even though it can easily recognize them. In direct response to the dev response: No, it will not connect to either Alexa or Google, though when I think about it, that’s probably more the device’s fault and not your software’s. As for the DIY suggestions, just look at other remote control software. You can position and resize buttons how you like. It doesn’t take a UI genius to figure out how important such functionality is on a custom remote. Allow the option to add a new voice command for a specific button. From what I’ve been able to tell, even if I could get it to connect to Google or Alexa, I wouldn’t be able to use my custom buttons as commands. Proper software like this wouldn’t care what device is what or when you’d use it; it’d store each command/button as a fully triggerable unit that you could place on a single remote control interface in whatever layout you wanted. If I wanted light bulb controls next to TV volume, I should be able to do that. And I’m out of space.

  39. While I like the camera, the app is kind of second rate. Very slow opening the camera and most of the time I have to open and close the app before the camera comes on. Makes no difference how long you wait. You still have to open and close the app. There used to be a ” format sd card” option for erasing pictures. Now it’s gone and support just tells me to have the app engineer look at it. An impossible task there. Support sucks! Ever try to erase 1,000’s of pictures 15 at a time?

  40. It’s OK when it works. Bought four outlets from them. Programmed each to the app, and to Amazon Alexa. I have them hooked up for lighting on my. Aquariums, but I have to check daily that actually turned on and off. All 4 have completely stopped responding to the schedule since daylight savings time started. They always acknowledge Alexa when told to turn on. It’s definitely something with the app. Please fix!

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