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The myQ smart access app allows you to easily open, close or check the status of your garage door, commercial door, gate or myQ home lighting from anywhere using your mobile device. The myQ app supports myQ-enabled products from Chamberlain, LiftMaster.

Additional Features:
• Set up smart access alerts that notify you when there’s activity
• Set schedules to close your garage doors or gates or to have your lights turn on/off
• Grant access with myQ Guest

For myQ smartphone control you need one of the following products:
• A Wi-Fi garage door opener enabled with myQ technology
• A myQ smart home accessory to upgrade a non-Wi-Fi garage door opener

Find more smart access products compatible with myQ:

• Yale | LiftMaster Smart Locks
• LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera™
• Amazon Key for Garage

To upgrade your existing garage opener with smartphone control, visit for accessory options.


Each version of myQ includes features and updates to improve your access experience.


* Bug fixes and feature enhancements.


40 comentarios en "myQ Garage & Access Control FULL"

  1. I C dice:

    Video portio rarely works. I will get a motion alert and then by the time the video stream starts working, after multiple attempts, whatever might have been moving would be gone. This is just one example. Some features are free, but they push a paid subscription for additional features. I would be a fool to pay for such a poorly developed system. The basics don’t work.

  2. Set up the device and works as expected. I see the notifications of when garage opens or closes. The timing is a little off of when it triggers to actually open or close, versus when Im notified, but overall it’s somewhat close. The most disappointing part is that most of the time when I open the app it seems to not be able to connect, and constantly tells me to retry later. The retry button does nothing. I log out and back in and sometimes that helps but not always. Was cheap so can’t complain

  3. It worked great! We’ve had it for 7 months now. Well, it still works great for 3 of the 4 people who had it. My connection dropped a few months ago and it will not let me connect to my garage door opener no matter I do. Everyone else in the house is fine. It keeps saying it’s not in “provision” mode. Tried to troubleshoot it. Nothing. It’s very irritating.

  4. Jo Ardar dice:

    Dropping it down to one star because it prompts me for a password at the worst time. Then it won’t just log in. It has to fail and make me enter my credentials again. Then it asks me to rate it. Well here is your rating. About everything ten times I get a screen that reads “There was an error to the server. Please check your connection and try again”. Amazingly thought, when the garage door opens and closes I still get alerter. So I’m still connected. Brilliant app, poor delivery.

  5. There was an error connecting to the server…..always. this app has more problems than help. Especially, when you install on your garage door to be able to tell if they are open or closed and open or close them from the app…and it doesn’t work. Frustrating. You have to force stop/log out/log back in everytime you use it. ? Pixel 6 pro. Android 13.

  6. Steve dice:

    Great when it works. I’ve had it for about two months now and have had to reset it 2 times. It just quits working for no apparent reason. It’ll quit reporting events, then when you go to open the app, it just hangs on the start screen. You have to go into settings/apps/myQ to clear app data and cache, then log back in and works fine until the next time.

  7. Update: I’ve been locked out of the app too many times now. Not sure if there’s some developer updates coming, but it’s getting annoying not being able to use this when I need it. Very convenient until someone runs past the sensor while in the process of closing the garage. Then it becomes a pain. The app shows the garage is in the closing process spool, but it never completes it. I have to close the garage manually, then the app resets.

  8. Very effective connection to my Tesla, so when it’s working it is seamless. BUT, it has just randomly gone offline a couple of times from the router (which is ~4′ away from the base) and required re-installing. In fairness, that could have been the router, which is a repeater to serve the garage alone. On the plus side, this is way better than another system that I had installed before Tesla integrated with myQ. So, yeah, happy enough.

  9. A Beck dice:

    The app works ok when it works, but often re-sets and makes me log in before I can use it. When it is my only garage open option and I’m in a rush, this is obnoxious. It also won’t stop asking me to add Amazon deliveries, which I don’t have a need for but can’t seem to get rid of the ask. If the internet goes down, I have issues. If the app updates, I have issues. If my phone updates, I have issues. Wish the garage door opener came with two remotes because this app is annoying.

  10. Set up was difficult. I had to climb up and down the ladder multiple times, pressing the learn button, to finally get the app and the doors to communicate. More recently, there is a long delay for app notifications. Just today, I measured 29 minutes from the time I closed the garage door, to the time I was notified of the closure. I have tried everything, including turning off battery optimization, granting all permissions, etc. Without timely notification, this app is useless.

  11. Let us choose if we want the garage door to open via voice commands. Instead of choosing for us, give us the ability to either enable or disable voice commands via assistant apps. Not only is there no widget for easy access to the open function via the app natively, you’ve also intentionally disabled the voice commands from smart assistants. That coupled with the lack of geofencing means this app for garages is essentially useless.

  12. Still a problem connecting every single time I have to update or change WiFi hardware. After a few years of this it’s crazy they haven’t made this more user friendly. Almost 30 years in IT and I’ve never seen an app this hard to connect to WiFi with EXCELLENT 2.4Ghz signal. I get to the log into account and it keeps erroring out. Definitely won’t be buying this brand in the future.

  13. None of the networks show up on it, and I have plenty of neighbors, have moved the router in the same room, tried multiple phones, etc. Just doesn’t connect. I was able to get the opener connected to the internet using the old install method, but this is no longer supported to add an opener to the account this way. So it’s definitely the app that does not work, not a network problem. Didn’t work on iphone either.

  14. Very easy to set up and use. Randomly disconnects from my phone every once in a while but is easy to re-login. Love having the Amazon Key feature! No more worries about stolen. I would love to see the notification options expanded a little. Being able to choose to receive notifications based on who is opening the garage door would be nice. I do not need a notification when I open the door myself, or it’s opened from inside the garage. I would like to be notified for Amazon and my kids.

  15. Works great, when it works. I occasionally get a can’t reach server message. I have to log out, then back in. Functions pretty well otherwise. The UI is a little clunky but is ok. It could be improved. I think the garage door part is less problematic then the camera part. I have both. I’ll change my review if things improve.

  16. Dan Freed dice:

    I have 2 of these at 2 different locations. I love them and will buy more. I like being able to adjust the notifications separately for the different properties and love being able to set a close by time in case I forget. If I ever need to check on it, I just need to open the app which has been very reliable and problem free. Have had them for 2+ years with no problems.

  17. Amber A dice:

    This app is extraordinarily inconsistent and frustrating. Where it IS consistent is that it fails to load, regardless of whether on wifi or mobile data. Then, the app forces me to logout and log back in. Once logged back in, my garage openers are no longer listed/connected. If an opener is using an app for access as a selling point, then that app should perform seamlessly with the product it’s being advertised for.

  18. Not dependable, logs me out of the app randomly or gets network errors. Sometimes I can get back in by restarting the app, sometimes I have to log back in, sometimes nothing works (but randomly later it’ll work fine qgain). Not good to rely on for garage door access. Also nit a fan of how the app is basically an add for other products, but that isn’t a big deal because it doesn’t really interfere with normal use.

  19. This app sucks. It constantly kicks you out of your account and forces you to re-sign in. One of the monitors constantly drops out and I have to reset it. This requires me to drag out a large ladder and move several pieces of equipment. Would give negative stars if possible. Unreliable and inconsistent performance.

  20. iamjtbe dice:

    Get rid of buttons at top please!! Works fine but… It always takes forever to load and then just when you think it has… Then it loads more buttons for Amazon garage and stuff. I just want to open my garage after a day of work! You have to click the garage you want to open twice which I like but after you hit it once then the buttons at the top load and you miss the second push of the button. This is a recent change. I hope they take it away soon and put those add buttons on another page!

  21. When it works it is amazing. Initial setup was horrific. On phone with tech support for 2 hours to set up. Original sensor went bad after a year. They replaced for free. For past few months I have sensor problems. I replaced battery worked for a week or two. Just disconnected from internet and logged out and back into my account; working for 1 day 12-7-2022. No great hope, it will “malfunction” again! Update: It only took 3 days and it is malfunctioning again!!

  22. Pretty awful, honestly. It becomes unusable with a “failed to connect to server” message often, wothless for days, despite the fact that it has great connectivity to router and my phone does as well. It logs out often, and it doesn’t work with google assistant or autofill. It doesn’t have widgits. It’s slow to open the app (compared to other devices) and doesn’t have fine-grained notification options or channels, so notifi. Spam.I previously had a meross device and app with none of these probl

  23. It was a thing of beauty when I first started using this app. Now it’s a 50/50 if the app connects to the network.. nothing has changed in the electronics or devices the app does not always connect to the network.. please fix it. 1/23 Still hit or miss if the app connects to the myq server. Do not rely on this as your only entry point!

  24. All of a sudden I have the same issue as “Cat Sunn”. This app has worked fine for about 1.5 years and now all I get is “There was an error connecting to the server. Please check you connection and try again.” It quit taking either my login or my fingerprint. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Same message about not getting to the server. Frustrating! Maybe I can talk to a live person somehow. UPDATE – I have not had any issues since what I reported before. It has been working fine.

  25. Update: app stopped working for 2 days. Had to sign out and in again to fix. It asked me to rate again, so I’m rating it lower 🥴 original review: Garage open/close notifications are a little slow — sometimes as much as 10 minutes. There’s no way to disable them when I’m physically home. But door reliably opens and closes. “Pet portal” inside the app shows me some weird error message about needing to upgrade my browser to Chrome.

  26. Rush Fan dice:

    Works OK – one issue. Why can the sensor report a low battery to the app but can’t recognize when a fresh battery is installed? Door has gone up and down a dozen times and still hasn’t reset. Doesn’t seem to be a difficult thing to build into a bug fix release! Please make a PRIORITY! A simple battery change should not require a complete resetting up of hub and app. If developers can’t recognize a strong battery and reflect correctly in app as Ring app does, users (customers) are not a priority.

  27. The app is temperamental. When it’s working correctly it’s very handy to have. When it doesn’t work, my neighbors learn new curse words. My issue now is it doesn’t close, but gives me a close error, I have to run in and close it manually. But, it’ll open with no issues. I may have to uninstall the application and start over….

  28. The app constantly loses authentication session and I have to re-login every time I use it, even if my sessions are 15 min apart. The app cannot keep track of the state of the door – confusing open and closed. There’s no way to turn off the annoying beep when the door closes in configuration. Very frustrating.

  29. MyQ integrates with Amazon Key so you can have packages delivered inside your garage. It also integrates with Ring. BUT, it does not integrate with Amazon’s Alexa!!! It will notify you when the door opens or closes. BUT not if the door remains open! Oh, also the app refuses to work on wifi any where. At our house or at my office. I have to disconnect from wifi any time I want to use it.

  30. Loving it. The unit for the garage door cost me about the same as a single garage door remote, but now everyone in the family can access it. Plus our online purchases can be placed inside the garage instead of outside in the weather where it can be stolen. Connectivity issues once upon a time but once I upgraded my wifi router, which needed to be done anyway, it has worked flawlessly since.

  31. Dave F dice:

    Update:. Updating to 3 stars now that I was able to figure out a workaround, and was able to successfully complete my garage door registration on the MyQ app using my old LG V30 Android. Seems the issue is with the MyQ app not being compatible with my Pixel 6 Pro. –————— Can’t change wifi. App refuses to connect no matter what I do. Might need to go back to my old Nexx device. At least that was stable, and setup was easy.

  32. I have not had a good experience with this app. The idea is cool but once you connect the app to your garage door, it’s over. Congratulations, you can ONLY use the app to close your garage. I freaking hate it. I hate pulling out of the garage and not being able to hit the close button on my remote, instead I have to pull my phone out and close it. Oh, and it doesn’t let you disconnect it once you’re in. It’s the garage version of your gym membership.

  33. Random sensor errors causing me to use other methods to gain entry to my garage. Looses a sensor and have to get out the ladder to reprogram randomly. Slow to respond on weak internet on phone, usually times out. The camera is super super sensitive by showing motions even when there is none and considers lights going on or off as a motion alerts – so annoying. Constant notifications of it going offline at random. Fix it already!

  34. The app really pushes Amazon garbage, it also disconnects about once a week and I have to log out and log back in again just to access the app. Requires a subscription to do anything but the most basic tasks, and it doesn’t have any Google home integration, just Google assistant, which is frustrating to use.

  35. App worked well for a couple of days. It went offline all of a sudden. Removed the device from the network. Reinstalled the app. Nothing I’ve done has been able to bring it back online. I read about these issues with the most recent version. I would love the ability to install the previous version to see if this issue still exists with it. As of now this app is completely useless.

  36. Just buy a garage remote. Like others have said, when it works, it works well. In my case, it work great in the morning when I’m leaving for the day, no real issues. That all changes the moment I leave my house, where now, even if Im connected to Data, the app just does not work. 60 seconds after the app opens, just to be taken to a screen that says my phone can’t connect to the server, and I must be offline, to then get fed a push about the garage door being opened because I used the keypad.

  37. Horrible app! Notifications are inconsistent. Most of the time, they don’t come through until several-60 minutes later, even though I have it set for them to come through immediately. Opening is pretty consistent with the app. Using it to close is very frustrating. If you go from WiFi to mobile data, it shows you’re logged out when you open the app. I have to close the app, shut off my wifi to make sure I’m on mobile data, then reopen the app. It now shows I’m logged in.

  38. Constantly breaks. I have to reinstall this app every time one of the responses doesn’t come back, which is often. If I’m lucky I get a solid day. It’s making me think about rewiring my whole house to an app that works. Even when the app does work it’s a two stars at best because the user interface is difficult to use and most of the integrations fail. Not to mentioning the scheduling seems to fail regularly. I’m just glad I don’t rely on any of MyQ’s products to work.

  39. MJ Shelby dice:

    Too many times it has hiccups. Worked well in the beginning, but lately been not connecting, asking me to login, especially at the worst times, and just closing it and restarting gets it back on, worst of all, when it shows the door is open and it isn’t. If it weren’t that I had a camera to double check, it would’ve been very inconvenient and a safety issue.

  40. App has been working great until this evening 9/29/22. Now it doesn’t work at all. Has issues even being able to sign in, and this is after reinstalling the app. 9/30 – app is almost working. It just doesn’t allow or recognize my sign-on info, and so we in an endless loop of seeing the device to not being able to login. Which was better than yesterday. Just install previous version that worked just fine (for me at least).

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