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BILT interactive 3D instructions help you get the job done right
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Get projects done right the first time with easy-to-follow BILT instructions.

– Follow interactive 3D animation on each step
– Zoom in and out
– Rotate 3D images for a better angle
– Tap on any part for details
– Choose optional voice narration & text guides
– Skip ahead, go back, or replay a step instantly
– Be confident with official, up-to-date, brand-approved guides
– Download instructions ahead to use without WiFi

– Easier to understand than paper or video
– Reduces paper waste
– Confidence you did it right the first time

Whether it’s for assembly, installation, maintenance, or repair, BILT instructions are a revolutionary new way to set up products efficiently.

It’s true — BILT is free to everyone! And unlike instructions online, BILT doesn’t allow ads or annoying pop-ups. The platform is paid for by hundreds of leading brands that believe you deserve a better experience with their products. These participating brands provide 3D instructions as a service because BILT users are happier with their purchases and have fewer returns. It’s a win-win!

You do not need to provide any personal information or create an account to use BILT. We’re serious about making it easy.

But there are benefits to creating a BILT account:
– Save your receipt
– Register a product
– Access warranty information
– Keep downloaded instructions in “My Stuff” to access later
– Leave a rating & review to help your favorite brands improve their products over time

– Most Innovative Construction Tool, National Association of Home Builders
– Gold Winner, User Experience Awards
– Winner, Pro Tool Innovation Awards

The BILT Toolbox is a collection of instructions to help you with home improvement, auto, and safety projects, as well as guides for basic power tools. Follow easy BILT instructions to repair a toilet, lay bathroom tile, paint a room, jump a car battery, change a tire, use a circular saw, adjust a bicycle, repair drywall, and so much more to help with anything adulthood sends your way.

We use the BILT Toolbox too, so if we have a question about something, we design an instruction for it. We welcome your suggestions, too. From personal experience we recommend downloading “How to Jump a Car Battery” before you need it because internet connections at soccer fields can be spotty. 🙂

We do not collect personal data other than what you choose to provide if you create an account, register a product, or leave a review.

We do collect aggregate data such as the number of downloads for each product and the average time it takes to complete an instruction step, but it cannot be tied to an individual user.

“This app is pretty wonderful! Although I could have put my purchase together without this app, it would have required more time, lots of reading and possibly reading the same thing more than once just to get it right. I love the 3D instructions and ease of having a 360 degree view of the item, that really made it super easy for me. Thanks!”
-Aisha R. on Google Play

“This is by far the best app for anyone that is into DIY. The 3D animations and audio are amazing. This app takes the frustration out of vague instructions and simplifies it. I was able to install my first celling fan with lights without having to use the paper manual. GREAT APP!!!”
-Daron H. on Google Play

“Made it SO easy! Love that you can zoom in on the parts, replay instructions, and it will hold your place if you shut the app to be continued later. First time using it and it was awesome!”
-Erin S. on Google Play

Do it right the first time and download BILT now!


Thanks for using BILT! Our goal is to empower you to get the job done right the first time. This release contains bug fixes and overall updates to improve your experience.


48 comentarios en "BILT: 3D Instructions 2022"

  1. Excellent app. It included all instructions from start to finish, and was easy to use and understand. It took a while to find my specific device (Teeter 900LX inversion table) but only because of the plethora of available products. The ability to rotate in 3D, zoom in and out, and slide the picture across the screen with touchscreen was nice, as well as ease of navigation. Only drawback was the annoying sound of the computer-generated voice narrating the instructions.

  2. Such a great idea. This was 10x better than using the manual. Love the ability to repeat steps, see the hardware needed etc… It was the easiest assembly so far in my life. One suggestion, would be great to be able to highlight how the orientation of screws, washers etc… When opening the hardware tab. Sometimes I had to replay the steps several time to see which side the screw was inserted.

  3. Very informative instructions. 3d imaging is great and instructions are very detailed. I rate 3 stars because the mode number of the unit i have is not listed. Even though it states clearly on the box that it can be found on the app. Im left trying to search for the closest model to what i have. Now im left questioning if installation should be the same for my product. Disappointing!

  4. This 3D program is a game-changer! Just for grins I compared BILT assembly steps with some of the corresponding procedures from the printed assembly instructions (which weren’t bad). There were a number of steps that would have taken me much more time to figure out had I not been able to use BILT’s ability to see the parts in three dimensions from multiple perspectives. A truly genius app!

  5. This app is game changing. I don’t say that lightly. This made what is normally a massive headache and worth paying a professional to do into a simple easy to follow and understand process. I love how you can zoom in and out to see up close which is what you end up doing with a paper instruction manual only you end up with a headache and your eyes won’t focus afterward LOL

  6. Used this on a large dollhouse. Was extremely helpful. I did not have one time where I had to redo a step. Because the app was very clear all along the way. You can rotate the image 360 Degrees to see exactly how the piece should be oriented. And you can zoom in and ask for a call out of the exact Parts you need on every step.

  7. This app is pretty wonderful! Although, I could have put my purchase together without this app, it would have required more time, lots of reading and possibly reading the same thing more than once just to get it right. I love the 3D instructions and ease of having a 360 degree view of the item, that really made it super easy for me. Thanks!

  8. Very easy to follow the directions! Much easier than trying to assemble using the instruction booklet! Being able to rotate and zoom in and out of the pictures helped also. Took about 90 minutes to assemble our new Weber grill(probably could’ve been done sooner but we double checked steps). Great app!

  9. what a great installation experience it was! so refreshing to not have a huge bag of screws and hardware and some confusing directions. watching the video and listening to what the narrator says makes it even more helpful. I only wish that all things that require you putting them together, had this feature! love it, love it and will highly recommend! Good job.

  10. Whoever came up with BILT is freaking awesome. The ability to view everything in 3D is clutch. Being able to what you are doing from every angle, check for alignment, zoom all the way in, helping you with orientation or different pieces… it’s just awesome. This is the second time I have used BILT and its been amazing.

  11. Used it to build a 3 tier bookshelf from Walmart. Pretty easy to use. It had everything to build it (except for a banner but luckily I already had that). I liked the 3D builder ascept and how easy it was to review the steps before and during the process. I am NOT a handy person, so I’d say if I was able to follow along using this, pretty much anyone else would.

  12. A surprisingly modern and polished app. What I had assumed initially was that the app would basically be just a place to register the product and receive emails about new products. Surprisingly, this was not the case. I downloaded the app out of curiosity to see what the instructions would look like and found a fantastic 3D-rendered walkthrough that was simple to follow yet thorough. Well done, Bilt app designer!

  13. I bought a TV stand and it had an insert within the instructions advertising this app as having interactive 3D instructions. I downloaded the app and got started building. The app is great that it gives you the option to turn the images and zoom in as well which helps when the pictures on printed instructions are hard to see. This was very helpful and I hope the other items I purchased are in this app as well.

  14. The production quality is quite good. I just assembled a Weber Spirit II E-310 grill. In one situation the ability to zoom and rotate was pretty helpful. I am pretty mechanically inclined, so for the most part printed booklet was more helpful than the app (the ability to look back and forth between an unchanging illustration and the grill I was assembling was better than the zoomable rotateable app), but this is just me. I am guessing for a lot of people this app will be very helpful.

  15. Great concept, but the 3D models are so sensitive that when your moving – all of an sudden things spin out of control. There is no reset button to reenter the object, instead you have to go forward or backwards a step and then come back (and try again going really, really slow.)

  16. Looks nice but doesn’t hold it’s weight. Finger operations are not customizable and the speed at which things spin are ridiculous. I the voice used was not at all easy to follow and was quite annoying to be honest. I have the 3 Stars cause it’s a beautiful start with great graphis however the implementation was rough. I didn’t get through step 1 before I closed the app and went to using the less frustrating paper instructions.

  17. Unnecessary app, and although a little bit better than paper instructions where 3d images are provided, video would be better in most instances. Also might need to go over with manufacturers what steps to do when, for the most user friendly experience.

  18. Installed and programmed a garage door opener. Just basic tools needed . I think that a 12 year old could do this. Easy pezy

  19. Mike Owen dice:

    This was an enjoyable experience! Much better than the paper manual! The 3D views were super nice and useful!

  20. The digital instructions left off a couple of steps. It’s better to just use the paper instructions in the box

  21. This app is very convenient. Not only does it provide clear, 3D instructions for a ton of products, but it will also help you register said products and store all relevant warranty information within the app. In my experience the app is very responsive and has been running quickly, with very minimal load times. Definitely recommend, especially if you’re someone who holds onto papers. I should also mention that you can upload pictures of your receipts, which is nice.

  22. This was a great way to set up our coffee machine, 3D diagrams were amazing.

  23. Zooming and 3D Rotation provide useful details but both controls are overly sensitive causing wild spinning of the object and the detail you want to look at zooms off the screen. It needs a slider or a gesture to slow both down and speed up again as needed. With patients and careful use, BILT supplies superby detailed views at the assembly from any angle and and scale. Way better than the hard copy instructions and drawings that came with the product I assembled.

  24. Wow – didn’t think I’d be so impressed by some assembly instructions for a table, but this was damn cool.

  25. Super accurate and made assembly flawless and simple.

  26. Beautiful hardware, not very strenghous. Easy build

  27. This app was really cool and it was nice to be able to zoom in on or rotate parts around to see different angles. I actually did the build with the paper instructions but decided to try this after and next time this will be my first step.

  28. This app is utter garbage. It’s not intuitive nor does it allow for easy movement between sets (the viewing angle resets every step change). This is one of those instances where technology is not needed. Just give me the paper instructions and move on.

  29. Excellent, every single product that requires assembling should be included in this app!

  30. I am loving these instructions and ease of use to zoom in, flip, rotate, and clock to find part number and info. The intro explains how to use the app and it was a breeze. We used it for building an outdoor playground which took over 10 hours to build. This made it excellent.

  31. Conflicting Audio/text instructions. putting together and Everbilt barn style sliding door. The audio stated to measure 5″ from the top. later discovered the text on screen displayed 3¾” from top instead of 5″ as stated in audio. i listened to the audio by default. couple of drilled holes later my new door is swiss cheese. thanks!

  32. Excellent tool. Am slightly dyslexic and was dreading putting together my new bbq. With this tool it was a breeze! The only help I needed was another pair of hands in some steps of the assembly. Love the 3d rotate and zoom functions. PLEASE, DON’T EVER “FIX” THIS APP! IT WORKS FINE AS IS. DO NOT MAKE AN UPDATE. EVER.

  33. When you buy something and documents suggest you download the ‘easy step-by-step 3D instructions’ but what you bought isn’t even close to what is offered- big let down. Very big let down. You and the manufacturers really need to get your acts together. I’m going to hold onto the app, to look through the offerings, but sure not going to help with THIS particular project 😖

  34. When the voice is talking about parts. It needs to be a space between when a part is labeled A2 or something of that nature. The system needs to take a small pause before Identifying the part number by letter and number. Also The guide voice is extremely robotic and mondaine. Otherwise, the step-by-step instructions were clear and easy to decipher on my mobile device making assembly quicker. Usually I have issues reading the instructions and have to take a guess @ each step somtimes.

  35. When I saw the printed manual for my inversion table I wanted to cry. This App talks you thru the assembly along with pictures. The voice is pleasant and not fast. You can rewind the specific instruction you are at and not go all the way back to beginning. This App is very easy to use. I’m 68 yrs and this App is great! Thank you Developers for creating this App!

  36. The models are great but the parts are sometimes mislabeled. The controls for the model are pretty finicky too, not always registering multi-touch gestures properly. Also, I feel like the computer-generated voice could be a little less robotic.

  37. Assembled a grill using the app, not as useful as paper instructions. Cumbersome moving between steps due to having to rewatch animations. Not convenient moving your phone around vs a paper pamphlet. Being able to change perspective to verify orientation of parts was unique and helpful at times, but compared to being able to glance at multiple steps simultaneously with the paper instructions was more helpful.

  38. Great interactive 3D assembly manual. Step by step instructions were spot on. The hardware pictures didn’t always match the description, but the description seemed to be accurate on each step. Overall good app, but the details could be frustrating for some.

  39. Incredibly useful app! It is really well done. My only issue was that it is overly sensitive to touch. I would try to zoom in or move to an area and it was so sensitive that I would end up not being able to fully get back to the correct visual I needed. Or it rotated so much that I couldn’t see where I was supposed to be.

  40. half of the parts didnt even look the same. i grabbed the booklet and got it finished. in answer to your response, yes, i doubke checked that i entered in the correct model number. you need to work on your part identification, visual pictires. they are close looking but not exact. the cotter oin looked different and there were several other pieces. it made it confusing and when i turned back to the booklet, all the parts were exact. in answer to your response, Genesis E310. Genesis 2 e 310.

  41. As a novice, the step by step seemed easy to follow. However, my husband (who is not a novice), already has the sink together. He needed information on parts needed to connect the sink to the plumbing….sizes of things and the like.. which are not listed in the instruction manual. So I downloaded this app. Only to find they are not listed there either. I am not sure what he is looking for and see no sizes for anything but the drain assembly! 😕

  42. 0 for 2 on this app. Great idea, but the wrong products come up. I was completely lost until I realized I was looking for parts for the wrong garage door opener. I almost took it back!

  43. No Fear dice:

    Junk just junk because they dont know how to keep the app up to date with the newest stuff that they dont have. App is lagging behind when it comes to new products

  44. The best instructions 3D in my experience so simple to use and better than reading the manual thank you so much i highly recomend this app and its 3D manuals to every one +++++👌👌👍👍👍

  45. I’m a bit of a dingus with assembly stuff like this, but this app was pretty clear and concise with the instructions.

  46. Dibya Roy dice:

    What an Idea. Kudos to the team who built this app. Makes assembly work so easy

  47. This app showed step-by-step every instruction you could zoom in on every single piece even down to the little nut or screw.

  48. Love this! I feel like I am living in the future, something we all can definitely use and need!

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