Crochet Genius – Learn crochet & Amigurumi Pattern MODDED 2022


Easy crochet patterns, Video Tutorials & Tools to learn crocheting, for free!
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« Crochet Genius » is the best crocheting app to guide you while learning and crocheting very cute amigurumis and useful accessories : Cat amigurumi, bears, bunny… But also tablet clutch or trendy pillow are available in the app. Several crocheting tools will also help you crochet faster !
*** Need inspiration? Amigurumi, mittens, pillow… All patterns are available for free in the app.
*** Follow the step by step instructions, with the related tutorial video always available in one click if you need it.
*** Have your own Pattern? Use our multiple row counters to keep track of your progress, decrease, designs…
*** Import your pattern in PDF or from a web page to the Row Counter. Do you find most of them on Ravelry? The app let you go in 2 clicks to your library in order to import them easily.
*** Just tell the app when you want to go to the next step. Your hands stay free for crocheting.
*** You want to adapt a pattern with your own yarn ? There is all crocheting tools you need for it! a gauge adaptator, a unit converter and a yarn ball converter, for free!
*** Personalize the design and size of your project. The pattern will adapt!
*** Earn badges and keep track of your progress. You can see at any time how many stitches and rows you crocheted!


- You can now draw on PDF
- Fixed Crash.
- Improved highlighter


40 comentarios en "Crochet Genius – Learn crochet & Amigurumi Pattern MODDED 2022"

  1. Great little app! I’m really enjoying it! I especially enjoy being able to download my pattern into the app. I wish they would have told me that both the crochet genius and knitting genius are pretty much the same… I think just the tools are different and they have different preloaded patterns. But you can do crochet, knit, loom knit, or woven patterns on either app. Great and veryhelpful app otherwise!

  2. I switched to this app when my usual one started displaying ads (I would have gladly paid for it but it switched to a subscription service). This is a great app for tracking stitches. I love that i can have multiple projects going at the same time. Ravelry patterns can be directly imported.

  3. This app is terrific, either for beginners or people like me who’ve just been away for a few years & was only intermediate to begin with. Cute patterns & simple detailed instructions step by step. And if you get to a stitch you need to review, just go to their many clear short instruction videos! I FINALLY know how to make a Magic Ring. Years ago even the best crochet sight I had Couldn’t show me; her fingers were in the way! This one’s SO CLEAR. KUDOS🙂

  4. Genius is right! This app is like having someone sit next to you and show you how to crochet. The reason I only gave 4 stars is because there are only a couple of projects. Also, there are no actual finished pictures of what the projects look like, on most of them.

  5. Love the app! I started with the knitting counter until they created the crochet genius. Love the tutorials and how you can import your PDF, website, and ravelry patterns or use one of the ones in the app. The only thing I wish you could do is have and account so all your projects transfer over when you switch phones or tablets.

  6. I love the step by step method! Its just what I needed as a beginner. I hope to enjoy the harder patterns even as I get better at crocheting and reading patterns.

  7. This is a horrible app. I tried to play the tutorial for somthing but every single one i tried it froze instantly. Dont download this app

  8. Extremely limited choices of what to crochet. The way the instructions are done is annoying and half of them make no sense.

  9. Deleted it because it was not functioning properly. Would not let me transfer patterns and counts from other app. Sorry but it simply didn’t work for me.

  10. So happy I found this app. I can import PDF and Ravelry patterns. The hands free and tutorial feature out this in the top 10 free crochet apps.

  11. Have had this installed for awhile, but today Avast Antivirus identified it as containing malware — strange. Uninstalled

  12. I love this app! I keep track of several patterns at once that I’m working on.

  13. Brilliant little app. Great for counting rows and stitches.

  14. Is a good application . Magic circle very well explained indeed. I like it.

  15. Cute stuff but certainly needs specific details on how to create projects

  16. It teaches to make a lot of knots but there are few patterns

  17. Only give one star as had to i found this app very confusing since they dont actually tell u what to do in a way that actually makes any sense…

  18. the instructions make it easy to make the tiny toys

  19. It is a pretty good app. I just started using it for my knitting project.


  21. Love this app. Absolutely brilliant

  22. Soooooo awesome,l love this app

  23. Easy app to use…I love it

  24. Excellent for arranging my crochet projects

  25. This is a very handy useful app. You can import your pdf patterns. There’s
    also patterns include in the app

  26. It’s the best free app of this kind that I’ve tried. I love that I can
    import the pattern and time how long it takes to make projects. It’s a must
    have if you plan on selling your finished projects!

  27. Absolutely love this app!!! Been looking for something like this for a LONG time!

  28. Not enough variety of patterns.

  29. Love this app! Helped me from the start to the end 🙂

  30. Wonderfully usefull app!!#

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