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Nextdoor is used by nearly 1 in 3 households in the U.S. and is in more than 290,000 neighborhoods worldwide.

Meet neighbors with shared interests, discover new places nearby, and get recommendations for local businesses. Buy, sell, and trade used items on For Sale & Free, your local marketplace on Nextdoor. Join groups with friends and get the most from your neighborhood.

Discuss local events and upcoming changes in the neighborhood with your neighbors. Follow local news with Nextdoor and stay informed about what’s going on in your community. Home services, such as childcare and house sitting, can be accessed through the app with ease. Support your community, organize a local meet with parents, and bond over shared interests.

Offer local services, share recommendations, or welcome the new kids on the block. Discover local gems and explore your neighborhood with Nextdoor, regardless of how long you’ve lived there.

From group events to block parties, enjoy the local offerings in your community. Meet and connect with your neighbors on Nextdoor.


Stay Connected with your Community

• Local news and events—read up on all the neighborhood happenings
• Connect easily with your neighbors, local businesses, and public agencies
• Free stuff and great offers await—make use of items your neighbors no longer need
• Yard sales, group events, or local potlucks—explore your community
• Meet your neighbors so you can finally call that kind man down the street by name

See What’s Happening Nearby

• Find local events like cookouts, arts festivals, and community activities
• Used furniture, clothes, and cars—buy, sell, and trade goods
• Nearby garage sales and clothing swaps let you find affordable gems
• Nextdoor’s local marketplace makes it easy to help a neighbor in need
• Get recommendations for restaurants and shops near you

Find Home Services & Deals

• Home cleaning, house sitting and more—discover dependable services nearby
• Hire a handyman or plumber easily and fill your home repair needs
• Find a babysitter or recommend a trusted nanny to your neighbor
• Dog walker or dog sitter—locate the best care for your furry friend
• Support local business and enjoy the perks of a tight-knit community
• Access local sales and find deals and discounts in your area

Download Nextdoor and connect with communities you love.


“Before Nextdoor, I didn’t know there were several qualified babysitters living nearby and looking for work. It was easy to feel comfortable hiring my neighbor’s daughter to watch my son after school.” – Patrick, Mission East

“This year for Spring Cleaning, we wanted to sell old appliances, tools, clothing and electronics on Nextdoor For Sale & Free. In no time, our neighbors stopped by to make a deal and take things off our hands. It was easier than anything else, and it feels good knowing our old stuff has found a new home in the neighborhood.” – Dan, Hayes Valley


At Nextdoor, our purpose is to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.


Nextdoor is built on trust — we ensure you’re connected to real people in the neighborhoods that matter to you. Nextdoor requires all neighbors to sign up with their real name and address. We then partner with trusted vendors to confirm you’re a verified neighbor.

Connect with us:

Continued use of Location Services running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Nextdoor doesn’t run Location Services in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require it.



California “”Do Not Sell My Information”” Notice:


Time for your weekly update! We're always working hard to make the Nextdoor app even better, so your experience is fun, fast, and bug-free.


40 comentarios en "Nextdoor: Neighborhood network MODDED"

  1. They need a new eye on the design of this app. Nothing is organized. It’s not user friendly. Some ideas that may help, for example, if i click on my profile picture, they should list all the neighborhoods im following so then I could click on them and look up whats happening by neighborhood. The for sale tab should have items listed in your neighborhood first and THEN everyone else. I shouldn’t have to click view profile to be able to click my neighborhood. It’s also just overwhelming at times.

  2. C Settles dice:

    Pretty good app. I like keeping up with what’s going on in the neighborhood. I seem to get a lot of stuff from other neighborhoods even though I have narrowed my settings. Links don’t always take you where you expect to go. I get notices in my email but the view button invariably takes me to an ad rather than the post. Using view 2nd time gets the post. Seems deliberate.

  3. Notification issues. I tap on a notification of a post, and it just opens the app. Doesn’t take you to the post. Never ever. Sometimes posts are deleted, but most of the time I have to type in keywords I saw in the notification into the apps search and I find it half the time. The search is rough and doesn’t find stuff that exists sometimes. But I mostly am tired of notifications not working right. 100% fails every time.

  4. One gripe I have with this app is that it pushes once a day with a story that seems interesting, but when I tap on the push notification to read the story, it goes to my feed instead. Has been consistently doing this for months now. Update: Decided to remove the app. Working with NextDoor QA was more frustrating than being able to use the app was worth.

  5. Used to be good, but now the notifications don’t work at all. You get a notification on your notification bar and click on and the app opens but the notification you got is no place there. You can’t find anything and everything is so incredibly disorganized I’m uninstalling this trash now. I’m really getting sick of developers “updating” apps that don’t need any and just end up making them useless garbage like this.

  6. What happened to this app? It used to be helpful and easier to use, now it’s just disorganized and confusing! I can’t ever find what I’m looking for. The UI is not intuitive whatsoever. I went in to feed settings and changed it to show “most recent posts” first, then it says my selection expires in 60 days?! What is the purpose of that? Also when I click on a notification, it NEVER takes me to the post, just opens up the main feed and I have to try and search for it, which almost never works.

  7. I get emails and push notifications showing clips of various posts. This is fine. But sometimes, these post clips are interesting enough for me to click on it to see the rest of it. The problem is that when I click to see the post, I never takes me to the post. Ever. I then have to scroll past endless (and repetitive) ads and irrelevant content to get to what I want to see. If I click on something, TAKE ME TO THAT! Not the endless other junk people post that I have absolutely no interest in!

  8. When notifications work, they’re usually to old posts where no one has commented in 24 hours… But 90% of the time, the notification doesn’t even open the post – just the app home page. And search is bad, so good luck finding what you wanted to see. People helped look for my cat once so I added a star for that (he came back on his own). Edit: I tried to contact, but the reply link takes me to a questions page w/ no relevant options. I’m not the one with the questions.

  9. Bryan dice:

    Big mistake to sign up for this app. Not only was it basically useless as nothing was ever reported in my immediate area, but, it also signs you up for dozens of seperate emails that you literally have to try to unsubscribe from individually. I’ve unsubscribed from several email groupings, and still get emails from them multiple times a day. It’s absurd and a bad business practice. Think before you download this app.

  10. The for sale section is unuseable. I can’t make it pass 8 scrolls without it crashing. Your team needs to prioritize whats more important, the adds or the content cause them two together is not going to work. The slow down with the app is the waiting for all the ads to load. Nobody cares about the ads, when they are everywhere very intrusive & annoying. Tell the ad companies to take a back seat they don’t need to be on every single page.

  11. App user beware! There is a feature within Nextdoor that allows it to send snail mail to your neighbors to join the app, and it will list your name and address if you dont turn it off. Go to your account, click on settings, and then privacy. At the very bottom of the page, you can toggle off the feature that allows Nextdoor to use your info to send invitation letters to neighbors. I do not like this feature, but other than that, the app is good. Contains ads.

  12. ND used to be awesome! Recent changes have made it impossible to find what I’m looking for and it’s awful. Will uninstall unless they change back. It’s worthless in it’s current state. Update: I reinstalled to help look for a lost dog. Still impossible to find what you’re looking for and the most intrusive notifications I’ve ever seen from an app before. I finally was able to figure out how to disable the worst one through a reddit post. Nextdoor “help” is also useless.

  13. Oleg T dice:

    While useful, there is no rhyme or reason to how posts show up on the home feed. Posts from “friends” across the street might take days to show up, if at all. Some posts generate notification emails, some don’t. Sometimes, cannot even comment on city-wide posts even though my neighborhood is in the city limits. Frustrating to use, limited value, every second post is an ad.

  14. This app is nothing like what it used to be. I recently reactivated my account from a few years ago and I had to double check to make sure this was the same app. It’s horrible! I see posts from neighborhoods several miles away. Posts are not in order by date, there’s no option to filter or sort. This app has went down hill considerably and it’s shown in all the recent reviews.

  15. I’ve really wanted this app to be the resource I feel it could be, but the sheer number & frequency of ads ruin the user-experience. It continues needing a major UI overhaul, and an ‘Ad-Free Subscription option needs to be offered. Otherwise, what could be a wonderful community sharing resource, remains a cluttered mess of way too many ads mixed in with a few posts dominated by busy-body, gossip types that create hostility & in-fighting. The UI has slowly improved, but still needs much work!

  16. Bob Tyler dice:

    The feed makes no sense. I’ll click a notification or email to read a specific post and it will take me to the feed where I then have to search for the post I wanted and maybe not find it. There is an option to sort the feed by most recent, making it actually somewhat usable, but it only stays sorted for a short time then goes back to random.

  17. This is by far the worst app ever! I see posts that are months old and no matter how you do settings it continues to happen. The feed constantly freezes. I have two cell phones and had to replace one, so needed to reload the app, now it has me with two separate accounts both with same name and email mind you. And these people actually want me to spend money and advertise my business with them. No way!!!

  18. Andrea B dice:

    This app is horrible. It’s like Facebook if the algorithms didn’t exist. It shows me posts from people far away, and I have a hard time finding stuff from the surrounding neighborhoods. Also, if you get a notification about a post, clicking it will open the app, but it won’t take you to the post. Instead, you have to hunt for it like everything else. Easily the least user-friendly social media app ever made.

  19. M B dice:

    Worst application ever! Everything is so DIFFICULT. 1. If you start typing a post, it refreshes out of nowhere and deletes everything you typed. Type posts somewhere else and paste it on app. 2. Notifications are a royal mess! You get them all meshed together and it’s hard to tell which are which. Like if you are trying to find the ones from your post. The worst! 3. Search for a post subject if it has 2 words, results separate the words. And the list keeps going!

  20. Sure to put functionality and the inability to have this moderated I’ll probably uninstall this app. The MOST infuriating aspect of this app is the fact that when zi click on a notification I want to read, it opens the app and DOESN’T take me to the notification! Then it’s no where to be found in the feed. Secondly, the filters don’t work! For instance… I used the ‘Most recent’ filter setting and a post from two days was above one from 15 minutes ago. Fix this!

  21. The invasiveness of next door is shocking. They can access your exact address and send you hundreds of emails and notifications, how is this legal. It took me 30 minutes to go through the notification menu and the next day I discovered I had a dozen emails. The first time I tried next door I found over a hundred emails within a week. If you don’t turn off every notification option they authorize emails form about ten agencies. They don’t allow you to delete the app easily.

  22. J. M. dice:

    The app is very confusing to navigate and find recent posts. I was trying to use this app for some business advertising but it seems like a few of the text boxes and buttons just don’t work. And switching between personal and buisness profiles is not at all intuitive to operate.

  23. Intuitive? Nope. Ads? Yup. Quite an unresponsive app, overall it feels pretty terrible to use. The default phone and email notifications are waaaaay too much. The in app popups are especially bad. As the saying goes, UI/UX is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it’s bad.

  24. Tells me to update, but it has no option to update. Nextdoor reached out and asked for a recording of malfunction, however, when I attempted to send a video file, the link they provided does not accept video files. Video was less than 15 seconds long. Please advise. Whenever I try to check group profile, Nextdoor states I need an updated version. When I click to update, it does not give me an option to update, just the “open” and “uninstall” on the Google play screen.

  25. This is a handy app to find Items or services to buy or sell in your area. Also handy for finding out what is going on locally. Unfortunately, IMO, the app is really just a scaled down, shittier version of disgusting FB. You can still form private groups, which are sometimes little hate groups, just like FB. I frequently have to Google to figure out how to do things on this app. Still cannot delete PMs and notifications that show up from all over the country. Very annoying.

  26. I no longer post or reply to posts bc tapping anywhere on the right side of the message box sends the message as if you tapped the arrow itself. Then if you tap edit to continue your message the cursor it’s at the start of the message so I tapped after the last word to continue on but nope, it sent the message, 3 times this happened so I just deleted the message as with so many more ion the past. The entire right side of the message box is a send button. This app is only to read not reply. Junk

  27. I’ve had nothing but issues with this app. I tried to post on the business page I created with my personal one. I try to post and it says I have too write something. When my picture speaks for itself. Or I write a few words and it says it’s too short. In addition to that I try too upload images and they never upload. Great concept poor execution.

  28. Bobby dice:

    I keep getting notifications for old posts about things that happened days ago. I get a notification about a power outage- that happened 2 days ago, I was there, never got a notification DURING the power outage. Same thing with lost/found pets, crime, etc, no notifications when your neighbors post, then a few days later when it’s old news Nextdoor decides to notify you.

  29. It’s a decent app but it’s slow to load pages and the way the app deletes notifications is not the ideal way. It should mimic the way Gmail deletes email messages. It should allow you to tap and hold to select multiple notifications that can be deleted all at one time. The current way of sliding left and tapping the trash can is not very user friendly as you can only delete one at a time. I get too many notifications daily for that kind of slow action. Might have to just get rid of the app.

  30. R Brown dice:

    The app messes with my phone’s brightness setting somehow! It should not have access to my system settings!! Hate the new interface! Hard to find a group you are a member in, hard to find anything. AND NOW, the app crashes when scrolling the home screen. Doesn’t crash anywhere else though. I have Uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled twice. It’s Just a completely useless app now!

  31. TBO W dice:

    Newly update app now has a place to turn off notifications you might have missed. It does not work. Nothing has changed. I turned them off because I don’t want them. Quit sending me notifications to let me know about things I’ve turned notifications off for (notifications you might have missed… and don’t actually want to see!). I’d like to give a good rating but these stupid flaws prevent it.

  32. I want to love this app but there are so many negatives. 1. When you set your feed preference, it only lasts for 60 days and then reset it! What a pain! 2. There is no way to select multiple private messages to delete at one time (like you can in email). Say you list an item for free and get 20 replies, you have to individually delete each message. 3. ND automatically remove posts THEY consider disinformation. Like the rest of the media, they are actively suppressing free speech based on bias.

  33. App mostly works, but search is horrible and they have starting forcing you to get notifications from all over the place (I assume to increase views for advertising). Don’t know how many times I’ve clicked on a post to find out it’s 900 miles away. Notifications are impossible to filter and even your feed automatically reverts back to default after 30 days.

  34. Basically a good app for neighbor info, i.e, during disasters like the freeze, crime and others emergencies. Could there be better settings i.e change from dark mode, chronological posts, filters, etc.? Thanks for providing a great app that’s free. Hope the ads make you money and don’t take advantage of us that start thinking there are too many. Thanks 👍

  35. Honestly the most obnoxious app in terms of notifications I have ever dealt with. 13 different notification section with 3 different notification options in each (in app, email, and push). Then there’s the public section that has EIGHTEEN subsections comprised of local, state, and utilities all with 3 notification options. Absolutely absurd and there needs to be an overall on off switch for each option to be able to trigger all in app, email, and push on or off. Devs dropped the ball hard.

  36. Kay dice:

    I’m super frustrated with this app! I keep getting notifications from places outside my neighborhood….usually outside of my STATE. I’ve tried going in and changing preferences. Today a post showed up for a garage sale, it was posted in my neighborhood for an unfamiliar street. I tried looking on Google maps and couldn’t find it. Eventually clicked on the person posting it….it was from a completely different state!!!! I’ve had it. Waste of my time!!!

  37. R L dice:

    I use this app, like most people, for important information about my neighborhood. Unfortunately, it’s a regular occurrence to receive email notifications days after something has occurred. All of my notifications are turned on in the app. This is unacceptable! I’ve missed information about power outages and safety issues due to not receiving notifications. What’s the point of the app if I am not notified of concerns or issues until days later?

  38. Terrible, search is broken. If you search, “lost cat” it scrolls through several cat jewelry and figurine items for sale, then just before it gets to real lost cat posts, it refreshes the page automatically and repeats the top ads. I can’t scroll past the sale ads to see real posts on what’s happening locally. I’ve tried to post, but no idea how to post anything lost as there are only sale and general categories. I can read whatever is sent in email, but good luck trying to find that post again.

  39. I signed up, but after I entered my address, for some reason it changed my address at the last second and so it entered a wrong address, in an entirely different city. And then the app said I couldn’t change my address for a month. I started getting notifications for this random neighborhood, tried to turn those off, but kept getting some anyway. Waited a month, tried to change address, had to reset password, it didn’t change address, and when I tried again, it froze and then said too many tries

  40. Probably one of the worst UI designs in an app that I’ve ever used. I’ve been trying to write a post on my neighborhood page for 30 minutes but cannot find the buttons to do so. Also, Notifications are so nuanced you need to spend 45 minutes turning things off so your phone doesn’t explode from useless posts

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