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5.18.1 (4131)

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5.18.1 (4131)
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The new myChevrolet mobile app* design was developed by incorporating user feedback to provide an even better experience. Redesigned for the way you drive and live, this app is high-tech and highly personalized. You can stay in touch and in command — whether you’re in your vehicle or out. Immediately see helpful features like remote commands right on your home screen. You can even check the fuel level or charge status of your vehicle before you open the door.

This app is hand-held innovation to keep you moving forward — and it’s just the start. Look for exciting additions and updates to your app very soon. Download the myChevrolet mobile app today. Start by logging in with your Chevrolet Account or OnStar username and password. Services are not available everywhere, and feature availability and functionality may vary by country. The redesigned mobile app is only available in North America.
See for details.

An App Above — go beyond the ordinary with the new myChevrolet mobile app

The redesigned myChevrolet mobile app is supported on Android 9 and above.

Remote Key Fob**
Now with your key fob conveniently located on your home screen, it’s easy to stay in command. You can lock and unlock your doors or warm up your car on a cold morning.

Vehicle Status*** / Schedule Service
Check your vehicle’s status by glancing at your home screen — monitor fuel level, oil life, tire pressure and more, making it easy for you to stay on top of your vehicle’s health and schedule service with your participating Dealer without leaving the app.

Roadside Assistance****
Have a flat? Need fuel? Request Roadside Assistance in the app, or call an OnStar Advisor. Help is on the way.

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My Chevrolet Rewards*****
Watch your points rack up, and redeem well-earned rewards. Learn about and enroll in the program, see your active point balance, and conveniently access your account.

How Things Work
View tutorials and access your owner’s manual. From setting up your Bluetooth® connection to advanced safety features, learn more about your vehicle.

Send to Navigation*******
Plan your trip by sending a destination to your vehicle’s built-in navigation system from the vehicle mobile app.

Chevrolet Smart Driver********
Gain insights about your driving skills, and receive a driving score for a trip, day, week or month. You will also receive driving tips to help you become a better and safer driver.

*Available on select devices. Service availability, features and functionality vary by country, vehicle, device and the plan you are enrolled in. Terms apply. Device data connection required.
**Requires paid plan. Lock/unlock feature requires automatic locks. Remote start requires GM factory-installed and enabled remote start system.
***Not all issues will deliver alerts. Does not monitor spare tire. Vehicle Status features require a paid plan.
**** Roadside service availability and providers vary by country. Restrictions and limitations apply.
*****Please view full program Terms & Conditions at

*******Requires paid plan and properly equipped vehicle. Mobile app functionality is available on select devices and requires data connection. Map coverage varies by country. See for details and limitations.
********Requires a capable 2015 model year or newer GM vehicle and active service plan. See for details and limitations.


You asked and we took action. Now you can enjoy the newly redesigned myChevrolet mobile app with these features:
- Shop and view offers for eligible vehicles from your mobile app
- Send remote commands and check your vehicle’s status from your home screen
- Now experience new and additional ways to sign in
The updates to your home screen are just the start — be on the lookout for future updates to your mobile app
This update also contains miscellaneous bug fixes


40 comentarios en "myChevrolet MODDED 2022"

  1. While my car is charging the app doesnt update the state of charge.This doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it’s pretty frustrating but Instead it just stays on ” updating” and doesn’t show me my state of charge at all even when I close out the app etc. please fix and oh can we get climate settings on the app. If we’re able to start it with the air on then we should be able to control the air as well instead of having the a/c blowing hard for no reason.

  2. Cee KaYe dice:

    I don’t usually write reviews but this paid for app is complete garbage. I previously had a Hyundai and that app was AMAZING and very user friendly, Chevy needs to check it out,plus it was free! You are able to adjust temp settings,turn on heated car seats,defrost and the locate my vehicle was much easier to use. From what I understand Chevy temp settings resume what it was left on when you last used the vehicle, which is not helpful when there is a 40 degree difference in outside temps.

  3. Gabriel R dice:

    More often than not, the app will break not allowing me to send commands or check the charge status. Relaunching the app doesn’t make it better. i have some success clearing the app cache and signing back in, but having to do this almost everytime i want to check the battery levels or pre start the car is not great. What makes it worse is these are mostly paid features on a monthly subscription so where the f is my money going. Definitely not app developement. Love my car at least.

  4. App is overrall very slow to use, trying to send a command such as unlock the door by long-pressing the app icon first requires the app to open, load a bit, then you log in/use your fingerprint, then more loading, then at the home screen, then finally you can press and hold the button, and after a few more seconds it’ll unlock. All of which takes quite a while, which cuts into it’s usefulness.

  5. This app used to be a nightmare to use. Bulky, slow to react, took forever to log in and quit a few log in issues which didn’t make sense. With the recent updates the app works like it should. Start/unlock/lock/etc widgets are available for the home screen and is actually a nice app to use. I wish there were the ability to turn on/off the requirement for having to hold down a button to activate it or, at least, allow us to change the time a button needs to be held for it to be activated.

  6. They took away the pin functionality. Made the application UI less intuitive. Now, I have to enter a password, which I use complex passwords for security, and the application won’t work with LastPass. I’m not sure who you have on UI and QA, but they need to take a refresher course. This is now bad enough, I’m considering dropping my subscription.

  7. Anita KA dice:

    Edit: This used to be the most amazing app, now, I have to put an actual password in instead of my pin. Also, it only works a few times. You have to uninstall and reinstall every couple of days. This went from an amazing app to pretty much worthless. I can start and lock my vehicle so much easier and with so much less stress with my key fob! Bring back the old one!!! PLEASE!!! I love having my vehicle options at my fingertips!

  8. They have improved the responsiveness with updates to the app. Now if they could get it to stop crashing and disconnecting from my truck so I don’t have to reinstall the app every time I go to use it, that would be great. I tell you, GM’s entire connectivity scheme is really a scam. The cost is outrageous and it never works anyway. For $60,000 and $25 a month, I expect better.

  9. Revised review. The mapping function doesn’t take into account that we can only charge to 80%.The app doesn’t communicate well with the car. I attempted to use the mapping functionality to set way points so I could charge in the middle of a trip, that doesn’t work. At the moment the app is only good as a remote control for the car. There are better applications for finding places to charge your car. I’m using PlugShare. This app is very power and processor hungry.

  10. I don’t like that this a subscription service for one. These car manufacturers are going to start putting more features on a subscription too, I’m sure. The remote start and being able to lock/unlock your doors from almost anywhere is cool. Navigation will get you there but has limited options. Could be LOT better in my opinion.

  11. ETA: After uninstalling and reinstalling the app, it’s now working properly! Original Review: No longer connected. Useless. It worked sufficiently, not wonderfully, until recently. Now the vehicle status continues to say “updating” but never connects. None of the remote commands are successful. I have no trouble logging in, but it is still useless.

  12. Greg Dixon dice:

    This is the most unreliable app I have ever seen. It won’t open most of the time. I reinstalled the app and it worked once. Now it won’t open again. It says I don’t have internet connection which is wrong. I have 1gb service that is up and running. I have Ford Pass and it always works. MyChevrolet should give me a rebate on my car. I would not have bought a chevrolet if I would have known they can’t maintain their app. Color me extremely frustrated.

  13. When it actually works, it’s a good app. But its buggy and hard to use, in that it just stops working for no reason. Be prepared to uninstall and reinstall every week or two. One thing that infuriates me is when it stops working, it very falsely indicates that there are no recalls or issues with my Bolt. This is a dangerous glitch – my Bolt has the never ending battery recall and floor mat recall. For the app to indicate falsely there are no recalls is dangerous and unacceptable.

  14. In the limited time I’ve had and used this app it’s functioned well without any issues. the cost is kinda ridiculous when considering you already bought a $70k vehicle. Hopefully they will reduce the costs at some point. I’ll likely be letting the service expire once the free trial runs out. Update, app fails to update and has now been unable to connect for four days. Truck is still within the trial period so that is not the issue.

  15. Made some changes and updates to the app yet it still has tons of issues on both Android and iOS. On Android, the most annoying thing is it keeps asking for approval after each engine start attempt. This now means that services like Alexa are not capable of Remote Start. Not to mention that many times, commands will fail because of the new-to-version “hold to activate command.” And on iOS… good luck. I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app 5 times in 3 months because it keeps failing.

  16. On Star is the worst experience I have ever had trying to use navigation. It literally works have the time. The other half of the time you literally have to stop turn the vehicle off take the key out open the door and wait 3 minutes for it to reset then you can try the address again. Numerous calls over the last 2 years for technical support has done nothing to fix the problem I will never use a vehicle with armstar again

  17. Not a good app at all. Since this last update, this app just won’t work for me. I’ve uninstalled, cleared data, reset everything, but to no avail. At least before the update I could use it. I just get server errors. This app was somehow better when I originally got it 4 years ago before they even developed a usable UI. Won’t be purchasing chevrolet products in the future. The bells and whistles they sell you on fail quickly.

  18. Toya Mo dice:

    It used to allow me to crank and lock my car remotely every now and then or every other time I used it. Now it does nothing. It’s beyond annoying to keep having to uninstall and reinstall an app just to make it do what it’s say it does. It’s more of hindrance than a help. Having to unnecessarily hold down options for 4 minutes is ridiculous especially when doing so does nothing but waste time. By the time it starts I could’ve found my keys. If I could give no stars and leave a review I would.

  19. Rob Ward dice:

    I bought my truck in 2017 and installed the app shortly after. The app has been “hit or miss” for me. Today, after updating the app, I can no longer remotely lock/unlock my truck with the app. My only option is to “connect to OnStar” to sign up for services. I don’t want or need OnStar. I just want the 1 redeeming feature back from the app…remote lock/unlock. I would rate this app lower than 1 if possible.

  20. The app has gotten worse over the last couple of months. When attempting to use the Locate Vehicle feature, the “here” map background sometimes appears entirely white, rendering the feature useless. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the app several times, on my Samsung Note8, as the app was reporting that it was unable to detect an internet connection. Now, it is reporting that service is unavailable. I called OnStar, and was told, at 2 PM PDT, that app services should be up in an hour–not true.

  21. Sign in keeps crashing. It simply empties the entry once you entered the password. Then have to go to guest login and back out and then enter credentials from some password manager if you don’t want to type everything everytime. A “remember me” option would be nice with one push login. Annoying to have enter credentials all the time. Why so complicated? There is no password on a normal remote key.

  22. This app keeps getting WORSE AND WORSE. Now every time I try to log on it tells me my decide isn’t connected to the internet! Really?? Because everything else works!!! Just before this development I went 3 months with it not recognizing my account, is have to hit “connect as guest” then back out to the main sign in screen and THEN it would work. NOT ANY MORE!!! AWFUL. I’ve had this app for years, but the last 6 months have been awful. I miss my ford.

  23. thesonj dice:

    Will not connect to vehicle. I’ve spoke to several advisors who attempted to troubleshoot but no success. Very disappointing. I have tried to login with Android and Apple, nothing. Frustrating when this feature was highlighted when I purchased my vehicle last week.******Update***** After receiving several calls from tech support I was finally able to have my vehicle updated and app is now connected and working fine. It took awhile, but support was attentive and resolved issues.

  24. roy ng dice:

    Totally useless, like what other users said app doesn’t communicate with the car well. The layout is bad too, sometimes the show of the milage got cut off, you can’t even see. And like I just switch phone, trying to login, I never received the verification code. Now the app is useless. I can’t get any info. They should compare what other EV app and make the better one.

  25. The app appears to be built of shoddy code on badly performing frameworks. GUI elements regularly break, every interation feels laggy and broken (and often do break), and major features are unclear, dysfunctional, or require an in-app web browser to use. One example, route planning requires you to leave the app running while it slowly calculates the route.If it can’t find a route, it simply crashes and the UI becomes unusable. Another is GM’s Plug And Charge for EVs, which doesn’t appear for me

  26. From bad to worse. They took away keypass, which was a nice feature once you set it up. Now with this latest version, it fails to ask for authentication about 1 out of four times you open the app. Once that happens, you need to force stop and delete all data (or uninstall and reinstall) for any commands to work.

  27. Sam dice:

    Purchased new car & have been trying to get things started with app. Upon opening it continues to refresh and doesn’t allow me to input any data. Occasionally, it advances on its own to the next section(s) informing me I’ve successfully completed the prior ones when I didn’t even input anything! Love the car but the app is trash!

  28. Works alright. Pretty basic. Would be nice if the app let you control the climate settings in addition to remote start. Also would be nice if it let you set departure time from the app or change charge settings on electric models. Just not enough features. Wish it had more to offer.

  29. Update:I have to Uninstall & reinstall this app every 2-3 weeks because it stops working. Won’t start my car due to error, won’t refresh my car status.. Please bring back the older version! This new updated one “looks” great but it is NOT functional. It takes 2+ tries to start the car from the app, it takes long to open & even longer to open “vehicle status”. I prefer outdated looks to a slow, impractical app.

  30. Still a pain to get into the app plus having to hold down on the buttons for 10 seconds defeats the purpose of this app plus on top of that it only allows you to statr the vehicle once in the 10 minutes it allows it to run. Instead of hitting the button again before the vehicle shuts of so u can run it for the extended 10 mins so definitely the app still needs alot of work should of left it alone before all these changes.

  31. Wish I could give it a half star or less. Got it 2 years ago everything was fine all the features worked great. Then all of a sudden after an update couldn’t even use the app due to is saying the app wasn’t compatible with my phone. Now I have a new phone downloaded the app and it worked fine for not even a month and now I can’t even use hardley any of the functions…

  32. Sandi T dice:

    Like so many others’ ratings, I agree with the comments about the price of the full service of the app. For years, I have been a loyal GM/ Chevy customer. The app was free. I also subscribed to OnStar. When the pandemic started, I cancelled my plan as I don’t drive very much. I think $15/month is greedy and overpriced. When I shop for a new vehicle, I doubt I’ll be loyal.

  33. Two Factor Authentication is broken!! Emails are never received when selecting resend code! Checked my spam folder and nothing is there from your company. This continues to happen even when uninstalling and reinstalling. Please fix this ASAP! Thank you! Update: I emailed their support and they fixed my account. Problem resolved. I revised my review from one star to three. Thank you for fixing this!

  34. PrT BrownT dice:

    Update 09.06.22: App doesnt work…per usual. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared cache and data…still cant use remote start. The feature costs too much to not be usuable. No, I will not email you AGAIN. If you have to respond to everyone’s 1 star rating telling them to email you maybe it’s time you actually fix the app! 06.05.22: numerous “fails” trying to use remote start via the app.

  35. Won’t update. Was showing info from May 2022. Called OnStar and after 30 MINUTES of being on hold and then switching to texting and texting with two people for another hour, one person refreshed the app and now it is saying the info is from SEPTEMBER 2021. The second person was more helpful and started a case for me with the tech support but this is crazy! I pay extra for this. It shouldnt be this difficult.

  36. Previous Chevy owner with this app – with my new vehicle I had about two weeks of ability to use this app. Since mid August this app has been useless. I’ve done all avail updates, including reboots. The fob options do not appear at all since mid August. They previously had been there and worked. Now, no ability to use any remote fob controls.

  37. Kevin Wynn dice:

    This app use to be great but now is garbage. Since the update it has and will not connect to my car. I have tried the update and I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still not working. I see pages and pages of others having the same issues and make the same reports. What am I paying for the service and can’t use the application. Truly dissatisfied and will be canceling the subscription.

  38. Works great when it works. Over the last year especially the app has been glitchy. If they could keep things functional consistently rating would be higher. Forever deleting and reinstalling to have usage. Should be more like newer Fords where the service is free. The onstar service is a joke, but for $15 a month, for just remote access, is nice to have during cold weather.

  39. The Two-Factor Authentication just says”sending”, but never sends the email or text. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled app and tried on different mobile devices. Since I can’t use the app I’m going to cancel my OnStar remote access plan. Sad thing is I work for a Chevrolet dealer and can’t recommend this feature to our clients.

  40. Doesn’t work. Just says unable to retrieve account details. Can’t even get in to set it up. After multiple times uninstalling app and reseting password I used a different phone an iPhone 11. This time it went through so I was able to set up account. After that my Samsung galaxy 20 now let’s me sign in. Strange. It still wouldn’t show any info on vehicle until she logged in on her phone as me and set as shared vehicle. If the performance improves. I’ll add more stars.

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