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Smart Life is an app designed for the control and management of smart devices. This easy-to-use app helps you get smart devices interconnected and brings you comfort and peace of mind. The following advantages take your smart life to the next level:
– Easily connect to and control a full range of smart devices and make them function as you wish, anytime you want.
– Relax and unwind while the user-friendly app takes care of home automation triggered by all factors such as locations, schedules, weather conditions, and device status.
– Intuitively access smart speakers and interact with smart devices under voice control.
– Get informed timely without missing a single important event.
– Invite family members to your home and make it comfy for everyone.

The Smart Life app enhances your home experience in the palm of your hand.



- Optimized device experience


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  1. Once you figure out how to use timers (put in days of the week) it works awesome. I have been using it for over one year with no problems. One negative for all apps like this is that they need a constant connection to the internet, obviously if the connection disappears (or wire is weak) automations are missed. So I would not use a setup like this for something critical. other than that, I love it.

  2. To the extent of its features, this app is very good. However, it is missing some basic functionality IMHO. Such as “if/then/else” logic. some devices, such as dual-location 3-way switches, operate “backwards” at times (on instead of off, etc). Don’t know if that’s this app’s issue or the device’s, but it would be useful to have a way to troubleshoot–which is another key missing feature IMHO. I plan to continue using this app. Thank you to the developers!

  3. :D dice:

    It does what it’s supposed to, but it would really be nice if the developers would create a home screen widget that allows you to choose specific individual devices/rooms. It’s a bit inconvenient having to open the app completely just to turn the lights in my room on and off, and the current devices widget is huge and clunky. If they implemented this, then the app would be perfect.

  4. Works once only. The first use is good. I use it with a Bluetooth kitchen thermometer. After it connects, you can monitor the temperature progress as intended. The problems begin once you stop/loose the connection. The app will sometimes reconnect but it will no longer track or save data. It will only work again if I uninstall, delete data, restart phone and reinstall the app. Any saved data is of course lost. So frustrating!

  5. h1machiii dice:

    Looks like the app was changed recently and setting up a schedule is easier than before which was a major complaint of mine, so that’s good. Everything else works well, my devices work as expected. The interface and layout still needs some work to be more user friendly, but overall I am satisfied.

  6. E Grayson dice:

    Easy to install. Fairly intuitive. It works when the software which came with Lenovo smart bulbs, wouldn’t control their own devices. Interacts with Google assistant, too. For scheduling, it’s a little vague. I can schedule a light to come on at specific times. But, there’s no “off’ command. (Maybe they ran out of space on the server or the scheduling software was written on a Friday?) For setup on the bulbs, the phone had to be connected at 2.4Ghz. But, after setup, it works fine on 5G.

  7. Up until 8 days ago, they worked perfectly with Alexa. All 10 lights changing colors, scheduled lighting and commands worked great. I’m not sure if it was an update but now they’re basically non-functional until controlled directly with the app. I’ve factory reset them several times and may just replace them all with another brand. I’ve have them for over 2 years.

  8. Please implement a number pad option for inputting settings like temperature. It is so difficult to dial-in exact numbers due to the large temperature range, making it frustratingly difficult, sometimes impossible, to get the number I want. I gave up, and had to settle for the closest number I could get it to. It’s extremely frustrating, and completely unnecessary…. Just add a number pad option along with the slider.

  9. I like the app, it is easy to set a schedule. However, about one year ago I added the four smart plugs I bought. I deleted one recently and was not able to re-add it. I spent hours, looked at notes I had made, talked to tech support, etc. Somehow now it can’t find the unnamed and unnameable 2.4g network coexisting in the AT&T 5g network. I bought a set of Kasa plugs and their app added it smoothly. I also have cameras which found the network without difficulty.

  10. Stopped working with Alexa app. Gave up trying. They used to work no problem.. All plugs of this type same problem. Definitely on their server end. Update: Apparently, the actual smart outlet appeared faulty as I was able to correctly able to use the app to successfully setup a similar outlet that did get recognized by Alexa. I have discarded that outlet.

  11. (Currently it would be 1⭐, as the last update broke the app for me and apparently many others in the comments. Leaving 4⭐ as I’m sure they’ll get it sorted.) Good app, straightforward functionality. Pairing is either fast and easy or impossible. It’s paired with every brand/device I’ve thrown at it so far (when it works) and the control options typically are fairly equivalent to if not better than many native apps. 4/5 due to reliability issues; understandable, but a semi-regular occurrence.

  12. So it connected when I got it a couple days ago. Granted it took messing with it for about 30 mins but still got the connection to work. Turned it off to move it to another room and now it’s back to square 1. Only difference is now it won’t connect at all. It’s even closer to the router and no go. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Nice intro to your product. Makes me think twice about investing in other items. Hopefully this is just a one off event and I’ll revise this if better

  13. The app is far from user friendly, or “easy” as they state in the brochure. The support is without a doubt the worst I’ve experienced. They expect you to go back and forth messaging in the app on your phone typing with one finger and refuse to call you to resolve any issues. Once you finally get it connected it’s confusing because when you open it it says “No smoke alarm” which most would read as the device is not configured in the app, but their intent is that there is no smoke. Obviously Engl

  14. I have my snake plugged into this plug. I have it set to automatically turn on and off at 8am and 8pm. This has been working perfect for me for months but all of the sudden the plug is offline. I tried re-downloading the app, setting up new routines and tried relinking to my alexa and it still is not working. Please fix! This is putting my snakes life at risk! I can’t always be home to turn the lamps on and off

  15. Terrible. The app and the lights worked great back months ago for months when I first got them. Then all of a sudden I noticed the lights changed colors automatically. Opened the app and had to sign up with an account. Did that and tried to change the lights back to the color I want. Does not work. The same one bulb is controlled by all the devices listed in the app. I can only control 1 of my 6 bulbs. Going in the trash. What a waste.

  16. I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to make an excellent functioning app and make it utterely useless. The scheduling function was taken out of the choices. I used to be able to program a device to turn on and off a various times and days, along with sunset and sunrise. What is the purpose of this app if all you can do is a timer function. I have previous routines programmed on devices that I can’t modify or delete that are still active. Utterly useless Rate ZERO Stars

  17. My devices refuse to pair. issues were working fine for over a year with no issues, and now they suddenly won’t stop blinking and the pairing can’t find them. I’ve triple checked my WiFi and Bluetooth settings, and everything is correct. Never had a problem until recently, and I’m seeing from others that I’m not the only one. PLEASE FIX THIS!

  18. Really have come to like the way the Smart Life app has integrated into all my other smart devices. I’ve installed everything from Alexis products, off-brand plugs & switches, to outdoor lighting, and even music equipment and it’s all easily bundled into Smart Life. Very easy UI, design, and can also do everything away from home! Great job to the developers!!👍🏻

  19. My smart outlets have worked perfectly for nearly 4 years; now, suddenly, they are always “offline” and don’t converse with Google Home. Firmware for each plug is up to date. Google Home is up to date. Extremely frustrated and it seems like I’m not the only one with this issue. May be forced to buy different smart outlets if issues aren’t resolved.

  20. The app has a widget that is supposed to allow quick control of your devices without opening the app, but at least on my phone it makes my device crash every 5 seconds, so the function is just useless. Other than that, the app works great.

  21. Good hardware but terribly overbloated and glitchy software. The lag between inputs and outputs on digital switches is sometimes as long as 10 seconds, yet somehow there is no lag when doing the same action via Alexa/Google Home. This tells me the issue isn’t the hardware itself, but the Smart Life app. Tuya will never succeed in the mass market if they cannot optimize things for the average consumer

  22. Works very well. Easy to use & figure out. Pairing is quick. Some items have “phantom” programs that don’t show and can’t be deleted that turn lights off/on. Annoying, but may be the lights, as we have several brands. we don’t use Alexa or Google, just the app.

  23. Aside from it taking me over an hour to finally connect this device to my phone. It’s been nice. I’ll no longer have to hunt for the remote. But it would be nice to have more customization for some buttons. I’d like to re-label the INPUT buttons to make it easier to select the correct input… yes I’m a little frustratingly forgetful.

  24. The widget doesn’t follow the placement order shown/set in the app, making it hard to keep finding which device you want to toggle. Scenes don’t allow for bulbs or light strips to be “toggled” like plugs do, so separate actions must be made to turn things On then Off. Light strips don’t obey scene color settings, just turn on white. Setting custom icon images for devices would be great. A Wear OS app would be great.

  25. This app allows me to manage smart products from different vendors in one app rather than installing an individual app for each product. The downside is that there are interface inconsistentcies because each vendor still has their own interface for their product but it’s still better than running 10 different apps on my phone. You can also create scenes and IFTTT routines across different smart devices which would more difficult to do outside of single unified interface.

  26. What happened to this app? The scenes stopped working since the last update. Door contacts are pretty useless if they only trigger one time. Outdoor camera always says it’s offline. I only have 4 scenes programmed and they all work great one time. then they have to be deleted and reprogrammed. Useless.

  27. *Update* App continues to be a technological dumpster fire. I really do not understand how it continues to fail in every conceivable way. Turns on several devices radomly everyday. Yes, they have been factory reset several times and removed from all programming. Still occuring. Never happens with the 2 dozen Kasa devices I am using with their app.

  28. A horrible app. I only use it with a timer attached to my hose bib to water the lawn. It locks up my phone (android) every time I use it. Touchscreen becomes unresponsive or it double-clicks on every touch. It goes like this: Install app, water my lawn, clear cache & data, restart… or uninstall app until it’s time to water my lawn again, then install app again. Weeee.

  29. Update: After adding another wifi router for the 2.4Ghz required (because I am not willing to reprogram everything in my home to accommodate this app and plugs) the system is working again..we’ll see for how long. Previous review edited for space restrictions: PLUGS, LIGHTS, OR ANYTHING THAT DEPEND ON THIS APP! Worthless and a complete waste of money!An update to this app lost all the settings to my home..great app before update..Hours of work and a waste of valuable time. Thanks for nothing!!

  30. Works well and is completely adaptable with sperate controls over each outlet. Wifi connectivity from the outlet to my router has been flawless and I can control the pool filter from a distance. After hanging the outlet and plugging in my filter, I added a ‘skirt’ around the bottom with 4″ tape and have had no water issues dripping into the sockets or pooling on the plugs causing corrosion as happened with my last variety outlet

  31. I just need to make all of my new and future Wi-Fi plugs and devices Smart Life compatible. Send me the list! If you don’t want to get another app, just look for devices that say “Smart Life”. When you rename your plugs something simple (lava: for the lava lamps, strip: for the light strip etc..) and you will get the best results.

  32. Jos M dice:

    I have the alarm system. It works great if you want a simple house alarm that sends you notifications if its triggered when your away. The app is easy to use and let’s you change settings for all the sensors. A few months into use and so far it’s worked great.

  33. Nice integration with Alexa and ITTT as well as built in automation. for instance I ask Alexa to turn on my air compressor and this app sees the outlet turn on and automatically also turns on the shop light and 8 min late is set to turn the compressor back off as a protection measure. Only wish it was compatible with all my automation devices.

  34. Feature rich and intuitive, it’s come a long way and it’s my favorite IoT control app. I wish I could run all devices through this app. One thing I have not been able to figure out is how to sort my entire device list alphabetical order, which is really annoying to not be able to do.

  35. C dice:

    This app sucks when it comes to paying for the VAS added video cloud service. The times don’t match the videos and it’s just a mess to use. I don’t know why I keep paying for pure junk but it needs to be fixed. I have recordings showing at 2am but the slider will not go back beyond 4 am and even at that some videos are just a blip then cut to the end. If it isn’t right stop and fix it or don’t make it an option to pay for. The automated functions work well as well as turning devices on or off.

  36. The key is to make sure your cell phone is on the same wifi. Some of us have multiple access points and change which one we are connected to for security reasons. The app does not support the newest ip6 protocol, leaving the device useless.

  37. Has worked well with all the Smart Bulbs, Lamps, Outlets and Power Strips I’ve purchased, although I went through significant trial/error at first since app supports multiple manufacturers. App is a bit clunky to navigate, but after figuring out where things are, it does what it’s supposed to do, very well. Would be nicer for app to mimic TP-Link’s navigation (or be better than TP-Link’s) to identify new devices, and set/program features (that’s the clunky part). Overall, it works. -G. Jetson.

  38. Tom Smith dice:

    Update 4/4/22 It turns out the features I was missing are there, just not intuitive. Customer service replied and showed me I love this app.. 5 stars, baby! Update 3/2022: Automation works well. Would like to see improvements in automation, such that can remove a device from a scene without deleting the whole scene. Also would be nice to reorder the devices shown on home screen. Basic on off control from phone works, but automation doesn’t. Defeats the whole purpose

  39. Rin Rem dice:

    Works half the time, most of the time though, it says everything is offline. When clearly it is not. The amount of times this thing looses its connection to connected devices is mind boggling. This app is more troublesome then helpful. This is not a smart app. This is a dumb app. What a wasted potential. Not to add to the fact every update so far has done nothing but limit what you can do with groups. Trash app and trash updates. Look elsewhere for an app to control lighting and the such.

  40. Tracy Lam dice:

    I was trying to put in smart plugs for a few lamps but they just weren’t connecting. I thought it was a plug issue since my wifi worked and I had no issue connecting to anything else. Well, I got a different brand for the plugs and same issue. Turns out it’s probably not the plugs and the app just sucks. Kind of mad that I wasted time on this. So much for smart living when the basic app doesn’t even work.

  41. 2 items of note: 1. After a recent update, the last letter of the words on some buttons are cut off, for example: “schedule” becomes “schedul” and occasionally an entire word is missing. Is there any way this can be fixed? 2. The “tap and run feature” is a cool concept: it allows you to pick either a color or a scene, but doesn’t allow you to pick which color or scene you want, or to create different buttons for different scenes or colors. Without that capability, the feature is rather useless.

  42. It’s completely stupid that the app requires you to create an account but NONE of the app settings transfer when you switch phones. What’s the point of having an account if the account doesn’t actually store data???? I spent hours creating complicated tap to run and timed programs and they’re all gone. It didn’t even remember the devices. I can’t believe I’ve wasted time and money on this garbage.

  43. Lucille dice:

    It was easy enough to use once you figured out how to work everything, but we haven’t been able to control any of our home smart devices for weeks through voice command. Every time I check the SL app it says “Smart voice control is currently unavailable in English”. No updates on a fix and the “feedback” section has been entirely unhelpful. I tried updating, reconnecting my SL account to my Google home account, and deleting and reinstalling all of our devices with no luck.

  44. Garbage. Freezes and needs re-installing constantly. Bulbs must be re-added 1 at a time everytime it fails. Many functions in the APP don’t work properly. The “scene” option only creates white light scenes. When choosing color, it still just gives white light. If you want a custom theme with 1 red, 1 green, and 1 blue bulb, it will not work. You will have to set the color of each bulb manually every time, very painful with 4+ bulbs to control. “automation” options also frequently fail.

  45. J. B. dice:

    Very disappointing. Got lights for outside holiday-theme colors but app doesn’t allow set up “Color Scenes”. You can program scenes w/white colors (warm to cool) but though settings has a “Color” option, it doesn’t let you select a color so you get white anyway. Only way to get colors is by turning on a light or group of lights and manually applying the color you want. Then when you turn off and later back on it’ll be on that color but that means you can’t switch and go back. Makes no sense.

  46. Nikole C. dice:

    The tiles keep moving after I return them to the position they were in before the latest update. Incredibly annoying because my muscle memory wants to press the button on the tile where it used to be before the update. But no. Even after moving the button to the original spot it keeps getting reset to another spot.

  47. David dice:

    Smart Life was working just fine until their recent update. If you click on ‘Scenes’ to create some type of automation, a pop-up pops up. You cannot get rid of the pop-up which is describing some of the functionality. The pop-up literally prevents you from using any further portion of the app unless you restart the app. It makes it completely impossible to add or edit any automating. They completely forgot to test the latest update before releasing it. Fix this!

  48. Dave W dice:

    Has issues with wanting to pull in devices that I do not want controlled while trying to create a scene. It will not allow deleting items individually from a scene permanently. If you delete the entire scene and start over, that’s when it auto populates your devices and will not allow you to remove them. Does not work with the current ??improvements??? Very frustrating. Fix your app!!

  49. mirp dice:

    It worked great up until just a few days ago- Never had any issues with toggling, albiet a bit of lag in between app input and electronic output, but nothing substantial. However, recently I have been completely unable to change any of the lights in my house, the option simply does not show up. The owner of the home has unadded me and readded me, made me admin, I reinstalled the app, and I still cannot control any lights. They all show up in Home Management, but that’s about it.

  50. App wont stop running in background. Ugly slow loading user interface. Awful menu for adding devices with few options. No options to use different wifi connections. Do not use this sketchy software! Horrible reply from support forcing useless feature that slows down devices to make up for bad programming. Still no changes to make this app better and lights randomly lose wifi info and needed reconnection. Support is awful and will always blame internet connection. Bad softwaresupport overall.

  51. Lousy! This app worked fine for more than a year. Some update broke what use to work fine. Now it says I have an account but my devices are not listed. They can’t be re-added without pairing mode and they are now off. I guess a ladder will have to be set up for this to be fixed. I’ll be finding something else to try. Beware! 11/22 now every time I try to register an account it says invalid token. I receive and enter the code then try to put in a password and get invalid token; whatever that is.

  52. Michael P dice:

    The last update has a bad bug. When you click on scene at the bottom it gives you a pop-up over the screen and there is no way to close it. Even the back button doesn’t work. Now i cant turn on my automation!!! I’m furious! I have my aquarium lights and feeders connected to it!!!

  53. I have a Humhold dehumidifier which is supposed to work with this app. But it keeps locking up on me and I end up having to uninstall and reinstall and re-pair it in bluetooth. It’s a nice idea to be able to control the dehumidifier in my basement from my recliner, and the interface is really nice. But it’s just not reliable.

  54. Voice control doesn’t work, also the individual controls in my Google Home app are gone, I can no longer use my voice to turn off/on a particular outlet. Not sure if the voice control not working is tied to this but it makes automation around my home quite inconvenient. Please fix this otherwise I will have to buy a new product that is compatible with an app other than Smart Life.

  55. Cant set timers after new update. Loved the app for 3 years, then they updated it. The first day after the update all the wifi socket graphics changed, then the next day they changed again and now everything is gone. Just a blank screen. Wish they never would have tried changing things. If the issue isn’t fixed soon I’ll probably just delete the app and try one of the many similar

  56. Ever since the new update you can not get past the two tip tiles that are there when you open the scenes tab. In order to go back to any other part of the app you have to close the app completely and open it again to use the app. Emailed the developer the issue with screenshots and their recommendation was to restart my phone and delete and reinstall the app, both of which I did before I emailed them. The Tuya app (which is exactly the sameas this app) has the same exact issue.

  57. Nick Met dice:

    This was a great app untill they messed it up with the last update. Now the app is very slow, it takes more than 15 seconds to see my camera, it can’t turn off some of my light switch anymore. For your info: I’m an IT technician, my internet is extremely fast, and I know how to troubleshoot.

  58. Generally a fine app that I haven’t had any issues with previously. However, after a recent update, I’m unable to access the scenes page. When I try to open the scene so I can edit them there is a pop-up explaining how to adjust scenes based on whether and personalized features, but there’s no way to exit out of this pop-up. So I can see the same page but I can’t edit anything because the pop-up is in the way. I hope this gets fixed soon because I’d really like to give this app five stars.

  59. The schedule function on this app is extremely broken. If you have a schedule for an extended amount of time, then it keeps the schedule every day, even after deleting it. I tried switching the plug out for a different one and now it won’t let me make a schedule at all. The developers really need to fix this, having the plug turn on at set times seems like the most absolute basic function of something like this. It’s the whole reason why people buy it.

  60. David Y dice:

    I really like being able to program an outdoor light to operate on a schedule and that I can override from anywhere. I like that I can get notifications that it is working. The only problem I have is that after several months it loses connection with the outlet and has to be reset up which can be difficult some times. I have had to do this about 3 times now.

  61. This is a review of the Smart Life app, not the various devices that we have that use the app. The last two app updates released after September 2022 have introduced bugs and none of the switches respond to “ON” schedules or scenes. They continue to work properly with all “OFF” schedules & scenes. Manually turning on the numerous switches work but that defeats the purpose. I’ve worked through the troubleshooting with all 12 devices & the ON scheduling still fails. It’s the app, fix it. Try beta

  62. New update broke scenes. Shame. Now when you click on scenes, a suggestion box pops up telling you to try to use weather as a trigger. Neat. I’ll try that. Problem is there’s no way to make the pop up suggestion box go away and you can’t access your scenes with it up. There’s no way to escape the pop up other than to shut down the app completely and relaunch. So essentially some bone headed programmer at smart life put a bugged pop up on the scenes button that crippled it. Nice.

  63. Avatar’s Smart Life app works great with their lights. I now have 10 sets of their lights paired to my phone so I can turn them on and off, set timers, and control their colors/blink modes all from my phone. only criticism is that the app doesn’t allow to create my own sets of animated colors. for instance, the ability to randomly fade in and out only purple and orange for halloween or red, white, and green for the holidays. Or a nice wintery, icy blue and white.

  64. The app needs some quality life updates. The tap-to-run feature would be great if it actually worked. You can change the color of the light, only options is warm to cool white. If you choose color it will only put the last color set. And when I made separate tap-to-run brightness level it changed the light back to white.

  65. Great App and operates as intended. This is why 2 star. you cannot log out in the app or switch accounts. what if you have multiple devices on 2 or more locations and multiple people using same app (work, home, ect) you don’t want other people controlling devices at different locations because they’re in the same app. The only way to control them is uninstalling the app and creating a completely new account. But then you are unable to log out and log back in with a different account,

  66. Stacey A dice:

    The app itself is fine I suppose, but the timer setting is useless unless I want less than 4 hours. Anything more than that the light shuts itself off at roughly the 4 hour mark. Also apparently once my light turns off, whether or not I shut it off or it does it on it’s own, the app becomes useless until I manually turn the light back on. Automation does not work for turning the light on. At all. Ever. So it’s ok, I use it to change the light color, but that’s probably all it’s good for.

  67. The app has a lot of nice features but the main problems are they things I wanted the most out of it. Number one it’s not very intuitive to set up and create schedules and automation in the app. Number two is that the automations often fail to activate. I even had to purchase a Wi-Fi extender to make sure that all the apps were communicating properly and I have continued to have problems with the lights turning on and off on a set schedule.

  68. The app does what it should but there are issues. Mainly I have noticed issues with opening device pages where it won’t get past a loading screen (or no loading screen at all). does this on several devices and the problem survives a complete reinstall. only solution is to reinstall the device till it happens again. ALSO THERE IS NO WAY TO USE YOUR DEVICES WITHOUT THE CLOUD! That’s slow, insecure and annoying. I am migrating to Home Assistant. 100% local, 100% better, 100% a nightmare to learn…

  69. Great application for an automation heavy network. I have a Wi-Fi 6 Network running over 35 devices that control over 57 different elements in it. In other words some of my devices may control four outlets each. I control over a dozen different types of elements as well. Sprinklers, air conditioners, lighting, multi outlets, scent diffusers etc. All from the Smart Life app. I wish everything I had was on this app. Unfortunately some lights are not which require me to use a different app.

  70. This app does what you need to control your smart devices EXCEPT having a means to back it all up if you’re using an Android phone. This is a BASIC functionality, that needs to be addressed. I know that the US is iphone-centric, but the rest of the world is using Android. Having to rebuild the app with all if your devices when you upgrade your phone is unacceptable.

  71. Update DOWNGRADE. I’ve been using this app with Smart Plugs for some time. Seems to do ok with those now. Awful with Parmida Wifi down lights. Continually have to reinitiate as they frequently go offline. Don’t bother using Parmida lights with this app until they fix the connectivity, unless you like wasting your time. Constantly having to re-install devices that go offline. App is digital garbage.

  72. The app works. However, the nomenclature is inconsistent and confusing to some. “Switch ON/OFF” for garage door OPEN/CLOSE, “record” for history, and “Timer” for schedule are examples. Android notifications for garage door OPEN and CLOSE are confusing as well. This app needs a professional User Interface designer to make some simple changes to make this into a 5-Star app.

  73. The latest update broke the connection with Google home app. I have three lights that can change color associated with this app, yet Google doesn’t seem to think those lights have that capability. I have two other lights from a different brand that can change color just fine. Please, either fix it or undo the last 1 or 2 updates. I shouldn’t have to open this app to change the color of three individual lights when I need them.

  74. it technically works. not well at all but but it does work. I have my lights set to dim at night and it’s nice but like if I turn them offyself early the app turns them on for half a second at the time it’s supposed to be turning them off. plus it takes forever to open and start so the simplest thing in the world (flipping a light switch) now takes me like a minute. not really worth it.

  75. Partially incompatible with my Samsung tablets. Aside from the portrait only orientation of the app, much more annoying is that it pops up an intro window (when accessing Scenes) that explains the Scenes’ functionality and Blocks access to the Scenes controls! This necessitates closing the app entirely. Fortunately, I have the app (a version from June 2022) also on a non-Samsung phone that does not show the pop up and lets you access the Scenes’ functionality; I dare not update it!

  76. W E.P. dice:

    I have found several different plugs of different name brands that use those software and it has made it pretty easy to connect to, edit device names, add to Alexa/Google Home and set timers for each device. only reason for 4 * is device adoption is not the same across all devices. maybe not a developer issue, just one thing I noticed.

  77. the app works great to control my switch. It even notifies me if the switch loses internet connection. unfortunately this is sometimes due to the switch becoming unresponsive, even through the touch sensors on the device. Cycling power on the breaker feeding the light switch allows it to reboot and restores function. This happens every 4 or 5 weeks. Overall for the price I am super happy with the app and the device.

  78. The app is very identical to Feit bulbs but lacking the ability to choose what color you want the bulb to be when trying to do a scene. Instead of having a color wheel appear, it shows a temp slider that goes from 0 – 1000. There is no way to figure out what color you’re wanting to choose when you’re sliding it from 0 to 1000.

  79. Setting devices up to the network us annoying because almost all are still 2.4gz. This means your phone has to be switched off 5g whenever you’re setting up a new device. However, once it’s connected seems to work fine most of the time. Sometimes the app will hang or say it made a change when it actually didn’t. 🤔

  80. Shaun D dice:

    Horrible. This app is so poorly coded it even crashed while I was typing up feedback in it, to pass along to the developer! It is extremely slow to respond to commands. Bulb groups do not recall custom settings, even if set to do so. I have 2 wall sconces in my bedroom, each with two chandelier bulbs. It is impossible to recall custom scenes without recreating them manually each time…or NEVER changing them to a different setting…which is impractical for a “smart” bulb.

  81. Though the app does in fact show temp sensor readings, environment (cozy home) ⁰C settings are useless here in the US (even with system settings set to ⁰F). If you are looking for smart home integration and automation, this is not for you!!! You can get an individual sensor reading, but no visuals, trends, or automation integration.

  82. The app itself is fine. The problem is that schedules and timers (“left time”) don’t work. I can sometimes trigger something to make them work for a few days or weeks, but they always stop working after a while. For one on my devices, it’s really costly for me when it doesn’t shut off, so would be great to have this issue fixed.

  83. Carrie J dice:

    Why isn’t there the ability to schedule to dim lights, or dim from color to color, or set a schedule for a certain color at a certain time? Why do I get bombarded for my location every time I try to use the app when my location is irrelevant to the function I need to accomplish? This app is beyond disappointing. The only functions available are “on or off,” when my light switch can do that.

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