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Set up and control your compatible Nest, Chromecast, and Google Home devices.
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Set up, manage, and control your Google Nest, Google Wifi, Google Home, and Chromecast devices, plus thousands of compatible connected home products like lights, cameras, thermostats, and more – all from the Google Home app.

Turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, or get an alert when there’s a person or package at your front door. Google Home on WearOS will be available as a preview as we continue to add controls and improvements.

One view of your home.
The Home tab gives you shortcuts for the things you do most, like playing music or dimming the lights when you want to start a movie. Control it all with just a tap or two – and get to the good stuff faster. The Feed tab highlights important events in your home in one place. Here, you’ll also find ways to get more out of your devices and improve your home setup.

Create Routines that allow you to turn on compatible lights, check the weather, play the news, and more with one simple command.

See all the active audio and video streams on your compatible home devices in one place, change the volume, skip to the next track, or quickly change which speakers they’re playing from.

Understand what’s going on at home with a glance.
The Google Home app is designed to show you the status of your home and keep you up to date with what you may have missed. Check in on your home anytime and see a recap of recent events. You can also get a notification if something important happens while you’re away.

Set up your Nest Wifi and Google Wifi in minutes using the Google Home app. Run speed tests, set up a guest network, and easily share your Wi-Fi password with family and friends. Use parental controls like Wi-Fi pause to manage online time for the kids. Automatically prioritize video conferencing and gaming traffic on all devices, or decide which devices to prioritize for all traffic types. Get more insights on your network, whether it’s a notification when a new device joins your network or detailed insights for troubleshooting a poor internet connection.

A helpful home is a private home.
Protecting your privacy starts with one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures, which we build directly into Google products so that they’re secure by default. The built-in security in your Google Account automatically detects and blocks threats before they reach you, so that your personal information is secure.

We build privacy tools that keep you in control.
Control your Google Assistant activity, privacy settings, information, and personal preferences. See your activity, delete it manually, or choose to delete it automatically. Control your privacy on Google Assistant with your voice. Ask questions like “Where can I change my privacy settings?” to get answers to the most common privacy and security questions.

Visit the Google Nest Safety Center at to learn more about how we protect your information and respect your privacy.

* Some products and features may not be available in all regions. Compatible devices required.


Over the next few days we’ll be rolling out the following:
Use the Home app to control on/off, volume, playback, inputs, and more for your connected streaming and media devices.
Users who have opted into presence sensing will receive helpful alerts if their phone location is incorrect.
Camera users can now choose to include video clips when submitting feedback on camera events.


40 comentarios en "Google Home MODDED"

  1. Recent update keeps crashing and cannot find my speakers, even though they are all on the same network and updated. Yes, i have factory reset everything amd reconnected to the network. Individual speakers work, i can talk to them and they add things to grocery lists, tell me the weather, etc but they won’t play music either using the app on my phone or the Google hub.

  2. L Z dice:

    If I pause play for more than a minute or two, Google Home doesn’t always play nice again with Google speaker, (casting from Samsung phone). One or the other will disconnect but then won’t show that speaker in the list of speakers to cast from. So in order to re-cast, I sometimes have to first close the podcast app and/or restart my phone. UPDATE 01/23 : Now keeps asking for location permission it already has. Cleared cache but had to unplug router and reset speaker to get past that. Annoying!

  3. BAD!! Set up is easy enough, however the device doesn’t respond. It says “hmm something went wrong. Try again in a few seconds.” after every command. You need to repeat yourself several times! By the time it is functioning enough to respond, you could have searched the answer yourself. It is not consistent with reminders or timers, and rarely connects to other streaming services like Spotify. The device is and not worth it. I threw it away after a month of trying!!

  4. Great! I only use it to turn on my Xbox when I’m not home, or just to lazy to grab the controller. The fact that you can tell it to switch, pause, or play an app, is amazing! And I don’t need google home, I just need my Android. And with Alexa, you need that big bulky thing, that is always listening to you. Great app! Love that it’s compatible with Xbox. Please do the same for PlayStation and Nintendo, if you can. 💯% recommend. Thanks google for making my life a little bit easier. Love the app!

  5. This app is very hard to use. With my Radio Thermostat app, all I have to do is hit a “set away” button and all thermostats go to an adjustable low setting. One button releases to normal schedules. With this app, you have to go into each thermostat and change each period in the schedule to eco setting. It also shows graphs of inside and outside Temps and also has graphs that show how long the heat was on each hour. It would be good if you could add these features.

  6. Doesn’t do half of what it is supposed to do! It is supposed to be able to operate Chromecast with Google TV, but it can only turn the device on and off, you can’t operate it. There’s no way to select apps or navigate, the only thing you can do is turn it off and on, which is completely useless, since you can’t watch anything without the other controls. It used to work just fine but now that they’ve made improvements it’s completely worthless. UPDATE 1-9-23 no longer turns on Chromecast

  7. Overall the app is great, though there are some features that I wish would be included. Easier grouping and resetting. If you have to reset an item, depended upon the brand, the old info will stay there and you are unable to delete. The other thing I wish they would do is find a way to give a pronouncer for a name, record someone saying the name so it can figure it out would be a great addition in later updates. Other than that it is great.

  8. I like to use the quick access button on my lock screen (lower left corner) to open/activate the app. Sadly, looking at the screen opens the phone. I wish there was a happy medium so I didn’t have to turn the phone to the side. Otherwise, great app. 2/3/2023. After getting the 7, I turned off Face Unlock (using fingerprint instead). Problem solved.

  9. No ability to search for devices without scrolling through a list of 200+ items.. Not everything is assigned a room. App crashes constantly for no good reason when trying to open music, or settings, etc. Unable to fully add new Displays. Settings for speakers/displays aren’t available more than half the time. Groups disappear/refuse to work, and music cuts out on speakers frequently. Displays losing network connection dozens of times per day. I’m an IT tech enthusiast. It’s not me, or my network

  10. Every time my internet disconnects for any reason, I have to factory reset the thermostat and go through the entire setup process like the first day. Also, all my preferences and schedules disappear from the app. That’s ridiculous. No other device I’ve ever had completely stops working when the internet goes out.

  11. Overall it is an ok centralized home automation tool. There’s no drag-n-drop for reassiging devices around, no ability to map out your home, lacking controls for many items, yet necessary for all the Google devices. Still needs a ton of work to get up to where the Nest app used to be, but still hope this improves with time.

  12. The app itself is pretty solid with a great networking system, and the number of devices you can connect to the main hub is very user-friendly. However, the issue lies with the voice recognition within the nest minis and their connection to the other devices through the hub, so in short, it’ll turn your phone into a universal remote for your entire smart home network.

  13. Still hate this app. It’s still not user friendly. Setup is not easy. Finding where to link 3rd party apps, or update the network, etc. everything takes so many clicks before you can find what you’re looking for. I can’t set up scenes for lights in Google home like I can in the native app; Home doesn’t even have the same colors. What’s the point. There are preset routines that don’t work for me but I can’t delete them. And the routines I want to set up, there is no functionality for.

  14. Good app, but could still use some work. My biggest critique is that routines could benefit a little updating, particularly with music. For whatever reason the first song that plays is always the same. I say “play jazz” and the first song is always “Alone Together” by Chet Baker, for example. Just kind of odd given that the following songs are generally different.

  15. I’ve been able to cast for years without a problem. Now, this app is constantly kicking me out. I can’t cast any app to any of my TVs. This has been going on for 3 days now. I have a brand new modem and router, reset all my devices, changed my wifi, reset my wifi, disabled AP, enabled UPnP, checked for updates everywhere, uninstalled and reinstalled apps, etc. You name it, I’ve done it. Now I’m on the phone with Google. I’ve been waiting for 34 minutes now.

  16. I tried sending an email to the developers but it says it’s not being watched no more. I have the kasa app linked and have been using a daily routine since December to control a smart plug. It work without fail until this morning so I checked all of the usual things and that’s when I realized that due to the new update it’s not connecting to my house so the app doesn’t know if I’m home or not. I have the option selected to control the plug via my phone location.

  17. It’s a great app no doubt, but sometimes a bit hard to understand how it works. And you sometimes have issues with devices not connecting, like right now as i currently am typing, my lights aren’t available for some reason. The routines are also a bit complicated to set up. At least not in the way i want to set them up. It still needs some work in order for it to be a bit more simplistic yet allow you to have control and do what you want it to do.

  18. The app has A LOT of glitches. A LOT. Please fix bugs. It’s difficult to explain but every time I get into the app it looks like the lights are off but in reality the light is on. And if it is ON at 10%, the light control on the app looks OFF and at 100%. And if I want to set it up to 20%, as soon as I touch it it jumps to 100% and THEN I have to turn it down to the desired intensity. Also the smart bulbs and plugs are constantly disconnecting from the app. App is up to date.

  19. AJ Lauro dice:

    You can turn your heat/air on and off with your device. That’s good. What’s bad is this thing has a mind of its own. The temperature will raise and/or lower itself randomly, or go into “eco” mode at any given time. There is seemingly no way to get this thing to just stay at the certain temperature that you actually want it to. My experience is this thing goes into eco mode or changes temperature on its own at the worst possible times. Bottom line: Best bet avoid this garbage app.

  20. Gary Y dice:

    It is very inconsistent. It does not control smart lights accurately. I have set up routines but they most often do not work correctly. I ended up having to revert back to my Gosund app to set up routines instead. I also have to retrain my voice model every couple days. Simply stops working. Disappointing. I had high hopes. I was ready to set up full automation in my home with Google home in mind, but this leaves me with much uncertainty and unable to proceed until I find a better way.

  21. A little glitchy, keys crashing every time I save a routine, but at least it saves. The most annoying thing is that it keeps pushing for voice authentication. This means that if I use the wrong inflection or if my wife wants to play music, add to a shopping list, or do anything else related to my account, it won’t let her. I pay for YouTube premium, it’s stupid that my wife can’t just play a song because she doesn’t have my voice.

  22. I have been using Google Home for many years and have had no problem in the past. Everything worked and was easy. However, the reason I am giving it 3 stars is because the app will not stay open. It stays open about 1-2 seconds. I can’t check any of the devices, like who is at the door because it closes when I try. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no change. Please HELP! I’m getting frustrated! Update: I’m requesting an invite in the app to try Google Home Public Preview features.

  23. Good, but not great. Would love to see the app overhauled, for better multi-home and multi-device within the homes. The current version requires too much scrolling, and I’d like to see a more compact and intuitive grouping. Additionally, I’d like to see more automation control of lighting and IOT devices. Like detailed control and automation of lights: dusk to dawn, dusk + 6 hours, setting specific days of the week, etc.

  24. Cole L dice:

    I’m in absolute shock that we still can’t set Air Conditioners to turn on when we come home(and leave). Even with the huge new update/redesign(public beta)’s “automation” features. For anyone caring about energy costs, or saving the environment, this is the number one feature for any Smart Home. So for now, I have no choice but to continue sticking with Smart Things.

  25. Mike Y. dice:

    This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with a Google product. Could not get it to connect properly to a new Chromecast. It went through the setup, by doesn’t display the device correctly, and there is no access to the Chromecast settings, it just takes me to the ambient screen settings. And now it’s stuck in screen mirroring mode, and I need to figure out how to remove the Device again and start over

  26. Ed dice:

    When this app is delegated to the background, it maintains control of the volume control for all other apps. No other apps can be made louder or softer, while this app is in the background. And if I have tried to change the volume, realize that the all is interfering, dismiss the app, then the volume is likely to blare loudly as the app is no longer interfering. Sure, I can train myself to not let this happen, but I shouldn’t have to. FIX THIS STUPID APP.

  27. G C dice:

    The app and controls are fantastic, but adding a new device is clunky, not intuitive and most of the time doesn’t work. Very frustrating. If you move your Google device to a new room or it gets unplugged by accident it’s a pain to get it to work again. Adding smart plugs or bulbs is a challenge when it doesn’t find it. Most of the time I have to download the brands app as well when it should just be a simple process.

  28. Works well for everything I have connected to it. My home is based around the Google ecosystem, so everything connects with no problem. There are certain bugs, like with my Google doorbell not playing holiday tones, sometimes, but that’s not anything too annoying. I can’t wait to see the next update to it, and see how it can be a little more intuitive, though.

  29. The app works, except for when it doesn’t. A light I turn on every night displays in the morning as it turned off when it is still on. Giving verbal commands to my Google home results in lots of glitches lately. Grouping lights in one room together so that they all go on or off at the same time is a nightmare that shouldn’t happen, and required a lot of workarounds to make it stop. Too easy to accidentally turn a light off when trying to dim or charge colors. Can’t delete irrelevant routines.

  30. A lot of key functionality has been stripped out of this app over the last couple of years (due to various lawsuits, I think). It is no longer a one-stop-shop for managing my Google smart home. It’s not bad, per se, but the UX needs a tremendous overhaul. Simple things like adjusting the volume of a speaker group or linking my son’s Spotify account to the speaker in his bedroom are currently not possible. I spend a great deal of time googling how to do things that should be intuitive.

  31. I use this app for one device, a Lenovo CD-4N341Y speaker. If you do something on this app (cast from phone to speaker, change songs/apps/volume, etc.) in any way that the app doesn’t like, it’ll disconnect from the speaker. The only way to reconnect? Un/reinstall the app, factory reset the speaker, and go through setup. Occasionally, you have to do this MULTIPLE TIMES IN A ROW because the app won’t connect to your working WiFi. It’s VERY easy to do something the app doesn’t like. It’s buggy af.

  32. I got a new gen 2 wired doorbell and I had to download Google home. Ever since I did whenever I look at my camera feed. It starts messing with my phones audio. It makes it have a mind of its own. I can’t hear any video I watch and when I go to turn the volume up or down it starts going crazy and the levels of everything start going up and down by themselves. I have to restart my phone to fix it. But once I go and look to see who’s at my door with the app it starts all over again. Please fix this

  33. Skragg dice:

    Been having a strange issue with the Home app. When I look at my camera’s, I have to turn off my blue tooth after leaving the app, or else the audio wont play normally on my phone. Notification sound, music, even phone calls wont play sound correctly unless I turn the blutooth off then on again. Seems very strange and is a major annoyance.

  34. T L dice:

    Often fails to identify people, and (1) there is no option to correct or train the AI to work better. (2) For a security camera, it is WAY too easy to turn off cameras by accident, and (3) there is no option to allow some users (kids) to view content without being able to change settings (like turning off cameras). (4) Another complaint is that it takes forever to add a new device and it pushes you to watch installation instructions even if you don’t need them.

  35. UPDATE – I’m in Dev Preview environment and things look better. Routines are wonky, now forces you to do a lot of tasks – ie – I want automate a water pump for my Lettuce Grow – instead of 1 routine with 20 on off times I need to do 40 routines (on and off). The old method was better. Still for the life of me I cannot get my Google home minis to stay connected and to reliably playback. Rather than plug-and-play I feel like I am constantly doing maintenance work to keep things connected.

  36. Kacy K dice:

    It’s super buggy with half the features of the nest app. It’s virtually impossible to find an event based on a specific time as scrolling is no longer supported. The audio is almost always choppy as well. It’s useless as a security system and baby monitor as the cameras show as unavailable more often than not. Nest is dead! Google killed it.

  37. The Home app works okay. Some of the settings are not intuitive and take too long to drill down to, and the catch-all help menu doesn’t route the user to a help page specific to the screen you’re on when you click it. One oversight is the ability to create a backup of the Home and all it’s connected devices and settings. This would be handy when your Nest wifi router is damaged and no other devices are affected. A quick restoration of the Home backup beats resetting all devices one by one.

  38. I’ve got the new Chromecast, add while it does some things very well, it could use a lot of work in certain areas. For example, is there a reason that it keeps cutting off the music from Bandcamp when I’m casting music from it? It’s seriously annoying. Also ambient mode seems to shut itself off after 30 minutes or so, which is nearly as annoying as the Bandcamp thing. I’ll update this review if these issues get resolved.

  39. I consider myself something of an expert when it comes to technology. In fact I’m in college for Science and Technology. So far I have had to reconnect the speakers at least half a dozen times also the lights continually change their names and do not allow functionality because of it. Because of all that I am considering highly switching over to Alexa smart. Google home continues to disappoint 😞. I’ve nearly given up on this system and will look at alternatives.

  40. Kat D dice:

    What happened to this app? It used to be so simple. Now I don’t see my devices listed. It stops recognizing my Chromecast even though I’m still streaming so I can no longer control what I’m watching. Just, what’s the point anymore? I have rebooted Wi-Fi, my phone, reset the Chromecast. Super fun when I set up the device all over again and all is good til I’m done with setup and then the device is not there. Wth? One day it’s flawless, and the next five it’s worthless. Fix it, please?

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