Manage your Fiat with the official Chrysler app from FCA US LLC.
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Do you own a 2011 or newer FIAT® brand vehicle? If so, the MY FIAT app is an essential tool for you. Putting vehicle and driver information right at your fingertips, this app lets you do everything from schedule service visits, check for recalls, view and record your maintenance history, contact roadside assistance and more. Get started today. Just login, scan your VIN…and enjoy the ride.

We’ve added great new features to give vehicle owners even more support, including:
• Convenient online maintenance scheduling
• Simplified navigation
• Quick and easy access to your vehicle info
• Integration with new site

• Owners Manuals
• Recall Information Including Repairs Needed And Parts Availability
• Your Insurance Policy Details

• Schedule Service appointments
• Check upcoming maintenance schedules (based on mileage)
• View maintenance/service records
• Update/record maintenance


• Available any time, anywhere, 24/7
• Towing Assistance
• Lockout Assistance
• Battery Jump Starts
• Tire Changes
• Fuel Delivery

• Choose a Preferred Dealer near you
• Find a dealer if you have troubles on the road

• Document accident details
• Add photographs
• Locate certified repair shops.

©2022 FCA US LLC. All Rights Reserved. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, SRT® and Mopar are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC. Fiat® and ALFA ROMEO are registered trademarks of FCA Group Marketing S.p.A., used with permission.


Minor performance updates and enhancements.


40 comentarios en "MY FIAT MODDED 2022"

  1. Better now that the Android 10 issues have been fixed. Simple app that tracks recalls, campaigns and manual entry mileage for oil and service. Informs you of what should be happening at each interval. Federal Highway Administration now has a younger demographic at 15000 miles per year and 55-60 and 65+ at 10000 per year. I feel like these intervals are skewed for the wrong age group.

  2. Does a bunch of stuff nobody cares about, does not do the important stuff the factory owners manual says it does like checking your state of charge, scheduling charging, interfacing with nest to charge during off peak electricity pricing and, most important to me, accessing the climate controls while charging so the car will be warm when I get in it. I feel like a fool for buying a Chrysler product, they clearly don’t care about their customers.

  3. Outdated. Nothing works. Just information, no real use as an app.

  4. Since the latest update the app crashes whenever I try to log in. When I try to use the app as a guest none of the links for parts and accessories work.

  5. App doesn’t work anymore and won’t sent reset password/New member emails. Complete waste of time…just like the car. Wish I’d never bought it.

  6. Missing the only thing I need: a list of the parts that need replacing regularly like wiper blades and light bulbs.

  7. I used to be able to log in and see how much charge it has but now I can’t even log in. it keeps crashing. what happened???

  8. It’s personal to my car, if I mod it I can add that I did. I change my oil etc. This allows me to have all service records for resale. Thanks Fiat

  9. The app started crashing recently. Can’t even get past the first screen.

  10. The update of 03/13/2019 fixed the login and crashing issues! Thank You! Back to 5 stars.

  11. Keeps closing on both my phone and tablet trying to sign in. Have no idea what it is like.

  12. App won’t start. Keeps crashing when I launch it.

  13. very limited info. app does not offer any info on scheduled maintenance. also cannot locate a Fiat dealer when searching an area where I know one exists.

  14. Love my little 2012 red fiat. Thank you dad for my car, I love, love, love it. Great app as well

  15. love it, i like to know more about after market parts like cold air intakes that fot my model

  16. Lame app. Doesn’t do anything useful and the uconnect app is way overpriced

  17. Not useful. Need an app for 500e to give charger locations and tell me the battery level

  18. App consistently stops, won’t even launch.

  19. cannot get past first screen will not allow registartion

  20. immediately crashes every time

  21. No longer opens after last update.

  22. pointless everything this app can do your phone can do without it

  23. Crashing when I attempt to add a vehicle to my garage.

  24. Can’t register (seems to be a problem it says)

  25. Access to the manual is limited. What’s the point?

  26. Wasnt workin till update 1/9/2020

  27. It crashes when I enter my vin number

  28. What product manager thought having no remember me feature was a good thing? This is a terrible app. Very few good things about it. Update: June 4/20 – lots of improvements including fingerprint authentication…however the app never asks me to fingerprint authenticate unless you manually sign out…and then fingerprint auth doesn’t work.

  29. I don’t know what happened with the update but all of a sudden this app won’t let me out of maintenance record everything else works but I cannot add a maintenance record it says technical problem

  30. crashes, will not even start

  31. If I could sign in to access my account each time, it would be good;
    however, most of the time now, I can’t sign in. So it’s useless then
    because it won’t send a password reset. Very disappointing!

  32. App works well as it lets you see your service records and make appointments

  33. Love my car and this App!!

  34. Complete waste of time. A PDF manual with no bookmarks, why bother? Who is
    really going to swipe through 100’s of pages? Stalls on the login page most
    of the time and when you can get in, you can’t update any maintenance
    records. I get a “try again later” message on almost everything I try.
    Uninstalling, the original app was much better.

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