XFINITY Home lets you stay connected to your home anytime, anywhere.
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The Xfinity Home app lets you stay connected to your home even when you’re on the go. Arm and disarm your system, create automated rules, access video to see when the kids get home, or turn on the lights and adjust the temperature before you walk through the door. It’s quick, easy and always available on your smartphone or tablet.

– Remote arm and disarm
– Real-time text and email alerts when alarms are triggered and motion is detected*
– Remote video monitoring*
– Lighting and thermostat control*

– Thermostats: Ecobee, Carrier Cor, Zen
– Lighting: Philips Hue Lights, Lutron Caséta Wireless Light Switches and Dimmers, Sengled Element Touch Bulb, GE (Jasco) Wireless Light Switches and Dimmers, LIFX Lights
– Locks: August Smart Locks, Kwikset SmartCode Door Locks

– Wi-Fi or 4G cellular internet connection
– Xfinity Home service
– Xfinity ID or email address and password (Need your Xfinity ID? Go to

*Purchase of additional hardware may be required.
Disclaimer: Not available in all areas. Restrictions apply. Service and equipment sold separately. Services and features vary based on service package.

Learn more about ‘Cal. Civ. Code §1798.135: Do Not Sell My Info’ options at


This update includes bug fixes and other improvements that enhance the app's overall performance.


40 comentarios en "XFINITY Home MOD"

  1. I just got a indoor camera, and so far this app works just the way it should. Once you log into it, you just go straight to advanced safety, which takes you to whatever camera setup you have, and from that point on you can actually put on a filter for it to notify you if it sees something moving, such a such as a pet or a person. I think it’s hilarious that sometimes when I come home, I forget to go back into the Xfinity app and turn off the notifications. Because I walk around naked

  2. This app has a weird dependency on the Xfinity app to fully manage the home security app. But you can only do these things if you see a small pop-up and click on it. There is zero way to get to the same settings in the other app directly and if you miss that all pop-up you have to close out and reopen as even that pop-up is not in a prominent location that is easily triggered.

  3. This app is absolute garbage. It keeps shutting down before it even opens fully and customer sevice from Comcast/Xfinity is absolutely useless, just to make things even more frustrating. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times and hours I’ve had to spend getting the morons at Comcast to fix their problems. I gave up on them as an internet provider but unfortunately needed the Home security to moniter my elderly father, which has proven to be nothing but a waste of time and energy.

  4. There needs to be a calendar feature (like the one on the Activity screen) that let’s you find recordings from a particular day instead of having to scroll through days and days of recordings. Once the date is selected, it should then offer the same timeline feature that’s in the Xfinity app that let’s you see where on the recording movement took place. It doesn’t make sense that a separate app has more features than the main app.

  5. Karen E dice:

    I started using the Xfinity Home app about 6 months ago. I’m very glad I did, because now I can monitor my home remotely, save video clips, and activate and deactivate the alarm system from anywhere. Sometimes my Android phone gets hosed up and I have to reboot my phone for my security system to work correctly, but that usually fixes the problem.

  6. I have a Samsung Note 9 and cannot get the app to work. After signing in, defaults to the home page to add a device. I have uninstalled, cleared cache, and rebooted to only encounter the same issue. The technician set our phones up and we had no issues since the first update. It is very irritating and frustrating not to be able to enjoy the intended use of this app. Not to mention what is going on at my house when we are away. I hope there is a patch in the works for Samsung Note users.

  7. The app is incredibly frustrating. It takes several minutes to connect to my home system despite having decent internet bandwidth based on a Google speed test. The control of the thermostat system is ridiculous. The app will tell me the AC is on and set for 68 in the middle of winter when the heat is on. It seems like there is a complete lack of quality assurance at Xfinity.

  8. Really simple interface to access all of the features of the security system within one or two “clicks” at most. Well designed! Two suggestions for improvement: 1. It would be nice if there were two or even three emergency speed-dial options instead of just the one. Why not three, with one as the default of one of the other choices presented isn’t pressed in 3-5 seconds? 2. There needs to be some work done on the camera delay. It’s at least 1 – 2.5 seconds before motion is shown in the app.

  9. Xfinity is great with one exception, which is connecting to speak to an actual human and not a robot computer. I had to resort to going through mobile services for new service just to get a live person. 🤯 It is hard to get to technical advisors or anyone on the phone. Which I find very frustrating, 😤 along with many others who have reviewed X services. 🤨💯

  10. Even while connected to my WiFi this app’s speed is atrocious. Once it loads up, it’s often hit or miss if my alarm will disable, or enable. Multiple times, the app displayed my alarm as unarmed while it was armed, or vice versa. Just recently I spent 15 minutes waiting on the app to set the alarm. It would just hang on arming, but never actually set. This was while I was connected to my local network. This app needs a ton of help. It is the furthest away from a convenience that an app can be. Mo

  11. Keith D dice:

    I’ve had Xfinity home for 7 years and have been using this app the entire time. Never any problems with the system or this app. Has always worked flawlessly. I love the feature that allows you to check your cameras away from home using your phone so I can check on my pets or just see the status of the house. The only draw back is the choice of devices that will work with the home automation functions. They are either limited or do not have the manufacturer of the devices I have.

  12. When my alarm goes off, no one ever calls and the police aren’t notified, if I cancel it from my phone. How do they know someone isn’t forcing me to cancel the alarm on my phone if they never call? Massive fail. This alone makes the service worthless. Sign in should occur in app, but requires opening a browser (only Chrome, not Firefox). Also, too many false notices telling me my alarm was just activated or deactivated when no one is home. Plus video recording requires a subscription. Worthless.

  13. After 3 years of using it I can finally say that the last update was worth it! now the app opens up and connects a lot quicker and loads everything a lot faster, 3 years too late but it’s finally here, thank you. next one on the list is to not sign out users every time the app updates. I hate updating the app just for that reason, and I have tried different phones, makes no difference.

  14. Since a recent update, this app doesn’t work while I’m using my xfinity wifi. If I try to open the app using wifi, it takes me to the sign in page every time, and then opens a browser page that never loads. When I turn my wifi off and use my phone data, the app works fine. And my wifi works perfectly well with every other app, including watching 1080p content on YouTube. It just seems to be this app. I love the customizations that this app allows, but not being able to use it on Wi-Fi is huge.

  15. Totally disappointed. I have paid for Xfinity Home for about 3 years. I have 3 cameras (1 on 24/7 recording). I have lots of sensors and motion sensors. The biggest problem is this damn app. It sucks and takes forever to load. On various occasions the video does not load although I have a great data connection. Customer service sucks as well. I don’t feel safe with this app and Xfinity Home. It’s not dependable at all. Also when you link stuff like garage door or thermostats it sucks.

  16. Live feed DOES NOT WORK. Tried it on several different android phones, an iMac and an iPad. None of these display a live feed. Just get “troubleshooting” screen. This has been a problem from the start. The X1 camera is so slow that by the time it pulls up my visitors are outside waiting for more than a minute so I can see the outside camera. It doesn’t pop up on motion either, which would be a tremendously great feature on X1 or mobile. Need a resolution asap please!!

  17. Always have to trouble shoot. When it is really important to have a scene record it 100% never works. At least every two days we have to unplug and wait 10 seconds and plug back in. The camera is supposed to have night vision and it does not. When you try to listen to the sound of what is around your home it picks up on the wind, cars driving by anything but the noise around your home.

  18. The app Freeze’s at all the wrong times. In the past two weeks I’ve have to manually turn off my alarm, but this is the thing, I’m not sure if it’s the app or wifi that is causing the miss connections. With that said, no matter what, the alarm works either way so you are still safe!

  19. I’ve had this app for 3 years. worked great. a few days ago I’ve started having problems with my notifications. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled. deleted rules, everything I was told to do…several times! still isn’t working. this is very important for me to have! sucks that all of a sudden it’s not working. and yes, I have a new phone…but its several weeks old. this problem just started a few days ago.

  20. Is extremely limited in what you can do and very buggy. I’ve had an issue with the system arming via automation after I deleted all automations. Even after restarting the physical system it still arms on it’s own. To me this is a pretty serious problem and I’m still waiting waiting on after two days for support. I find it crazy that you can only control your system from a phone and the web app isn’t supported anymore.

  21. You know those Comcast television ads showing the actor using this app to quickly check, set, or disable the alarm system? Yeah, well, if only things were that efficient. The app does it job (setting/disabling alarms) but the really irritating part is that when I start the app, I always have to wait anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds while it “locates” my alarm system. It’s no where near as efficient as shown on TV. I thought it might be a WiFi vs Mobile Data connectivity issue, but I eliminated those one at time. I thought it might be my Android phone so we tried my wife’s iPhone. I thought it might be my Comcast router or my home network, so I talked to several people I know and got the same litany of complaints. In short, this app and its features do not measure up to the television commercials. Then again, the commercials on TV would have me believe that I could be young, viral, and handsome if only I drink a certain brand of beer (any brand, actually)! 🙂

  22. Love being able to set alarm from my phone in case I forget on the way out. And, REALLY love that I can see exact time (to the second) when a motion sensor has been triggered (aka… door/window opens or closes). The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I haven’t actually had an “emergency” (knock on wood!) & therefore am not familiar with anything that happens after an alarm is triggered.

  23. We are going to cancel our security service with Comcast just because of how God awful this app is. There are CONSTANTLY issues with it not being able to connect, it takes forever to connect with the house when it does work, and worse of all, in the middle of the night when my husband needs to disconnect with the app because I’m sleeping, the app NEVER works. I have been woken up at 3 am multiple times because he had no choice but to set it off because it wouldnt connect. You’ve lost a customer.

  24. The app is never in sync with the actual status of my alarm. If it DOES get past the three-dot loading screen, it doesn’t show the actual armed status. I always have to force close and re-open the app to be able see the correct status. Most of the time when the arming or disarming status is in progress after entering pin/scanning fingerprint, it returns to the home overview without actually showing its arming/disarming unless you try to re-arm/disarm. This app didn’t always suck, used to work.

  25. This WAS a great app. But since the last update, I can no longer get past the Sign In page. When I press the button, it hangs. It’s no longer functional. I have to force close the app! My phone is the Samsung Note 9. This is very disappointing. I used it all the time…until now. UPDATE: I just reinstalled the app for the third time. I now have version 9.36.8. It started working again.

  26. The Home App is a major fail. I’ve only had the system for two months but much of the time I cannot get connected, I spend way too much time struggling with it and even driving to the Comcast store to try to get it corrected so I’m in the market for something else that actually works when I need it to. Sorry Comcast “It’s 4 No’s from me”.

  27. Very easy to control your whole home. All Xfinity services can be accessed through the app. I happen to really like it. You are able to see and connect to every device on your wifi network. Because of this you can set parental controls, limit screen time, block access to a specific device and also create schedules to have your network turn off and on any set days and times you want. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  28. The new update to this app is now glitching it out. It will not let me log in. It opens 13 windows to ask me to sign in, then when i try to login to one of them it just goes in and out. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, did not work! This app so sucks! Constant problems. Wish I could get one of those push button key clickers. Makes me want to change my provider. Update: 1/2/20 It’s been 6 months and I’m still having the same problem. It will work for a while, then go back to glitching. 😡💩

  29. App rarely works. If I forget to set it from the keypad, it takes about 15 minutes and a dozen attempts to get the phone app to work. Many days I think the alarm set via the app but get home in the evening to find that it didnt work. Probably going to look at going to switch again with the term is up.

  30. Seems to work about 50% of the time. Now that it updated the other day i don’t get notifications of doors or windows or when its armed and thats on android and iphone. Seemed like a good app but its inconsistent it’ll work for a good while then something changes and breaks something won’t sync with my lights or anything. Don’t carr about the other devices just want notifications fixed.

  31. I’ve been having so much trouble the Home Security App. I’ve called their customer technical support dept. to include their advanced level, to have them only hang up on me, and not get the app up & running to this date. Seriously looking into switching over to ADT, I hear that their system and customer service is much better. My family’s safety and security is very important to me, so I need to go to a service that is there for you when there are problems with their equipment & apps.

  32. So Far I would rate this app 4 out of 5 stars based on functionality because I have only used it for a month. So far there have been overall no major issues with the app, service or provider. It is very secure and you can keep it safe on your phone with your fingerprint and codes. I like that feature. It is not complicated to figure out functions on the app on your own. Our children have found Xfinity home easy to use also.

  33. When it works it is fabulous. Unfortunately it frequently stops working after updates and comcast is slow to restore functionality and NEVER communicates that it is aware or or has fixed bug. You are left with an unreliable security system that you are never quite sure if it is functioning properly. The ads always work, however.

  34. This app is garbage. It has not worked on my android phone for two months. It will not show live feed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times. I have contacted Xfinity and received no resolution. I see when you give a negative review they ask you to post to the forum. Why couldn’t you assist when I called?? Instead I was transferred to several different departments none of which helped or resolved the problem. One representative said they knew of the problem and was working on it this was 2 months ago what kind of techs are employed that can’t figure this out??

  35. App worked great till about a year ago, it suddenly became very slow to receive alarm in progress alerts. Last night, 10/31/2018, came home and house was set to night when I came in. Alarm is instant. I didn’t get the alert thru the app till about 20 minutes later. But even with that, I still love it and use it all the time.

  36. The App lacks features that all other systems have and the cost to purchase the equipment and lack of features and lack of improvements being made is extremely disappointing. The app really desperately needs to have push notifications for camera motion. The cameras on the system can trigger motion saves in the history, so the app should be able to send a push notification on that action. The fact that they don’t have a two way talk camera is also disappointing and once purchase, you’re stuck…

  37. So this app sucks, it only works about 2 percent of the time. It worked great when the technician was in the house then the very next day the service went straight to he@!, well use your imagination. Everytime I try to use the app it just buffers. Very frustrating as I thought this would be a quick and convenient way to arm and disarm my system. I’m going to try a uninstall/reinstall to see if that helps though I truly have no faith it will. Strongly considering dropping my entire package. Shame!

  38. For years now, I keep getting the message “TOUCHSCREEN IS NOT CONNECTED TO WIFI” more times than I can count which usually means I’m not able to bypass sensors or arm/disarm the system when I’m out of my home. I’ve grown tired of chatting or having techs “repair” it one day and the next day, it’s down again. This has been an EXTREMELY frustrating experience and I am anticipating the moment I can terminate my contract.

  39. I usually do not have any trouble using this app. I also usually do not do reviews. However, I feel this time it deserves some kudos to the way the app works and the fact that I can chat with the very nice people who help if there is an occasional problem. Since the last update I have been having trouble arming for night from my phone. It finally does get the arming done but it takes forever and it does not start showing on my phone even tho it shows on the home monitor. If fixe would be a 10

  40. This andriod app is driving me crazy! The app works great on the iPhones in my home but not the Android. It takes so long so long to load that it times out. If I do get lucky enough for it to load it does the same thing when I’m trying to Arm or Disarm my system. This is frustrating as we pay for this service and its an important part of our home. In reading the other reviews it seems like we are not the only ones…..

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