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Catch up with your favorite HGTV shows and more from up to 14 networks.
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Catch up with your favorite HGTV shows anytime, anywhere with the all-new HGTV GO app – and now get access to up to 14 additional networks including TLC, Food Network, ID, Discovery and more – all in one app. It’s FREE with your pay TV subscription.

Link your pay TV provider (cable, satellite, telco, live TV streaming service) to access HGTV favorites like Home Town, Love It or List It, Good Bones, Property Brothers: Forever Home, Flip or Flop, Fixer to Fabulous, My Lottery Dream Home and many more – plus top shows from other networks including Sister Wives (TLC), The Pioneer Woman (Food Network), Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel), Evil Lives Here (ID), Crikey! It’s the Irwins (Animal Planet) and more. New episodes are available the same day as they premiere on TV.

With HGTV GO You Can:
• Stream HGTV and more networks LIVE anytime, anywhere on all your favorite devices
• Find shows to watch with the live schedule guide
• Access thousands of episodes on demand – from current hits to classic favorites
• See new episodes of shows on the app the same day and time they premiere on TV
• Binge your favorite HGTV series and specials including Home Town, Love It or List It, Good Bones, Property Brothers: Forever Home, Flip or Flop, Fixer to Fabulous, My Lottery Dream Home – and many more!
• Get unlimited access to everything the Discovery family of networks has to offer – free with your pay TV subscription

• Stream live TV when you log in with your pay TV provider
• Watch select episodes and entire seasons of your favorite shows from up to 15 networks!
• Browse by genre – from Natural History, Science and Tech to Food, Home and more – to find your favorite shows and discover new ones
• Continue watching episodes where you left off across all of your devices
• Save shows and episodes to watch later with My List
• Compatible with tvOS and Chromecast
• Closed-captioning support

• Available in the U.S. only
• Wi-Fi connection recommended

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- Now streaming content from up to 15 networks from the Discovery family, including TLC, ID, Discovery, Science Channel and more
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements Love the app? Let us know! Have a question? Visit us at


40 comentarios en "HGTV GO-Watch with TV Provider 2022"

  1. Crashes all the time,especially when trying to cast with Chromecast. When trying to resume watching, frequently get stuck in a seemingly endless commercial loop (2 min 30 secs of commercials that, once finished, just start over again), and if that manages to eventually clear, the app just crashes again shortly after. At this rate, it would take us roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes to watch a single episode of a normally 30 minute show. Just a terrible product.

  2. Great… At first. When I first got the app I was able to connect my cable account, cast, and stream with no issues. No ads when casting but annoyingly ads when streaming on my phone. Fast forward to now, I was IN THE MIDDLE of watching a show and the app just stopped. I updated the app, restarted my phone, restarted my router and modem, deleted and reinstalled the app, cleared the cache and data from my phone, and have just run out of options. This app no longer works. I’m extremely frustrated.

  3. Update 12/4/18: app still won’t load. I uninstalled and reinstalled, didn’t fix it. Update 11/28/18: the app no longer loads. It just shows the logo and blue progress circle and won’t load anything or open. After update this summer, it consistently crashes during streaming. It won’t stream commercials but then stops when there should be a commercial. Plays fine on phone without streaming. Very distracting and we have stopped using it as much because of these issues.

  4. Not compatible with Chromecast. I know that I am going to get a response to this review telling me to reach out to them to troubleshoot, but I can confidentially tell you that I have already troubleshooted any possible issues with my phone and tv, which there have been none that I can find. I can also tell you that all other tv apps on my phone work perfectly with my Chromecast. It’s definitely an issue with the HGTV GO app and they need to look into it on their end.

  5. Multiple people indicate there are problems with the updated app. Instead of asking them to jump through all sorts of hoops of clearing data/cache, uninstalling, & reinstalling the app (which does not resolve the issue), and after reading that multiple people find navigating the updated app difficult, how about doing something helpful like removing the updated app from the Play store & replacing it with the previous version? You will make hundreds of people happy & save your technicians time!

  6. This app needs a lot of work it locks up constantly even if you have an excellent Wi-Fi connection and good speed. Update – they told me to clear my cache and that worked fine, up until a week ago. With the new app, even after clearing cache, uninstalling/reinstalling, rebooting phone and rebooting my router…I can log in just fine, but cannot watch RECENT episodes, only older ones. I get an error message that says “Unable to Connect – Please check your network connections and try again.” My network connection is fine, no issues. So what is going on? I queried a few other users that I know and 3 of them are having the same issue.

  7. When it works it’s great but it times out often and I have to restart the app often. Watching on an iPad gives 4 commercials every few minutes but none if you cast via Chromecast. Why is there not an option for continuous play?? I have to select a new episode every 20 mins! instead of the app just going to the next one. If they added continuous play, stop the app glitching and had less commercials this review would be a 5.

  8. The Samsung SmartTV version is the pits! Wasn’t sure where else to post a review of it. It hangs and lags and just sits and loads. Often when I try and use the app I just get a blank screen and have to uninstall, reinstall and reactivate it just to get back to it. And when I do that I lose my saves. It’s not my connection because my other apps work fine. Why can’t this one?! I was so happy to see that this was added to my options only to have it be a serious disappointment and frustration.

  9. When i first downloaded the app, I loved it! Used it every day. But now, all of a sudden it will not load. I just get the “spinning wheel of death”, as i like to call it, and it doesn’t load no matter how long I wait. Please fix this, Android user, BTW!!!! I am missing episodes of Love It or List It, that aren’t on Hulu. And “If Walls Could Talk”, great classic show I can’t watch any where else!

  10. COMPLETELY WORTHLESS once you sign into your provider!!! Installed the app to watch a missed episode that wasn’t on HULU, where I don’t have commercials. Watched the first episode without any problem. Then I was told I had to sign in through my TV provider…. All downhill from there. I get a 45 second ad before the show starts, less than 15 minutes in, I get another ad that I’m told is 145 seconds long. If you accidentally back out, you have to watch ALL of the ads to get back to where you were

  11. So, i love that this app exists, i don’t have cable so the fact that they have some things free is really nice. However, this is the 4th time that i have been in the middle of an episode of something that was free, had to close it out for an hour or so, then went back and the show or season was no longer free. There is an exhorbitant amount of commercials that have to be watched to have free stuff, to play with people this way…

  12. Not working for me either. Following the suggestions in other posts, I cleared the app’s cache and did a storage cleanup on my phone. I also restarted my phone after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. So many people are having trouble and rather than try to fix the solution, the app creator just wants people to email them to troubleshoot. This issue has apparently been going on for several days; if your techs haven’t been able to figure it out yet you might need new techs.

  13. Uninstalled, reinstalled twice. The app opens to black screen with circle. I think it needs me to enter provider and password, etc. But there’s no message, no dropdown menu, no buttons, nothing. UPDATE I contacted HGTV as requested. I’ve tried periodically using the app, with no success. I did get one error message, that mY have suggested the need to log on, which I did. I really miss using this app. 02/04/2020 Tried again today. Yayyyyyy! I’m in. Thanks! 😍

  14. Love getting to watch my shows on the go. I took off 1 star for the amount of commercials, and the other is because I have log in problems. I work overnight and have sometime to watch shows in between busy times; however if I’m not on my home wifi it doesn’t like to work. I have to log in to my cable provider everytime, even though I choose to stay signed in. It never works the first time, it always says that I don’t have access with my paid subscription. So I have to sign out and sign back in.

  15. This app use to work without issue. Now, it won’t progress past the beginning load screen. I tried to contact customer service but that was all for not. The same issue is present on the DIY, Animal Planet GO, Food and Discovery apps. Therefore, they have been removed from my devices and I have been lost as a consumer.

  16. J F dice:

    TONS OF ADS forever and ever. Like 10 minutes of ads…then 10 min of show, and then Another 10 minutes of ads. It takes an HOUR to watch a 20 minute show… AND If you try to rewind for a few seconds to hear any remark again? you WILL have to sit through yet another round of 10 minutes of ads .. so odd. Also, if you hit pause or rewind, the whole app loses it’s mind and throws you to beginning again… sigh. ALSO< the button to link tv provider does NOTHING when i hit it. why?

  17. I don’t know how this app has 4.5 stars. Works intermittently. Older versions were fine. Never had an issue until this new and supposedly improved version which buffers, throws “content not available” errors, freezes, and sometimes exits the app on its own. Someone should really pay attention to all of these similar reviews and realize that you would please your users if you would revert to an older, working version of the app until you can resolve all of these glitches. Disappointing.

  18. I would like an option or behavior change to stop automatically ‘playing the next video’. When I navigate to a series and pause to consider which episode, the app starts playing a video (not one I selected). I can stop the video but now it shows ‘in progress’ in the series episodes.

  19. Crane S dice:

    This app needs an overhaul. It likes to force push large pop ups infront of fullscreen viewing. The only way to dismiss the banner pop up is to stop the current video, click on the banner and begin viewing whatever show its advertising, exit back out and go back to the show you were originally watching. No one who developed this app has ever used it. It would be funny if it wasnt so predictably bad.

  20. Trying to run this on an Nvidia Shield TV. Keep getting “Request Failed-Request for home screen section failed with error. Please try again later” on the Home Screen. And on the Shows tab, “No Content Available-We’re sorry, but this content is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” Googling around shows I’m not alone with this issue. Completely useless. Edit: Messaged Hgtv. Got a response to say Android TV isn’t supported. Heads up Google. Get this off Google Play on Android TV devices then! Jan 2: I see the response, but Google Play store says “This app is compatible with all of your devices” and my devices are Android TVs. I’d suggest you tell Google to alleviate frustration and confusion.

  21. I’m not sure if the app is designed to turn sideways automatically, but it’s kind of annoying. I use the app with Chromecast and having it turn sideways just isn’t ideal. It also doesn’t auto-play the next episode, which I can deal with, but again, not ideal.

  22. App won’t cast to tv unless I leave the phone screen on for at least 30 seconds, annoying but whatever. Also inaccurately shows tv show run time – says the show is 54 minutes but it’s actually 35. So if you try to skip ahead to see the end of a show you missed, good luck finding that timestamp. Overall just feels clunky compared to other streaming apps.

  23. I love the fact that I can watch any favorite HGTV show! In rating the app itself though, it’s a bit buggy and doesn’t autoplay the next episode. At the end of each episode watched, the app tends to freeze up. If autoplay was available and bugs were fixed to stop freezing up the app, it woud easily be 5 stars.

  24. Works perfectly, I wish they had more shows unlocked, but I love the app

  25. I got Lots of ideas on home remodeling projects and there’s tons of shows that I enjoy watching.

  26. Jenni Boo dice:

    there needs to be a way to skip commercials. I would pay extra to be able to. I barely use the app because I can’t stand sitting through commercials every 5 minutes

  27. I’ve only been watching for a couple days. So far I’ve been able to find everything I want to watch. I still have to figure out this “lock” thing 🤨

  28. My Lottery Dream Home is my favorite over my other favorites😂😂 Love the app. I watch non-stop some days.

  29. 👎New year, same lies❗️You said this on 12/1/22 11/16/22 on 11/2/22 on 10/13/22 on 9/22/22 on 9/16/22 on 9/7/22 on 8/20/22 on 8/17/22 on 8/5/22 on 7/18/22 on 6/30/22 on 6/7/22 on 5/11/22 on 4/12/22 and 3/30/22: Now streaming content from up to 15 networks from the Discovery family, including TLC, ID, Discovery and more • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

  30. The app has dropped me and doesn’t offer a place to put the provider’s info so that I can connect . This has happened to at least four apps.

  31. Eh….Guess kinda ticked about the repetitive frequent commercials. I love being able to see shows I didn’t even know existed, heck I’d consider paying for commercial free streaming but don’t see such an option. The 6 commercials every few minutes are the same dang ones over and over, sometimes 2 to 3 in same break! Why can’t they be all different like on tv?

  32. This app lets me watch show’s I’ve been missing since i cancelled satellite TV. My complaint is the amount of commercials. It feels like the commercials are never ending. I understand needing to show commercials in exchange for free tv but the AMOUNT of commercials is already making me consider deleting this app. UPDATE. In a 44 min show there are 6 commercial breaks, 3 mins each. Thats 18 mins of commercials for every 44 mins of show. That’s 41%. Significantly more than over the air show. Sad.

  33. Does not work with my provider. Disappointing that I pay for a service that includes HGTV, but I cannot access anything on this app because my provider is not yet a ‘participating’ provider. They have to come to an ‘agreement’. Yeah, how hard is it? I pay a provider that carries your channel, but you need more of an agreement with them for me to be able to use your app? More channels are making it easier to lose interest in paying for tv though, so that’s good.

  34. Why oh why do you guys need to play the same commercials 4 and 5 times in a row? I don’t get that. You guys have plenty of commercials so why not play different ones in a row? Makes no sense. If I see that Frigidaire commercial 1 more time I’m going to scream!!!! It’s not making want to buy it, it’s making me hate them. Edit: To developer: never did I say the ads need to be gone. I said I shouldn’t have to see the same one 5 times in a row. Mix them up.

  35. I really enjoy watching HGTV in my free time. When I found out that there was an app, I downloaded it right away. One thing that was an issue to me was that I wasn’t able to connect it to my TV providor, so i was limited to very little episode options. I also wish that there could be other things to do other than just watching episodes.

  36. Well, I updated the app, (wish I didn’t) but I did. NOW, it’s giving me an error message that says unable to connect please check your network connection. Everything else is connected but this darn app. It was great before the update. Now I have to go through other means to catch up on my shows. PLEASE FIX IT!!

  37. I was waiting for the app to load, and after looking at the reviews and glad i wasnt the only one…All i wanted was to catch up of who finally wone the rock the block, but was unable to cause when ep 4 came out is the day everything stopped working. I was only able to get 10 minutes in and, crash. Every since then i was unable to open the app after clearing my history with it, uninstalling it etc..

  38. Downloaded the app but it gives me an error message when I try to open it. Reinstalled 3 times, same problem every time. I emailed customer support for help and I received an automated response that said they have no staff available to reply or help, but my feedback is helpful. Terrible service, I expected so much more.

  39. Pamela dice:

    Shows will play on phone but gives “unknown error” code when trying to watch on TV through Chromecast. Worked with the support team for almost an hour to have them finally say it was a developer issue they were working on. 2 updates and over a month later, it still won’t work.

  40. Update. Fix worked and i can now stream again. thanks. used to be good, now won’t let me watch on my phone or tablet. I keep getting the red key stating my Xfinity subscription doesn’t include this content. Funny that I can watch on my Roku TV but not my phone. I also sent issue through HGTV app and am being ignored as I sent it last week.

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