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Remote start, secure, & track your car from your mobile/watch with DroneMobile.
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Now compatible with Wear OS.
The DroneMobile 4.0 features an all-new interface that makes controlling and tracking your vehicle easier than ever.

DroneMobile allows you transform your vehicle into a shareable, smart car. The new app features the ability to send a [[[Family Sharing]]] invitation to family member’s e-mail, so that they can also control and track the vehicles on your account.

The new DroneMobile app introduces a home screen loaded with information about your vehicle. You can arrange these sections to your liking by pressing the “EDIT” button at the bottom of the screen.

Controls are accessible from anywhere in the DroneMobile app by pressing the green “Controls” button in the footer. You can have this screen open by default by adjusting your app settings.

DroneMobile Premium and Business customers can now swipe left and right on the tracking screen to view the location of all their vehicles.

Staying connected with the young driver in your family? Set speeding and curfew alerts within the DroneMobile app, so that you will be alerted whenever a violation occurs.

DroneMobile is the award-winning smartphone solution for staying connected to your vehicle from anywhere in the world. Using the DroneMobile Android app, you can lock your doors, remote start your engine, and even track your vehicle’s exact location.

● Wear OS Compatible
● Widget vehicle control
● Google Assistant keyless entry & tracking
● Remote start
● Remote start shutdown
● Keyless entry
● Trunk release
● Security system activation/deactivation
● 2 Customizable auxiliary functions
● Detailed vehicle status
● GPS tracking
● Push notifications for security alerts
● Regular maintenance reminders
● Low battery alerts
● Geofence and curfew alerts for driver monitoring
● Speeding alerts for driver safety

CES Innovations Honoree for In-Vehicle Accessories (2015)
CES Best of Innovations for In-Vehicle Accessories (2011)
5X TOP VENDOR of Security, Convenience, and Safety Products (Mobile Electronics Retailers – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018)

DroneMobile can be added to any of the following brands of remote start and/or security systems:
● Compustar
● Compustar PRO
● Arctic Start
● NuStart


Application improvements and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "DroneMobile MOD"

  1. App and service has been awesome since installing a year and few months ago. I did have an issue where the main app screen some of the status section was missing, ( doors, hood, trunk, engine, etc.) Customer support did offer to help after I posted an original review, But for whatever reason it showed up the next day and has been working right since. Regardless, still love the features and the app. Highly recommend even with an occasional bug, ( like every app ever).

  2. Mark Fish dice:

    Got Drone installed beginning of January 2022. Everything worked great. There was an update in February that ruined it all. App kind of works. Everytime I lock the vehicle from the app now. I get a notification saying the module did not respond to the request which is wrong I heard it lock and the status screen in the app shows it locked. Also, now if the alarm goes off I don’t get the notification on my phone that I use to and would not shut up until I acknowledged the notification. Please Fix!

  3. App worked good but definitely very overpriced when trying to add multiple vehicles to one account. I installed it for my wife, my son and myself as I was previously informed they have family packages. When the “free trial” expired and I reached out to renew I was told it was 3 seperate memberships at full price which was ridiculous. I have then cancelled the membership on all the vehicles and now have a highly priced remote! Company has been very unsupported and monthly fees add up to over $35.

  4. Cosme B dice:

    Started using this application, you had to hold the buttons, whether it was a start ,lock or unlock buttons. I think it was a good idea because it prevented accidental operation of one of those three functions. With a recent update, all you need to do now is simply touch a button and the app carries out whatever button you push. I wish the app gave the option to only tap buttons or to tap and hold buttons.

  5. After my last vehicle was stolen, I can sleep at night again. 4/29/22 UPDATE My car was stolen last night, almost exactly 2 months since the last vehicle was stolen. Owner’s Note: There’s a button that disables the alarm. It’s not called “Disable.” I don’t know if it’s a default setting; or, if somehow, somewhere, I tapped a system setting option marked, “Valet.” It doesn’t matter. Please consider renaming the button, or including that in the description, or turning the script red.

  6. Update- followed your suggestions but still did not work. I bought the 5 year subscription for that feature and convenience alone. And now it is not there… The latest update removed the option to see the location when the car was turned on or turned off. I’m not talking about live tracking, that’s a premium service. I’m not interested in the live tracking feature, but why take something that was already paid for away?

  7. Error messages, app not connecting to internet when everything else does. Not impressed. Would be great if you could count on it but you can’t. The one time I really needed it. It failed to work. Been trying to use this now for a while. All I can say is SCAM. Still nothing but trouble. This IS NOT something you can rely on. Constant battery drain also. 12/7/21 update. So sick of Drone Mobile I got an appointment to have it completely removed from my truck. Not one battery drain issue since.

  8. Commands work, GPS works. Everything is good except it keeps showing me unlocked and disarmed when it’s locked and armed. Otherwise it’s a great app. Much better than Uconnect or Sirius Xm Guardian factory equipped on Ram trucks. UPDATE – Turns out it was in valet mode. Once I turned that off everything works. Also the developer responded quickly to my original review with suggestion to turn on auto refresh. Wasn’t the problem but thanks. I didn’t see that setting before.

  9. The new updated app looks great. Everything works really well. My two complaints about the app are 1. I wish there was an option to let your vehicle run for 15/20/25 minutes depending on your preference (when it’s really cold out I have to start it at least twice to have it warmed up, which is hard on the starter having to start it multiple times every day); and 2. Every time you get signed out of the app and you have to sign back in, all your app preference settings go back to default.

  10. I gave two stars because, while the hardware module in the car works well (ie, it starts the car) this application does not accurately show the status of the car. The status screen *always* reverts to saying engine-off/doors-locked. One of the primary selling points of this app was that it would let you know at any given time whether your car was started or not or the doors were locked or unlocked Etc. It simply does not do that. For example, I’ll be standing right next to the car and hear the engine running and can open a door–yet the screen tells me the engine is not running and it’s locked. So the only time I really know what state the car is in is when I’m standing next to the car–and I obviously don’t need the app then. So as far as the App goes–one just has to hit the engine start button and assume that it started the engine (which so far it reliably has)–but I could have gotten that without this extra module and app–the standard remote start did that just fine. So as an “App”, this completely failed. Hardware-wise–yes it works–but the “App” is essentially pointless if it is not accurate. It is nice that it can start the car at a much further range.

  11. An app to start my car sounded like the best deal ever when I first got it. Almost immediately I started having problems. I would go to start the car, the app would tell me that my car failed to start and to try again, but the car would actually start sometimes. I tried the maintenance thing on it, etc. After 2 years of paying for the service I have canceled my subscription. My thoughts of “it’s not expensive”it still works half the time” kept me from canceling prior. Im tired.I’m mad. Thank you

  12. Been having this app for about 13 months, everything’s been working smoothly. Occasionally I’ll get a failed to communicate with device when I try to remote start, but I use my remote in that instance. The new interface looks clean and easy to use, although I would much rather have the hold to remote start back, with the recent update it’s just a tap to start not hold, I wouldn’t want to accidently tap start/stop when I’m trying to unlock my doors. Other than that, everything is good.

  13. Like others have said, it only works some of the time (even with full bars and only on data). The rest of the time it has a connection issue. Walked out to my car running/not running, doors locked/unlocked with app saying the opposite. Extra $150 to have this and another activation fee of $40 after the trial?? Not worth it and I’m VERY disappointed!!

  14. Not bad but not perfect. The integration with my tick watch is like 25% at best. It works on my phone about 75% of the time…. it’s like 95% of the time effective through Alexa or Google voice. When I think about how much it cost for the subscription I wish it was more reliable. But it does accurately let me know where my car is all the time and it is pretty accurate when it comes to letting me know when my car turned on and turns off like at a repair shop when I’m not in it.

  15. Works, most of the time. Issues after last update; timer goes away if you go away from app and come back. Time is wrong if you turn screen off and then back on later. This used to be accurate. I could also see if one of the other vehicles was running by simply changing vehicles. Can’t do that anymore. Not sure what was “improved ” on the last update but there were a lot of noticeable drawbacks… server for Drone seems to crash when you really need it; 12″ of snow and server crashed…

  16. Had the system for about 4 weeks. I had some early issues and problems with connectivity. When it works, it is great. I love the idea and the application and was excited to have it installed. User interface is easy to understand and navigate. Controls are clear. Two-way feedback is nice. But only when any of this works. Customer service was responsove and helpful. After this last update, things have been better. More reliable comnectivity. Happy enough to subscribe.

  17. might be user error on a lot of people’s part. after the update i have had nothing but success in terms of starting my car in the morning (after a horrible experience of maybe 25% prior to the update). sure sometimes the interface gets messed up, but i haven’t had trouble actually starting my car which is all i care about. what i would like to see if a way to extend the duration of start up to 25 minutes, and a simple way to set auto start in the morning. thanks for updating the app. i like it

  18. Depending on the subscription tier you chose, you can track your car via gps including turn-by-turn maps of where your vehicle has been or you can just have an app-enabled remote starter. I have had minor issues with it, unable to update from time to time but they are few and far between. The drone mobile module is a wonderful addition to your remote starter and the app is a great companion.

  19. It doesn’t open after the most recent update. Hopefully they will fix this soon. Other than that it worked fine before. Simple interface and sent confirmation when vehicle started. I do wish I didn’t have to go to the website to change my plan. edit* I have tried the suggested fixes and neither has worked. it still crashes. edit2* I uninstalled then restarted the phone then cleared cache again and so far so good!

  20. Ryan A dice:

    Overall I like it and has a lot of nice features, but for as much as I paid for a 3 year subscription I feel it should be working better. Its had its issues here and there over the past year. Currently all features are unusable and giving me an error that says “Unknown failure when communicating with device”. Winter here is starting to set in so hopefully this is fixed asap. I’ll up my rating if it can become more consistently reliable. It’s not an issue of cell strength..

  21. I can’t believe what just happend with this app. I installed this app two years ago and everything worked perfectly at that time. The app was very fast, I had no problems to locate my car, and I was able to start or stop my car at any time. The other features also worked well. Since the 4.0 update everything is getting worse. After the last update, the app doesn’t work. When I log in, the app crashes, so now it is completely useless. Reinstall and reboot, and still doesn’t work.

  22. Great system. Good app, works as it should. Need to fix the run time clock so it works accurately at all times, not only while it is open. When you close the controls window or the phone locks or anything that takes the direct action off the controls screen causes the timer to pause then it starts again where it left off instead of keeping up with the actual run time. 2 things I’d like to do is be able to tie it to Alexa and be able to edit the run vehicle run time when remote started.

  23. Inconsistent app connectivity. My car is usually parked about 20ft from my window and lately it wont connect so I have to use the remote. I also have to use the remote from work and I can see my car in the small parking lot. I’m in the main city so LTE connectivity isn’t any issue for my phone but the module won’t connect often times. Bad performance for a paid subscription. So far I’ve been more disappointed than pleased with this app. It’s a great idea but needs a lot of work.

  24. Unfortunately, this is the worst-performing app out of the 50-60 on my Galaxy S9. At least 10%-20% of the time, I either: can’t open the app (even on wifi); the car doesn’t start (when it says it did); or it “forgets” my car (I’ve had to re-register my car’s info 3x. I’m hopeful that the company makes this a more consistently well-performing app, the layout + design are beautiful!

  25. I will say when I first got this app years ago, I would have given it 1/2 a star. I know there are kinks in the system that causes issues so I gave it some time. Even with problems, it’s a first world application and I’m grateful for the ability to start my car in -50 degrees. So, big shout out to the techs for the upgrade over the years of work. Perseverance paid off.

  26. Does not work. Doesn’t do anything. It will not connect to my vehicle at all, and I cant even update the firmware without getting error messages. What a joke. Update* The firmware update finally worked after several attempts. The app does not function much better unfortunately. Rarely is it able to connect to the device to start the vehicle, or unlock/lock the car. Think I may return it for the cheaper model, without the app.

  27. Wear app does not work at all I am unable to change the system settings for smart locking feature or passive arming. (when I press save it takes me back to the main screen and when I return my setting remain unchanged) Widget for home screen is broken It does the bare minimum of what it should do well. I have never had problems locking, unlocking or starting my car that I am aware of, but the surprisingly large number of broken features leaves a lot to be desired.

  28. Never works 100% of the time. Most features work. The remote features and GPS tracking seem to work well for the 3 years I’ve had it. However, it never works all the time with every feature. For instance, the new update has trip tracking. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It’s like they fix/add one thing and break another, a lot like Microsoft Windows!

  29. Ever since the last major update this app has been AWFUL!! It takes forever, it’s supposed to update upon opening & NEVER does, it never stays logged in (which makes me wonder if I’d even get a notification if someone tries to break into my car). Once logged in it ALWAYS says my car is unlocked, engine is running, & that it’s not ready to start. The address in GPS is wrong 9/10, half the time it’s not just off by a little, it’ll be stuck on an address I was at hours ago.

  30. It works, most of the time that is, then it crashes and freezes and you have to uninstall and… so that is a major downer in my book. In addition, I love the old touch and start system as opposed to the current hold and wait start up option. Then there is the fact that the timer doesn’t stop running, and sometimes, you don’t know if the car has started! These are problems that honestly should be fixed – it was not so in the beginning, and I have being using Drone for at least three years now.

  31. Works Great. I’ve been using it for a little over a year. No issues. My only suggestion would be to make it have an option to connect to wifi. There is absolutely no cell signal at my parents and would be nice to be able to connect to their wifi to make the features work. GPS works about as well as sharing your location on your phone. It’s usually a little delayed. When my truck goes into the shop, I use the alerts. They work WONDERFULLY!! Now I can tell exactly how long they work on it.

  32. Works perfect with my E350. The only thing I would change is if I had the ability to adjust the outside temperature settings when the heated seats and heater goes on with my smartphone. Instead you need to take the car to an authorized installer. As an example , currently when I use the remote start the outside temp needs to be below 41 degrees to have heated seats turn on. I would like the ability to change the temperature to 59 degrees.

  33. the app is good when it works. It feels like a hit or miss in the same area’s in my daily routine, which doesn’t makes sense when I am in the same area’s all the time. App isn’t working now and keeps closing and giving error message. This app is not the greatest. It works on and off. An update came through and it kept crashing. Waited all day for a response as to how to get the app running again. I don’t ever feel confident when using the app because its always a gamble.

  34. Overall the app isn’t too bad. When I remote start my car though, the time counts down based on when I open and close the app instead of real time. For example, I open the app and start my car at 0600. It starts the countdown from 30 min. I “close” my phone (aka turn the screen off) and when I open the app back up at 0615, it’ll say 29:38 min.. which clearly is not accurate as 15 min have passed. Not sure if it’s just a glitch on my Google Pixel or an app issue but it’s kind of annoying.

  35. Honestly would prefer a second remote with visual controls rather than an app I have to pay for. Basic service should be much cheaper if not free. We used to get two remotes, now we get one. Other remote start apps are free. Links to plan costs are broken. Where is the explanation of the plans? A reactivation fee? Your kidding me; just a way to make us pay all year. It always shows my engine as on and doors unlocked unless I lock doors with the app. First impression not very good.

  36. Crashes a lot and won’t connect to the car. Says the car is off when it’s on and vice-versa. Wonderful when it works, but not worth the money with the issues. Don’t let your free trial expire or they charge a reactivation fee. Also worth noting the trial expires at 12:00 am on the last day, not 11:59 pm. So make sure you renew the day before at the latest if you decide to keep the app.

  37. UPDATED Updated to 4.0 which is great, I really like the new UI. The one crappy part is that it won’t save profile pictures for drivers or the vehicle. That kinda sucks i have to refresh the screen every time i open the app to see the actual status of my truck. locks and engine status are not correct until i pull the screen to refresh. it’s annoying and makes me wonder what actual issues I’ll run into eventually. also, would be GREAT to work better with Google home, including remote start.

  38. It works but, the app details are extremely lacking. For example, it always says “engine off” when I start my car and doors are “unlocked.” When you start your car from the app it locks the doors. For as much as they charge for this service you’d figure they’d have top notch people developing this. I had the premium service my first year, the GPS feature was cool. Good if you live in a high crime area or are afraid of getting your vehicle stolen.

  39. I’ve used the app for a few years. Everytime there is a big update I’ve had a hard time logging in for a few days. The service seems a little expensive per month for the basic. wish the real time GPS was a lot cheaper. I have the basic GPS but it doesn’t show history for that I have to use another app. For the things I like: Winter in MN is awful. I like being able to start my car at work without leaving the building. I also like that I can make sure I remembered to lock it. I have it on 2 cars

  40. I love the app. It lets me start my car from anywhere. As opposed to the key fob where you’re limited to how far away you can be. But the last 2 days it wouldn’t let me open the app at all. Just the main screen that keeps spinning before it opens. Very frustrating because my parking area at work is quite far from my work area. So my fob doesn’t work that far away. If this is a glitch, please fix it fast.

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