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Planning a wedding is easier than ever thanks to The Knot app, the #1 all-in-one wedding planner. With The Knot app, you can discover your wedding style, create your registry, start your wedding countdown, explore 300,000 local vendors, organize your wedding checklist, track your budget and more—from anywhere you are.

* Wedding style quiz: Discover your wedding style and bring it to life through a customizable wedding website, invitations that match your vibe and local vendors who can make it all happen.

* 300,000+ wedding vendors: Find local vendors and wedding venues (including top-ranked Best of Weddings winners!). Read reviews and get in touch, right from the app.

* Wedding guest list manager: Upload spreadsheets, phone contacts or manually add guest details. Then sit back while your guests’ RSVPs, meal choices and plus ones are organized automatically. Plus, easily send RSVP reminders, collect contact info and send wedding updates to your guests.

* Wedding website: Choose from 600+ free, customizable wedding website templates to share your day-of details, gift registry and quick-click RSVP with friends and family.

* The Knot Registry: Add anything from anywhere and create a wish list that automatically syncs to your free wedding website on The Knot (including gifts from major retailers!). Register for cash funds, gift cards, experiences, charity donations and top products right in The Knot Registry Store. Need inspiration? Check out our hand-picked collections and celebrity registry must-haves.

* Wedding checklist: Organize your day and stay on track with your to-dos. Add tasks that apply to your wedding, remove the ones that don’t and customize your checklist in a way that works best for you.

* Wedding budgeter: Set your wedding expenses and track budgets for your venue, attire, flowers and everything else you need for your wedding.

* Wedding countdown: Celebrate your engagement every step of the way. (Yay!)

Your on-call wedding planner
The ultimate wedding planning tool, The Knot app syncs between devices so you can plan anytime, anywhere. Find local vendors and message them right from the app. Manage guest lists, track RSVPs (including meal choices), create and manage your registry, update your wedding website and celebrate along the way with your wedding countdown. Need a little inspiration? The Knot app is also full of thousands of wedding photos to flip through and share.

The Knot app includes:

Wedding countdown widget
Wedding style quiz
Personal wedding venue and vendor recommendations
Wedding vendor messaging
Free wedding website
Wedding invitations
Wedding guest list organizer
Wedding registry for cash, gift cards, experiences, items and charities
Personalized wedding checklist
Wedding budget tracker
Tips and ideas to help you be your own wedding planner

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40 comentarios en "The Knot Wedding Planner FULL"

  1. This site has been a life (wedding?) saver! It is a great help, but there are some improvements that could be made (data team, listen up!) such as: the ability to highlight/copy/save/export certain pages of the app of your phone, like guests lists, timeline suggestions leading up to the wedding, etc. It may help other couples as well!

  2. I wish there was a better way to download the guest lists, and to share the guest list with others without having to leave it up for display for everyone to see. I know it can be optional but I don’t want to send it as a excel file each time. There should be a better way for the planner to share messages and guest lists with whom ever without having to expose the list. Besides that, this app is excellent. Very well thought out. Leaves almost no room for error! Love it!

  3. Overall, this app is wonderful. Was a super helpful, convenient tool. To be able to make adjustments at your fingertips. However the desktop is much easier to use and navigate. A slight frustration I had was getting a notification, I would click on it, and it would just open the app. It didn’t show me the reason for the notification. So I ended up searching for the notification.

  4. Love having everything in one place. If I could recommend an improvement, it would be to easily send out graphic invitations electronically. Currently, I don’t see an easy way for this. Most people don’t care to have a paper invite. I want to send everything electronically, but I’d still like to send something cute.

  5. I wish there was more of a build your own timeline from the start. My fiance and I aren’t doing a traditional wedding, so there’s a lot that doesn’t apply to us, and deleting random tasks that are N/A is kind of annoying. Otherwise, can’t complain. The app has mad it easy for me to plan and figure out what it is we do actually need/want to do and gives me a convienient place to take stock of it all and offers a lot of helpful advice and articles.

  6. Chrys T dice:

    I absolutely love a but one thing about this app! I just wish the guest list was alphabetized somehow. I love the money I saved by using the wedding website in place of invitations, and how I can keep all my vendors in one place! The checklist has been helpful to make sure I don’t forget anything, and I can remove it if it doesn’t apply. This app deserves more than 5 stars!

  7. Great option for wedding planning. Allows you to get everything in one area that you can access from anywhere. Even if you don’t use their vendors/stationary/etc. They allow you to add what you need and delete what you don’t! Made it a much smoother process and gives you a place to start planning while keeping things organized as you continue. They also don’t bombard you with ads just to use their site, huge bonus. Takes a minute to navigate but very easy once you figure it out.

  8. Super helpful app for wedding planning! Just wish it was more customizable like we couldn’t add any item from anywhere and we had difficulty editing the budget. We also had an issue with family out of country being unable to access the registry. But overall, I liked it better than Zola!

  9. Perfect! It’s actually very handy, even for a small wedding! I love it! The ONLY thing I wish it had, was collaboration ability with the groom, and maybe even wedding party, but definitely the groom, so they can login and change or add things within the same account. Other than that, it’s perfect! I don’t give 5 starts very often!

  10. The “wedding website” would be great if the pictures you uploaded would upload correctly instead of flipping and cropping and then not allowing you to fix more than 1 picture total. The fact that you can’t link your account with your fiancé is stupid. One person doesn’t do all the planning. Finally the options for background and design of the wedding website are out of date, limited, and totally unappealing.

  11. For a first timer who had no idea where to even begin, this app helped me get organized, and to not forget anything!! There is a lot for a wedding that you don’t realize until you plan one, especially on a budget. I liked this app better than the rest because they offered me options that were best for my situation, not their political beliefs or agenda, like other apps! I need a planner for free, and that’s what I got!!

  12. I cant say it enough… I LOVE THIS APP!! Very user friendly and easy to navigate. Everything in one place from finding vendors to setting up your wedding budget to creating your own website. I planned for a green wedding and this app made that so much easier and possible. Especially with online RSVP. There is even a sister app “the guest” where your guests can upload all their pics from your events. Great app👍🏽

  13. This app is super helpful to keep everything on track! I love the budget & checklist sections to make sure I’m staying on par both financially and time-wise. The only negative I have is that the app’s version of the budget is not the same as the website’s version. I was going thru the budget on the website version and several line items were either not there or had the names changed. They’re all listed in one long list too. The app budget has it broken down by type (food, apparel, floral, etc)

  14. We love this app and website. I get bad anxiety and stress over large situations and it helps tremendously to see the step-by-step breakdown of tasks and that we can check them off as we complete each one. I also like that you can add or delete tasks as needed, thereby eliminating unnecessary issues. One aspect I do find a tiny bit frustrating is the setup of the guest list. You can’t move the order around without deleting. But I do love simply seeing the days/weeks/months until my wedding.

  15. Just got engaged, and it’s been very useful so far. When contacts are imported into the guest list and I go to edit them later though, it cuts off the last two digits, and then I have to go into my contacts and look at their actual number and type in the last two digits manually before the app will let me save any changes. This is particularly annoying when trying ti add plus-ones.

  16. Really happy with this for the most part. Really don’t care for their wedding “vision” part of the app. It was super off, and I really didn’t like that it chose things I definitely didn’t like during the process for the final “personalized vision”. I do like that I can change manually though at least. Its definitely great for budgeting and basically planning things out. I will be having my wedding overseas though so I really wish you could change the area for the vendor search.

  17. Easy and convenient! The app runs really smoothly and unlike some other apps it isn’t cluttered with constant ads. Edit: The multiple updates since I’ve had the app take up too much room on my phone. Each time I’ve had to delete data in order to update and if you don’t update you can’t use the app at all. Still good when you can use it, but frustrating that it’s slowly taken up more and more space to the point I now can’t use it.

  18. I love this app! The only thing I have issues with is the UI. (User Interface) It can frustrating at times to navigate through your messages and the other features in the app. For example, trying to find where my “favorite venues” are in the app was a hassle for me and there is soooo much information on your profile page that it can be a bit overwhelming. But I say this only to make things a bit more fluid while searching through venues and other things. Overall, THIS IS A GREAT APP!!!

  19. Loved this app, very useful a detailed! My only complaint or rather suggestion is that the timeline was a bit unrealistic for us as we had a destination wedding. Several of the suggested deadlines were well after the required deadlines from our vendors and it was a bit inconvenient to have to manually change so much of the timeline. It would be nice if there were multiple versions of the timeline based on if guests are traveling a great distance or not.

  20. Love the style quiz, I wish there were more quizzes for dresses, hair, wedding party attire, etc. It would also be really cool to be able to connect Pinterest for the inspiration board. On the guest list, if you add a guest to an invitee, I would like to see that person show up in the list. Options to pick multi dates until one is solid and a vendor availability calendar would be cool. The ability to connect the check off list with your calendar. Great app, lots of great things to come I’m sure.

  21. I am loving this app to help me keep up with my wedding planning. A couple of things that would make it even better might be to be able to save multiple color palettes so you can go back and look at them while you are deciding. Also when I chose my venue it was confusing figuring out how to change it from saved to my vendor so it would show in my completed plans. Lastly, I’d like a spot to write in my deposits I have put down. Not just the total paid. Other than that, LOVE IT!

  22. It’s nice because it customizes the timeline to what you need not just on a 12 month scheme. The only thing I don’t like right now is entering addresses and guest info. It’s not entirely user friendly in the “enter spreadsheet” area. But it really is a great app. You can also add and subtract timeline events as needed and add notes about them.

  23. This app is great for a free service. I chose The Knot because of it’s reputation and familiarity among my wedding guests. The site is user friendly. External links, like registries and hotel accommodations are easy to connect. That said, there are a few bugs I would like to point out. First, when selecting from menu options. Accommodations and Details lead you to the same spot. Second anytime I edited text in the accommodations area, I would notice the order of the hotels would change.

  24. This is my third time getting it in 5 years, the first two were very basic and controlling it felt like to me but this new version is really nice and easy to handle with LOTS of options. 🙂 I wish to could edit the budget list a bit more (especially for someone like me who likes to be REALLY thorough). I also wish there was some way to block the website and registry options because they seem to be a really big part of it but I don’t want to do either of them. Otherwise the app is really great!

  25. This app is very helpful! The checklist listed items that I would have otherwise forgotten about, saving me mini meltdowns ahead of time. The only thing that I wish the app had that it currently doesn’t is the ability to add blank pages to your website and be able to enter headline and titles at your discretion. Other than that, it’s incredibly useful especially since it’s absolutely free!

  26. Love the checklist and ability to delete and reschedule items. However, the favorites board needs some work. In the app, there is no way to view your favorites. Once you find them on the website, there is only one board. If you are someone who likes to save a lot of things to visit later, this feature is not for you. Lastly, the guest book is a LOT of work to input and will continually prompt you to upload contacts and fill in contact info. Avoid these two areas and it’s great!

  27. it is wonderful to have everything all in one place. The guest list tool and the budget tool could be improved. It would be terrific if you could more easily add and remove budget items from both the desktop and mobile versions. And it would be wonderful if you could prioritize potential guests into higher and lower priorities and sort the lists that way.

  28. Fairly user friendly and comprehensive. The limits on wedding website customization are frustrating at times. Would be nice to at least have the ability to change the colors. The checklist and countdown are very handy and motivating to this disorganized person. Overall, it’s a useful tool I’m glad to have, and I hope the app gets even better for future brides.

  29. Very easy to use interface. Definitely a must have while wedding planning. Only 4 stars because none of my vendors were on here and I couldn’t get the app to recognize my town, it kept wanting to use a major city (an hour away). That made it difficult for me to use the app to find vendors and locations for reception and ceremony. Overall, I do love this app and it is absolutely making the planning process easier!

  30. Really great but room for improvement. I really like using this app and the website. However one thing I really wish worked better is the guest list. I am not able to print or export my guest list from either the website on my lap top or from the app on my phone. This proved very frustrating when trying to use guest addresses. It would be great if there was a way to export the guest list to a word or excel file. Ideally I’d like to have an easy way to print address labels using this guest list.

  31. This was a great tool to use for wedding helps get all your thoughts in one place. A few things could be improved with the guest list fliters and view options, but other than that i had a great experience. I think it would be cool if a notification feature could be added and you could add notes inside the app and add reminders for yourself.

  32. I love how the app helps you find and explore vendors, not just a place for you to list those you found on your own. My less than perfect score is because one helpful tool is not so helpful. The quiz for style and color inspiration is 100% wrong. Almost all my picks were elegant outdoor and garden settings with bright colors. The suggestions it came back with were ballrooms, barns and a neutral pallet. I took the quiz twice and got the same results. I need to build my look book from scratch.

  33. The app is easy to use and fairly comprehensive, but the vendor list is EXTREMELY limited and isn’t user friendly. There are maybe one or two vendors listed in the app for my wedding city, when there are 15+ vendors for each service available in the area. There’s no section for me to add potential vendors in the app, that aren’t auto populated, unless I’ve already booked them. This is one of the most essential aspects of the app and it’s subpar at best.

  34. The checklist countdown and tracking features were insanely helpful for keeping us on track. The format was cute and the website building was super easy. The registry builder was a bit harder, but once we figured it out, it was a lot more streamlined. Overall, I really appreciated how helpful it was and how user friendly it was. And support staff was insanely easy to contact. I made a mistake ordering invitations and they had it fixed within the hour. Awesome app for sure.

  35. Really cohesive planning app – it helps you be as hands-on, laid back, or neurotic as you please. It provides a good groundwork for getting things done: flexible to-do list with a spot-on timetable; central place to organize a guest list; and beautiful, simple websites that are easy to navigate. Make sure to utilize the desktop version of their services at least once or twice (it’s easier for designing your website), but I’ve done almost everything else through the app easily and happily.

  36. This would be the perfect app if it would allow me to decide where my budget funds could go. For example, I set my budget at $5,000 and it divided it up into all of the categories for me and it wouldn’t let me change it to how much I was wanting to spend on each category. Other than that, I like the check list and how it helps me find vendors. I am planning the wedding myself and it helps me keep on track.

  37. good checklist and timeline for wedding planning. you can keep it simple or add all your details. the only change I’d make is the ability to enter custom companies for venues, music, etc. I’m planning a very low-budget wedding and utilizing friends for services so I’m unable to select a company from the list for most things. still, the fact that the app is set up to help you search for companies through their app is super incredible and helpful!

  38. the budgeting part needs to be updated. If i want to remove a section, i should be able to. also, it would be nice if i were able to put a projected amount down and be able to have that change the budgeted amount on the left. i want this separate from the amount i have “spent” because i haven’t spent it yet. this is especially important because everyone spends money differently at a wedding. also, its very hard to see the categories because they are half cut off. and i have a large smart phone

  39. Would be 5, but… Once we started planning, the app, though not one stop shopping for my area, was still useful. But. You HAVE to put a location in when you start, even if you’re not sure where you’re getting married. Then, if you want to search for vendors in a different area, you have to change that info on your profile. The RSVP system is great, but I’d like to be able to “mini-blog” my progress on the website. Otherwise, great app!

  40. I mainly use the app for the guest list because it works better than the desktop version, but just about every thing else is better on desktop. I’m giving this three stars for the following reasons: It asks for feedback just about every time I open the app, regardless of if I’ve reviewed it already or not. It crashes. Most features outside of the guest list are fairly lackluster on mobile.

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