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Put your knowledge to the test with a new kind of trivia adventure
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A new kind of trivia game is here! Put your explorer spirit to the test with Trivia Crack Adventure, from the creators of Trivia Crack. Jump into Mountain Track, roll the dice and answer questions about your favorite topics. Become a trivia star and get new collectibles to customize your experience!

– Immerse yourself in Mountain Track and start a new trivia quiz.
– Answer questions from different categories such as Superheroes, Movies, Music, TV Shows, Capitals, Animals and more.
– Get exclusive collectibles as pawns, frames and dice to customize your gameplay.
– Compete against other users and reach the summit before your opponent.
– Put your knowledge to the test and become the ultimate trivia star.

– Try your luck and win exclusive collectibles with Pick-a-Prize.
– Earn a lot of gems playing Temple Trial.
– Unlock Hidden Passage and get plenty of prizes.
– Answer the trivia quiz from a random topic and become a master.
– Challenge Toad Kingdom and turn into a trivia star.

Your wisdom will be rewarded in Trivia Crack Adventure, so prove your knowledge with the ultimate online trivia quiz. Answer questions correctly to get the best prizes. If you are a trivia game expert, don’t hesitate anymore!
It’s time to boost your knowledge and skills with Trivia Crack Adventure.
If you have any doubts, problems or suggestions you can reach us at [email protected]


We made a strategic stop on our adventure to fix some bugs and make some visual improvements. Now, we can continue on our way!


49 comentarios en "Trivia Crack Adventure 2022"

  1. Wow, this game is a mess! What a waste. Playing it is fun, but I’ve had the app for only a few hours and it’s crashed and frozen so many times, I don’t see the point. I used to work in mobile phone repair, so I reboot my phone regularly, clean out caches, and I don’t overload my memory. It’s def not my phone. Right now, it tells me it’s my turn to play but no number of closing and rebooting allows anything to happen. Bare minimum, the game has to at least run. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Well I’m happy to know that I am not the only one that’s having these issues. I was so excited to see that there was a different type of trivia crack games since I am addicted to the original. Same problems I keep getting kicked out freezing up taking way too long to maneuver. I love the basis of the game these issues should either be addressed and fixed immediately or pull the game back until your it team gets it right.

  3. Fun… when you can play it. The game freezes or crashes every 5 minutes. The other half of the time you are in the app, you are watching an ad, waiting for energy, or you have run out of turns. There are also some questions that are worded strangely. Fix these issues, and the game would be a blast! Until then, I’d rather spend my time not frustrated with a trivia game that doesn’t work.

  4. I like this game, But it crashes constantly. I use a power up and it goes ok, crash. Then still consumes the power up. Yea I’ll play another turn with this person, crash. The ads alone are unbearable, I understand ads in games and have no problem with that. But the amount of them in this game makes it hard to play and enjoy.

  5. I like the game but there are major problems that make it hard to enjoy. The questions are worded horribly and can sometimes be confusing, the algorithm for the dice is bad (I’m constantly rolling 1s and 2s). The pit traps are annoying especially when you’re finally on a good run and the dice keep landing you on a pitfall, plus the amount of ads in the game are super annoying. Collecting the pawns are what keep me playing but the game can definitely be frustrating at times.

  6. I remember now why I deleyed this game this first time. It seems they’ve added a few new things and/or modes, but you still run out of lives so fast, and they take forever to recharge. Even with all the modes, you have to use lives to play everything, so you cant bounce around while waiting to recharge. Once you play for a few, you cant play again for a while. Not a good replay value game, so probably deleting again soon.

  7. I enjoy the game a lot, that being said, I see more ads on this app than I do collectively in a day… It’s a component of every aspect of the game. While I like that I can watch an ad to refill an extra power up, I don’t want it to be required for the more necessary aspects of the game. I have also encountered many times where I watch an ad and then am not given the reward or the app shuts down after playing the ad. Many times has this app closed on me un-warranted and it’s frustrating.

  8. The base game has a lot of good things and the trivia is a lot of fun. That being said, unless you don’t mind watching a LOT of ads, the game is unbearable. This review is more about the “No Ads Unlimited” purchase. If you are a user that purchases thinking that you don’t have to watch ads all the time, think again. I understand the need for ads as a source of revenue… but if you pay $10 to remove ads and you still see them more than you see the game it’s a purchase you should make understanding that “No Ads Unlimited” is only a partial removal to the ads. There are so many ads I couldn’t tell the difference. They consider some things to be voluntary but the game isn’t complete without those other actions. It’s a terrible purchase in my opinion and it’s really unfortunate that you can’t play the game with “no ads unlimited” even after paying for it. The wording of that purchase is truly misleading.

  9. Love this game. Its my favorite!! All good until I played today.. its freezing/blackscreen during the ads and the “toad kingdom” mode is glitching and freezing! If you don’t have enough mushrooms, it asks questions to make up for the shrooms you’re missing, but then freezes when you do answer the question. I have several games now that it’s “my turn” but I can’t play them!! Please fix it 🙏

  10. The game is okay, the amount or advertisements you have to watch makes the game unbearable, after every game every continue everytime you want to do somthing your stuck watching another ad. I’ve tried the pick a prize and have lost on the second pick 10 times in a row seems like they want you to waste coins or purchase them if you have none. The questions are fun, you even learn somthing new once in a while.

  11. Caleb dice:

    Impressively fun, but there are some complaints. First there are too many ads, second and worst one of all, when playing the single player temple thing, when there is a topic that show a picture, the picture never shows up. For example if will say who is this person, and the picture won’t show up or there isn’t one at all so it’s a guessing game for that game mode.

  12. Rate much lower if I could. had trouble with this app from the time I downloaded it to the time I deleted it .only got to answer two questions during every challenge then nothing would happen it would just stop could not even get out of the game it froze up my screen every time I literally had to turn my phone off just to get out of the game. Don’t bother with this app!

  13. “Want to watch an add to double reward” Me: No “Plays an add anyway without doubling the reward” What’s the point in asking if your going to forcibly play the ad after I said no. Other than that and the fact that there are overpowered powerups that allow people to win with no skill it’s not a bad game. EDIT: Nah changed my mind the ads are unbearable and I always land on the spots with the holes and have to watch ads how convenient. This is more like an ad simulator rather than a trivia game.

  14. Love the game and the questions are always challenging. But after the last update the game started crashing all the time. It’s really annoying that I have to constantly go back to an earlier point on the board. Update The game is crashing even more since the last update. It makes it hard to even try to play.

  15. AGAIN… Game keeps freezing and then I lose out on rewards or even correct answers. I answered the question correctly, it was highlighted green, but the timer kept going and then I ‘lost’ because of the glitch. Fix your freezing issues. Or give out coins or whatever for all the problems. Not cool

  16. I would put 5 stars but can’t because of bugs. Bugs like freezing in mid game using up anything I may have used. On mountain track, if ur at 0 energy and don’t notice and press for double roll then press to roll. It will take what u spent on the DR n if u choose to continue on it makes u pay again. Unsure if bug or not on that one but still sux. I just keep losing items and money due to bugs. Otherwise great game and one hell of a level up on premise alone.

  17. App is literally unplayable on Android 5.1.x. Downloaded it on my Xperia Z3 and it either crashes when loading into the game or let’s me get into the main menu and then crashes when I select a game to load into. Have not been to play a single turn. I have an older version of Android but its not old enough that the compatability should be hard to make work. And besides if they have it available on the PlayStore for Android5 then you should be able to play it on Android5

  18. Purchased ad free version. Way too many ads in free version. But only reason I regret my purchase because it feels so rigged. It never fails that if you land within any 1-6 spaces from the hole, you will land on it. 9/10 games this happened to me. Also, now the pick a category doesn’t let you pick the one you picked before because people were obtaining their rewards they wanted too fast and that meant they didn’t have more chances to earn money.

  19. Fun way to do a trivia competition. I do wish there was a way to report specific suggestions about a question when they are poorly worded, ambiguous, or flat-out wrong and it also appears they don’t watch them too closely for grammar. There are way too many forced ads in this game as well. I don’t mind choosing to watch an ad for bonuses but I hate when I decline that and then I’m forced to watch an ad anyway between every screen. Otherwise a very fun game with cute characters.

  20. Fix the APP CRASHES. Everytime I get on this app, it crashes within 5 minutes. Sometimes less. It just crashed on me right in the middle of a dice roll. Temple Trial? Can’t hardly complete because the app crashes before I can make it to the 3rd line. What is the deal? I’ve cleared the cache and it doesn’t help. It’s very irritating. Other than that. I love the game. I have collected several pawns and frames and they are all cute!

  21. The app is incredibly buggy, and is far more focused on pushing ads at you than being a trivia game. When I receive a notification that it’s my turn, there’s about a 75% chance I’ll actually get to play; most of the time it loads and is just completely unresponsive. There’s an ad after every round, plus multiple opportunities to volunteer to watch an ad for gameplay purposes. The trivia itself is mediocre and crowd-sourced. There are better options.

  22. Kelly dice:

    Fun, but the ads are constant and I refuse to pay $9.99 to remove them when the only way I can change my name or photo is by connecting with Facebook which I don’t use. I don’t like the fact that it defaults to using my email address. It can be very glitchy. You might as well watch the add to double your winnings because you have to watch one regardless. However 9 times out of 10 it freezes and I don’t get the double reward for watching and I have to exit the game to be able to continue.

  23. H. B.E. dice:

    So. Many. Ads. Seriously, it felt like I just watched cable TV with how many ads I just watched on this app. Also it seems like a breach of privacy. You have to either sign in using your email or Facebook, then have to use those as your username for all to see. So either people will know your email address or see your full name. Not even an initial like other games allow. Tried to choose a nickname or something but can’t. It’s fun to play I guess, but those are HUGE issues.

  24. This could be a great game. There needs to be less ads. And the ads have “5 second countdowns” and skin buttons that disappear and make you watch the whole thing. Also, on multiplayer it asked me every time if I wanted to switch to a classic die since I was out of energy, even though my classic die was equipped already.. very annoying.

  25. This is the worst developed/maintained app I have ever played. It consistently crashes and causes wasted/lost turns; has more than a few questions that are ungrammatical to a point of confusion, spelled incorrectly, and sometimes (more rarely) mess up which answer ought to be correct (as when it somehow thought that Boo is not a ghost); and lately freezes when a player lands on a mystery/option square because the code is clearly not being properly prompted, so that one has to reset the game.

  26. Giving a 3* for 2 reasons. While I love this app, and am absolutely addicted to it, I have 2 problems keeping me from giving it a 5* rating. First problem: I often get the error loading message, requiring the app to restart. Also the lucky spin often won’t spin. 2. The invite links often say they’re invalid, making it impossible for my friends to join me to verse in the game.

  27. Enormous amount of ads. Roll and risk landing on a hole, which is “pay or watch an ad to not get sent back.” On a space, if you answer wrong you can watch an ad to try again. After that, watch an ad to end the turn. Any of these can be 2 ads, or frequently 1 ad, followed by 2nd ad for the same game, followed by the download screen for it. When your turn is over, there’s an ad at the top. Also some questions need to be vetted- a wiener dog and a dauchsaund are both answers but only 1 is right??

  28. The game is great when it works. The biggest issue I am having is when I’m playing topic trial, sometimes when I press an ad to continue playing once I get back into the game one of the topics won’t go up. For example I had geography correct for the first slot, when I press it to go their the button won’t work but every other option works if I hit them Obviously geography is right so why doesn’t it go into the code anymore?. Even if I try to put it in another slot it just won’t go into the code.

  29. I love quiz games and enjoy the random questions with this one. I gave it just 3 *’s because of the constant ads, plus the question mark squares are hard questions and not great topic choices always, even if I watch an ad to change them. And the pawn seems to land on them practically every time its my turn. Maybe there should be fewer on the board.

  30. Lisa S dice:

    Usually love the game but several of the ads won’t run. Then I exit the game and go back start over the round then ad may work. Then next one may not work. When reporting the ad, there should be an option of it not running the developers can check why it’s not working. Other than that great game. Ads not working is very frustrating.

  31. Really fun game, when the app is actually working. Lately not one single mystery tile works. If you land on one the game stops, as if its about to crash again. Then (if it doesn’t crash) just gives you a random question unrelated to any of the mystery tiles. There is also no way to report these bugs in app. This game is so poorly maintained

  32. Great game except it is super glitchy. I have lost several rewards and turns due to it freezing up or glitching off completely. I also would like to be able to turn of the automatic challenge when you sign in the first time daily because then you feel obligated to play right then so you don’t leave the other guy hanging. It may have been you were just going to do a quick sign in to play a current games turn or collect a reward.

  33. Ads causing the game to Frequently crash or freeze. It’s frustrating when it dies this while I’m on my turn. I have lost a couple poker rounds due to it freezing while I’m selecting answers. It wouldn’t bother me if it was a rare occurrence, but I just started playing this game and it’s happened more times than I can count.

  34. Game has connectivity issues. It’s not my device, other apps work fine. Game freezes about half of the time I try to start a new game, and won’t allow me to watch the ads for rewards even more often. Also, a lot of these answers are completely wrong, and the balance is just dumb. Don’t waste your time, if the developers don’t care enough to fact check the trivia questions in their trivia game, they don’t care about you. They just want you to keep watching their ads for nothing. Watching ads for content is fine, but here I’m just watching ads for frustration.

  35. I’ve never had a game freeze and lag so often. Unusual considering the low graphics and basic concept of the game. Also soo many ads it’s ridiculous. For every 15 seconds of game play you watch 30 seconds of ads. Other than that it is a good game and can be entertaining.

  36. This game is practically unplayable now. The app itself is very glitchy to where the app freezes and crashes while I’m trying to play. I also absolutely hate that the format of the game has changed to where you now need energy to play. Part of what made Trivia Crack Adventure fun was playing as many games as you wanted and playing each person until you got a question wrong, and the new format has robbed the game of all its fun. Go back to the old format and fix the glitches.

  37. The toad king board is messed up and freezes constantly to the point where you can’t play, thus wasting hearts trying to move. A lot of the questions are in the wrong category, and a lot of them also have wrong answers or even more than one “correct” answer. There should be some kind of fact checking/vetting process. Other than that I like the game a lot. The game pieces are cute and the different modes are fun. I just wish I could actually get through a full round of toad king.

  38. I’ve installed the game twice and uninstalled the same # of times. At first I thought that the game was not functioning correctly because of lack of space. So I uninstalled other games and apps that I’m no longer using. That helped a bit as I was able to maneuver better. However got all the rewards available but still un able to play cause the game crashes every time I start one.

  39. I used to love playing the original trivia crack with my brothers and always wished for a multi-player version like this. But you can hardly play it. I’ve tried with data and wifi and it glitches so bad that I lose turns or things won’t even load. It sucks that this awesome version is available but is beyond slow. Developers please fix this. Also in order to get anywhere in the game you need to pay. Sure they offer the ad to continue but then charge 200 coins the next mess up. Whats the deal?

  40. Signed into my Google account and wasn’t allowed to change the in game photo. I was put into a game immediately after making the account without any other option. After I answered the first question I was shown 3 ads back to back to back. I opened the app and all of this happened within 20 seconds. There is also a banner ad on top of the game screen and the game has somewhat long load times for what it is. This really proved to be a cash grab app using the popularity of trivia crack .

  41. Questions are fun and the design is cute but it crashes and freezes and barely loads when it does open. Watching ads just closed out the game entirely and I get notifications that the app has stopped working. It’s the only app in my phone that does this. Was so excited to try this game for the first time. Even after the 7/11/2022 update it’s still buggy. 😕

  42. It’s fun and even when free as long as your willing to bear app crashes due to ads. This is still a problem after paying for the game in full of your opting to get a second chance with a missed question due to ads causing latency and crashes but a reset usually fixes this. Overall the game is fun and connectivity is easy but I’m hoping the crashes caused by ads get patched especially after paying full price for the game.

  43. I am furious that I spent nearly $14 to get the ad free version and I am literally drowning in ads. That is fraudulent. Shame on you. Many of the ads are so invasive and they are targeted. I am so angry that even items I was considering purchasing, I have decided against buying because they attacked me during this games. And the ads for other games are AWFUL. Even if it were an interesting game there is NO WAY I would get it. So way to go. You took my money AND made me hate your advertisers.

  44. It’s a really enjoyable game! The only complaint I have though is that there’s a lot of ads. Pretty typical for any game, but it after every singular match which gets annoying. But the characters are really cute and the stuff you can unlock is pretty cool as well. 🙂

  45. I find it very FRUSTRATING that y’all have been answering reviews that y’all are going to fix the bugs and glitches very soon but the game is still freezing and crashing and making me lose turns and rewards and correct answers!!!! FIX the bugs it keeps freezing and going very slow and NOOO it has nothing to do with my connection!!!! FIX IT!!!!! I LOVE THIS GAME but I’m seriously about to uninstall it!!!!

  46. It’s a fun competitive game, but it kicks me out constantly now. It didn’t do that before. I’ve cleared out multiple apps to try to make more room, but it’ll kick me out almost after every game play. None of my other games do that. However, I’m still playing because the game itself is fun. It just kicked me put again and this time it stole my last double dice and moved me back 4 spaces when I was only one space away from winning. I’m sorry, but I’ll uninstall the app if that keeps happening.

  47. I do love this game. My husband and I go back and forth playing with each other. Problems I have is you always run out of energy on the different dice and then have to watch ads to refill the energy. Also the topics I get for answering questions are always the same that I already have rings and pawns for. I really want the Top Gun category but have yet to be offered it to answer questions. Please fix this!!!

  48. I love the game and mechanics but the game has so bugs! Bugs with the real time game mode, like after 1 or 2 rounds of betting the game mode freezes up and it’s stuck at a blank table and we lose our bets if we leave! Also a game breaking bug with the turn based frog mountain where it just stops working after a certain point! Basically any of the game modes could and probably will have game breaking bugs!

  49. So much fun, challenging enough as well. Great graphics. Thanks guys Update: i spent $14 on pro to eliminate ads, well that is not the case, it’s really a misleading and shady thing to do. You still have to watch ads every time you want to keep going. That’s the most I’ve ever paid for an app. You should be ashamed, it’s not like we win real money!

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