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- Starts off easy and gets harder as you level up!
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40 comentarios en "TRIVIA STAR Quiz Games Offline MODDED 2022"

  1. The game is pretty fun to kill time and the difficulty gets higher a little slowly. My only gripe is that the game glitches a lot. I’ll finish a set of questions and the game will freeze on the correctly answered question. It also freezes on a different phone manufacturer’s phone for someone else in my family. Edit: One thing I noticed while reading reviews is that the answers are entirely cut and paste. I also don’t get why we have to send in feedback in the app. What’s the point of that?

  2. MAY 2022, They seemed to fix the ad issue. So much better. Back to 5 stars!!! March 2022 now, had to dink another star, cuz of the same freezing on the ads issue. It is so annoying and really temps me to uninstall!!! Jan 2022, it is a lot of fun. I’ve been playing for years, but what is SO annoying is when the ads freeze. You lose your 100 coins and have to exit. It makes me not want to play anymore. It just happened to me twice and I only played about 5 games. REALLY ANNOYING!

  3. The game is fine, but the freezes make it extremely frustrating. Sometimes after you answer the final question, the game won’t advance. All you can do is force close the game. You lose your coins and don’t get any rewards. It happens really frequently too so you’re constantly being cheated out of coins/progress/rewards. If this gets fixed, I’d be willing to amend my rating.

  4. Absolutely great game. Lots of trivia games and categories to choose from. And its free to play. Free coins every day. Question of the day, for extra tokens. I absolutely look forward to winning prizes. And the fact its Trivia. Keeps the mind sharp. Would absolutely recommend the to anyone who is retired. Play a little each day. Great stress reliver. Look forward to question of the day. To get additional stars. Does have lots of adds but all in all. A great Free App. Look forward to the question

  5. The first time I played I found zero issues as long as I kept winning. However, I did notice that my coin level did hover around the same amount regardless of the fact that I did in fact keep winning. In app coins, as well as in app stars are needed to purchase levels. I can only surmise that once I begin losing this will change very quickly. Other than this observation and from my limited experience playing I have to say that it is a great app with good animation, ideas and sound. Try it out.

  6. Good game, even paid the 4.99 to eliminate adds, however, there is a problematic glitch within the game. While competing in the 2 day tournament feature I’ve experienced Twice now the glitch whereas instead of being promoted to the next level I was demoted, even when placing in 1st place and 5th place, top 10 are promoted while 11 and lower are demoted.

  7. Judy L dice:

    Although enjoyable , the ADS don’t bother me, It could be made better if the ADS didnt freeze and force you to quit the game. After the comments I have seen the team seems to overlook everyone saying the ADS are locking the game and causing players to leave the game, sometimes losing position or rewards. Uninstalling because they are unconcerned of the play of the game and show no interest in correcting the problem.

  8. Mike dice:

    Great game ruined by greed and ads. The content of the game is terrific. This could be a go-to game for many of us to pass the time. The difficulty progression is excellent. The questions are plentiful. So much that I’ve yet to see a repeated one. Unfortunately, you’re greeted with an irritating advertisement after each level, which makes it nearly unplayable. The cost to remove ads is their “VIP” package at $3.99 per week.. WEEK! I would gladly pay a few bucks to just remove ads, ONCE.

  9. I love the questions and different categories. The app is very pleasing to the eye .. the colors are bold and being my favorites certainly helps. I have to mute the sound because it is very loud!! The farther along I get, the more difficult the questions.. But, I’m surprised at lot of the information I have retained from the generations of my past!

  10. This has a lot of potential to be a fun casual trivia game. There are random events that make the game interesting as well as 48hr tournaments to try to compete with others. However, the ranking system is very broken. After climbing up for a while, I’m suddenly knocked down every time despite finishing in the top of my group each time. Instead of climbing up two levels I was knocked down instead, for no obvious reason. They said they were having issues, but this makes the game not worth playing.

  11. It WAS fun. The new ads are frustrating. Lately…the ads are zoomed in and appear too big to close as the (X) is now off screen. You can’t scroll and only remedy is force close. But that means you lose the amount of coins that you already commited to play the next quiz BEFORE the ad shows up. It’s a ripoff. *EDIT* I don’t mind the ads. But they need to be in the PROPER format. When ad is over let me close or even tap thru to install, but neither happens.

  12. I learn more of what I don’t know, and am shocked when I win! I like that there is such a variety of categories. The competitions are inspired! Glad I keep playing! It does train your brain! It remains still very fun! The new categories are awesome! You guys should have a ratio of what a player’s strengths and weaknesses are. Is there a feature to challenge answers, like in Scrabble? So fun!! Some of the newer categories are quite the challenge.

  13. This game is really fun but the ads are ungodly. I usually get over them but the amount is incessant. I understand they need revenue but a break would be nice. Every. Single. Round. After it ends there is an ad. Its fine to have ads to function but this is too many. Only thing to change is the ads. Otherwise its super fun.👍

  14. so far I am loving it. a bit too many ads at this point but if the game stays playable without other issues I would be willing to pay 2.99 for add free in the future. we shall see. I quit playing due to excessive adds back then. Recently purchased a new phn and decided to try again. It is as bad if not worse. After one hr of trying to play I am done. The sheer # of adds just ruin the game.

  15. Fun. Until the ads begin. I understand these developers need to make money, but forced 20-30 second ads after a minute of game play just gets annoying. You have the option occasionally to watch an ad for extra points, which I will do, but the forced ads in these games gets excessive and takes you out of the game. An uninstall for me.

  16. Best trivia game I’ve found. Very enjoyable to play which I do a lot. I learn a lot too!! I’ve been playing it over a year now and I haven’t had the same question twice. Lots of catagories. It never gets old! Another thing that’s great are the ad’s are super short. Been playing for months, never boring. I enjoy getting the free coins! It keeps getting better and better! It’s the best!!

  17. Fun game. I’ve installed it 3 times. About to Uninstall again. After so many questions one of the ads, the same ad freezes and I have to reboot my phone. Not worth it to me. How does someone make a trivia app and can’t get the smallest things right. Sad and goodbye. Leaving here to Uninstall yet again. Don’t waste your time with this fun but pitiful app.

  18. Questions were too easy, I went to Level 14 before I came to the conclusion they wouldn’t get any more interesting and uninstalled. Category choices were meh. And LOTS of ads. You also waste a LOT of time clicking – you have to click twice for every new Q, click out of the ads multiple times to get back to game, & there’s only about 5 Qs per round so then you have to click to earn coins, click to start a new round, etc. Point being It’s just annoying + a huge waste of time.

  19. Literally cannot play this game because your ads hold me hostage!!!!!!!! It’s a shame because it’s actually fun when you can actually play for more that 1 minute before being held hostage for 2 mins on ads that you can’t escape easily out of when you go through them. Im uninstalling for the second time because it’s a waste of my time. Perhaps offer a premium version so you don’t chase everyone off with your badly designed way to market ads Update: automated responses from support? Yea no.

  20. Just another dump and sort game that’s nothing like the ad promoting it. There are no different scenarios as shown in the Play Store, only the same dump and sort round after round. By the 5th round, having run out of time, I was already prompted to either watch a 30 sec ad or pay 1000 coins (being new to the game, I had only acquired 500). I’m not against paying to play good games from time to time, but seeing as how they misrepresented this one, I’m uninstalling it instead.

  21. S D dice:

    WAS pretty fun, but recently they changed things like how ‘extra lives’ work (chances to keep playing after you get a question wrong), ads freezing (or other glitches) requiring a restart after you’ve already used coins to play so you lose them seem to happen more frequently… I find I just don’t really want to play anymore.

  22. The game is fun and very laid back.I like that. It does test your knowledge but you have three different categories to chose from each time you play. You can make a mistake and still win the game as they give you a chance to answer another question. There is no stress and I like that. The questions very gradually get a little harder but not that hard at least yet. I give it 5 Stars.

  23. No one wants to wait 3 hours for an extra life especially when the questions get harder at the higher levels. I don’t like that you can’t pick the expert you’re getting help from when you click the Hint button. You should earn coins every time you complete a level. Especially since the experts cost so much to upgrade. There should be NO 2x multiplier or you shouldn’t have to pay coins to start a level. I used to love this game but now its just frustrating to play.

  24. The questions on here are surprisingly challenging at times and I like the fact that it gets harder the further you get in a particular category. I like that the topics randomize and you can have options to choose from so it doesn’t feel redundant. Aside from the occasional ad which isn’t as frequent as other game apps, I find myself really enjoying Trivia Star.

  25. This game is definitely a good one to play. IF…. You ARE wanting help…. boredom, passing a little time, trying something new/different, kid/teen friendly game!! Give it a try, I did. MY 13y.o. daughter and myself challenge each other, it’s funniest! Who can get a challenge done first? Who can pick the highest card to multiple our rewards, LOL (2x,3x,4x,5x,7x) 1ST time we played, completing 15+ levels, and hours passed… CONS- ADS after every level up… BOOO!!!

  26. Game is fun. Waaaaaaaaay too many ads. I don’t want an ad after round. The questions are basic and I keep getting the same questions over and over. If I could give zero stars I would Due to the excessive amount of ads. I understand ads bring in revenue but too many ads chase away revenue. It’s not worth 4.99 not to have ads. Maybe a couple ads when you open the app and then let us enjoy the game. Not to mention the constant notifications popping up. This was like spam of the 90s keep popping up

  27. A Alger dice:

    Controls are veru glitchy. You touch to continue/etc.and takes a long time to work if at all. The sound is the worst Ive heard and is tinny, cuts out and super annoying. There are too many times you must click in between answers that are unnecessary. From the few rounds I was able to complete, the questions and catagories were the usual for this type.

  28. I paid for no ads, but I hardly get to play because it constantly freezes on me. I have to uninstall and reinstall constantly. Real PIA! I also get the same questions over and over. Not sure if it’s because I keep reinstalling it or it is just repetitive. Not happy at all…too bad. **UPDATE** The developer responded, but obviously didn’t read my comment! I said, I paid for no ads. That’s not my complaint at all. I’m sure I received a generic response once they see the word “ads”. GAME FREEZES!!

  29. There’s an add before every round. However, it gives you the option to skip to almost the END of every one. So honestly it’s not that bad. Your ready to play more so it’s worth the 5-8 sec Oppose to 30!! It’s fun to play. Keeps you busy. Passes time. I gotta say I’m really lovin the short ads! The option to skip or watch if you choose on every ad, love it! Honestly if it didn’t offer this (with as many ads as it plays) I would have uninstalled it in the first 3 mins. All apps should do this!!

  30. Pretty easy. The long ad breaks in between each round throw your brain off so you’re not really concentrating enough. Whoever came up with the idea of stringing tons of ads in in between each round that last 15 or 30 seconds was insanely stupid. I’d like this game a lot more if the ads were much shorter. For this reason, I am deleting it it’s not worth my time.

  31. I loved it at first! Still do actually, but after getting screwed out of prizes and level advances 4 times and now getting bounced back to the beginning instead of promoted? I tried the in app help and did receive it once. Since then just got ignored. Also came across a bunch of wrong answers. I was enjoying it enough I made in-game purchases. They were quite happy to take my money, just not willing to give me what I earned.

  32. I like the game, but the ads are zoomed in so i can’t hit the “x” to close them. I have to close the app to get to the next game. And everytime I do that, it’s like it resets my status. I end up answering the same questions I’ve already answered (in order) from my previous play of that category. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled, but same issue.

  33. It’s fun to play but has so many glitches it’s silly. 😂 The difficulty of the questions are all over the place too. Questions as easy as what does red + blue make, and then random stuff that most people wouldn’t know, and the difficulty isn’t based on level either, it’s completely random. It’s fun tho, a good mindless game. And the ads have gotten way better lately. I’m so sick of seeing the Project Makeover ad.

  34. M dice:

    I’ve contacted the developer because it takes my coins to play, then freezes up. Not once but 8x today. I originally contacted them about 4, but it just kept happening. It’s an ok game, makes things fun. But, I don’t like being robbed of stuff. Seemingly no issues with constant ads. A lot of ads. Waiting for reply. If no resolution? Definitely uninstalling. I’ve paid for certain things, but not worth it imo.

  35. I think this is a good concept. But for me, the questions are too easy. I recommend making them a bit harder so it will be more entertaining, but not so extreme that it is impossible to complete. Also, I think you should raise the amount of coins you get from watching an ad. Nobody wants to watch an ad to get a measly 15 coins! Love the multipliers when you finish the level though, amazing feature! I think you should play this game if you like easier trivias.

  36. I pay the $2.99 to not have ads, but the ads STILL KEEP COMING! Very disappointing. I thought this was a cool game until I got so irritated about the ads, I ended paying the $2.99! But to no avail, they kept coming! Can I get a refund/my money back or something?? This isn’t cool at all. And just to let everyone else know that, after every 3 questions, it’s an ad. Also, if you hit the (X) button on the top of the window to end the game on accident, it’s an ad as well! So not the deal!!!!

  37. Ileana K dice:

    I just installed this game and I am about to get rid of it. Every level costs you 100 coins which is almost what you make after beating said level, then they force you to watch an ad for EVERY level you advance. It makes it for a not fun experience. I understand the need for ads but there is that and then there is this nightmare. If you want free ads, it will cost you $3.99 A WEEK!! I thought this would be a good one.

  38. Marie Gee dice:

    This game is fun. It starts out easy and gradually gets tougher. I like the way it gives you options for getting more stuff by watching videos or buying. If you don’t like the ads then it’s only 3 bucks. I like to challenge myself by not buying anything or watching extra videos for stuff. Not very many ads and I know I didn’t buy my answers! I streaked to 79! Lots of fun!

  39. The ads are out of control. Seriously. I tried the game for less than 5 minutes. I had to uninstall. The amount of ads (15 seconds of trivia for 25+ seconds of ads) is just way too much. I didn’t even get to play long enough to see if I would WANT to purchase no ads. As it stands now, I would absolutely NOT pay money for this. Very bare bones trivia highlighted by greedy ad behavior.

  40. This game isn’t my favorite. The ads are pretty annoying. They are the 30-second sometimes playable ads, and you get one every three or four questions. You can get rid of ads by paying or watching videos. I’ve been playing a while, and so far the questions are mostly ridiculously easy. There’s also a lot of fluff. Press for your reward. Press for the multiplier for your reward. Press to accept this multiplier. Can I just get to the next round? And they’re always trying to sell you things.

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