Bird Bed & Breakfast MODDED 2022


Design a Cute Virtual Pet Garden for Birds! An AR tree home to nurture animals.
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Welcome to the cutest virtual pet game! Care for cute birds as they visit your Bed and Breakfast!

Get crafting, design your adorable tree home, grow food in your garden, care for cute guests and earn 5 star ratings. As your rating goes up, you unlock more rooms and attract more cute birds from all over the world. For some extra fun, switch into AR mode (Augmented Reality) and see your virtual pet friends appear in and around your own home!

If you love bird games, cute games, caring for virtual pets, designing homes or playing in AR / Augmented Reality, you will love Bird B&B.
● Build your own Bed and Breakfast in a peaceful tree environment. Choose from all kinds of theming and colors for your tree and garden – change the leaves and bark between seasons and themes!
● Grow a garden around your tree to make breakfast for your guests and use your design skills to decorate your tree with what they need – working your way towards that elusive 5 star rating.
● Practice your gardening design by choosing which plants to grow around your tree – purple berries? White fairy mushrooms? You’ll want your home and garden to look it’s best, but you also need to grow the right garden food to feed your guests!

Bird BnB is the only tamagotchi style gardening game where the birds are more than just virtual pets…every one is based on a real species, with accurate wing patterns and bird songs!
● Collect visitor book entries from Lovebirds, Parrots, Robins and more (about the only species who won’t visit is a penguin!). The higher your rating, the more types of birds will fly in for you to care for and collect in your hotel visitors book!
● Play fun mini bird games in between caring for bird guests! The mini-games are full of cute games like cleaning nests and other garden games.
● Meet V.I.B.s (very important birds) with unique names and funny backstories. People who love cute animal games will love the backstories of these characters!
● Switch to AR mode if you want to experience a magical moment in augmented reality; see your birds hopping around right in front of you, wherever you may be!
● Take photos of your virtual pets. Can you take a photo with one of your real-life pets?

*** By award winning studio Runaway Play. Try our new title Old Friends Dog Game today! ***

Bird BnB is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Bird BnB will prompt you to allow access to your photos, media, and files. This is to use the in-game snapshot feature to save virtual pet images to your device, or share them with your friends if they like bird games too!

The Runaway Play team sincerely hope that you will love this game as much as we do. If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]


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40 comentarios en "Bird Bed & Breakfast MODDED 2022"

  1. Shannon B dice:

    After playing for awhile the design is really beautiful! The birds are sweet looking. The gameplay feels a little stiff to me. I didn’t expect the 3D design for some reason, but it’s cool being able to rotate the view. It’s a bit strange to me that we have to wake the guests up. It would have been cool I thought if they could wake up themselves and request things.

  2. I’m sorry, but there was no point to this game. I guess it’d be enjoyable if there wasn’t else anything to do. I don’t unrecommend it; try it. I just didn’t personally like it. One problem, whenever I try to pick seeds or something from off the ground, it doesn’t work and instead just selects one of the menu points on the bottom. I suggest maybe a retractable menu bar.

  3. FAS FAS dice:

    Fun and colorful! My only complaint is that it takes foooorrreevver to gather enough bird experiences to move ahead. But I understand that that element is there to encourage people to buy in-game purchases. Otherwise, it is a delightful 3-D look into the chirpy, fluttery, sunny world of birds as if you were sitting right in between them in a huge tree! I really enjoy turning the camera to get a good look at each new species from every angle, and ADORE that they sing and flap and preen, too!

  4. The games very cute and the birds all adorable, I’ve had alot of fun when playing and even have gotten a few friends to join in. My only issue comes to the events, during the events it tends to feel like the most common bird you get is the higher end ones you dont have the items for, it makes it really hard to get a good score with them for points. This causes me to feel the distribution for the lower maintenance birds to the higher maintenance birds should be tweaked a bit to make it more even.

  5. Elly Anna dice:

    I would give 5 stars, but the mechanics are too janky. I often have to tap multiple times before the action registers. Ads are optional, and give nice bonuses, but after about 20 ads, the game gets really glitchy/crashing/freezing my phone entirely, and a cache dump is needed. A few more features would be nice, but please focus on playability first. Otherwise, a great casual game concept.

  6. Fun and addictive! I’m really enjoying playing this! The birds are cute and there’s always something to do. I keep accidentally losing hours playing, feeding just one more bird, just one more… 🙂 Two little suggestions: please put a confirm on hurrying things so I don’t accidentally spend my cash, and also: even with the sound turned all the way down, there are all sounds. Thanks for another fun game Runaway!

  7. It’s really fun,however I feel some birds are too critical. One told me it’s expectations were low,but not low enough. I really didn’t care,but if you are sensitive to insults or lots of criticism,I don’t recommend. Second,I don’t have the AR button,I wish I could try it but the AR isn’t available to me. Otherwise really fun and entertaining,I’ll continue playing with these in mind. Have a good day

  8. Great idea, looks really good and well animated, but, despite there been an arrow pointing “click here” I still found it a little confusing asto exactly what my objective is (or exactly what I was doing). It seems obvious the purpose, but, I was partly under the impression that you also get to choose when guests sleep and wake? Surly in reality that is not the role of the host?? Still, I’m sure this will appeal to others as the setup and graphics are incredibly realistic!!!!!

  9. Cute, simple, casual, and fun! Love hearing the birds chirping, seeing them bathe, and I love that we can rotate the tree! Features like bird deliveries are also cool! The VIBs are cute and I love their info! xD As a bird lover, I thank you so much for making a game like this. –Problem: sometimes the bird’s checkout window (the one where you collect your coins and stuff) overlaps with tutorial/achievement window… So, there’s trouble tapping on ‘Collect’ button because we’d first need to acknowledge the other window which is behind it. I’d have to blindly guess where the obstructed window’s buttons are to close it, and then only Collect my coins. Also, my phone doesn’t have the Augmented Reality button and I’m already Lvl 3 (probably phone doesn’t support it?). Update: lol, the game’s no longer compatible with my phone but don’t worry, it’s fine.

  10. Wow this game is super addicting. It’s so fast-paced, I love it!. I love the artstyle and the animations! However, I did notice a small bug with the leafblowing minigame: If the leafblowers energy runs out just as you finish it, the leafblower sound will play on loop outside of the minigame. Like non-stop leafblower noices. Also, I got a bit stuck with finding where to get those white bugs, didn’t know you had to get the shrooms, you should add that info to the help menu under how to feed.

  11. No complaints at all about the game itself – I LOVE it!! However it crashes very frequently, specifically while trying to clean the bird bath. Like 50% of the time or more. Which can be frustrating as sometimes I lose a bit of progress. Hopefully you fix it soon!

  12. I downloaded because I love birds and wanted to try out some bird games since the current status of the world makes it hard for me to get one. I thought it was by some random dev at first, but then I played and it was really good, later on I found out that it was by Runaway Games and I got really excited. These devs know what they’re doing, the gameplay and visuals are stunning, grammar and spelling is perfect, and the new 3D models are amazing! Your CS is also amazing, friendly, and helpful!

  13. This is a amazing game! As a young birder, I know that they got all the logic right, and it really brings out the colors in all the birds. It’s a very nice game and I would recommend.

  14. Love it, it’s very sweet and all. My big complaint is that the events are impossible. Way too short, and that plus the cooldown timer on advertising to event birds makes it seem basically impossible to get even half of the event items unless you’re checking on the app every 2 hours like clockwork for the entire duration of the event.

  15. Very cute, easy to understand. The only reason I stopped playing is because of how negative and shallow some of the guests were. I play games to escape real life, and being reminded how customer service is often treated, made me sad. I really enjoyed the mini-games, like washing the birdbathtub, and seeing certain return customers. I know new games would have been unlocked if I played longer… I will continue to love and support the other Runaway games. <3 This one just wasn't my cup of tea.

  16. I love this game enough to leave a reveiw. It is such a cute experience, I would recommend it for children or anybody who likes cutesy pass time games because even though the graphics arent perfect I think that the game has good enough graphics for what its meant for. Also, you can decorate your tree and your birds. Its not a bunch of decor but its enough to be fun and cute. I suggest day and night time, also being able to buy other trees would be great or exploring for resources would be cute.

  17. This game has nice graphics, the music is okay , too. Love that feature where you can take pictures of the birds. One complaint is that the minigame of the bath is a bit laggy: it said i failed the game although i haven’t finished drawing it.

  18. very cute game and good for those little pockets of time in your day. Great for bird lovers! though sounds are turned off, the button sounds are still sounding. would be great to have an option to sell off inventory that we don’t need (e.g. seeds). New cockatoo event is fun and gives mini goals to achieve.

  19. Adorable! My lovebird is singing to this! Wonderful! But it needs a bit of improvement on this game like when it was updated it said to reload the game and I did (oh and there was a V.I.B bird there that had just came) it took my V.I.B bird away and I had to purchase another word of beak but I did not get it. Second, please don’t tell there is no internet when there is. Third, can you reduce the costs a bit and why do you have to pay to place something? Other than that it’s great. Download it!<3

  20. nai dice:

    Really fun, I love taking care of the birds! I also really like how all the birds have different personalities, like rude, enthusiastic, polite, etc! The birds are really pretty, and I like reading the information about the VIBs! (Very important birds) I recommend it!

  21. Cute game. Enjoy it very much. But I have bought 3 packs. And when I do the game crashes. When I log back in I never got the items from packs. Thinking it was my connect the first time. Perhaps my phone the second. This third time I can not find any reason. So I’d suggest not buying packs. But otherwise very cute relaxed clicky game

  22. I can’t believe that a game like this is so underrated! It is a very well designed and perfectly managed game, specially for the bird-lovers. No ads and no need to spend real money, it’s totally free to play and enjoy. Very happy that I found a game that I actually enjoy and keeps my interest. Give it a try people, it deserves more attention and better ratings!

  23. Very fun and enjoyable low stakes game! I love caring for the adorable birds, and I haven’t had to spend any real money on this game at all! It’s not a high battery drain either, a huge plus for me. My one complaint is that I can’t use the AR functionality but that is most likely due to an older model phone. All in all, the most delightful phone game I’ve played yet!

  24. There was a “are you sure you want to skip?” In the tutorial – of course I want to skip! I have to. Then when I accidently hit skip in the actual game I get no warning and the guest leaves a bad review. Fix this please. Otherwise its a good game 😐

  25. Such a good game! I encountered a bug where a bird (Robin) is supposed to be sleeping as indicated, but instead of playing the usual sleeping animation the bird just stand still with idle breathing. No movements, just breathing and blinking.

  26. Super cute! Just what I expect from this brand of games 🙂 But, I am getting too many missions for things I can’t do yet (have 5 __ birds at once but I only have 4 nests unlocked, advertise this way 3 times but that style of advertisement isn’t unlocked).

  27. This game has a lot of unmet potential. I have participated in 4 events but birds were repeated in two so only two sets new in 4. Prizes earned equate to childhood dress up dolls and do nothing to enhance play. There are far too few birds and I reached the final bird inside a month. The costs are ridiculous for the final birds and would take months to complete the last one only to gain sunglasses for dolly dress up.

  28. J King dice:

    It’s a good game and I highly recommend it for people who don’t have much to do during the day. It might be a little stiff but I still enjoy it ☺️👍

  29. Olivia s dice:

    It’s a pretty fun game. It would improve a lot if new nest spots were earned more frequently. Takes only 10 minutes to complete all the tasks and not much to do in the mean time but wait for the next task.

  30. Very addictive! Kids can learn and have fun while playing it, keep the good work developer! by the way, I also like how it got advertised on television to make children want to download and play this app. Very good idea on advertising that game

  31. I wish there were tree trunks and leaves to match the packs. It also would be nice to be able to know which birds one needs to unlock or what level one needs to be in order to access certain amenities.

  32. Helena Vo dice:

    This game is so cute and relaxing! But one minor problem. When I was playing I noticed a bird that needed to eat in the nest, but when I looked up in the tree I saw a huge Male blue mountainbird in the tree! I had a little laugh and I realized I needed him to go because he was hogging the nest! Hope you can fix it! 😂👍❤

  33. This game is adorable! It has great graphics, real species of birds (although I personally have never seen a bird talk!), and its just plain adorable! The only problem is I can not access the AR feature. Could it be because im on a Samsung tablet?

  34. Very cute characters, simple gameplay with a few fun puzzles to keep things interesting. Definitely recommended for people that love birds or just cute animals in general!

  35. Cute! The gameplay is nice but gets a bit repetitive after a while.. The graphics and colors are cute but could be improved 😅 decent game overall.

  36. I don’t normally play this kind of game but as a bird lover this game is just too cute to pass up…props to the developer for the great art style, the user-friendly tutorial and the use of funny bird-themed language like “word of beak” and naming the lovebird “Mango”! Great game! Runs very smoothly on my phone.

  37. It’s cute; the mini game hasn’t worked yet, yes, game is explained but it doesn’t tell you how to get sponge on the board so I’ve lost at least 6x; hoping newer birds stay longer becuz if you’re like me it’s always “ok, I’ll feed just one more bird…” and 20 birds later…

  38. Very cute! I wish the event lasted longer. I love the graphics, customizations, and music. The AR feature is cool.

  39. Having a weird problem where the game randomly loads extremely slowly, and most of the image data once it loads is messed up. Please help me fix this.

  40. Such a fabulous game! All of the graphics are awesome, and the birds are so cute, the menus are unique and they look great. This game deserves a much higher rating.

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