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A whole new way to experience America’s Favorite Quiz Show® as host Alex Trebek takes you on the Jeopardy! World Tour. The true Jeopardy! game show trivia experience in the palm of your hand.

What better way to train your brain and boost your IQ than with classic game show trivia!? Go head to head with game show trivia players from around the world to become the star of game show trivia!

★ Alex Trebek takes you on a world tour from Los Angeles to London to Tokyo!
★ Test your game show trivia knowledge in a true Jeopardy! Experience!
★ Travel the World! Unlock new countries and cities to compete in and win better rewards!
★ Square off against other clever trivia contestants and target a WIN STREAK!
★ Track your performance and boost your score with user profiles!
★ Unlock POWER-UPS to square the odds in your favor!
★ Play game show trivia anywhere, anytime with our OFFLINE MODE!
★ Scale to the top of the leaderboard while you square off against FRIENDS AND FAMILY!
★ DOUBLE your score with the iconic game show DAILY DOUBLE and FINAL JEOPARDY!

Jeopardy! World Tour takes you for a ride across the globe to test your game show trivia in different cities, square off against new opponents, and unlock better prizes and rewards! Each city offers new challenges and opportunities for you to train your game show trivia skills and grow your knowledge on your road to victory!

Love playing against others? Square off against family, friends and other game show trivia players to win and scale your way to victory! Prove you are the most clever player by answering questions in different game show trivia categories like music, cinema, sports, science, math and geography. Become the star of game show trivia by learning fun and interesting facts that you’ll carry with you outside the game! You never know when those game show trivia facts will come in handy!

Know any interesting trivia facts? Well it may just come in handy when you find yourself squared off against a million dollar question! Train to rank up against the scores of hundreds of thousands of game show trivia players around the world as you target the top of the Leaderboards! Show off your clever wits with the most fun trivia game show in the world!

Along your journey through the World Tour trivia, you’ll see tons of exciting events and tournaments unfold that always brings a fresh twist to the classic Jeopardy game show trivia! This is your opportunity to put your trivia IQ to the test and show how clever you are as you scale your way to the top prize in the tournament! Time to stop training and double down on your top game show trivia categories like Music or Cinema to test how you rank up against the best trivia players!

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Welcome back, contestants! We've updated the game with improvements, bug fixes and even more events for you! Thank you for playing!


40 comentarios en "Jeopardy!® Trivia TV Game Show MODDED 2022"

  1. I absolutely loved Jeopardy, the show. So I was excited to find this app, but it is frustrating. So many pop ups! (Meaning distractions within the game, not ads.) Sometimes, you can’t figure out how to get to a game and actually play. Then, each game costs coins, so when you’re out of your initial coins or if you don’t have enough of them, you can’t play. So basically, there’s no free version of this game. You must spend money on coins to play.

  2. Instead of the original Jeopardy show’s 30 questions per round, it is 9. What’s worse, you don’t even get the time to complete the 9 questions – it times out after about 5. I get that you wanted to make it a more app-friendly experience, but it just stinks. I love the show, and I really, really wanted to like this app; however, it is truly frustrating and just a waste of time. Deleting it now.

  3. The questions are pretty easy and winning seems to come down to if/when you find the Daily Doubles. And the monetization is absolutely suffocating. Every click seems to be a new ad for some pay-to-win thing. If you run into someone actually using that BS you’ll lose no matter how good your trivia knowledge. The interface is also a cluttered, cartoonish mess. I had a tough time navigating it.

  4. I’ve been playing Jeopardy with the app for two years. I decided to try the paid version. The app description implied that there were many more bonuses in paid version, better chances to win & no ads. This is only partially true. There are no ads unless you want extra points (a fair deal). But, the ONLY bonus I’ve seen is the player can switch the clues on the board for all one category, but ONLY one time per day. Otherwise you must pay. I’m going back to free version. Paid is BS for the pric😬

  5. kitgrrrl dice:

    Obviously you are losing many loyal players bc of the bankroll deduction. I’ve stopped playing until it is fixed. No one can play this way. Update: Didn’t return to how it was before, but fixed it enough to be playable again. Too bad I’ve lost a bit of interest, but I still do play every now and then. Update: still play occasionally. Don’t play to advance levels; just play for fun.

  6. Pretty fun game but not perfect. I don’t like getting spammed with all the awards I have unlocked. I just want to answer trivia questions. Second, in several spots in the game you are given the opportunity to watch ads and get bonuses or rerolls, and while the ads work just fine, the rewards seem to come at a 50% clip. I would give it 4 stars if not for these annoyances

  7. So far so good having lots of fun. No problems or glitches so far playing average hour so a day for 30 days. UPDATE: really liking this game no problems and enjoy playing very much!! UPDATE 2: at the end of the game a message comes up stating something has gone wrong with my game and that if I needed anything to contact support. I’m not sure what issues they meant or are referring to because I don’t seem to be having a problem. 😃 Still digging it.

  8. Just a normal freemium trivia game dressed up in Jeopardy clothing. It won’t be satisfying for most fans of the show. Very difficult to win without using power ups, of which there are so many different kinds that it’s confusing and distracting. The trivia clues themselves seem to be an afterthought to the designers; occasionally you’ll get repeats within the same round, they contain typos, or they’re reused from the show.

  9. I so desperately want to give this game 5 stars, as I absolutely love it. It has two big problems though. It crashes like all the time. If anything occurs on my phone while the app is running. Text messages, phone calls, etc, it crashes the app more often than not. Also ads that play in the app routinely cause the app to crash also, especially ads that bring up the play store, which many do. The other problem is the pay to play model. It’s not that big of a deal early on, but later, it gets bad

  10. Fun game but play is problematic. Often it is slow and I have been unable to collect rewards in time, missing out on hundreds of gold bars. This is frustrating when you have just spent hundreds of gold bars to achieve goals thinking you could replenish them. I still recommend playing for kicks, but dont spend money on this one. It will only frustrate you to waste it.

  11. Complex and confusing when it could be so simple….. Jeopardy is a classic game. It’s a matter of personal opinion, but I think the game is too complex and over thought. Too many mini games, rewards, tokens, cities, etc. If you can think of it, this game has it. Open a prize box and receive 17 different types of rewards. Played for days and still don’t know what all the rewards do… Most of it could honestly just go. It’s a shame to take a classic and make it unrecognizable.

  12. This review/rating may be amended if this is fixed. Game is overall totally decent. Amount of $ gained through wins could be a bit better, but not a dealbreaker. The problem is the shuffle category icon that hovers around the bottom edge of the highest value question in the center column. Even when its motionless, it’s too close to the square. But then it occasionally moves around, I’m assuming to remind you of its presence, at which time it’s even further into the square. Three times now I have lost gold shuffling categories when I didn’t intend to, leaving me broke and with categories I didn’t want to change in the first place. Seriously, relocate this to an area where it’s less likely to be clicked accidentally. Either that or build in a secondary confirmation to ensure it was meant to be clicked. Unless putting it in that spot was intentional. Convenient way to “lose” gold, off of which I’m sure you make a solid profit. Just saying, recent history has proven that even the perception a gamemaker is intentionally manipulating game elements to increase profits can have significant consequences. Is it really worth it?

  13. Despite being a rather young, somewhat smart person, I absolutely suck at this game. I remember watching Jeopardy on Television and actually being able to guess some of the answers as a kid. When every other category is Hollywood Trivia or some other equally ridiculous thing, I find myself deep into the negatives quite regularly. To top it off, there are ads after every game, and you can win by a landslide and still not make more money than you had to pay to enter the game in the first place. I enjoy playing this when I get a good category and powerups. At all other times it is an incredibly fast losing battle. I haven’t even downloaded this new awful update that everyone is complaining about either.

  14. many different types of challenges. This was a great game. Once you got the rhythm and developed a strategy, you could win a reasonable % of your games and accomplish a satisfying number of challenges without having to buy resources. HOWEVER, the recent update changed the playing field making it almost impossible to do anything significant without paying real money. It was a great game, but they took the joy of playing out of it.

  15. The content is ok and the interface while playing is good, but there is no way to adjust settings or choose your user experience. The game starts immediately with no option to go to “settings” to turn off the music that quickly becomes incessant after the allotted 90 seconds, or to adjust the notifications that start immediately. Aside from this, I recommend a future capability for a user to create teams (in my case, and probably others, for their organization) to play against each other.

  16. Imzadee dice:

    I chose Jeopardy because I love educational and challenging games. However, other reviewers are correct in their assessment of this game. Basically, the more you spend the more you are able to earn and, in turn, you reach titles faster. Gold bars in particular help greatly to stop time when you need morr time and when you don’t know the answer by eliminating one of three. So, yes! Get ready to spend a lot of 💰 if you’re in it to win it.

  17. This game is excruciating! I have had to install it eight times because of the constant crashing. The clock power up is useless and yet I continue getting them. I have wasted too many gold bars changing them. To accomplish Daily Jeopardy is complicated enough, but if I need blue shields and double chances they rarely come up– again wasting gold bars. Plus, every time I open up the app (if it doesn’t freeze), y’all keep asking to spend REAL MONEY on this game. After all that, it’s somewhat fun.

  18. I used to love it, and play often. Unfortunately, I have to give it one star now, because it simply won’t open. The newest update has some error that won’t allow the update to actually fully load, and the download gets stuck in a constant loop of attempting to download. It reaches approximately ninety percent and restarts from zero. I tested updating another app to make sure it wasn’t my phone or the play store. Both were fine. It’s a shame, really. The game is usually fun, and user friendly.

  19. Honestly this takes “pay-to-play” to new levels. It is genuinely difficult to progress without spending money. For instance, you have to pay virtual currency to play each match, and you can actually win the match while still losing that currency. The bank feature (wherein you are given a certain amount of currency a-day) helps with this somewhat, but… Honestly kind of a let down.

  20. The videos always glitch. You have the opportunity to watch videos to get a variety of things: power ups, money, collection items. More often than not, they don’t play or you watch it and it freezes so you don’t get the prize or when you tap it, there’s no response and it disappears. Totally frustrating.

  21. The game itself is fun, however, the UI in the homepage is confusing and the games cost too much to play compared to the daily money. Plus, the seemingly arbitrary number of money awarded after a win can easily end up with the player winning the match, but getting much less than the entrance money back. Example: I just won a match on the $40k level. My finally score was 7,000 points, my nearest competitor had 3,800. The total payout for winning was $5,400. It feels like they dont WANT to play.

  22. It’s an okay game. Good to get a bit of a Jeopardy fix, but could be a lot better. Game play moves too fast and not enough categories. Also, what’s up with winning the game and still losing money? Jeopardy money, not real money, of course. Though there are a lot of ads. You can pay like $10 a month if you want, which, imo, is too much. Going back to what I was saying, for example the LA level costs 5K to play, when you win, most of the time you’ll get like 4K & change as the prize… that’s dumb

  23. While this app is adequate on a technical level the game itself is NOT FUN. The trivia is usually pretty easy, and you win or lose entirely based on what power ups you and your opponents have. After playing three games in a row where I chose every high-value question and got every single one right, yet still lost by double my points every time, I came to the conclusion that this game is just straight up pay to win. Not to mention the minute long unskippable ads. All in all very disappointing.

  24. Confusing, and Have to pay to play – over and over. I got lost in a sea of collection points, gems, “money”, etc. And it quickly became apparent that to really compete, you need an endless supply of gold bars… which cost real honeat-to-god money. It adds up! I liked the pure Jeopardy gameplay, but everything around it is too confusing and expensive. Deleted.

  25. As a huge Jeopardy! fan, I was excited to try this app, but after losing round after round despite getting every answer right, I learned you can’t win without using a bunch of powerups or gold. And yes, you get some for free, but you’d have to invest actual cash to make it out of the bottom ranks. Also, the graphics are way too busy and flashy – it’s like being on the floor of a Vegas casino. Definitely not the same atmosphere as the show. I uninstalled it after two days.

  26. Love the game, hate the notifications. Not easy to navigate the rewards, events, etc. Not easy to find how to turn off notifications in app. Constant reminders are annoying. Just want to straight up play. Can’t have multiple challenges with the same person at the same time. Think it’s dumb it costs 🖤 to challenge a friend.

  27. Very well done! Unfortunately, the necessary permissions are too obliging to someone who wants to hack into ones’ phone. The only suggestion I have is to clarify the purposes & cost of the “boosts” (for lack of a better term; ie. more time, exclude one answer, etc.). Unless you’re an avid watcher of the television version, then I doubt it’s apparent or even discernible because the efficient format of the game leaves no time to reason it out. I still don’t know most of them.

  28. Excellent app, overall. The complaint I have is in regards to the all too frequent changes, with a number of them leaving me questioning why the change was made in the first place. For example, you used to spin the powerup wheels and stop them yourself. That was changed to automatic mode, where the wheel stops on its own. I liked it the way it was. So, re most of the changes made: If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

  29. Tons of adds, cluncky user interface, too many button pushes, & confusing objectives and side goals. The basic game play is just like the tv show, but is burried in adds & time wasting. It’s slow. Furthermore, it pushes me to share with Facebook which I am not going to do, & really pushes in app purchases. There is some offer at paid for “VIP” status which removes adds, but even that is unclear if it’s a subscription or 1 time fee. I’d give $2.00 one time to not be hassled again & speed up play.

  30. I really wanted to like this game, but don’t. Too difficult to win cash – if you win a match, you should at least earn the entry fee back. But I guess they’d rather you buy cash instead. Gold bars are likewise too scarce when compared to the cost of buffs or options for which it can be used. Tournaments are fun, but again, the cash costs to enter make it a $$ loser overall. And the daily goals/achievements all require heavy play, which drains your money reserve. Overall – not fun.

  31. It is pretty much as advertised. it’s Jeopardy. if you like trivia it’s a game for you. One frustration I’m having as of late it the fact that you don’t win as much as you spend on a game and unless you spend real money (which is what they want of course) it’s hard to play continuously but also catch up on money. Plus the cost to play increases even more when you unlock the Athens level.

  32. Enjoyed the game until I heard from 2 friends that they had a better version. If i pay 320,000 to play game that is all I can win. They both can win more points than they pay to play. That meant that if I wasn’t winning, then I was having to buy google gift cards to buy points with real money! I contacted customer service and was told some people just had different versions, so sorry. They would not give me that good version. They would relay my concerns to the “team”. BEWARE… can be very costly to play. Very unfair.

  33. Eli Hoff dice:

    This game is polished and fun to play. Probably one of the best trivia games I’ve been able to find. The power ups and gold bars and money etc can detract from the gameplay at times, and the most frustrating part is that you need to have a Facebook account in order to play with friends. Despite those factors, excellent game deserving of four stars.

  34. Game is structured with sophisticated coding designed to mimic other people. You can answer questions correctly, wager everything you have, and still not win except when the game lets you. Bottom line: you need extras, which must be purchased. The game also appears to be built on a casino-style gaming platform that only vaguely resembles Jeopardy. If you are interested purely in trivia, you are better off finding a different app. This one is strange, convoluted, and geared to revenue generation.

  35. Cash Grab. The in-game economics are unsustainable. Even when you win a lot, the rewards are often less than the buy-in, leaving you to bleed in-game currency very quickly. You will quickly get to a point where you want to play and can’t with the only option being to spend large amounts of money to play. Im normally ok with micro transaction based games as long as they are fun and not outrageously expensive. The cost to play can also be absurd. $20-$30 can dissapear in less than an hour.

  36. Ugh what’s happened to games? Years ago I had such an awesome, simple jeopardy app, I think I paid a few bucks for and then more for additional questions. No ads, lots of categories, full board. I was expecting this to be like that. Its not… it’s very flashy, more focused on the theme than the game itself. Huge disappointment I hope we get another good one someday. I’d pay!

  37. This game is fun sometimes but there are an unreasonable amount of ads. Not even their ads from advertisers, they bombard you with pop up after pop up after pop up advertising their premium version with no ads and you will get at least 2 everytime you click any button and it is in every page to the point its uncomfortable and busy to look at on top of their normal ads. I dont really think it’s worth it anymore.

  38. They changed the way you earn stars to progress and now you don’t get credit for the answers you get correct, you only get mementos for games you actually win. I lost a ton of progress with the switch and it’s near impossible to win without using powerups or cheats. I’ve been playing this for years (and actually have spent a good deal of real money from time to time), but unlikely to continue. Too frustrating and defeating, not enjoyable anymore.

  39. It’s okay. If it weren’t for the Alex tribute, I wouldn’t be playing this though. It’s too difficult play and advance without buying stuff.. I don’t mind the ads but if that helps you pay for the game, then why is it so hard to advance? I click on them all the time… And a subscription for 9.99?? I get Hulu for free with about the same ads and whole shows and content.. Anyways, when I do play, I enjoy it and learn something in the process.

  40. Way too overloaded. There are so many options, subgames, tournaments, gimmicks, promotions that it is tiresome if you just want to play the core game. Visually confusing, I can’t figure out some of the “features” like the power ups you must spin for, but can never use without payment. About to uninstall.

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