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Level up your movie obsession with Noovie Trivia!

Test your movie knowledge with multiple trivia games, including Name That Movie, Shuffle, and Motion Picks.

Take on other movie fans in a head-to-head battle, or embark on a solo quest to answer as many questions as you can. New challenges are added every day!

The more you play, the more Popcorn points you earn. You’ll unlock more trivia, avatars, build your profile, and access exclusive content.

Prove you’re the movie master. Start playing today!


NAME THAT MOVIE – In Quest Mode, solve thousands of multiple choice questions viewing film images. Select from seven popular film genres. Challenge other trivia players in the Multiplayer matches. Wager on your trivia skills in the Daily Quiz – a new quiz every day!

SHUFFLE – Enjoy six single player trivia games from seven popular film genres as you take a trivia journey playing in Quest Mode. In Versus, play against another trivia player in a special multiplayer game mode. Want even more trivia? Then buy Shuffle decks for a deep dive into unique trivia topics.

MOTION PICKS – Make your opinion known on topical and fresh film topics, then see how you rate against other voters. New polls daily to play!


Various optimizations and bug fixes to improve the playing experience


40 comentarios en "Noovie Trivia MOD"

  1. It works but there are some glitches. Randomly and quite often, there is a giant pink square that covers half the screen. It covers text, pictures and sometimes the answer options. The only way to get rid of it would be by waiting… which isn’t viable since it’s a timed game.

  2. Saw this game in an ad watching a movie. I was really skeptical on it. However after playing it, I can say it’s the best movie trivia game I have ever played. While I wish they had other topics like sports or history, if you love movies you need to download this game. The quality of the graphics is great and I love that they use Movie images instead of boring text. There’s also three games in this thing that offer a ton of gameplay.

  3. Was a great app. Highly addicting& enjoyable. Until the last update. Now when I attempt to open the app, it freezes and crashes. How am I supposed to get a play streak achievement if I can’t open the game?

  4. I enjoy the game a lot, but it’s very glitchy. It usually takes me multiple time trying to log in. This has gotten worse and this week I can’t log in at all. Tried reinstall, didn’t help. I’m about to give up trying and play a game that actually works.

  5. As of this week I can’t play it. When I click a name that movie or shuffle the game crashes. Uninstalled and reinstalled, did not help, still crashes.

  6. Nuvia trivia is actually based on partnership of movie theaters around the country and it’s also partnership with Paramount Plus so this app is more legit try it out and if you don’t think it’s a jet go to the movie theaters and you will see the previews of it on the commercials at the movie theater 🎭

  7. My problem with this is… I can play it for one week, then it go to kicking me out, so i have to uninstall and when i reinstall all is good….

  8. Fun game, unfortunately the game freezes or doesn’t let you make selections. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it keeps happening. If not for this issue it would be 5 stars.

  9. Everytime I try to play one of options it crashes. That’s on all 3 games!!!!

  10. Trez Clay dice:

    just a little more time on the clock. especially to read the next thing

  11. S S dice:

    I can’t get the game to load, it gets stuck on popping popcorn. It seems like it would be fun. I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it. I restarted my phone. Nothing works.

  12. Was only able to play once. When I tried to play again, it stalls just before the game loads. Very frustrating.

  13. I absolutely love this game. Its very fun and very addicting. But, I feel like, in the genres, we need more movies. I get asked about the same movies which level me up faster. For a example, in horror, I get asked about the same movies. Some, they only ask about the first film if there are sequals and sometimes they ask about other films in the sequel and not the first one. Please and thank you, fix.

  14. The best and deepest movie trivia game out there. I downloaded it while watching film in the theater, I must say the quality of the graphics and the fact they use movie images really brought me into all the games they offer.

  15. I really enjoy this app. I have played most of the modes and it is a great fun way to just sit back for a few minutes and relax! I did have an issue where something I unlocked stopped showing up. I contacted the developers and they addressed my concern immediately, explaining what the issue was and what they were doing to resolve it. This customer service is what jumps my review to a 5. Very happy with the customer service and enjoy the game over all!

  16. Really cool game! Wish there were an animation type for questions. I love Pixar❤️💜💖 I did not know about the other games until my boyfriend found them by swiping the tile. Motion Picks was dope, but I want more rating things… three is too little. Shufle has other games in it which keep it fresh. I played for an hour straight which is saying somethin 😁

  17. Absolutely love playing this during my free time. I’m a movie buff and over learning new tidbits about behind the scenes and such. I suggest it to any movie buff who enjoys playing trivia games! Also, their support is amazing. Very polite and attentive, had my issue fixed within minutes. Thank you for that!

  18. Eric Bohm dice:

    Wow! What a cool little trivia game. Saw this at the movie theater and I downloaded it not expecting much. Why was I wrong. There’s three complete games in this thing. Officially the design is very cool and mature. I like that – tired of these little kid looking games. What I like best is that the one trivia game has film stills that you have to guess where the movie is from. So glad they have horror as a genre.

  19. They have fixed most of the bugs such as the random crashes of the game. But there are still lingering issues such as pictures that don’t match the corresponding answers (for example it will show a pic of Godzilla ’97 but the answers are Blade, Blade Forver, Planet of the Apes, and Transformers) which can be irritating when it kills your hot streak. Overall the game is still very fun and highly replayable

  20. A nice surprise. I love movies and I am in my twenties. The visuals in this game a so damn clean. Sweet. I got tired of those trivia games with little kids graphics. The movies in here are recent which is cool, I also seem some Netflix flix. My favorite is Name that movie, digging the crazy amount of photos.💥

  21. I really liked this app, I’m a huge movie fan so it was perfect for me… But then it started glitching constantly to the point it wasn’t able to be played. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling at least 5 times and it never helped.

  22. A real gem of film trivia! A friend recommended this game to me and to tell you the truth I was unsure about the claims made by the game makers. But I have to say I’m really impressed. There is so much gameplay in here and it really provides a lot of challenging and thoughtful film trivia questions. I really liked that the focus was on recent movies including streaming. I am also a fan of they use of movie and actor photos… you don’t see that in other trivia games.

  23. Love the game, but there are some issues. Sometimes it won’t load, gives wrong answers or completely stops. Will keep trying to play, but am getting fed up.

  24. Game constantly throws errors that there’s no data connection when there is.

  25. Fun but glitches. Love movies and the trivia games are fun but it often freezes while loading in quest. Didn’t use to do that but now does it all the time and have to close out the app

  26. it is fun, but too many animations slow the app down. overall the app is not very quick, takes to long to navigate from game to game. less flare, more utility is needed.

  27. If you can download this, it’s really fun! I have a Pixel and can download the trivia but not the one you can play with the QR code, my son has a Nord and can only download the one where you scan the QR code but not the trivia. The trivia is fun though! It’s a good time waster.

  28. The app crashed every single time I tried to pick a game mode. Never even got to the trivia. Waste of my time and phone space.

  29. I am erasing my first review because the makers of this game will not fix my account. I emailed them and got no reply. I love it but I’ve had so many problems with it and now I appear to be leveling backwards. On top of questions having the wrong answers. I’ve never put my time into something with this many problems and no assistance. It’s like they literally don’t want people to play. Ridiculous.

  30. After updating the app it crashes whenever I select a game mode, sending me back to my phone home screen.

  31. Was a fun app, but suddenly the app crashes when you try and choose a game mode. Been like this for a week now.

  32. Mostly fun and challenging but a few of the answers are weird (Benedict Cumberbatch is an action star?) and a lot of the ticking clock is wasted by animation that’s impossible to skip

  33. Was really excited about this but for some reason there is a giant purple geometric animation that happens on half of the screen during Name that Movie that makes it hard for me to see the Images displayed.

  34. The best movie game I have played. The visual quality is miles better to most trivia games. Photos questions are so much cooler than text questions. I like that streaming flicks are in there.🤩

  35. Game refuses to load into any of the modes and doing anything in the app brings up a “network error code”. Looks fun but I wouldn’t know because it won’t work

  36. Love the game but won’t load anymore. Have tried to reload multiple times. When it works it is fun and challenging.

  37. I work at sun and surf movie theater in ocean city and see the ad 20 times a day and thought “why not” since i have memorized the answers from the ad at this point. Apps pretty fun ngl

  38. It’s got a lot of actually fun games, pretty surprised by the amount of content. Will be a fun way to kill time before the movie startsj

  39. This trivia app is a lot of fun. There are a ton of questions, and questions about new movies pop up all the time. I definitely plan on putting a lot more time in!

  40. Super slick! I love the graphics and the photo puzzles… something I have not seen in other trivia apps.

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