Trivial World Quiz Pursuit MODDED 2022


An amazing trivia game with endless levels!
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Learn while you play, explore each level and discover a world full of challenges and surprises, with questions always up to date!

The goal is simple: complete ALL levels while having fun and learning a lot!

At each level, the goal is to complete the roulette of categories.

In no roulette levels, the goal is to answer at least 5 questions correctly to complete the level.

Take the challenge and face special levels to earn gold, unlock exclusive content and more!

Throughout the game you can unlock characters with unique and extraordinary power-ups. Try them all!

There are 4 power-ups available during the game to help you get further:
– Exchange question
– Remove 2 wrong answers
– Show correct answer
– Add time

Show what you’re worth and fight for the top places every week to win exclusive benefits!

In the game there are 6 general categories:
– Geography
– History
– Entertainment
– Science and Nature
– Art and Literature
– Sports

You can also unlock unique themed categories like music, movies and football.

Discover all the great stuff this game has to offer!

Log in into the game and keep all your progress so that the fun never ends!

The quiz pursuit has a database with thousands of questions and we regularly add new questions to make it more diverse and complete!

The universe is infinite and there is still so much to discover … stay tuned to the news. The world will continue to expanding over time …


Avatars and frames!
Now you can choose your avatar and a frame for your picture!


40 comentarios en "Trivial World Quiz Pursuit MODDED 2022"

  1. I enjoy trivia, but am now stuck on a hard level after playing many times. For me that takes all the fun out of it. Wish the game had an option to skip a level or an option for easier questions. If you like a challenge this game is for you. If you just want to play for fun this is not the game. Sadly I will delete since I cannot progress.

  2. I have been looking for a GOOD trivia game app for a long time. So far, I’ve found a lot of just OK ones. Many are just too easy for my taste. I look for fun, accuracy and a challenge. I’ve only just started this game, but I’m very encouraged! Some other reviews say it does get difficult, so I’m up for it! Update-I’m now at level 193. This is BY FAR the Best Trivia game app available (from dozens I’ve tried). If you are a real trivia buff, please take the advice of another one and D/L this game!

  3. Enjoyable game but once I downloaded the new questions, it stopped working. I can spin but once it stops, no questions appear…at any level.

  4. I’ve been playing this for a while with no issues, but lately, in the middle of a game, when I click on play video, screen goes blank and the only way I can get back in, is to click on the app. This means I’ve lost my score of that particular game, making me redo it! Today it’s happened 3 times in a row! I’ve also rebooted my smartphone, so that’s not the issue!! Pressing the back button does nothing, screen remains black. There really is no other way but to reclick on the app button. Game lost.

  5. its ok. very cheap graphics. cannot choose frame, or avatar. kinda bland

  6. I can’t figure out how to play the game. I will have to delete it if I can not figure it out.

  7. Loving this game, even though I’m rubbish at quiz games. However I had a problem when an audible ad came up my screen went black. Couldn’t get rid of it other than restarting the game.

  8. i started to play this game but I 💘 trivia in any way, shape or form. I’m an avid fan of Trivia Crack Adventure which is also a very competitiveness and fun way of learning new stuff and increasing one’s knowledge in various subjects.

  9. Great game very entertaining, challenging, educational, and fun. Multiple choice to select makes it easier to answer with your best guess in case you dont know the answer or helps jog the memory.

  10. I was looking for a good general knowledge quiz and found this. I cannot rate it highly enough. Play to your heart’s content and it’s only a few quid if you need more lifelines. I love that it is like Trivial Pursuit with categories and Millionaire that it has 4 multiple choice answers. 5 stars

  11. Adds after every level. No thanks

  12. Mark dice:

    EDIT: All good now…thank you! {Can’t sign in with Google.}

  13. I really liked the game; in general it’s quite good. The questions begin easy and get harder as you go on. I had a small problem when I tried to purchase gold, but contacted the developer and the problem was solved right away. Great game!

  14. Angela F. dice:

    too many graphics it makes the app slow otherwise really fun

  15. Absolutely LOVE this quiz. Proper questions with very few stupid low brow stuff. HOW DO I REPORT QUESTION ERRORS? Question: Where was the Great Exhibition of 1851 held? 4 locations are given including “Crystal Palace”. This IS a London location, but not in 1851. Hyde Park was where the exhibition took place. The Crystal Palace was the name of the structure. After the exhibition it was moved to South East London and that area became known as Crystal Palace.

  16. I can’t get past the second stage in the game because it freezes. From what I’ve seen and played this seems like a decent game. The freezing issue needs to be fixed.

  17. It was fun until level 20, when arts and sports becomes impossible to answer. I had to delete it as it became fustrating and pointless to play. Constantly failing because of 2 categories.

  18. It looks great for kids until you click on it and play and all the questions are mega hard. I couldnt even help. Not a fun game if you constantly lose all your gold because you dont know any questions!

  19. I noticed one player saying “too easy”….appears he gave up without giving it a chance…tells you alot about this person. As you level, it does get difficult. I like this game. Thank you.

  20. Excellent concept for the game but too many bugs the launching of adds to get rewards works randomly, and the daily rewards resets at different times every time that I shut my phone impossible to get them all in one week despite daily visit and daily play

  21. I would love to give this game more but it seems very odd. The answers are either the first or third option and then you have ridiculous questions that are as easy as “what colour is the sky?”. I won’t lie I am disappointed

  22. I open the app only to have everything go blank. I waited a few seconds and then it appeared with a error code. I give it a one star and I am uninstalling.

  23. it’s a trivia game with a lot of ads. the solo progression portion is nice if you don’t have internet connection or don’t wanna play online.

  24. Great game. But why an ad after each level. I understand the need for ads to support the game but after each round come on now.

  25. It’s not so much that the questions are easy, than the answer choices make it too obvious even if you are guessing. I’m only on level 5 so maybe this will improve – but if it doesn’t I’ll be uninstalling.

  26. Questions generally way too easy. Poor question setting with the alternative answers being so obviously incorrect. Very boring game play. Far better trivia apps out there

  27. To many questions in the wrong category. Like a question about food name in french restaurants in the sports section. Also no international mode for english speakers not living in UK or USA.

  28. Fun and addictive. Broad range of difficulty. Unlockable content, too!

  29. I enjoyed playing the game

  30. Overall very good, loses a star as there are too many food questions under the sport category.

  31. Mia W dice:

    the answers are kind of hard… gold use it a little too much… a lot of ads

  32. Would not play the extra chance videos wheel kept going round shame as otherwise it wouldn’t have been uninstall Ed I was enjoying it

  33. Kodi Carr dice:

    I love this game it is the best trivia game I’ve played

  34. I have stopped playing this as every day no matter what time I go on it to play I cant open the bonus as it says whatever hours it is till midnight until I can open it

  35. Okay game. I was not impressed that there were only select country flags to choose from 🇨🇦

  36. Games okay but make false promises to unlock characters,but you still need to spend gold

  37. This is a good game, but the graphics are a bit outdated. Have you considered a refresh?

  38. you shouting lie no matter how many retrys you get….you still have to answer all question correctly the first time to get 3 stars….that is impossable… good bye app

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