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Play Family Feud just like the show! With 4 game modes, play any way you’d like!
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SURVEY SAYS: It’s time to play the new Family Feud® Live!

Be the fastest contestant to type in and see your answers light up the board! Play Family Feud® Live and enjoy new graphics, surveys and challenges to become the Ultimate Feuder!

Play Family Feud® Live any way you’d like. With 4 game modes to choose from, there’s a Feud-style for everyone!

Answer the best Feud surveys and play the best gameshow game, EVER! Master the questions and take all the coins for yourself!

Prefer playing Fast Money Rounds? Now you can! Win bigger prizes; get 200 points on the scoreboard for an extra bonus, just like the show!

Prove that you’re the Ultimate Feuder to win huge! Play against the best to secure the gold medal.

Find someone new to play with and make a new friend! With over 1.5 million new friends made while playing, Family Feud® Live! is the best way to connect with someone YOU want to play with!

Win matches to gain experience points. Can you reach the elusive Superstar level?

– 4 game modes: Classic, Fast Money, Tournaments and Live
– Test your Feud skills and take your opponent’s coins
– Over 2,500 Brand New Surveys
– All-New Live Gameplay
– Laugh with your opponent using our FREE In-Game Chat

Family Feud Live! uses Facebook to ensure that everyone you meet is authentic. We will never post anything to Facebook.

Who is the ultimate Feuder? Play NOW for FREE!

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Family Feud Live is back with a brand new update!

- Bug fixes, gameplay enhancements, and optimisation for a smoother experience.

Survey says... AWESOME!!


40 comentarios en "Family Feud® Live! MODDED 2022"

  1. I had the same experience as Tatianas World – exactly. At first it was great, I was winning more than losing, trying the different modes. I played a couple of classic tournaments that worked ok, but the lightning round bogged down on the 3rd consecutive play. The timer was ticking, but my words did not post – none of them! The final score showed my side of the board was blank. That was a Huge waste of coins!! When I tried a re-start it was so bogged down, it couldn’t even pick an opponent!

  2. Terrible app why does it default to the largest amount of coins for your wager everytime you start. Another issue is sometimes your answers should be close enough to get the points. I’ve given answers that were barely close enough and gotten the points where I wouldn’t have given them to myself. Other times my answer is almost exactly what was on the board and I didn’t get the points and to top it off I lost 5 points.

  3. Answers are either too specific or too vague. An example, you can type “job” and it won’t count but something like “career” might. If you don’t get the exact word or even tense of the word correct, it won’t accept the answer. Keyboard is a bit of a pain and you spend most of your time backspacing and correcting ONE answer. Also, you get the same round of questions over and over. That feels unfair to the other person when you already know the answers. It takes away the fun of actually competing.

  4. The game was fun at first but then it started lagging sometimes I would literally type an answer and the answer wouldn’t even go through giving the other person an opportunity to win. Then it literally freezes mid game which is very a annoying. Overall you can download the game to see it for yourself but all I’m going to say is you’re going to have fun in the beginning until your game starts cheating you

  5. 1. Glitches too often, screen goes completely blank in the middle of your game and tells you that you can’t connect to the server 2. The answers are outdated by at least 15 years and you can tell because technology has changed and the way that we used it has changed and yet the answer do not reflect that 3. They have not programmed in synonyms and tense changes for the same exact concept for example you might get something wrong because you put “feet” instead of “foot”.

  6. I love this game but it definitely has its faults! Like right now for instance, it kicked me out of the connection with my Facebook account and WILL NOT let me back into it unless I uninstall and reinstall, but even then I’ve been having major issues….and the second thing I do not like, is how it takes forever for your lives to replenish! Please fix Facebook errors though because I’m sure I’m not the only one having that issue. Thanks.

  7. Joe Boss dice:

    I like the game, but I really don’t like all of the speed typing. After going over the same questions repeatedly I get the hence that some of these feud masters have learned trick of the game. I’ve stayed up all night playing. Hey this would be great with voice recognition. The glitches and freezing make this game loose a lot of points.

  8. I was really looking forward to playing. I have an awesome phone and service, so I know that’s not the problem, I will click on certain letters and it popped up with the wrong ones, that’s after trying to click over and over again before anything even showed, then when it finally did get any kind of letter that was wrong, I couldn’t back space in time to get any answers, before all that…. I had to log in and out many times just to connect to Facebook.

  9. Not worth it. unless you pay you only get so many tickets and have to wait an hour to get another one. each round costs 1 ticket so it takes about 5 minutes to use up all your tickets.. not sure what the point of having tickets and coins is? plus the answering system is horrible. half the time it doesn’t accept the correct answer. example: I typed ‘video games’ and it was wrong, but the “correct” answer was ‘playing video games’…wish they would make this better!

  10. I love Family Feud in general, but this app is very disappointing. I am not the only one having issues with the app. Free or not, when multiple people are pointing out bugs/issues in a game, it should be top priority to fix them. I have had several issues. When trying to play, it takes my coins and ticket(s), selects my opponent and then the game closes for no apparent reason. The only modes that work consistently are classic and fast money. Could you please make more ways to earn tickets?

  11. I love this game but since I changed phones the screen controls are off. I can only play if I press above where the actual button is located. This can be especially frustrating with the keyboard when trying to locate where on the screen to press for the correct letter. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall and cleaned my screen several times. I play other games just fine. Other people seem to be having the same issue with this game. Please fix!

  12. Of course, everyone loves to play family feud. But this app has some serious glitches. It’ll stall when you’re trying to type. It’ll kick you out in the middle of a game. You’ll lose coins and tickets because of it. You have to close the app all together and restart to get it to work. Weird lines appear at the top which will be the indication that it’s about to start glitching out. Needs to be fixed.

  13. I’ll rate five stars if you guys can fix the glitch or whatever it’s causing me not to get my coins when I watch an ad for 300 more or the 400 option as well. So many times I’ve done that and it’s not giving me my coins, I just thought maybe I would reopen the application and it will recognize the error but it never does. This game is great other than that. It would Also be good to retrieve all the coins owed but not sure how that works.

  14. I got on a feud kick after watching it on TV. I remember having the app a few years ago and loving it. Now this game app sucks! It’s not the same as on TV, it glitches, freezes, the keyboard is so messed up half my time is spent trying to hit backspace. Why is it so far from the TV game? And why isn’t there a voice option?! They don’t type the answers out on TV!

  15. I love Family Feud. This game is a let down. Some of the questions are so off the wall bizarre and make no sense. It seems to pick and choose which key words it “counts” and only on specific questions. The game lags horrible, loses connection, and kicks you out constantly. I actually paid for a month of VIP access to see if it improved, but it did not. I will be unsubscribing and uninstalling. I am sick of the lagging and it being impossible to progress without spending MORE real money.

  16. If i dont touch the screen for a while, the screen goes black, then disconnects from the match. Another issue is if I spell something wrong, even a letter off, it doesn’t give me the points. Or if I say something similar, for example one of the questions was: Name something you can sleep through. I guessed thunder. The number one answer was storm and it didn’t give it to me. I’ve had this happen way to much. Fix this. Another issue, there aren’t that many questions in the game. Eventually it gets really easy to memorize the answers to each question. You need more. All these things make the game unplayable.

  17. I love the game concept. That being said, I really dislike that this app glitches so much. I’m constantly getting booted from the server on the app because it can’t connect to the game (when all of my apps are working and my signal is good). It’s frozen dozens of times, and I don’t have this issue with my other apps. It also takes several minutes+ to load in the first place. I’d love to continue playing but it just does not work well enough most of the time.

  18. For three days now everytime I go to log on to the game it says that it’s under maintenance which is frustrating to say the least. Also, as others have said, some times the game crashes and takes your coins and tickets or will crash in the middle of a game which results in you not only losing the match but the coins and tickets as well. It repeats a lot of the questions too and some have very weird answers as well. Its not really like the show at all. I still enjoy it most of the time, like when I can actually play the game. 🤨

  19. I lost coins once when the app froze, i emailed help just to see if i could get the coins back that i lost. Not only was i reimbursed, the very next time i spun for free coins, i landed on 40,000. I play often, and that has never happened before or after that one time. Cant help but think it wasn’t just luck. I absolutely love this app and its customer service!!

  20. Can definitely be improved. If you type pictures it won’t give you “photo album” and if you type “alarm” it won’t give you “alarm clock.” it’s frustrating because it takes points away for wrong guesses, so you have to be like “should I guess another word for it or do I think the answer was wrong completely?” I usually don’t risk guessing it again as a different word and then get annoyed when I see it was on the board.

  21. Used to thoroughly enjoy playing this game, so I installed it on my new phone. The screen calibration is WAY off…when you press one letter the another nearby letter on the keyboard consistently pops up. It seems to be a common problem that other people here are having, so it’s clearly not just me and nothing seems to be getting done to resolve the matter.

  22. What’s irritating is that we can’t see ALL the exposed answers 100% of the time because the bottom answers on the Answer Board get covered by the keyboard. Many times we won’t remember what answers have already been flipped around, so we accidentally select another similar answer, and lose points for duplicating. Good news is that the screen DOES have enough room to show the entire Answer Board while the keyboard is also up, the designers just need to raise it a bit.

  23. Hate It. The game wouldn’t let me type, I would have to press the button a bunch of times so that it would finally respnd. I couldn’t answer anything in time because the buttons do not work. Even if it did respond, which took a while, it would put a different letter and it wasn’t responsive to the right area. Even when I started the game, the button for logging into Facebook wouldn’t even work. Whoever made this game did a terrible job. If I could give the controls zero stars I would.

  24. First of all, I signed up for a free trial and you charged me immediately! NOT OK! Second, you have all sorts of ways to get coins, but once you run out of tickets it takes 2 HOURS to get 1 freaking ticket! I’m not sure what kind of scheme you are running here, but it’s terrible at best. I get it, there are lots of games out there that you can pay to play, but they dont make it absolutely impossible to play otherwise. I can play 5 games a day, A Day! Unless I just happen to level up! BS! 🤬

  25. The AI for scoring answers is frustrating in this game. The same answer phrased differently will get the top answer for one person and not be on the board for the other. For instance the difference between ‘hold your arms out’ and ‘put your arms out’. It’s understandable that the system can’t completely account for different phrasing, but it’s a flaw that the live show doesn’t have and makes this basically unplayable.

  26. This game was fantastic until days ago. It’s been “under maintenance” for 5 days. If it ever returns, I’ll upgrade the stars to reflect Until then, uninstall. ***Update*** it’s working again and I’m loving it! Please check your ads as there is 1 that continues to get stuck at the number 25 on the countdown and you can’t get out of it, it locks everything up. Uninstalling and reinstalling to try to rid it

  27. The touch responses suck. It hardly recognizes that youre typing or making a selection. The keyboard sucks. It takes a while to type one word because it has a hard time recognizing what letter you’re actually pressing on. So you got to constantly go back and delete the wrong letter. Also alot of the questions don’t make sense at all. If you fix these problems I might download the app again and play it.

  28. This game is extremely frustrating because it keeps stealing my points! Ive lost a total of 84,000 points at this point because on several separate occasions I was in Classic Tournaments ranging from $6,000-$20,000 entry fees and the game stopped in the middle and said it was having “trouble connecting” and that I had “no service” which makes NO SENSE because I had full bars the entire time. I want my points back. That’s completely unfair and makes no sense.

  29. I’m deleting this. On top of that, we have to wait an hour for one ticket to come up, it keeps freezing in the middle of games which causes me to have to restart the app and waste coins on a game I can’t get back to. Smh. Edit: I thought I should download it again on my new Galaxy S10e, the keyboard letters don’t match what I’m typing, I can’t press the X on popup boxes, and I can’t press play after a match I just did. It just gotten worse 🙄 So much for second chances.

  30. The game is pretty good and coincidentally just like the real show. For example, just like the real show there are always stupid answers that make no sense. Also just like the show, you need to be very specific or else you don’t get any points. Like recently I typed ‘animal’ but that was not an answer. However snake and spider were. You also can’t type too fast or else the words won’t space or you’ll end up deleting or misspelling something. Besides that the game is fine.

  31. Jess dice:

    So lame, you have to play the fast money round separate from the rest of the game. For me that misses the point, you are supposed to play the 3 rounds and if you win you get to move on to fast money, not purchase it separately. Also ticket time is ridiculously long, I know you want people to buy tickets but you have to give us a little help first, more ads for tickets, ect. I miss the old game Family Feud and Friends, that game was perfect!! Please bring it back or make this more like it!!

  32. Fun game but obnoxious when it crashes. Lost 40,000 coins in two separate crashes. Lost 12,000 after winning a game and then never getting credit. I have tried watching videos to get coins – it has never once worked… also wish there was a better way for similar words to trigger a correct answer. Have had multiple times where I have had the correct response, but in the wrong order or only one out of the two words correct and it doesn’t register…

  33. The game is decent I guess… It takes forever to get 1 ticket and it would be great to have other options to get more tickets but don’t bother with the other options offered to you when it comes to getting “free coins” they make you watch the video ad but don’t give you the coins…. I liked the older version better. I’ll definitely end up deleting this game within the week…..

  34. It is impossible to play any tournament. The game freezes, shuts down, tickets and money are lost. Fix it and reimburse lost tickets and coins. Synonyms and answers system are horrific. For example, answered: pain. Correct aswer was: aches and it was not taken. Another example: answered: get dressed, answer was getting dressed. The app has so much potential but it is failure so far. Uninstalled.

  35. The game is a lot of fun, but the app randomly drops connection when it’s pairing me with someone. When the connection drops it resets the app and I lose the ticket! my 4G is Ulta strong at all times and this is the only app I’ve had this problem with. Outside of that it’s a great game. I would give it 5 if it weren’t for the loss it tickets

  36. your keyboard should be more similar to a QWERTY layout. the delete button is in a different spot, and the letters are grouped together in a way that I keep trying the wrong letter. so instead of typing my answers, I’m too busy trying to correct my spelling and I run out of time. other than that, I really like the game. but bits too frustrating to play with the keyboard layout the way it is

  37. Don’t bother downloading. Like other reviews described, keyboard doesn’t work, won’t push what I type, pushed below that letter, when it works at all. Haven’t been able to successfully answer a single question. Uninstalling this crappy game. Too bad, my friend played in a different phone, iPhone I think, and it was a lot of fun, but the Android version stinks. Wish I could give zero stars.

  38. Was great until recently but now it’s filled with glitches. Every 4 or 5 games it locks up and you have no choice but to shut down and lose all the “coins” you just spent. Also seems to be more sensitive with answers. You have to be much more exact. If you type “weather” and the answer is “bad weather”… it will not give you credit for it. That’s ridiculous. The people who consistently win are the ones who’ve played so much that they’ve had the same boards repeatedly and have memorized the answers. Thumbs down.

  39. I have the S20 Ultra and this app is horrible!! The keyboard is horrible, You click on a letter and it selects the one under it. The keyboard is also very slow, it takes forever to select the letter. I can never finish the Fast Money mode, because it is so slow. The stats are not aligned correctly on Fast Money. I love Family Feud, but this app needs a lot of work. I will not be playing it again until it’s fixed.

  40. T C dice:

    Most of the time I cannot get on the app or login. My internet connection is fine. And I just tried to choose a different coin increment for a fast money round but the arrow keys didn’t work and I got forced into that 7500 coin round and the keyboard in the app froze so I lost. I couldn’t pass or backspace or type actual words. This is a really buggy app and not worth it until it’s fixed. I’ve tried it for over a month and have not had a good experience the whole time.

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