Dingbats – Between the lines 2022


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Can you guess the famous idioms from the drawings ? Solve hundreds of dingbats
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One puzzle, one phrase: can you guess the meaning hidden behind each drawing? In this word game, you have to solve dingbats where pictures and words are clues to the answers.

Train your brain by solving the dingbats. And if you have some difficulties to solve a dingbat, you can ask for clues or help from your friends to solve those wacky wordies.

Have fun recognising or learning new idioms through the levels of the game.

New dingbats are regularly added to the game. If you have a puzzle in mind and would like it to be featured in a next release of the app, you can also send it.

A lot of the puzzles are based on British sayings so it might be more challenging and difficult if you are not British.


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4 comentarios en "Dingbats – Between the lines 2022"

  1. Sylvie Rousseau dice:

    I’m playing mainly in English as a free-time hobby, or in French to really challenge myself and learn something new. As others have said, it’s clear there are dialectical differences between US English and the phrases used in this app. Perhaps some things are more common in British English or another form? Although we can rate the puzzles we especially enjoyed, I think it would be helpful to be able to give feedback on specific puzzles where we might suggest a different phrasing for our preferred dialect. And if the whole game could be toggled for regional differences, it would be nice, since language is so local and this is a language game. That said, I already paid for the lifetime ad-removal, and am happy.

  2. Sondra Anspach dice:

    I paid for no ads and it worked for a while but then they came back. There needs to be a disclaimer that it only works for a while. Some of the puzzles are super easy then hard and there is no order. It was definitely fun and kept my attention – getting coins was very helpful.

  3. Bonnie Matthews dice:

    I liked this game well enough to finish it. I loved that I could play on my own schedule without being rushed or timed. There were plenty of coins for when I got stuck and I loved getting to choose whether I was given a hint or the solution! I’m probably going to clear the answers and see if I can find them all again without help. There were ads at the completion of each level as expected and I didn’t get interrupted every 30 seconds with extra. Great game!

  4. Drew Smith dice:

    This went bad very quickly. At first it wasn’t too hard. Levels were fun and easy, and the phrases were very well known. Then by level 3, phrases turned into entire sentences. Some of the levels were too hard or didn’t give enough to let the player to know. Even ones that were easy didn’t make sense compared to the puzzle, like “Thinking outside the box” didn’t have any indication of the word “think”, but just the word “king”, which threw me off. It quickly stopped being fun and was too hard.

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