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Train your brain in our general knowledge quiz. Answer unique questions & learn!
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QuizzLand is an entertainment trivia game where you get unlimited questions that can’t be found anywhere else.

Install QuizzLand and answer trivia questions, read interesting explanations, educate yourself.

This stress-relieving trivia game will take your mind off daily troubles and help you relax.
Just your brain and our quizzes. No need to wait for other players’ replies!

QuizzLand is available in the most spoken languages. If you want the game to be translated into your native language, you’re welcome to share your suggestion with us at [email protected].

Earn coins for correct answers and spend them on hints for the most challenging questions.

Join the league of the smartest players and collect achievements of all kinds.

Invite friends and get rewarded!

QuizzLand is:
-a fun trivia game to test your IQ and general knowledge
-entertaining questions for all categories of interest
-a relaxing game, which is also a source of valuable and little-known information
-a great opportunity to challenge your friends and other players for highest ranks
-delightful learning experience whether you know the answers or not
-a game to help you fall asleep or to start your day with
-detailed explanation for every question

It’s nothing like other educational and anti-stress games: QuizzLand makes learning easy and relaxes your mind at the same time!
How to play

-check your knowledge: answer questions, read descriptions for correct answers and compete with other players.
-to complete a level, you have to find the exit in a trivia maze.
-you get points for each question answered correctly. If you give a wrong answer, no points are added to your account. Moreover, each wrong answer takes one of your lives. Your lives are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.
-if you continue playing after finding the exit, you will get more points for each question answered correctly.


-all questions are filtered by difficulty. The more questions you answer, the more difficult questions you get. The difficulty of a question is indicated by white scales under each question.
-you get more points for difficult questions.

Coins and lives:

Coins are the in-game currency used in QuizzLand. Use coins to buy lives, hints and other useful options.
-if you want a larger amount of coins, you can make such a purchase in QuizzLand Store. To open the Store, tap on the cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
-earn coins without buying them: collect your daily coin bonus, watch suggested videos or get coins by playing mini-games inside the maze.
-you also get coins once the level is completed. In this case, the number of coins depends on how many questions you answered correctly.
-your lives refill in a few minutes but you can also get them faster for coins. You can also get lives if you watch a suggested video.

Question hints:

“Double Chance” – activate the hint, then choose the answer. If it is incorrect, then you’ll be able to try to answer again.
“Fifty Fifty” – eliminate two incorrect answers in a question.
“Majority Vote” – see what answer option the majority of players have chosen.
“Skip Question” – activate the hint to skip a question and answer another instead.

Map hints:

“Show Exit” can be used to find the exit from the maze.
“Flip Tile” allows you to flip any of the unopened questions.
“Open Map” will flip all the tiles in the maze at once.

Mini memory games:
-these short calming games are available after each level – just in case you need a little refocus
-play bonus memory games and earn more points. These brain games were created to train your concentration, memory and attention skills.
-you can finish a memory game any time you like, however if you do it before the time is out, your reward will be smaller.


Good news: we fixed all detected bugs and optimized game performance. Enjoy it!

Our team reads all the reviews and always tries to make the game even better.

Please leave a review if you like what we are doing and feel free to suggest any improvements.


40 comentarios en "QuizzLand. Quiz & Trivia game MODDED"

  1. I play this game every day because it’s interesting and you can plan a few minutes or much longer. However! You recently changed the colors which looks awful, harsh, and hard on the eyes. The previous colors were clear and pleasant. Now it looks like a game marketed for preteens which is fine but please give the option to choose the theme. Thank you!

  2. Great game – I’ve been enjoying it for over a year. The address are a bit annoying but i understand they keep the game going. A recent update (within the past month) has caused the bottom section of a screen to be chopped off; it’s on the Daily Bonus screen, just below the green Double Your Reward button. I can just see the top one-third of the Claim Reward button, and have to carefully click in the right spot to avoid closing the screen.

  3. I’ve been playing this game for about 2 weeks and really enjoy it. The ads are not any worse than any other fre game and the difficulty level of the questions are sometimes challenging and some time easy. I even enjoy the little side games in each level. I highly recommend this game if you like to play trivia:)

  4. In all honesty this is one of the VERY FEW apps with little to no ads. The ones you have aren’t annoying and can easily skip them. The questions start out on a good level and do get harder as they should. Love the ranking system and the rewards as well.

  5. When I say it has ads, it HAS ADS. But the problem isn’t the ad itself. I don’t mind it playing for 30 seconds , but, there is no way to come back to the game after the ad plays unless I force close and open again. It doesn’t give me a close option after ad plays!! Instead it ALWAYS takes me to playstore with no way to go back to the game without force closing and staring the game again. A decent game but this ruined my experience multiple times.

  6. Freda dice:

    Really like this. A lot like trivial persute. All of a sudden the game started freezing up. It did it about half the time when you would choose a chest, but only when you won coins, never if you opened an empty one. Also would freeze when you pick to double your winnings but after the comercial. Liked the game, not the glitches.

  7. Thought it’d be interesting but l didn’t understand what to do with the blocks, tapped many to explore but nothing happened. Got bored waiting for some action and turned off. Update, explored a little bit more and found the way to do it. My apologies. I changed from 2 ⭐ to 5 ⭐. It is entertaining and rewarding at the same time, cause you learn a lot new things and have fun on the way

  8. Far too many ads. I understand the need to create revenue for the developers, but after every single question, I have to watch an ad. It’s ridiculous. A well-made, nice-looking, accurate app, which I would like to give more stars. Asking me frequently if I would like to rate the app seems strange. I’d like to play the game, not watch ads all day. If this isn’t corrected relatively soon, I’ll just delete the app.

  9. Downloaded the game to a new phone but I’m unable to play it. A message about establishing connection comes up and some error appear very fast I can’t read, then it takes me back to the previous screen where you choose the maze. Then I try to open an old maze to replay and I get the same error. Too bad I used to like this game. I will uninstall now.

  10. M dice:

    The ads on this game will freeze up your screen and you have to close/restart. The mission part of the game does not work properly. You can play 30 Games trying to finish two games to finish the mission and it still does not record the games you are playing. Then there’s the problem that they don’t believe you have an email. Making it impossible to submit any comments or issues. Get it together people!

  11. This game was a 5, but first the ads became more intrusive and now will suddenly not let me play without collecting more data from me. No other option but to answer questions about my age and interests, supposedly to choose my level of difficulty. I was perfectly happy choosing for myself. Uninstalling what was once my favotite game.

  12. Ya Know, This one doesn’t appear to be a money-grabber!!! You can play a lot, progress a lot and enjoy the game and you don’t have to spend a dime if you don’t want to. There are a lot of competitors, one in particular, that only care if you SPEND. Somehow this accomplishes the same thing as the other trivia games but refreshingly seem to care about the players. I highly recommend.

  13. I’m learning, or shall I say remembering SO much. Its both! Its fun. Some parts of the game I don’t understand, like flipping tiles and uncovering the map. Maybe if you have different goals, getting through levels faster but then you lose points for not finishing. There is a tutorial I like that you can read more information about the answer if you want, if not just keep going. Sometimes reading them may help with answers later. If you want to learn or relearn a few things I highly recommend

  14. I appreciate that they’ve left the pop culture out of this game, and you have a reasonable chance of playing into the upper levels without having to purchase anything. I really like the detailed information you get with each answer. The level three questions are ridiculously hard. I’ve yet to get one correct without game assistance, but I’m learning things I would otherwise probably never know. The 30+ second ads in the middle of the game are annoying, but worth the irritation.

  15. They cannot keep good records of your play. If you expect to get achievements, make sure you check your history each time. I have played everyday for well over six months, but never get the 90 day achievement because they lose at least one day each month. They took care of the issue. Thank you Quizzland. New question: how does one level up? This is no complaint. I reached level ,22 somewhere after the 600th game, and I am happy. I was just curious, and perhaps a little goals-,driven!

  16. I am really enjoying playing this game. It’s different from what games I usually play. The only 2 issues I have is there should be a place like under settings stating what the 2 amounts of points are for at the top of the play screen AND explain a bit more in detail what ALL the extras that you can click on like flip, 50/50 and the others. I like the choice of difficulty levels. The game isn’t bright and annoying with ads. Thanks for a great game. Thoroughly enjoying it! 🙂

  17. Tons of fun !! Keeps your mind sharp. One great thing I like is that you have a button to press and not look at ads as they come up at times !! Great work all on this app !! You also don’t have to spend much !! They give you cash as you progress through levels. It is spent if you don’t know the answer and you can skip question. Try not to use it much if you can. You get more hints etc. as you do each level and they do help !! A short history of answer is also provided…you learn alot !!!

  18. This app would be much better if there was a way to remove the ads. EDIT: I’ve added two stars because the game itself is awesome, I find this much more appealing than trivia crack. However, I can’t seem to find a no add option in the store.. Maybe I’m just not seeing it? All I see in the store is coins, some hints, invite friends for coins, and watch a video for coins. I don’t see anything that I can buy that will turn off ads forever. (I’m talking about the ads that pop up as you play)

  19. I don’t like the daily bonus change at all. We already get numerous “free” bonus items during gameplay. It costs an arm and a leg to use those “free” bonuses that you win. I loved the game, the questions, the challenge. I think it would be nice to have a, “How to Play”, or “Instructions” instead of having to figure everything out myself. That would help a lot! Thanks

  20. Maureen dice:

    Exceptional, amazing, top-notch app – I can’t say enough about it. More than your typical trivia game. More than your typical app. A delight to play: fun, challenging but not frustrating, extremely well-designed, tons of interesting info, quick and effortless navigation, no bothersome ads or requests, I could go on! If you’re on the fence like I was, give this app a try. There need to be more apps out there like this one

  21. This is my favorite trivia game I’ve tried on Android. The focus is the trivia questions, but there are some additional elements to it. Like you earn coins you can use for hints on the questions, there are mini-games, and the game is played on a series of simple maps. But these elements aren’t confusing or overwhelming. I think you only get ads when you get questions wrong. So far, that’s been few ads. I guess you get more as the questions get more difficult. EDIT: I also like that the questions have a description of the topic of the question, so you can read that and learn a bit too. So far, this is the most-fun trivia game I’ve played on Android: It isn’t stressful and isn’t; frustrating. Questions are timed, but the time is long enough for you to think or be distracted for a few moments. (And you can also just watch an ad for another chance if you let the time go all the way down). So far, I’ve earned enough coins that I can always skip a question or eliminate half the answer options. To me, this is what a phone game should be about: challenge the brain a little bit, learn a little bit, and keep it fun.

  22. Could be a very fun game except: There’s no good explanation of how various parts of the game works: snowflakes, lives, exits, etc. The time limits are restrictive and cannot be changed for people who have difficulty such as a vision improvement or learning difficulty. Finally, THIRTY SECOND ADS? Really? That by itself will keep me from playing this game.

  23. Totally addicted to this game. First, the variety of questions are awesome. The questions are customized to your level of knowledge based on your age. Second, ads are shown if you get an answer wrong or if you choose to have an ad shown to provide rewards. Totally fair system. Third, factual information is provided for each question after a person answers it (right or wrong). I’ve learned a lot more than I knew a few hours ago. 🙂👏

  24. I actually Like the game itself alot. But there are way to many ads. It seems everytime an answer is wrong, you have to watch an ad. It’s fine to tolerate for awhile but then I just got tired of seeing ad after ad. I also cannot seem to find anything that tells you how the game really works…example: you cant find the exit and just move to the next level. You still have to open all the boxes first. It gives you a FIND EXIT bonus reward to use but I dont understand why that is.

  25. C D dice:

    It’s a great game. Well put together and it is much more than trivia. The mini games get ever more challenging and are a great addition to the game. Another thing I think is a very good aspect of the game is the way the ads are implemented. You will only see an ad if you choose to to watch them for some extra coin or hint etc, or if you answer a question incorrectly. Nice work DEVS on a well thought out game.

  26. This is the best trivia game I have found! You only see advertising when you get a wrong answer. After three days of playing I just purchased it, to support the developers for doing such a fantastic job! I love the explanations for each question! It is like being in a classroom! I have learned so much from this application! I’am still a little confused on how the map works where you pick your questions, (the point of following the arrow) but I will figure it out, eventually! Wonderful Game!

  27. Jane H dice:

    I forgot to mention I love all the information you receive with each question/answer and that you can go back and read the q&a again by going to “history.” A really nice touch! (: I have one complaint, the controls are a bit under-sensitive to response, often I have to tap a second time. One would think this was an error with my phone but surprisingly I only have this touch issue with this game, does not detract from the game overall though!

  28. Great game! It’s a good mix of easy and hard questions, the mini games break things up well. The game makes me want to keep playing. It looks good and has simple graphics. I like the information it gives after you answer, so you can learn more. There’s not too many ads — you get one for wrong answers and you can watch one for more in-game coins.

  29. This is honestly one of the best apps ever, and by far the best trivia app ever. There is so much customization, and the layout is very simple to get used to. The sounds and songs fit excellently with the game. How they added memory puzzles after each level makes you want to play longer. You are guaranteed to learn something new each time you play this game. Doesn’t crash or lag at all, not even on weak devices! There are rarely any ad pop-ups aswell. Highly recommended!

  30. Great trivia questions with 3 levels of difficulty. I like that you get a detailed explanation of each answer which is great for improving your knowledge base. (Did find 1 explanation in error but answer was correct) I’m doing well in the game but get mad @ myself when I go to select an answer then 2nd guess myself. I always choose the wrong answer when I do that & there’s no going back. Thankfully, I have only done that a few times.

  31. I freaking love it. A bit heavy on the ads but hey, it’s free. You can at least watch an ad to get another life once you run out. I don’t mind dropping a little $ once I’ve thoroughly researched an app. Runs smooth other than ads but it’s great you’re not immediately forced to pay for upgrades before really getting a chance to see if it’s really an app for you. Very enjoyable!!

  32. I haven’t played this in a while. I started again recently, and I find that almost every time I get a wrong answer it takes me to an ad. IF I got a heart for that, it would be fine, but I don’t. Yet if I need more hearts I can either buy one or watch an ad. It seems I shouldn’t have to watch so many just because I get some answers wrong. I really like the game. I’d give it 5 except for the constant punative ads. I still would recommend it, though. I’d give 4 and 1/2 if I could, though.

  33. Experience! A great informational tool and fun. Gave 4 of 5 on controls as I was given a treasure chest, got the prize…then took advertising option. Ad messed up then I had to choose box as if it never happened…got it wrong so lost reward. This could be caused by any number of things most of which would have nothing to do with Quizland performance. Just thought it should be mentioned for you. More importantly my stylus seldom works…don’t have this problem with other games .

  34. This is a great game! Only experience ads when getting a question wrong! Cons: Rarely, but still annoying, fails to register taps. It will impede on time. Tile hint is utterly useless. (unless it’s a glitch and not working properly so I have many but they’re currently unusable?) Major Pro: This game is super informative! Even when I answer correctly, I’m still learning something new!

  35. Good game moves quickly. I really like this game, but it freezes up often mid game or on ad screens and has to be restarted. When you restart it takes the game too long to open back up. I’m new to the game, but a 32 MB update came with no mention of bug fixes…just restating what the game is about, no reason or description of what is in the update. C’mon IT guys…..do some game repair….stop jiggling and flashing of screen before it locks the game too! Fix these issues and I’ll upgrade.

  36. I love this game it makes me recall information that I had forgotten I knew. It keeps my mind sharp and teaches me new things as well. My one request is to try and make the level map portion more interesting. Maybe add a Double Jeapordy type minigame along the trail where you can risk and/or gain a certain amount of coins or stars depending on the question’s level of difficulty the player chooses. Other than that I’m loving it.

  37. By far the best trivia app! There’s a good variety of topics and I love that each answer comes with a 1-4 paragraph summary of the person, events, etc. Gameplay is smooth and I haven’t experienced any bugs. I’ve played for a few days and it’s not once prompted me to spend money, which is fantastic. I’ll probably end up spending money anyway to support the creators, it’s that great.

  38. I have played it awhile and have to say it’s a pretty good game. Gives different questions, explains thoroughly what each answer to each question is, and it works pretty well when I have decent service. However, not a big fan of the ads after picking a wrong answer, having to complete a level before redoing the level if it’s not a high number, and it’s hard to play if you don’t have internet access. But I truly enjoy the game, it makes you think and learn new things about the world.

  39. A wonderful variety of categories, a simple to follow format, an enticing edge that motivates players to put in effort, and some really insightful expansions of information (fun facts) after each question. The ability to correspond with other players, the memory bonus’, and the extra hint options are a nice touch as well. Not to mention that the advertisements are minimal and unobtrusive.

  40. I deleted this app some time ago because when you got to a particular level you were locked out & had to start over. It seems the developer fixed that bug. I truly enjoy the challenges that are consistent with your “maturity!” Though there are adds interrupting the fun, you do, on most occasions, able to expedite the TORTURE & can fast forward them. Overall, it’s: challenging; thought provoking; and FUN!

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