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Answer fun questions and test your knowledge in this trivia game
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Step up your quiz game by answering fun trivia questions!

Love games with friends? Challenge friends and family in this trivia game! Prove you are the smartest not only by answering trivia questions, but by suggesting multiple-choice questions in this brain test!

Play your way to the top! Compete against players from all over the world and see your progress in the global ranking!

Learn about art, sports, science & more while having fun with this trivia game!

🤯 Spin the wheel: We’ll quiz you on one of our six categories. Answer correctly so you don’t miss your turn!
👑 Fill the Crown gauge: Get a character by landing the wheel on the Crown section, or answer three questions correctly.
🙌 Collect the characters: Win them by answering three questions correctly or challenging your opponent to a duel to snatch one of theirs! Get all six characters to win the match!

🗝️ Triviatopics: Can you call yourself an expert? Answer questions about your favorite topics and test your knowledge!
☠️ Survival: Adventure, fun and strategy collide at Survival. Play in real time and answer questions correctly to stay alive!
🚩 Triviathon: Answer questions non-stop in single mode. Get as many right answers as you can to climb the ladder and win!
⛏️ Treasure Mine: Collect picks to win matches! The more picks you get, the more chests you will unblock!

Pass the brain test to get delicious cookies to feed your pet. You can name it whatever you want!

❓ Daily Question: Get free rewards every day!
🕹️ Guess & Grab: Get as close as possible to the right answer and get amazing prizes!
🚀 Missions: Complete tasks and win coins!
⭐ Pick-a-Prize: Be careful! If you pick the wrong token you’ll lose everything you got.
🐽 Piggy Bank: Every correct answer in Classic mode fills it!

Join us for special events in Treasure Mine.

🖼️ Pic Duel: Do you have a photographic memory? Choose images and challenge your friends!
✊ Tug of War: Prove you are the strongest by playing against a random opponent. It’s a race against the clock!

Show your knowledge by creating trivia questions through the Question Factory! You can also rate and translate them!

Level up or down depending on how many points you get. Can you reach the top of the ranking?

• Chat with other players.
• Share your progress through social networks.

Do you know all the answers to this quiz trivia game? Download this fun brain test now!

Have any questions or concerns? Check our Support page! or send us an email to [email protected].

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◉ Bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Trivia Crack MODDED 2022"

  1. K Wade dice:

    In the past there was so many wrong answers. So they’ve fixed that and replaced it with ads, ads, and ads. That’s fine, it makes it free… Except the app freezes and crashes because there’s so many scripts running. Your device can handle it, but the app cannot. It costs you points and wins, as you rack up losses because the game freezes at the worst time. The game has never been worse than it is now. And the addition of the pet is so forced and just annoying.

  2. Bailey dice:

    Recently just became addicted to this game. I remember playing it in middle school, and I feel like there weren’t as many ads.. I get having some, and I like being able to get the chance to answer a different question after getting one wrong if I watch a 30 second ad. But it is annoying to have to cancel out of so many ads over and over again in the game.

  3. I have absolutely loved this game since I was quite little. However, the adds not even for other apps, but for paid things within the game are too much. Everytime you open the app or start a game or get a question wrong you get atleast two seperate adds to spend money for additional things. Not only this, but I have 18 games running right now and still wasn’t able to get enough cookies to get my pet to stay. I loved the idea of having a pet in the game however, it is impossible to keep it.

  4. Caitlyn dice:

    Really fun game, I enjoy it a lot! The problem is how many ads there are. I’ve almost accidently bought stuff several times because they pop up as I’m about to click something else. And after every round finishes there’s always an ad. Also during the game itself. It does help a lot and challenges my brain, and is very fun. The amount of ads are ridiculous though

  5. Caged dice:

    The game itself is pretty fun, but the amount of ads has become unbearable since I last played it years ago. On top, the pop-ups for premium currency, new modes, ranking updates, etc. just never end. You open the game and have to X out 4+ screens before you can even resume a game, and as soon as you end your turn you get a video ad and more pop-ups. There’s also a system where the game keeps giving you a hamster and tries to guilt you into buying food for it so it doesn’t “run away” Shameless

  6. Fun game to play with friends but way too many ads on the free version. The excessive pop ups and ads make me time out on questions at times. When I tried watching a video for another turn, it just made me watch the video and didn’t give me a second question. Then when I tried doing the survey that keeps popping up, it said there was an unexpected error so I couldn’t take the survey and it timed me out on the next question and skipped my turn. Very frustrating issues on an otherwise fun game.

  7. This game has made some changes since I last played it. You still have the traditional trivia challenge with others, which at times would lose its appeal, but now there are challenges. I love the additional game play a person can do. only down point is the frequency of ads in the middle of a question appearing that you have to exit out of while hoping the timer does not expire foe you to answer. Let’s be real, it is a free game and ads let it continue to be free. Love this game!

  8. Mike M dice:

    The game itself is fun…..but the commercials are ridicules. Sometimes where there’s supposed to be an x, it just keeps thinking so you either have to wait it out and hope you get back to the game and don’t lose your prize, or exit out of the game and restart it, and def lose your prize. Always happens when your about to get a prize. I am only going to play till I reach the top level. Have 2 more to go then I will be deleting this game because of all the commercials.

  9. It’s a fun game. I’ve learned much about various topics. There’s also the ability to report wrong answers. There are a variety of categories trivia is drawn from; the random nature of the wheel makes the game more chance-based than some other games. It may be a nice feature to add a way to play based off one category only. However, the random nature of the game and the diverse categories allows a chance for fairness between age groups. It’s truly a game of random trivia. 🙂

  10. It’s a fun addicting game but the amount of ads are ridiculous! You can’t even finish a round without having to watch an ad. It’s super annoying! There’s been multiple times I lose a question or a round because phone delays when coming back from the ad. I’m at the point where I’m just going to delete this app because the ads are excessive.

  11. I enjoy this game, when it works. It freezes up, the question and answer screen don’t show but timer still counts down so I lose my turn. The screen goes black and I’m not able to do anything with my phone. It takes about an hour before I can use it. All my connections are good. I really don’t want to uninstall the app. The game is supposed to be relaxing not causing anxiety.

  12. Trivia Crack is really fun! You can play for free if you already have a game going with a person, and you all ways get more hearts, it just might take a little bit. The only reason why I put 4 stars is because there are a lot of ads, and sometimes after the ads the screen blacks out, and I have to wait for a notification from the game to go back, which takes a little bit.

  13. C Tom dice:

    This app keeps crashing to the point where it’s unusable. I can’t complete challenges, collect rewards, or turn off vibration on notifications. When it offers me ads to watch for prizes or extra chances, the ads crash and the app punishes me in the game. I wanted to continue having fun with other fans of trivia games, but it’s not worth the trouble. Furthermore, I found that the answers to these questions are not fact checked, just submitted and reviewed by other users. I’m disappointed.

  14. It is a fun brain game but I have some complaints. First of all, I completed a survey and I didn’t revieve any tickets. Then I was in the middle of a question when a pop up appeared asking me if I wanted to pay to get some coins or whatever. Lastly, I think you send too many notifications but I think I can just turn then off somehow. Overall, I would recommend. It is fun; you just need to fix a few of the bugs and glitches. Thanks!

  15. I wish these trivia app devs would figure out a way to monetize that doesn’t involve letting you cheat. If you miss a question it’ll present you with twelve screens to click through where you can buy or watch an ad to get a re-do (and the redo is always a gimme question). Interface is OK (though the wheel takes way too long to spin) and the question difficulty is uneven but that’s not a huge deal. Not a terrible app, just don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a real competition.

  16. Littered with ads and popups. I remember playing this game in high school and it was much cleaner looking. Now, there’s an ad and two popups asking me to watch a video after every round. Very annoying and unnecessary. I understand that it’s profitable, but to what degree? You can still make money being less intrusive about ads.

  17. This app could be really fun BUT the ridiculous amount of ads ,as well as the placement of when the ads show up, completely ruin the entire gaming experience. When you are in the very middle of a triviatopic challenge and you’re doing well the game will just suddenly stop and pull up a full page ad to basically break your concentration in the hopes that the player would get irritated or envious enough to not want to fall behind others and waste real money on in-game worthless stuff.

  18. My issue is something l have mentioned to the game makers a while ago and my complaint still seems viable. It’s not the ads (they have to make money), nor some of the insanely difficult questions (one cannot know every answer), but the ability to use a “correct answer” option on the Survival modes. Either you know it or you don’t. Letting a player use that cheat doesn’t indicate true trivia prowess, but, rather, let’s the ignorant simply move onto the next round. It’s unfair, simply put.

  19. K Goosen dice:

    I feel bad for my kids to play this. They wanted me to play this with them and I downloaded the app. It is highly frustrating to waste my time waiting to watch ads, watch video’s just waiting for things that waste your time. The app has some good questions and it would have been fun to interact with my kids through this app but it is an enormous waste of time and time is so precious. I see even when paying the premium version there is no end to prompts to buy more things and watching more ads.

  20. freezes sometimes after doing a challenge and have to close out and open again. there are a lot of ads that are a little annoying, but that’s what you have to deal with to play free games. other then that everything is really fun

  21. Not only are the ads painfully frequent (we’re talking every two questions, regardless of whether or not you answer correctly), but they can also be terribly long. Like 20-30 seconds long with no skips. I’d rather exit the app and open it back up again than sit through that. The three stars are for the game itself, which is fun. The ads just really soil it.

  22. Patti dice:

    I love this game but it freezes up all the time. not happy with that while playing it. wish they’d get the bugs out.. Ok I’m back an updating my opinion after playing a lot over two years. Still freezing up and they’ve said they fixed the bugs but I don’t see that. Also the ads have gotten worse! 🙁 I understand that pays for us using it but this is rediculus now, an ad after each play before moving on to anything else which is way too often! Please remove some of these ads!!

  23. Kaitlyn M dice:

    I played Trivia Crack back when it first became popular, and on and off for the last few years. Today I decided to try it out again after a long time. All I can say is disappointing. The ads are suffocating. Lose a question, watch an ad. Answer questions right, watch an ad. Too many ads, not enough actual play time. Trivia Crack used to be fun and addictive, but I might have to uninstall after all these years.

  24. I love the game and always have but I get a ton of ads that I can’t skip and even when I select to skip I get an ad anyway. On top of that sometimes you cant even close the ad when it’s over or the game freezes after and you have to exit the app completely to fix it that happens quite a bit. It’s ridiculous that you have to watch so many ads after answering barely any questions.

  25. It’s not the same game from years ago. I get stopped after every single spin to watch a video to power up and it’s annoying. I say no every single time but it still stops me. There are also ads at every turn and they’re always long ones. I keep getting notifications like “Your pet wants to leave” and when I check, he’s fed for another 14 hours. I also cant change my profile pic unless I sign up with Facebook. I got the football profile picture but I hate sports. We should be able to change it.

  26. Trivia Crack is a great game. The questions are always challenging and interesting. However, the game frequently seems to have technical issues. After answering perhaps 2 or 3 questions the game will frequently lock up and become unresponsive. This can be very frustrating. Hey, but the game is free and fun. I appeciate the game. Thanks.

  27. When I spend more time watching ads then actually playing the game, that’s when i know it’s a horrid app and time to delete. Could be a great game but sadly my entire time playing so far has been about 75% ads. It’s a shame. Wish there were more and better trivia app options out there. I’m one who actually will buy things from apps that i feel deserve my money and are worth it. this one is not worth it on so many levels.

  28. Only reason I give the game 2 stars is the ads. This game has more ads than television. Another reason for another low score is if you have a paragraph to read in 10 seconds and have 4 answers to choose from than it would be a good idea to not have to read four paragraphs for the answer to choose the correct one. #TimesUp!

  29. The ads are ridiculous! So, I bought the “No ads” version. The first question there was a pop up ad that forced the question to time out. Back to the free one. Update: The insane number of ads have made this game unplayable. I contacted the developer and they acted like they were too important to bother with a single person.

  30. Waaaaay too many ads. Just SO…MANY…ADS. And I’m so tired of the pay to win scheme, you can even BUY A RIGHT ANSWER-it takes the fun away. Also has a lot of glitches and screen freezes. I used to enjoy this game but is just frustrating now. And one more small annoyance- I don’t understand why the first player can only acquire 3 but the challenger can come back with 6. Inconsistent rules in the game.

  31. It is an intersting game, but there are too many ads. Everytime I get an answer wrong it will ask if i want to watch an ads or not (i dont mind that). If I press X it will give me an ad. If i were to leave out of an event it will give me an ad. There are too many. This game is fun but i am losing intrest in this game with all the ads. Have a good day.

  32. Scott dice:

    Could be amazing, but designed to rip people off. There is no way you can honestly say the Pick a Prize game is fair. You get the red X after one or two tries no matter what you select. I’ve tried for months to get past just a few rounds. It’s geared to force you to use tickets. Really guys? Talk about greedy development. Don’t bother responding saying it’s totally random. People don’t believe that nonsense. Also way too many pop-ups and ads after nearly every move. Greed rules the world. Sad.

  33. Rachel F dice:

    Fun game but the onslaught of ads is terrible. If you’re patient enough, you can still play for free. Also some of the ads you’re required to watch to continue playing freeze, thus you have to restart the app and you lose your turn/progress for that round. Very frustrating. Almost to my patience limit with this app.

  34. Its fun to play when it lets you but there are sooo many ads. Answer 2 questions and then get thrown to random outdated news articles that you have to stare at for a full minute, unless it freezes on the ad and you have to close out and miss the reward. And now I’m getting ads for mail order brides? Do you vet your ads at all or am I meant to feel kinda gross when I play? And that’s on top of the constant “wanna pay $2/5/10 to play that mode again today?”

  35. This game went to the trash. I loved it when it first came out and I’ve been on and off for years-just like others. I got on today to challenge my friends and the whole thing looked and felt different. Not mentioning all the damn ads, Jesus christ. I remember we could pick topics to challenge friends on and now I couldn’t even do that. Super disappointed. I’d give 0 starts now if I could.

  36. I like playing TC, but the questions at times are silly and ridiculously easy. And repetitive. So many Mona Lisa questions and who painted her. There is so much out there that can be used as a trivia question, but it seems at times that I see the same question over and over again and then that question will be worded in a different way. The History questions tend to be about the same presidents. Lincoln, TR, Truman, Ike. I’ve had at least 3 French horn questions. Enjoyable, but frustrating.

  37. Tiff M dice:

    Way too many ads and overpriced items/premium for an app with repeating questions and is either very glitchy or rigged. Have watched ads just to be sent to home screen without getting item I watch it for. Cookies suddenly become hyper rare when your pet is hungry or it’s a mission to feed it. I played 2 hours and didn’t get a cookie question in classic and the survival option disappeared when I got my 15 minute warning. Lots of error messages and several errors that cost me turns and items.

  38. Mo W dice:

    The questions need to be more diverse. I’ve seen 10 q’s about Seattle. Sports q’s are all about football when there are literally 100’s of sports. I’ve only played for a day and already see repeat q’s. History q’s are all about US presidents. I’ve also seen tons of questions about the Starry Night painting. Makes me wonder if the creators know that other paintings and art mediums exist. Last time I played this game was 2018 and it hasn’t improved since unfortunately. Ads aren’t THAT bad, though.

  39. Used to be one of my favorite games. Now it is absolutely riddled with ads. Not only unskippable ads after every 2 questions but also the game has its own in game ads to try to get you to use their “boosts” that pop up constantly. I absolutely would download and play a different but similar game if I were you until they fix this nonsense.

  40. Besides the WAY too many ads, Triviatopics needs to be fixed. After completing topics (all 10 questions), an “unknown error has occurred” box pops up, closes the topic, and takes away 1 attempt credit. I stopped trying after the 3rd time. I can’t wait to see the “copy and paste” reply. 🙄

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