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MovieFan - hq trivia for film fan! Brain games - name that movie for free!
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MovieFan: Idle Trivia Quiz – the best movie quiz of 2020! Here you will find puzzle questions and answers about films, series, cartoons and top movies in the format of the trivia games for free.

Why Movie Quiz in MovieFan Idle:
– Do you like to play film trivia games for free, trivia crack, quizzland, brain out, quiz games, logic games, family games and idle tycoon? Then the MovieFan Quiz thinking games is a great choice.
– Brain games: hundreds of interesting questions and answers in the format of puzzles in MovieFan hq trivia;
– guess the movie thinking games: movies, series and cartoons – choose what is more interesting in the quiz 🙂
– real brain test: levels with actors – tricky puzzles to test your brain in hq trivia😉
– really fun: guess the movie, series, cartoon and cinema faster – get more stars!
– name that movie and play logic games for free;
– An additional hidden game – building a cinema (idle miner)! Want to be like a millionaire – play idle miner and earn millions to be like a millionaire! Guess the movie!
– fan family games: challenge with your friends and prove who the real movie star is in the MovieFan Idle! Quiz up!

Idle film Trivia is the most interesting brain test workout for your brains in a puzzle format. The most challenging films and puzzles in the MovieFan Idle Trivia are waiting for you to find the right questions and answers! Play fan games, new levels and questions are waiting for you! Guess the movie faster!

The quiz in English consists of simple questions and answers. MovieFan Idle Trivia is one of the most popular trivia, question games and mind. A quiz in English consists of 400,000 interesting facts and questions. You can find the True or False quiz puzzle game.

Guess the movie MovieFan is fun idle hq trivia brain game for movie fan!


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40 comentarios en "MovieFan: Idle Trivia Quiz FULL"

  1. Overall fun game. Has a nice UI, Both up to date and old movie/show choices, and interesting upgrades. The only reason I give it three stars is for two reasons; Even though old/new movies and shows are used, the game will use the same ones in the list but with a different picture; The game doesn’t count Mobile Data as an Internet Connection. So the only way to play the game is by being connected to wifi. If these were changed, I would give five stars 🙂

  2. This is totally unplayable. The questions appear and the clock is ticking but no picture! After about 10 to 15 seconds a picture May appear. And the clock is still winding down. No point trying to continue.

  3. Good idea but it is ads after ads. pictures won’t load so you have to guess half the time. Needs improvement if you want a free app; they have a VIP service if you want to pay. Wouldn’t bother downloading otherwise.

  4. Probably my quickest install and uninstall ever, spent 2 minutes on main loading screen and another 2 minutes on another loading screen. Thought it be a good game for that time when you could sit back relax and enjoy something simple and easy. Sadly the only simple thing was to uninstall and the micro games on the side ‘Emma’ seemed more about solitication then anything. Very disappointed, the devs really need to sort out their program before advertising it everywhere

  5. I like the game but it stops after every movie scene. Please fix bc I really want to enjoy this game… I just downloaded it again and it’s still freezing up and stopping. I’m not going to keep wasting my time on this game so I’m uninstalling it again.

  6. Its okay I don’t mind subscription games but 9.99 a week is steep and the game play doesn’t really engage me enough. Too many ads you completely flood the game with them and even with the subscription they are everywhere. If you want to charge that amount I need way more then this app gives.

  7. Too complicated. Did not understand why I kept losing points, despite getting questions right. Never seemed to win money. Too many ads. Boring after a while.

  8. Love this game. So addictive 🙂 Sounds a bit stupid but does the wheel of fortune land on anything else except… 25 coins, 50 coins or $5000. Span it litrally like over 100 times and only ever lands on those 3. Seems a bit false advertisement

  9. Cinema upgrades cant be bought must be video watched or pay for coins. Actress unlocks are rigged and never get the benefit of unlocking them for whatever reason! Just end up constantly upgrading a ticket booth!

  10. Game won’t even open now, it just freezes on the first loading screen, I’ve uninstalled & re-downloaded the game & it still doesn’t work. Pity because it’s a good game but I’ve only used the app once!

  11. Advert watching simulator. Absolutely ridiculous amount of adverts on this so called game to the point where virtually all you do is sit watching advert after advert to upgrade anything and barely even answer any movie questions.

  12. 10/10. A lot of games let you get so far and then force you to buy packs to continue, but this game isn’t like that. You can play as much as you like and it gradually gets a little more difficult each time. A lot of work has gone into this game and you can tell.😊

  13. I hates too much ads. But this game’s ads little shorter than others. Give me little break from annoying ads. And like the guessing game.

  14. Nothing worse than ads popping up in the middle of the quiz itself. I thought it a mistake the first time. But it happened several other times. Lame

  15. Unable to play without WiFi. I was connected to the WiFi, it was perfectly fine, the game just won’t play. Useless. And I was hoping to get a good time playing it

  16. Why when doing a time based quiz do you put an 30 second add into it right in the middle of your 10 questions??? All it does is run you time to complete down. Very annoying and dissapointing

  17. Its now loading but it won’t let me do anything. Its coming up level 46 and saying I’ve completed all levels but I have not. Is there anyway you can look into it or can you restart the game for me your end? Thanks.

  18. The only way you can upgrade your cinema is by watching ads. I FRICKING WHATCHED THE SAME AD FOR 20 TIMES! No exaggiration! The game is that you watch ads thats it.

  19. You start on movie questions and I’ve earnt enough to move onto the next set of questions 4 times and each time it’s taken my game money and left it locked saying that I need $25,000 and level 15 (both criteria I have met) to unlock this section or become VIP and then the app crashes.

  20. Game makes you watch endless ads before you can even have your first turn! Time waster with way too many ads for boring upgrades, uninstalled…

  21. Good game, but stops after every level and goes back to my apps on my phone. Need to get this fixed right away. Would be 4 or 5 stars otherwise.

  22. I’m usually not bothered by ads but what the hell is up with this game, don’t download guys, it’s just ads connected to a mini game that you will barely be able to actually play

  23. Tells me I’m not connected to the internet but will allow me to “play” when I’m on 4g. However I cannot get past the gender and age question as it tells me there is an error and shuts the app down. I’ll be uninstalling this as I dont want an app I cant use.

  24. This game is great but at the end of every level the screen freezez and i have to shut the app and go back into it.

  25. I don’t understand it. Pictures from number seven to ten either show blurry or don’t show at all. It’s kind of boring and repetitive. I like the idea but it needs work.

  26. You litterally have to have wifi to play this mediocre app that gives you notifications 24/7 about not playing it when you don’t want to, and shows an ad after you anwser 3 questions.

  27. The photo movie quiz is okay. The mini game is bad, it obviously isn’t a random choice that gets you BUSTED, after a few rounds whichever card you choose is the BUSTED card.

  28. Terrible cash grab. Tries to hide in game purchases by using tiny font with price under a start button as if you’re just continuing the game.

  29. Full of ads, if it was more about the questions rather than building a cinema it would be a great game, absolute trash

  30. One movie image was definitely wrong (Anne Hathaway doesn’t star in Passengers) and also a question was shown without the image from which you’re supposed to recognise the movie therefore it was impossible for me to answer.

  31. I love this game you get to build your own cinema but when you run out of coins to build you have to guess all of the people right to get your reward

  32. Too many ads. It’s better to upgrade the cinemas using the cash that it earns instead of ads.

  33. You have to pay for the game when you download it and when you buy it it cape crashing all the time “don’t installed!!!!”

  34. Overall very good game, but very annoying amount of adds. The building cinema thing also not doing it for me.

  35. Please help me! Urgent need of getting money refunded. It took my money without my knowledge! First time playing this game and it took my money. Very upset. I’ve sent emails to your support group please help me!!!

  36. It could be such a great game, but pictures are missing and many are blurry. Please fix it.

  37. It’s a fun idea but a lot of the time it doesn’t even show the picture or the picture is blurred. It’s not fun to play at all due to that. Wouldn’t recommend.

  38. Couldn’t even play the game. “Internet connection required” internet working fine.. I just downloaded the game after all.

  39. Very bad, why do we need to watch 100 videos or pay $250+50 every stage to play another level. What kind of stupid game design is that?

  40. I have no idea how to work this game, there is not instructions on how to ise this besides playing the triva game. But i love it so far. Could i play the level without every ad interupting??

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