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Visit the most fabulous hangout in the land of fairy tales with Snow White!
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A fresh hangout has opened in Fairyland: Snow White Cafe! Snow White’s story comes alive in this new, cute and exciting time management strategy game. Inspired by the work of the Brothers Grimm, who wrote many of the classic children’s fairy tales including Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.

Snow White needs all the help she can get to run her brand new cafe. Team up with her to run the most awesome and enchanting establishment in the whole of Fairyland!

Assist Snow White by hiring and training hardworking dwarfs, upgrading equipment and furniture and expanding the cafe to accommodate more guests! Play and be challenged as you run the cafe in 9 unique stages and complete various missions and achievements!

Once you create a niche as the most fabulous cafe in Fairyland, expect various celebrities from different kingdoms to drop by. Top celebrities include Cinderella, Beauty, Rapunzel and other magical characters from classic fairy tales! These are known as VIPs (Very Important Princes & Princesses).

– Cute and awesome graphics that capture the fairy tale feeling
– Challenging, good old-fashioned time management gameplay
– Upgrade your café to provide fast efficient service to guests
– Customize your shop the way you like it!
– Hire and train dwarfs to help Snow White keep up with the demands of the cafe’s growing clientele
– Test your speed and strategic planning skills in 9 unique and exciting stages
– You can go back and play old stages to complete all missions and achievements
– Expect Very Important Princes and Princesses to pay your cafe a rare visit and earn bonus coins!

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users’ wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **


- Compatibility and stability enhancements
- Bug Fixes


40 comentarios en "Snow White Cafe MOD"

  1. The first level has so much pressure it’s too much can you reduce the pressure I can’t do all at a time and the things are tooooo much expensive like the diamonds buying snow white and bla black bla

  2. Ezzie dice:

    Really fun to play, definitely would be better with more levels!

  3. This game is really good I used to play it all the time feeling nostalgic playing this game in 2021

  4. Nice app but everyone get angry so fast and other servents are so expansive it’s too hard to handle all the costamer

  5. Very beautiful game but snow white is so expensive 😊😊😊 but I love the game 😍😍😍😍😅😅

  6. This is so nice I can game without connection i give it a 5star it’s so nice.

  7. it’s very bad Cinderella cafe is too much better than in this game 2nd level

  8. Could do with more levels

  9. I love snow white in this game snow white looks very beautiful 😍😍

  10. It’s quite very good game I used to play this game when I was very young and still playing

  11. my favourite game and It’s a very good time killer 😊

  12. I love this game it’s so much fun try it and see

  13. This game is better it has good control , download it

  14. This is really good and nice 😘🥰🥰😍😍😍🥰😘😘 I like and love

  15. I like this game because I’m enjoying

  16. very good thanks for download this game

  17. Its really an awesome game

  18. I really really like this game

  19. This game is amazed…!✌️I love it

  20. love it. Snow White is my fav 😍

  21. Very very very very very much much nice

  22. I loved this game so so so so so so so………much


  24. Was looking for a decent time management game without all the gimicks to try and make you buy the game as some others. Enjoying the game very much.

  25. Glitchy. But i learned if click on stem of the spin and win bar it works better. I lost alot of spins at first cuz the bar was stuck. Fun game. Addicting

  26. Have played this f years only now it upgrades n iv lost all my dwafs wtfs going on sort it out then u five stars…i luv the game

  27. I really love and enjoy this game. I really keeps me occupied and can’t wait to play it the next day.

  28. Cute, childish game but closes on level 2 for me.

  29. This Game is wonderful. It helps me cool down from a long day of every thing!!!! Thanks! Please keep up the great work.

  30. It is fun but when you are out of those gem and you have download some games frist and it well give u the amount. Well i have not recivce mines yet. Need to fix that…

  31. The game is good so far but it doesn’t give me the free diamonds to complete offers so I’m deleting its a actually hard game if you don’t have the diamonds to help me.

  32. Everytime I do offers even paid offers I never received my diamonds and when I try to put in a ticket it tell me invalid email. So not fair it’s a scam. Once they gave them and took them back immediately. ..

  33. I am so happy you guys fixed the bugs. I really like playing this game. I recommend everyone to download this game

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