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Take a quiz related to any Wikipedia article in WikiMaster- the quizapp for fun!
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WikiMaster is a game app that has over 450000 multiple choice questions on top of Wikipedia articles.

Play a quiz challenge in any Wikipedia article and become WikiMaster among your friends, in the city, country or in the World. Or enjoy Wikipedia with this app as it aims to be the best mobile Wikipedia app.

In WikiMaster you will get notified when other WOKers chat, challenge you to play and when you win or when a woker take your created questions.

WOK is the Knowledge Network with WikiMaster as the main app in combining all the fun in learning from Wikipedia and then play quiz trivia games while also being a social network for knowledge. WOK is a community for knowledge where the WOKers create good and interesting questions in the Wikipedia articles for other WOKers to take. In any Wikipedia article.

As a student, you can take any quiz related to your school subject with Personal Quizzes in Quiz Store having 3000 quizzes that will help your grades improve and prepare for National Exams. Teachers can create quizzes with questions from any Wikipedia article on any level. This app is the app for learning any subject on Wikipedia with fun.

Sign up for free to become a WOKer! The app WikiMaster has no ads and is free for all.

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Welcome to the WOK: World of Knowledge!


WikiMaster app is updated with a new version. The new in this version is the ability to get the NEW Web version in a browser with links to the quizzes since we have now open WikiMaster functions in with possibility to get WikiMaster on Stationary Computers as well as in the mobile. Hold on the headline in Top Bar to open wiki on the web. Enjoy the quizzes with 468000 MCQs to Wikipedia in any device!


40 comentarios en "WikiMaster- Quiz to Wikipedia MOD"

  1. The major problem I face is worth respect to logging in. I’ve used my Google account for logging in but everytime I login using that, it doesn’t show any content on Wiki search. It only starts functioning when I close the app, reopen it and then login again. I was hoping for a lot quiz questions but it’s limited in that. So the overall purpose isn’t served.

  2. Solid app, but a lot of the questions sadly end up being clearly obvious by the category, (category is spain and question is “which country has a population of X” instead of “spain’s population is what?” Which would be more useful. This issue could be entirely alleviated if I could select more than one category at once.

  3. app have good content and questions based on current data. but there’s a issue with login. the app log me out Everytime when i start the apo and i have to login again and again. and sometimes it log me out when im playing a quiz. Please fix it.

  4. You guys do a great work and I like this app most because now I spent all my social media time on this app…… But the reason why I gave only one star to this app is…I am not able to choose my city for leaderboards please fix this problem than I gave this app 5 stars.

  5. great app! but always auto log me out.. i have to login again and again please resolve issue for better user experience. thank you.

  6. I think this should be the type of app all students should embrace , it makes study easy it also add fun to study . DOWNLOAD IT !!! I’m now number 1 in my country🇳🇬

  7. The app is awesome… But pls give an option to view our favorite pages,i.e, the wiki pages which we have given a Star…

  8. Too many notifications, and a clear lack of players made it a below average experience. 2 stars

  9. EmmsDan dice:

    Nice and super cool app… I get to learn and have fun… Love the competition 😍❣️

  10. It teaches you alot it is so nice but i will like it more if it is offline

  11. Rated high for excellent performance and induction of knowledge.

  12. Getting better in school work Good for learning

  13. The answer to many questions is the subject it’s self.

  14. please upgrade the menu to modern one.

  15. 👏👏👏 , No words to say . I just found the app I needed from months .

  16. Doesn’t really work, sadly. Great idea though.

  17. useful app and easy to use

  18. lots of wrong questions and answers

  19. The app is amazing and very efucative

  20. i think this is the best quiz app .

  21. I actually install this for current affairs category quiz!!

  22. It is a fabulous app. Eyerybody must use this app.

  23. superb….this app is nice

  24. Best app . Must download everyone.

  25. Some improvements needed.

  26. It’s just for everyone Kudos ✌️

  27. Why is it not downloading

  28. Please where can I see the jamb questions

  29. Globel grue cork cock BOOM

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