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Triviador is a unique game genre that offers more than a simple trivia game.
Conquer territories, attack castles while answering trivia questions. Test your knowledge, and use your strategic strength.

Join the weekly challenge, get into the next league level every week. Be the best knight of Triviador in the season.
Beat your opponents with your knowledge and with a great strategy to get to know what it feels like to be a LEGEND.

Be a part of the Triviador’s community, join a clan, or establish one and together be the best players.

You not only compare your knowledge with English language speaker players, but you can battle with the best trivia players from all over the world.
You can get to the top of the global rank list with your personal stat or with your clan’s results too.
Whether could you beat anybody? It’s time to show the world.

Do not forget your friends… invite them to play a friendly game.

You will find your preferred game mode between the several ones.
If you’d like to battle in a quick game with two opponents then Short Campaign is your way. If you’d like to show your knowledge in more rounds then choose Long Campaign. If you’d like to play cooperatively then choose Alliance and defeat the Lord Evil’s Empire.

Be a part of Triviador!

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Quiz & Conquer
It's more than a simple trivia game.

Download the latest version of Triviador and help us develop the game!

From now on it's up to you too what kind of questions will be in the game.
You can not just correct and review the questions but you can also write and submit your own question.


40 comentarios en "Triviador MODDED 2022"

  1. Nice to see the game get an update, but the new version needs a bit of TLC. The new 3D graphics are often a bit too distracting, and it’s not very clear who’s doing what to whom on the world map. I’ve also noticed the game sometimes orders players incorrectly on the guesstimation questions, so hopefully that’ll get fixed pretty quick. Otherwise, it’s still a fun and engaging little trivia game.

  2. I loved the old one, this Version is a very weak copy of it. The 3D animation is awful, look at the knight character, its like it’s from minecraft,same for the entire animation maps, etc.If you cant make a good looking 3D than dont do it ask modders to do it, or make a decent looking 2D animation its not that hard. Graphics reminds me of the games 20 years before and its 2022 now. In gameplay make more gamemods, new challenges, auction house like in the old times, tournament for schools.

  3. The older version was so much better than this one. I have been playing this game since I was 9, but now, the upgrade (which should make the game better) ruined the game. Please, bring back the old version

  4. Changed from 5 star to 1 star. Developer constantly add tons of unnessesary and silly questions, breaking out and ruin game process. Terrible case about appication interface, lots of bugs and very strange behavior. Terrible termination of conquistador game family.

  5. It’s so cool and brain-developing, but I wish you could make it easier to get new characters…

  6. What can be improved? 1. After the browser version was discontinued, many users left. As a result – almost every game includes a bot. 2. There are too many and too long adds, turning on the sound without my permission. And this is after every single game. 3. During the game the user experience has rather decreased. For example, it used to be more clear who attacks who in the previous version. 4. There are questions which are wrong and this cannot be reported.

  7. Best trivia game there is, but i wish there would be more recent topics and more players, ive been playing ranked but getting stuck with bots

  8. Love Love. Played years ago but now my kindle does not support the game. Got a new phone with Google play and am able to play again. Happy happy

  9. I can’t create an account. The validation code is sent to email but when I put the app in background I can’t input the validation code anymore. Also I can’t redo the process since the app says that the code has already be sent but is not providing a way to enter the code.

  10. I’ve been playing the game since 2009, when the point was answering questions, competing and socializing, with simple but decent graphics. Over the years game became less and less appealing, with every version being bit worse than last one. Accent shifted towards new features, flashy effects, and they forgot the main purpose of the game – learning while having fun. This version of the game is completely unacceptable for me, and I’m very sorry to see how they butchered the game.

  11. zltn grz dice:

    I’ve been playing the original on and off since maybe 2004. I loved the graphics and overall feel until around ’15 when there was a complete graphics overhaul and new helps was added. In the past few years the game went into a direction that I didn’t like, but nostalgia brought me back time to time. I understand why this move was made, but the graphics are incoherent if not ugly. Gameplay is the same with different or smaller maps, which is fine in a mobile conversion, but I’ll miss the old days

  12. Used to be great years ago, when it was available through browsers. And no, installing a whole Android emulator just to play on a slow laptop is not an option. You really shot yourself in the foot by abandoning the web platform. Also, the new 3D graphics look bad and out of place – it’s like they’re in different styles and quality. Some textures have anti-aliasing applied, others – don’t.

  13. After 50 tries still not able to transfer my account into the new version. I followed each step as described in the you tube video and in the web tutorial. The app still tells me that either my e-mail or password are wrong (at the final step of the transfer) which they clearly aren’t since I can log in with them in the old desktop version of the game.

  14. I’ve been playing this game for years, but now I’ll never gonna open it again after you make me to download the new version. There are too many unnecessary features, animations, trophies that make no sense an in worst possible quality. Please, bring the old version back, otherwise you have a big chance to lose all your users…

  15. Intrusive ads you simply can’t close by clicking X. For your understanding: in my point of view using ads is okay but I reckon users should be able to close them when clicking X. But in this game, if you try to close the ads, they end up opening the website they are associated with instead of closing. And since I can’t proceed with playing the game itself, I have to restart the app everytime an ad comes up.

  16. Since the new version of the game was released, they’ve improved it a lot. It’s not perfect, but it’s very good.

  17. To the developer – So now you are removing negative opinions? Most of the people who played the previous version would agree that this version has nothing to do with its predecessor. The only common thing are the questions. As someone who has invested time and money in the game, I am totally disappointed and I DO NOT RECOMMEND. Not to mention the awful graphics, frustrating menu and mixed-up gameplay, lacking proper introduction… TO THE BOTTOM

  18. The only positive thing about the new version is easy switching between different languages. Everything else is worse than before, graphics are horrible and animations are confusing. In fact, the best version was the first one, the original conquiztador. Very disappointed. 🙁

  19. You may think the game is not working at first. But it could be your phone. Since I got a new phone I really enjoy playing the game. I sent in a lot of tickets to THX thinking the game was messed up, but it was my phone. I miss (A LOT) not playing on PC, but I really do love this game!

  20. The browser version was better. There used to be more players, I guess not evrryone wants to play it on phone and without even an option to mute sounds!

  21. It’s a very bad experience with poor graphics, it looks like a test game in unity, BRING BACK THE OLD ONE !!

  22. jo carden dice:

    Always fun, but the new graphics are a bit in your face.

  23. Please get rid of this update of the game. It sucks. Design is poorly made and absolutely unnecessary. Don’t have enough time to learn the answers, they just disappear too fast and nobody has time to actually look at animations. And there is no need of any because it’s an educational game. Overall the previous version is way better and I’m actually still playing the old version. I beg you to reconsider. Five stars to the game, but minus five for this update.

  24. I’m gonna list all things that made me cry for the previous game: 1. The graphics are cluttered with unnecessary effects and the game looks like powerpoint presentation of a kid that just learned how to use animations 2. There are WAY TO MANY rewards, there are so many rewards that I feel like I’m playing one of those ketchup and voodo games 3. Alliance (game mode) is just stupid, for example me and my teammate both answer good, then why does enemy get one attack too that’s just way too op

  25. Tapasya K dice:

    Same as other reviews here, used to be a great one years ago, now it’s completely ruined. Graphics are not up to the mark which makes it confusing, seems unnecessarily complicated. We all would be glad if you guys release a new light version or something which exactly looks like the old game.

  26. Excellent competitive quiz entertainment. However, I’m changing my rating to 4 stars because there’s no option to report an incorrect answer to the question, which often happens.

  27. glxy grl dice:

    Please( Pleaseeee) change back to the original game. I want the graphics just as they were before. I want to like these graphics for my favourite game’s sake but that is just not happening. I promise I’ll change to 5 stars only after that

  28. It’s not normal to have situation in which I can’t login to the Android app with web credentials and the other way around. It is the same mail for the account. This is just a mess, if I reset password from the app I can login only there, If I reset it from web I can login only from web browser. I really miss the good old Conquiztador, it was great.

  29. Been playing this game for over 8 years. The way they managed to ruin this simple and minimalistic game should be considered a crime, unnecessary overkill with low budget and low quality animations and overcomplicated interface, absolute disgrace, words cannot even describe the disappointment. Looks like milking with microtransaction was the most important update. Shame on you.

  30. This game was amazing, I used to play it with my family and friends a lot, and we absolutely loved it. But after the update it became less fun, and way harder to win. And the problem is that it isn’t the new questions that make it harder, but that we cannot type normally and we are too slow with this new version to be able to win. So many great features were lost with the update, and now I don’t find it enjoyable, like I used to.

  31. I really loved the old version, but the new one is horrible 😔… – I couldn’t transfer anything from my old account – For some reason, the other players were able to attack my capital every single turn, even though it was surrounded by my own territory – And the new design looks so weird

  32. great all around, but I have NO knowledge how to use my boosters. PLEASE HELP.

  33. Bring back the old one. This is still Triviador in the core of the core gameplay at the end of the day, but now it looks like a PS1 game, the UI is clunky and you can’t even play it on browser anymore. You have to get an emulator and download the game instead of just googling it. Honestly the old one was just better in every way, it had such an iconic thing going and it’s hung up now. This is arguably not even Triviador anymore, it’s total downgrade.

  34. Awful app. Do not recommend. How could they take such a cool concept and create such an awful app for it is beyond comprehension. Beside the fact that you virtually cannot use your old account with everything on it because of the very bad design and unresponsive menus. It is full of bugs and not even registering a new account works properly.

  35. I don’t write reviews often, but this new game is so bad that I couldn’t resist. I’ve been playing this game since 2009. It was the best until 2015, when they changed to a new version, with new graphics and pay-to-win solutions. Although I didn’t like the new design and I was disgusted about the pay-to-win solutions, especially in-game helping to answer questions, I understood that they had to change their businness model to make profit. But this newest version is so… I only have 500 chars. 🙁

  36. The new version is awful. I still can’t get it to link my old information with the new game, which is very frustrating because i know my email and password are correct. I am almost at the point of uninstalling and just forgetting it but i really love the game. Please make it possible to continue playing the old version so i don’t have to stop playing my favorite game.

  37. Not good if you have more than 2 friends you want to play with. The game does not support 4 or more players.

  38. This app doesn’t have a back button once you select the lobby menu. Incredible! Such an essential feature and you didn’t implement it. Another thing is that you can leave a match once you start it. Not even if you force stop the app and clear the cache.

  39. Sluagh dice:

    Overall I enjoy the game, but few things have been bothering me. 1st I wish there was tutorial somewhere, because rn I don’t know how to participate in tournaments. 2nd Duel option doesn’t work for me. 3rd I don’t like the fact that you can attack castle without previously clearing path towards it, or using powerup.

  40. Awesome experience, great trivia designed by the players, a feel good experience, study guide to history, pop culture, science, math, biology, etc, etc , etc, and topics most talked about.

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