94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz MODDED 2022


1 image, 1 zone to find: the closer you get to the answer the hotter it gets
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You’re cold, you’re getting warmer, you’re burning up…” Does that bring back memories?

Dive into this totally addictive game and have fun while testing your general knowledge!

Following the success of 94s and 94% with almost 30 million downloads, check out the third game from SCIMOB, 94°, the trivia game for testing your general knowledge!

A game with simple rules and no registration: one image with one hot zone and it’s up to you to place your pins! The closer you are, the warmer you get! Yep, you guessed it, the correct answer is at 94°!

Play more than 1,000 levels with questions and puzzles about varied topics like world geography, brand logos, the human body, astrology, historic dates, geometric figures, musical instruments and lots more!

The game gets progressively harder, with different quiz questions like:
– Where is China?
– Where is the guitar?
– Where are the triceps?
– The average weight of a hippopotamus?
– The colors in Google’s logo?
– The maximum speed of an eagle?
– The height of the Statue of Liberty?
– The location of the stigma on a flower?

You can’t know everything (at least before you play), so to help you, we’ll give you two jokers:
-The compass, if you’re lost, to show you the path to follow.
-The dice that, once rolled, hint at the exact location of the response.

Not convinced? Come and try it! It’s free, and even though it’s crunch time to study for exams, come learn something new with 94°!

You can play in French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese or Portuguese.


We are proud to announce that this release contains new designs as well as bug fixes!
Stay tuned for more improvements!


40 comentarios en "94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz MODDED 2022"

  1. Me and my freind absolutely love this game. It’s more complex and unique than your normal triva game, but there are two issues I have with it 1. If you know your stuff though, you kinda blaze through it like it’s nothing. But if you don’t, it can get aggrivating finding 1 answer. 2. The weird fast pace round (the one that shows up every 94 levels) seems to be glitch out the farther you go. Question sometimes end up skipped or unaccounted for, and this made it very annoying to move on.

  2. The game is simple, with some wrong answers, and a few times now ive begun the game, and all of the pins are -1°, even with correct answers, and even if you exit the game you still lose those over a glitch. I think that if you have to wait to get more pins or buy them, you should look into the glitch.

  3. The game concept is great. But sometimes the hints are incorrect. Also there are just too many pop up ads. Few ads in the free version is acceptable(and expected), but here after every level (or sometimes randomly) there is an ad and one can’t cancel them unless one has watched atleast 5-6 seconds of it. Takes the fun out of the game because after a time it feels like it has become an app for ads instead of a fun game. Uninstalled cause the sheer amount of ads ruined the game for me.

  4. It’s a really fun game, I’m really enjoying it so far. I only have a few minor complaints, the ads are annoying, I don’t like how there’s limited pins, and I can’t find where to spend the coins (that last one is not a fault with the app I’m just dumb) only knocked a start for the amount of ads! Such a shame, would be much more enjoyable without them. I’m more likely to pay for premium features if they benefit the game, not just remove ads.

  5. I installed this game after viewing during 4 years many of my friends plays this, and I wasn’t disappointed ! The gameplay is very intuitive, and we don’t wait 3 hours to play after losing all our pins. BTW, I finished the game very quickly (in ~1 week, playing 4-5 times per day), and the 2 player mode isn’t available, so I’m waiting for next updates 😉 I think there is just one thing missing : there is too less “Challenges” and is why the game is too short

  6. VeexD dice:

    Great game, it used to be sooo much better. Please PLEASE put the different colours in to see that we get warmer when close to an answer because you can be right next to the right answer and it shows up blue. Its especially annoying when trying to find things like a third of a rope and you can’t tell if you’re close or not. PLEASE FIX!!! It used to be my favourite game to play a while back.

  7. Great trivia game, but only one star for two reasons: 1) constant long video ads that you cannot skip. You spend as much time watching ads as playing the game. 2) you run out of guessing pins very quickly and have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for them to build back up. Ridiculous. Just let people play!

  8. I love this game so much, and I’m spending most of my time playing it since I’m on a social media detox. I used to play a long time ago, it’s fun, well made, the design is so nice, and Unlike other games the jokers are actually helpful and you don’t struggle collecting coins. The problem is, which started not a long ago: the degrees are not accurate anymore you get literally a cold one just besides the right answer and that’s all just to convince us upgrade to the premium mode (NOT GOOD!) + ADDS

  9. Way too much waiting time for the pins. Ruins the gaming experience tbh. Also there are some completely illogical questions like where’s the 1/4 of the stick and stuff and you’ll just waste all your 60 pins pinning the entire stick and there’s a possibility they’ll still just say it’s burning. The concept of the game is good but they should really get rid of these nuances.

  10. Just genuinely fun and timeless. The limited guesses can be annoying but its also good to stop me getting too carried away. I play it with my family all the time and great to test your general knowledge!

  11. It always was not responding when i installed it so i restarted my phone, didnt help, reinstalled it twice still didnt help. If i could give this game 0 stars i would as i could not even play it. Once it did start working it was good, so if your able to persist as I did then I guess u should install it but I there are problems. Like I found that compass setting would just take my money (game money) and do nothing to help me ,pointless. To many adverts:1 level was equal to 1 advert!

  12. The game is a lot of fun, would just be nice if all the answers were correct (and if all correct answers would be recognized as such ie. ROYGBIV!). Would also be nice if being a fraction a pixel outside of the object (or between the parts of it) didn’t result in a 93° (94° being a correct answer) These issues, however, only account for a small fraction of the questions.

  13. Excellent game, but need to fix bugs. 1 I used the compass and the arrows pointed towards one place and the right answer was in totally different place. 2 Sometimes you are getting closer to the right spot and there is no temperature difference

  14. Like the concept of giving you a chance to find the answer but if I get on a roll of 4 or 5 answers in a few seconds, It comes to a screeching halt with more ads. Played for 20 minutes sat through almost 10 minutes of unskippable ads. Uninstalled.

  15. I was going through the levels pretty easily until the Missouri river level and I was on burning and I couldn’t get past because there was apparently only one location for it that I couldn’t find and I couldn’t finish the level because you have to wait for pins to regen for the next day. Also the amount of ads makes me want to reeeeeeeeee

  16. Started off really well but there are some anomalies. Doing the timed activities especially things aren’t accurate and I cannot progress further as even when showing 94 it doesn’t register. I did enjoy it for a few days but guess will need to upgrade to premium to progress further.

  17. Sometimes “Football” is used the American way the sometimes the ‘English’ way. I think this can be confusing as I got asked to tap the “Football: Penalty Spot”. So I assumed you used English vocabulary. Then, I was asked to tap the “Football”. So I assumed it was the ‘soccer’ ball as the language used previously was ‘English’. So I tapped the soccer ball. The correct answer was the American football… I think this is a small error that can be fixed by sticking to a certain countries “words”. But I now see the devs are French? Merci pour le joue? Great game though.

  18. Impossible to complete. On one of the challenge levels (after level 658) it’s supposed to ask 10 questions, but only asks 7, so it’s not possible to reach the required score to enable you to progress further. A fundamental programming error for which there is no excuse. Uninstalled.

  19. Too many ads, never this hot/cold thing, wrongs answers. Stuck on lvl 422, pinned the whole face and never got it right (makeup: Corrector). When you click for a hint it loads another app for another game and takes you back to same level w no hint. Deleting the app.

  20. too easy and too hard at the same time. some questions are based on knowledge such as where the metacarpal is. but others like where a quarter of the pipe is, they’re just stupid and lives-consuming. honestly now that I completed the game in a few days I’m heavily underwhelmed. don’t recommend honestly.

  21. This is a super fun game and very addicting. Its also teaching you lots of random things! But it ia kind of annoying when you are super super close but it doesnt count it…and when there are adds after adds. Overall, i rate this 5/5 stars! Super fun!

  22. Not only is it completely stupid having to wait for pins, but even the tasks are bugged as hell. Most of the time if you have a question, to which you can’t give an definite answer (for example ‘where is 3/4 of this rope?’) you can put 10 pins in the same spot and it’s still only ‘burning’. I’m so disappointed.

  23. Love this game but keeps skipping questions! Currently stuck on 752 and can’t move on because it’s skips some questions so how on earth can I get 8 in a row correct to move on to next level, when I can’t even see the question?! Please fix as I absolutely love this game..

  24. Good game, some questions are super easy and some are hard but it’s a good mix. There are quite alot of ads too. I wish you didn’t run out of pins all the time cuz its really annoying

  25. Temperature indicator doesn’t work. Everything is blue and the help you can buy with coins doesn’t work properly Pointed in the wrong directions several times Kinda liked the app but now it’s pretty much unplayable if you don’t know the correct answers

  26. Amazing!!! I love this game it covers a lot of diverse subjects, some are easy and some a bit more challenging. The challenges are exciting it pushes you bc its timed.

  27. Dickie dice:

    Brilliant mind and memory challenging game with so many topics to answer. Too many ads which don’t seem to get any less present popping up unless yof course you subscribe to the zero ads version of the game.

  28. You can play this game for about 15 minutes or so before they force you to either wait like an hour or buy more “pins” which is what you use every turn to play the game without pins you cannot play. I would recommend this to someone who wants to play for 15 minutes flat and uninstall it overall a fun game besides forcing you to buy plays making this a waste of space app that you will probably end up uninstalling after one play

  29. Factually incorrect. I fact-checked some of the answers eg speed of a giraffe, star sign of a July 14 baby, the game’s answers were always different to the internet. The final straw was when I had to find a ‘football’. I clicked on everything remotely resembling one, incorrectly. Turns out they wanted an American football….game deleted! Also no obvious benefit to getting answer quickly or first time.

  30. Too many adverts! I played this game a few years ago and it was fun, so I thought I’d try again. But every 3 or 4 questions you get an ad. Very annoying, so I’m deleting it. Shame really.

  31. Kez dice:

    I had this game a few years back and it was great. But now the ads are too much. The game has been ruined by the constant interruptions and as already mentioned this was uninstalled after my first few answers. Such a shame.

  32. Sadly disappointed by the constant adverts and the fact that if you don’t buy the premium version then you are limited to only answering a few questions Good controls, some good questions but I’m still dissatisfied.

  33. I dont enjoy the life system as much as anyone else. But people are so entitled now a days. Not everything is free. Developers have to make money somehow. Ie life system, loot box’s, ads, or premium purchase to avoid previously mentioned. It’s pretty much pick your poison

  34. Kind of fun, but some of the questions and answers are just wrong. Too speed of a jaguar is not 70-75 mph. They are not as fast or faster than a cheetah. A frw others that i can’t remember but I’m done playing it. Make the answers more accurate and i might come back.

  35. This is flat out it trash, I was going through the levels and found one that was unbeatable, and ads pop up every second and a half. Dont waste your time with this app, its honestly nonsense.

  36. Game is entertaining but there are way too many adds. The ‘find a 1/4 of something’ tasks are a bit ordinary also. You spent more time watching adds than playing the game. Uninstalled after 15 minutes of play.

  37. Rosalie dice:

    Would be fun but wayyy to many ads! Also the setting in the beginning was country UK so they used mph. When I tried to change it I had to start from level one again :/

  38. Temperature indicator is not working properly. Example, it would be blue everywhere but it would be red right next to the blue dot. How do you skip over the other color indicators?

  39. It has some good questions and can challenge you. I selected cointry uk and language english as thats where i am and so speak so therefore would expect all questions to relate to well us however you get questions like select which is sells tv? There is no sells tv in england therefore have a slim chance of getting it first time and i know a simple one but which is a football and it has picture of many ball activities and so i select a football. Apparently a round football was wrong not happy.

  40. Was really fun but the ads are out of control. One game can have many ads popping up when you’re typing your answer. Makes the game completely unenjoyable.

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