Guess The Song – Music Quiz MODDED 2022

The song quiz full of free music 🎵 Join 28 MM of amused music lovers
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A music game with a few thousand of songs! Simple rules, instant fun.
Choose your favorite music genre and guess the song title as fast as you can.
Let this music game to inspire you.

Extend your music knowledge!
♥ A great variety of latest and greatest hit songs
♥ 50 diverse categories from popular to niche genres
♥ A few thousand songs

Social features
♥ Compete with your Facebook friends
♥ 2 Players Mode to fight a battle on one device
♥ Diverse leaderboards

Addictive gameplay
♥ 5 Levels, each crammed full of songs
♥ Complete the challenge and get your rewards
♥ Collect all achievements
♥ Enjoy guessing, learn new trivia

Check if you can name the tune as fast as a real music maniac.
Download for free and enjoy this trivia quiz game with your friends and family.

Discover new songs, artists and music genres in the song quiz:
– The Latest Hot Hits
– Decades – 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and 2000s
– Timeless Rock Hits, Hard Rock List, Heavy Metal
– Rap, R&B, Hip – Hop
– Country and Gospel Music
– Love Songs, One Hit Wonders, Female Singers
– Movie Themes and Musicals
– Latin Songs
– K-pop, EDM & Dubstep, Alternative, Funk
– Special categories, such as Summer Hits, Christmas Songs and Carols, Teen Choice and many others, updated regularly

Enjoy playing our guessing trivia game and listening to your favorite music at the same time.


- Bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Guess The Song – Music Quiz MODDED 2022"

  1. This game teaches me songs I have never heard of and makes me use my brain. It is very relaxing. It also very musically educational. It makes one use one’s listening skills and makes one listen to not only the beat of the song but also listen for familiar words and starts of songs. It also teaches names of the people who sing the song(s) and the songs’ titles. I love the very wide variety of song themes; from Cartoon themes to Love Songs. Thank you for making such a cool app. I will keep it.

  2. A fun game. However, there are too many mistakes written into the game to be serious about it. For instance: Elvis Presley is presented twice as an answer and you pick one of them, it shows you answered wrong. Also, some songs don’t start playing until your alloted time is up. Fix the obvious flaws, and it would be awesome.

  3. Honestly, I’ve been looking for this type of game. But in the same regard, there are errors in the types of songs. 2000s music is not the same as 2010s music. I found quite a few placed in 2000s rather than 2010s. Even a swift Google search would say what song goes is from each decade. Not to mention how easy it is for people that just know their genre.

  4. The concept of the game is good. It’s a fun way to guess songs if you are music lover and to le1arn new songs. Also, the game is fun at first, but it has very few songs for each category, so soon you are just repeating the same songs over and over again, so the game gets boring. It really needs a bigger selection of songs.

  5. Very good overall app. Just downloaded it a couple of days ago. So far so good. The audio seems to be a little bit low on some of the songs that are played. I really like the song choices, varieties and genres offered! Pretty engaging and fun!

  6. Very nice game, but There is a problem. The 2 player thing doesn’t make sense, perhaps a little tutorial for it? Like if one person guessed before the other, if it’s wrong nobody gets a point. And Also can u add like a artist/name of song in the settings? Great game will recommend to any bored people

  7. Would have ranked higher as I had alot of fun playing the game but I got a new phone and was going to play again but the Facebook isn’t working so I can’t get my saved game. Not going to start over especially since I’ve already paid for the no ads. Kind of a bummer.

  8. Used to play ages ago with my Facebook linked so I could compete with my friends, had several thousand coins and unlocked many extra playlists.. Redownloaded and it will not let me connect to Facebook which means I can’t do anything or recover my unlocked playlists from before

  9. Sometimes the screen freezes and when you choose answer it freezes and the time runs out.

  10. Absolutely loved this game!! Kinda addictive lol. I’d been wondering when it would be updated and it so called has been but now it’s messed up and is constantly crashing!!

  11. Nice! I knew 2010’s Pop more than I thought and thought I knew my country artists pretty well… However I was placed on level 4 on the 2010’s Pop Category with a high score of around 3000 and started playing it the next day and the category was… gone? I would like to repossess progress soon because the category is actually gone and a new one instead appeared in it’s place, Best of 2017. EDIT: ISSUE IS FIXED NOW

  12. The “Hit List” category has the same 5 songs in a row every time and then just crashes and says “something went wrong” literally every single time you try to get past the first 5 questions. This is obviously something wrong with the app, but no one seems to care much about trying to fix it..

  13. Love it but the latest update is constantly interrupted with full screen loud ads. Also, most of the time it doesn’t registers when I play a category for X amount of days so I can’t unlock more levels.

  14. I love this music app. Just wish you could see who you are playing against. Some Apps have profile pics so you can see who you are playing against, I mean if choose to put up a profile pic, I would. Also, could you add some Blues music into the mix. Thank you for this fun music app.

  15. Scumbags. Forces you to allow personalised adverts before playing and sends your data off to hundreds of trackers. Says you can turn this off but the option is buried and before you can even get to it you have to allow them to send your data off or pay for the full app. I wanted to try this as I was considering purchasing the full version but these guys can swivel

  16. Fun in both single and two player modes – good variety of music categories as well, which aren’t too hard to unlock if you play enough in single player. Wife wanted to install as well but surprisingly not available on iOS, since this app is way better than anything available there…

  17. It’s a good game they just need to get newer music bc all the music is from when I was in middle school im 19 thaw are too easy

  18. Loaded it picked the 70s it took a while downloading then went back to the selection. I picked the 70s – same thing. Later it asked me what adverts I wanted I picked amazon and read their policy for a few hours. Back to the game I picked the 70s downloading again then back to the menu. I uninstalled. Interesting morning but a bit music free. I imagine unlike most internet companies these days they just want your money. Thanks Maggie.

  19. Good, but has a major bug. The highest level can only be achieve if played in that category for consecutive days. I have tried various times and the final level is still not unlocked. Overall fun and the 2 player works well.

  20. I absolutely love this and I’d love to play with my friends only the Facebook login function is broken. I can basically only play by myself. Also it’d be amazing to either let us hear the entire songs once when we’re at the results, or offer us a link to an app that can let us listen go them like Deezer or Spotify or Youtube something. Right now I have to take screenshots and then type the name of the songs one by one in YouTube from the screenshot to know what the hell were the songs.

  21. Overall the game is awesome, however whenever I try to link my Facebook account to the app, it only brings me to an error page, every time, and there is not way around it to link my account. Not sure what to do with that, but, the game is cool enough to keep regardless.

  22. Way too many adverts!! Play 1 game for 40 seconds. Then sit through 45 seconds of adverts. (I haven’t actually timed them – but the advert to game play ratio is not good). Played a few times. Can’t cope with the amount of advertising. Time to uninstall.

  23. Really fun and addictive!! A little confusing at times when the developer has the wrong titles for the song playing but whatever, its still a fun game! I love to challenge myself and try to beat my own time!

  24. This is a pretty good app but like some of the other reviews say, it does seem to have an awful lot of obscure music that I’ve never heard before. The ads are not bad though, you can X them out after 5 seconds, not 45 seconds like one reviewer wrote.

  25. M Robins dice:

    Too many ads. An unskipable ad pops up every time a category round is played. You have to wait till the ad ends to play another round. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It really kills the mood. Uninstalled after 5 minutes.

  26. MRS dice:

    NO ADS!!! THANK YOU!!! Lots of categories…. some odd songs but very good!!!! Love this game!!!!!!!! My husband and I compete on it or play together its awesome!!!!! Can you please add a true old country you have so many different ones for rock and pop can you do one that is old country please!!!!

  27. Great game if they didn’t repeat the same songs over and over and over and over!!!!! Room for improvement guys. It doesn’t hold my attention or test my skills. Uninstalling for now. May look into it down the road. When I’m bored!!

  28. It’s a fun app for when you have some free time. I just wish they would have more different tunes and less repetitions of songs. It is how ever a fun way to entertain oneself.😊

  29. I LOVE this game! It surpasses ALL other music games that Ive played. The categories finally include my faves -rock, 70s. 80s, 90s, & love songs. I also like others, just not the new stuff or rap. My husband would like more classic country, but he and my son enjoy playing this with me. Thank you for a great game!!!

  30. Would be perfect if I could connect to Facebook so I could challenge my friends. Every time I have tried it says the app is in the development stage and I need permission from the administrator to connect. Other wise it is really fun and I am enjoying it very much.

  31. Love this app!!!! Having the choice of multiple players is nice, along with never having loading issues, and few ads. If you like music then this is the app for you. Warning: This app can and will become your favorite way to enjoy free time. Download and enjoy 😄

  32. BTSxARMY dice:

    At first game worked great. However with the new update, my game kept glitching and not letting me play. I uninstalled and reinstalled. With the reinstall, the game isnt wanting to work at all now. It keeps shutting down. I’m a very irritated and would like for it to be fixed.

  33. Love it! There seems to be some repetition of you play a specific category a lot. Otherwise, fun, fast paced and tests your music knowledge!!

  34. Would be good but the “play this song 2 days in a row” goal doesn’t work, way too many ads, irritating main song, and seems like a disproportionate amount of rap in popular categories (I know rap is popular, but to me those are the harder ones to guess and they take up like half of each round). Too annoying, not enough to show for it.

  35. ayyl1a dice:

    Love a music quiz. This is great. Learning about some songs & artists i’m not familiar with. There are ads but there is always ads. I enjoy guess the song. Bring on some sequels, please.

  36. The songs are amazing but my only problem is that after almost every set of songs, it’s ads. This game would be so much better if the ads we dimmed down a little.

  37. Sarah C dice:

    Enjoyable good for relaxation lots of different categories of music. Sometimes gets repetitive. The ads not too intrusive or annoying as i only play for short periods of time.

  38. fine on concept, but there’s not enough songs per category, not enough songs per round, and there’s some glitch that causes unlocked categories to lock themselves again later, which makes playing the game just generally stressful

  39. This is a fun Guess the Song app, allowing you to battle against a friend or play by yourself. It would be better if it had more songs though, because if you play the same category twice, it will likely play many of the same songs that you’ve already heard.

  40. My family and I have been enjoying the game greatly. The only major problem we are all having is that I paid for there to be NO ADS yet ads are still popping up. To the creator(s), I would like to know if there is something wrong that is making this happen or if it is a glitch in the game that will be fixed. Otherwise I will be removing this game, which is something I really don’t want to have to do.

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