Where is that? MODDED 2022


Learn countries, capitals, states & more and play with friends online.
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Learn countries, states, capitals and landmarks and compete with friends in online leagues in this geography learning game. With over 8 million downloads, it’s one of top geography learning apps for iPhone & iPad.

› Map: Find the location by pointing on the map
› Pin: Select the right pin on the map
› Quiz: Multiple choice game with 4 options

› Learn: Systematically learn all locations of a category following scientific methods
› Play: Random selection of locations alone or with friends on one device
› Online Multiplayer: Live online games with friends
› Online Leagues: Turn by turn online challenges

› Configurable world map (e.g. colors, terrain, water features)
› Completely offline. No internet connection needed.
› Multiuser
› All locations available in 11 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japenese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Portugese, Russian)
› Read on Wikipedia for every location

› Countries of the World
› Largest Countries of the World
› Countries in Europe
› Countries in North America
› Countries in South America
› Countries in Asia
› Countries in Oceania
› Countries in Africa
› Countries in North Africa
› Countries in the Middle East

› Capitals of the World
› Largest Capital Cities
› Capitals of Europe
› Capitals of North America
› Capitals of South America
› Capitals of Africa
› Capitals of Asia
› Capitals of Oceania

› US States
› Cantons of Switzerland
› States of Austria
› States of Germany
› French Departments
› Federal subjects of Russia
› Provinces and territories of Canada
› Provinces of Spain
› States and territories of Australia
› Provinces of the Netherlands
› Provinces of Turkey
› States of Mexico
› Ceremonial counties of England
› Districts and statutory cities in Austria

› State capitals of Canada
› US State Capitals

› Cities in Austria
› Cities in France
› Cities in Germany
› Cities in Italy
› Cities in Japan
› Cities in Russia
› Cities in Spain
› Cities in Switzerland
› Cities in United Kingdom
› Cities in Canada
› Cities in Turkey

› Mountains
› Airlines
› Corporate Headquarters
› Highest Skyscrapers
› Largest Airports of the World
› Most Visited Places
› World Wonders

Some categories require purchasing the full version. Try for free now and decide later.

Please see our Terms of Service: https://www.jaysquared.com/terms/service/whereisthat/en

Screenshots created with storeshots.net

Emojis made by @webalys (https://twitter.com/webalys) under the Creative Common Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


New categories: Prefectures of Japan, Sights (World, Europe, America, Asia)
New score display (optional: toggle the old one in the settings)
Larger pins


40 comentarios en "Where is that? MODDED 2022"

  1. H F dice:

    Has potential, but the problems are too annoying. Tiny Island countries are extremely hard to mark, you need to zoom in and click on the land. If you click on the sea between the islands, it won’t be a match, terrible with the islands only appearing after zooming in quite a lot. I also had it telling me to mark Birmingham on a world map without saying the country, yet it accepted only Alabama. There’s no way to make the guessed countries marked in a quiz. And yeah, it’s way too expensive.

  2. I was annoyed at how useless the learn feature was and also at how I got a pop up saying I needed to pay which is stupid after not telling me it was a free trial terrible app don’t install

  3. App is actually good so I purchased the full version. Sometime later it began to crash frequently so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app to see if it helps, lo and behold it didn’t. On top of that my purchase was gone and it wanted me to unlock the full version again. Tried “restore purchase” button, did absolutely nothing. Tried contacting the jaysquared support, no answer. I can still see the purchase in my google play account but the app does not agree for some reason.

  4. Nice! I like the Capitals of the world most, fast and relaxing.

  5. Henic dice:

    After 1 week of playing I suddenly have to pay for everything. The learning aspect is gone if you don’t pay which allows you to focus on a region!

  6. Love this! I did pay, so that helps. Honestly, I was really awful at topography, but this app has helped me out greatly. I can now differentiate Cambodia from Colombia, can identify all states of the US, and know so many capitals! It’s good for people like me who’re dummies but want to improve. And it’s visually pleasing + the audio feedback is nice. Thank you developers!

  7. Very polished app to learn geography. One very big annoyance though is that the overall map before starting levels doesn’t have labels on the things you’ve learnt. I have to get a map online to refresh my mind.

  8. Tim Derks dice:

    I gave this app a great review a year ago. Now they locked almost everything behind a subscription, all things that used to be free, a pure money grab. Greed never ends up well…

  9. I leaned all of the US states in about 3 days with this app. Helped me a ton. What a shame the full version is so much. But if you’re serious about leaning all the states than this is a no brainer to purchase.

  10. Way too much is locked. Takes away the whole fun experience if there’s only this few options available. Also the small countries in the oceans aren’t even visible, how is anyone supposed to find them?

  11. it does not let me zoom in while on mobile and it keeps selecting answers that i never clicked

  12. I have a suggestion Sometimes i make mistakes in the quiz section so can we Add submit answer Button?

  13. Fun even if your good at geography but why use Bluetooth to connect you could just use someone’s elses servers

  14. Educational and fun It has good maps and really accurate locations.

  15. Exactly what I was looking for, Instead of all trivia there’s a map mode as well 👍👍👍

  16. Best of the best. I used to have the founder of this app on ky Facebook page years ago lol. I think the iPhone version was a little better.

  17. Doesn’t even let you start the game without constantly crashing

  18. Imperial Units as default Lags, lots of lags Uncomfortable gameplay

  19. Way too many ads and bad UX and UI designs

  20. ﴾ ﴿ dice:

    Ignores phone setting and rotates screen. Well done braniacs.

  21. It used to be a great app but now it’s really dark and only beneficial for those who pay

  22. Bad design. Remove the new design and get the old back

  23. The local multiplayer is missing

  24. Great app to learn all countries.

  25. Huge fan of this app, love the music.

  26. The comfirm button is just shaded grey and i cant press it

  27. clara dice:

    why do i have to pay except for world maps????

  28. Please add all country’s capital’s

  29. Almost everything is locked.

  30. Great game, lot of fun 😉👍

  31. Just what I wanted. even the free version!


  33. Sarah dice:


  34. Sir Pauli dice:

    Man muss für fast alles zahlen

  35. Mogli ! dice:

    Gutes Interface. Man lernt schnell und ist gut Untehalten! 🙂 Eine der besten aus meiner Sicht. Schade natürlich, dass der Großteil nur für Premium-Nutzer:innen ist, aber iwie müssen die ja auch ihr Geld machen. Und 15-20€ für lebenslanges Premium scheint voll okay. 5 Sterne gäbe es, wenn mehr Optionen vorhanden wären. Es fehlt zum Beispiel wichtiges, wie die Kantons Japans oder Chinas! Dafür hat man aber die von anderen, global weniger relevanten Ländern oder alle möglichen Berge :/ Aber Top

  36. You should allow to zoom much more, I.e. doing cities in Switzerland allow
    you to pick almost a quarter of the country and it’s still right. You
    should offer multiple choice. About countries, highlight the complete
    selected country and if possible make each country a different color. When
    you have to pick Andorra, Monaco or Lichtenstein, it’s a nightmare.

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